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APA Placement Service
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Important Note for 2018

Due to a sharp decline in participation by interviewing departments, the APA no longer accepts on-site interview requests. All interviews, whether at tables or in suites, must be pre-arranged. Meeting staff will continue to provide interview location information for candidates.

The APA's placement service provides a venue for interviews at the APA divisional meetings. The service arranges interview locations, provides resources and information to candidates, and protects candidates from improper interviewing and hiring practices. Please review the APA Best Practices for Interviewing, which includes guidance for both interviewers and candidates.

The APA handbook on placement practices is prepared as a guide to job candidates, departments attempting to place their students, and departments attempting to appoint new faculty members.

If you intend to interview as a job candidate at an APA divisional meeting, you must register for the meeting. Because on-site interview requests are no longer accepted at APA meetings, you do not need to register for placement in addition to registering for the meeting.

Some advice from Vitae:The Conference Interview: Dos and Don'ts.

APA statement on placement practices

The APA committee on the status and future of the profession reminds you of its statement on placement practices: The APA discourages the nomination by graduate departments of job seekers for positions in philosophy, and the submission of their dossiers in response to announcements of positions, without their knowledge or interest. This may seriously mislead those who are conducting searches, and may have unfortunate consequences both for them and for genuinely interested applicants. Graduate departments using a nomination procedure or submitting dossiers on behalf of job seekers should either attest explicitly that the candidate wishes to be considered for the positions in question, or (preferably) ensure that the job seekers themselves submit personal letters of application for these positions. Departments conducting searches are encouraged to recommend or require explicitly (in their position announcements) that each candidate, to be assessed of full consideration, should submit a personal letter of application for and interest in the announced position. A placement ombudsperson will be available at the meeting.

Wednesday, January 3

Interviewers & candidates: 10:00 a.m.–6:30 p.m.,
Interview tables: Locations TBA

Thursday, January 4

Interviewers & candidates: 8:30 a.m.–5:30 p.m.,
Interview tables: Locations TBA

Friday, January 5

Interviewers & candidates: 8:30 a.m.–5 p.m.,
Interview tables: Locations TBA

Saturday, January 6

Interviewers & candidates: 8:30 a.m.–noon.
Interview tables: Locations TBA

APA placement service locations

Placement services location: Meeting registration on the first floor.

Job candidates

  • The location of table interviews and some suites will be posted on the bulletin board at registration.
  • Suite locations will be available at the registration desk.
  • APA membership applications will be available at the APA meeting registration desk. You may also join online at any time.
  • A message for the APA placement ombudsperson can be left at the registration desk.

Interviews will be taking place in suites, in small rooms on the lobby level, and at tables in Salon 3, also on the lobby level. Please see the bulletin board outside the placement office (Room 8228 on the lobby level) for specifics. If your interview is taking place in a suite, please visit the placement office for the location.


  • Each interviewer must register for the meeting. One individual from each interviewing department should select the Interviewer ticket option when registering for the meeting on the APA website.
  • A list of interviewing table assignments will be posted on the placement information bulletin board.
  • Suite information will also be included on the bulletin board unless interviewers ask that the information not be released.

Interviewing areas

Interviews will be taking place in suites, in small rooms on the lobby level, and at tables in Salon 3, also on the lobby level. Please see the bulletin board outside the placement office (Room 8228 on the lobby level) or the meeting app for specifics.

Information and instructions for job candidates

Requirements for using the placement service

  • Placement is free for candidates.
  • You must register for the meeting in order to use the service. Be sure to pick up your badge before coming to the placement desk.

Institutions that have checked in with placement

The names of institutions that have registered to use the service will be posted on the bulletin board (updated regularly) in alphabetical order. Each listing will indicate the following:

  • If the listing institution has checked in with placement.
  • Where the institution plans on interviewing (table with number assignment).
  • Miscellaneous notes deemed appropriate by the placement staff or the institution.
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