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12/19/2014 » 1/4/2015
APA National Office Closed

12/27/2014 » 12/30/2014
2014 Eastern Division Meeting

2/18/2015 » 2/21/2015
2015 Central Division Meeting

APA Divisional Presidents and Addresses
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Photos of past APA presidents

Photo credits

1900-1901 (First year of Western Philosophical Association)

  • Frank Thilly: The Theory of Interaction (Western)

1901-1902 (First year of American Philosophical Association)

  • James Edwin Creighton: The Purposes of a Philosophical Association (American)
  • Frank Thilly: The Theory of Induction (Western)


  • Alexander Thomas Ormond: Philosophy and its Correlations (American)
  • Frederick J. E. Woodbridge: The Problem of Metaphysics (Western)


  • Josiah Royce: The Eternal and the Practical (American)
  • George Thomas White Patrick: Vacation (Western)


  • George Trumbull Ladd: The Mission of Philosophy (American)
  • Albert Ross Hill: Psychology and Education (Western)
  • John Dewey: Beliefs and Realities (American)
  • James Hayden Tufts: Some Contributions of Psychology to the Conception of Justice (Western)
  • William James: The Energies of Men (American)
  • Walter Bowers Pillsbury: The Ego and Empirical Psychology (Western)
  • Harry Norman Gardiner: The Problem of Truth (American)
  • Frank Chapman Sharp: The Objectivity of the Moral Judgment (Western)
  • Hugo Münsterberg: The Problem of Beauty (American)
  • Arthur (Schauffler) Oncken Lovejoy: The Obsolescence of the Eternal (Western)
  • John Grier Hibben: The Philosophical Aspects of Evolution (American)
  • Carl Emil Seashore (Sjoestrand): The Play Impulse and Attitude in Religion (Western)
  • Charles Montague Bakewell: The Problem of Transcendence (American)
  • Evander Bradley McGilvary: The ‘Fringe’ of William James’s Psychology: The Basis of Logic (Western)
  • Frederick James Eugene Woodbridge: Evolution (American)
  • Addison Webster Moore: Bergson and Pragmatism (Western)
  • Frank Thilly: Romanticism and Rationalism (American)
  • John Elof Boodin: The Existence of Social Minds (Western)
  • Evander Bradley McGilvary: Time and the Experience of Time (American)
  • Boyd Henry Bode: The Psychology Doctrine of Focus and Margin (Western)
  • James Hayden Tufts: Ethics of States (American/Western)
  • Andrew Campell Armstrong: Philosophy and Common Sense (American)
  • Alfred Henry Lloyd: The Doctrinaire in Time of Crisis (Western)
  • Arthur (Schauffler) Oncken Lovejoy: On Some Conditions of Progress in philosophical Inquiry (American)
  • George Herbert Mead: The Psychology of Punitive Justice (Western)
  • Addison Webster Moore: The Opportunity of Philosophy (American)
  • Hartley Burr Alexander: Art and the Democracy (Western)
  • Mary Whiton Calkins: The Personalistic Conception of Nature (American)
  • Henry Wilkes Wright: The Social Significance of Education (Western)
  • Hartley Burr Alexander: Apologia Pro Fide (American)
  • Norman Wilde: The Attack of the State (Western)
  • Ralph Barton Perry: The Appeal of Reason (Eastern)
  • Edgar Lenderson Hinman: Modern Idealism and the Logos Teaching (Western)
  • Wilmon Henry Sheldon: The Soul and Matter (Eastern)
  • Edward Scribner Ames: Religious Values and the Practical Absolute (Western)
  • Walter Goodnow Everett: The Problem of Progress (Eastern)
  • Edward Leroy Schaub: Spirit Militant and Spirit Harmonious (Western)
  • William Pepperell Montague: The Einsten Theory and a Possible Alternative (Eastern)
  • Roy Wood Sellars: The Emergene of Naturalism (Western)
  • Alexander Meiklejohn: Philosophers and Others (Eastern)
  • Edmund Howard Hollands: Nature and Spirit (Western)
  • Harold Chapman Brown: The Material World: Snark or Boojum? (Pacific)
  • Wilbur Marshall Urban: Progress in Philosophy in the Last Quarter Century (Eastern)
  • Guy Allan Tawney: Religion and Experimentation (Western)
  • George Rebec: Back to Antimonies (Pacific)
  • William Ernest Hocking: Mind and Near-Mind (Eastern)
  • Rupert Clendon Lodge: The Platonic Highest Good (Western)
  • Henry Waldgrave Stuart: Some Reflections on Naturalism (Pacific)
  • William Ernest Hocking: What Does Philosophy Say (Eastern)
  • David Ferdinand Swenson: Objective Uncertainty and Human Faith (Western)
  • Geoge Plimpton Adams: Immediacy and Meaning? (Pacific)
  • Felix Adler: The Ethical Problem (Eastern)
  • DeWitt Henry Parker: On the Notion of Value (Western)
  • Herbert Wildon Carr: Real and Idea Relations (Pacific)
  • Morris Raphael Cohen: Vision and Technique in Philosophy (Eastern)
  • Max Carl Otto: Mediation on a Hill (Western)
  • Hartley Burr Alexander: Drama as a Cosmic Category (Pacific)
  • Edgar Arthur Singer Jr.: On a Possible Science of Religion (Eastern)
  • Gustavus Watts Cunningham: On the Second Copernican Revolution in Philosophy (Western)
  • Jacob Loewenberg: De Angelis (Pacific)
  • Alfred North Whitehead: Objects and Subjects (Eastern)
  • Albert Perley Brogan: Philosophy and the Problem of Value (Western)
  • William Savery: Chance and Cosmogony (Pacific)
  • Harold Chapman Brown: Mind: An Event in Physical Nature (Pacific)
  • Matthew Thompson McClure Jr.: The Greek Conception of Nature (Western)
  • Edward Gleason Spaulding: Freedom, Necessity, and Mind (Eastern)
  • Clarence Irving Lewis: Experience and Meaning (Eastern)
  • John Dashiel Stoops: Society and the Subjective Mind (Western)
  • John Elof Boodin: Functional Realism (Pacific)
  • Warner Fite: The Philosopher and His Words (Eastern)
  • Charles Bruce Vibbert: The Perception of Movement in the Philosophies of Descartes and Bergson (Western)
  • Thomas Vernor Smith: The Tragic Realm of Truth (Western)
  • James Hayden Tufts: The Institution as Agency of Stability and Readjustment in Ethics (Pacific)
  • Stephen Coburn Pepper: The Quest for Ignorance or the Reasonable Limits of Skepticism (Pacific)
  • Edwin Thomas Mitchell: Social Ideals and the Law (Western)
  • James Bisset Pratt: The Present Status of the Mind-Body Problem (Eastern)
  • Edgar Sheffield Brightman: An Empirical Approach to God (Eastern)
  • Charles William Morris: Peirce, Mead and Pragmatism (Western)
  • Harvey Gates Townsend: On the Possibility of a Better World (Pacific)
  • Gustavus Watts Cunningham: Meaning, Reference, and Significance (Eastern)
  • Joseph Alexander Leighton: History as the Struggle for Social Values (Western)
  • David Wight Prall: Knowledge as Aptness of the Body (Pacific)
  • George Holland Sabine: Logic and Social Studies (Eastern)
  • Jay William Hudson: Recent Shifts in Ethical Theory and Practice (Western)
  • Ralph Tyler Flewelling: Three Windows into Reality (Pacific)
  • Curt John Ducasse: Philosophy and Natural Science (Eastern)
  • Glenn Raymond Morrow: Plato and the Rule of Law (Western)
  • Edward Octavius Sisson: Human Nature and the Present Crisis (Pacific)
  • Charles William Hendel: Reflections on the Spirit of Man (Eastern)
  • Radoslav Andrea Tsanoff: Conviction and Tolerance (Western)
  • Banjamin Arthorp Gould Fuller: Pot Shots at Present Pedagogy (Pacific)
  • Grace Mead Andrus De Laguna: Cultural Relativism and Science (Eastern)
  • Elijah Jordan: Concerning Philosophy (Western)
  • Ephraim Edward Ericksen: Materialism in Democracy-Democracy in Culture (Pacific)
1942-1944 (During the war years, meetings were not held and presidential addresses were not given, or were delayed. Blanshard served as a caretaker president of all the divisions.)
  • Brand Blanshard: On Being Reasonable (Eastern), Current Strictures on Reason (Pacific)
  • Donald Sage Mackay: The Illusions of Memory (Pacific)
  • Brand Blanshard: (Eastern)
  • Victor Fritz Lenzen: The Concept of Reality in Physical Theory (Pacific)
  • George Perrigo Conger: Method and Content in Philosophy (Western)
  • William Kelley Wright: The End of the Day (Eastern)
  • Daniel Sommer Robinson: A Philosophy for the Atomic Age (Western)
  • William Ray Dennes: Conflict (Pacific)
  • Katherine Everett Gilbert: Recent Poets on Man and His Place (Eastern)
  • Marten Ten Hoor: The Role of the Philosopher (Western)
  • Everett John Nelson: A Defense of Substance (Pacific)
  • Cornelius Krusé: What Contribution Can Philosophy Make to World Understanding? (Eastern)
  • Abram Cornelius Benjamin: Philosophy, the Cult of Unintelligibility (Western)
  • Hans Reichenbach: Rationalism and Empiricism: An Inquiry into the Roots of Philosophical Error (Pacific)
  • Herbert Wallace Schneider: Metaphysical Vision (Eastern)
  • Charles Hartshorne: Chance, Love, and Incompatibility (Western)
  • Donald Ayers Piatt: Philosophy, Pragmatism, and Human Bondage (Pacific)
  • Paul Marhenke: The Criterion of Significance (Pacific)
  • Albert Edwin Avey: Truth and Falsehood, Mostly Falsehood (Western)
  • Walter Terence Stace: Naturalism and Religion (Eastern)
  • Hugh Miller: The Science of Creation (Pacific)
  • Dilman Walter Gothalk: Twentieth Century Theme (Western)
  • Arthur Edward Murphy: The Common Good (Eastern)
  • Margaret Georgiana Melvin: The Legal Norm in Soviet Jurisprudence (Pacific)
  • Richard Peter McKeon: Symposia (Western)
  • George Boas: Philosophy and Ritual (Eastern)
  • Filmer Stuart Cuckow Northrop: The Philosophy of Natural Science and Comparative Law (Eastern)
  • Philip Blair Rice: The Philosopher’s Commitment (Western)
  • Edward William Strong: On Judging History (Pacific)
  • Glenn Raymond Morrow: The Demiurge in Politics: The Timaeus and the Laws (Eastern)
  • Paul Henle: The Problem of Meaning (Western)
  • Melvin Miller Rader: Crisis and the Spirit of Community (Pacific)
  • Charner Marquis Perry: The Rationale of Political Discussion (Western)
  • Ernest Nagel: Naturalism Reconsidered (Eastern)
  • The Pacific Division had no president in 1954-1955, as Alexander Meiklejohn was elected but unable to serve. Clarence Irving Lewis gave an address (Realism and Phenomenalism?) in place of the presidential address at the division's annual meeting.
  • Albert George Adam Balz: Prime matter and physical science (Eastern)
  • Max Harold Fisch: The Critic of Institutions (Western)
  • Bertram Emil Jessup: The Data of Aesthetics (Pacific)
  • John Herman Randall Jr.: Talking and Looking (Eastern)
  • Oets Kolk Bouwsma: On Many Occasions I have in Sleep Been Deceived (Western)
  • David Rynin: Vindication of L*G*C*L P*S*T*V*SM (Pacific)
  • John David Goheen: Concerning a Tendency in French Ethical Thought (Pacific)
  • Virgil Charles Aldrich: Chess Not Without the Queen (Western)
  • Willard Van Orman Quine: Speaking of Objects (Eastern)
  • Max Black: Language and Reality (Eastern)
  • Paul Arthur Schilpp: The Abdication of Philosophy (Western)
  • Abraham Kaplan: Philosophic Sense and Mystic Sensibility (Pacific)
  • Sidney Hook: Pragmatism and the Tragic Sense of Life (Eastern)
  • Van Meter Ames: Zen to Mead (Western)
  • Philip Merlan: Existentialism: A Third Way (Pacific)
  • John Wild: The Exploration of The Life-World (Eastern)
  • Arthur Campbell Garnett: Freedom and Creativity (Western)
  • Barnett Savery: Remarks—Mainly about Knowledge and Reality (Pacific)
  • Abraham Irving Melden: Reasons for Action and Matters of Fact (Pacific)
  • Charles Leslie Stevenson: Relativism and Non-Relativism in the Theory of Value (Western)
  • Carl Gustav Hempel: Rational Action (Eastern)
  • Maurice H. Mandelbaum: Philosophy, Science, and Sense-Perception (Eastern)
  • Herbert Feigl: The Power of Positive Thinking (Western)
  • Isabel Payson Creed Hungerland: The Logic of Aesthetic Concepts (Pacific)
  • Marvin Farber: The Philosophical Interest in Existence (Eastern)
  • Henry Siggins Leonard: Essences, Attributes, and Predicates (Western)
  • Ernest Addison Moody: The Age of Analysis (Pacific)
  • William Henry Werkmeister: Reflections on the Possibilities of Metaphysics (Pacific)
  • Julius Rudolph Weinberg: The Novelty of Hume’s Philosophy (Western)
  • Edwin Arthur Burtt: Truth, Understanding, and Philosophy (Eastern)
  • Gregory Vlastos: A Metaphysical Paradox (Eastern)
  • William Klaas Frankena: On Saying the Ethical Thing (Western)
  • Alfred Stern: What are Spiritual Phenomena? (Pacific)
  • Paul Weiss: Separate and Equal, but Integrated (Eastern)
  • Everett John Nelson: Metaphysical Presuppositions on Induction (Western)
  • Philip Wheelwright: On the Meaning of You (Pacific)
  • Henry Nelson Goodman: Art and Inquiry (Eastern)
  • Gustav Bergmann: Diversity (Western)
  • James Louis Jarrett Jr.: Literary Functions, Roles, Masks (Pacific)
1968–1969 (The Pacific Division met twice during this year and thus had two presidents.)
  • Roderick Milton Chisholm: The Defeat of Good and Evil (Eastern)
  • Frederick Ludwig Will: Thoughts and Things (Western)
  • V. Jerauld McGill: Scientific Ethics and Negotiation (Pacific)
  • Herbert Marcuse: The Relevance of Reality (Pacific)
  • Stuart Newton Hampshire: A Kind of Materialism (Eastern)
  • Richard Booker Brandt: Rational Desires (Western)
  • William Thomas Jones: Philosophical Disagreements and World Views (Pacific)
  • Wilfrid Stalker Sellars: "...this I or he or it (the thing) which thinks...” (Eastern)
  • Henry Babcock Veatch: Language and Ethics (Western)
  • John Wisdom: Epistemological Enlightenment: A Philosopher’s Apology (Pacific)
  • Lewis White Beck: Extraterrestrial Intelligent Life (Eastern)
  • May Brodbeck: Mind: From Within and from Without (Western)
  • Marjorie Glicksman Grene: Sartre and the Other (Pacific)
  • Norman Malcolm: Thoughtless Brutes (Eastern)
  • Arthur Walter Burks: Logic, Computers, and Men (Western)
  • Patrick Suppes: Congruence of Meaning (Pacific)
  • Donald Davidson: On the Very Idea of a Conceptual Scheme (Eastern)
  • Alan Gewirth: The "Is-Ought” Problem Resolved (Western)
  • Alonzo Church: Rusellian Simple Type Theory (Pacific)
  • John Bordley Rawls: The Independence of Moral Theory (Eastern)
  • William Henry Hay: Under the Blue Dome of the Heavens (Western)
  • Herbert Paul Grice: Method In Philosophical Psychology (Pacific)
  • Alice Ambrose Lazerowitz: Commanding a Clear View of Philosophy (Eastern)
  • Ruth Charlotte Barcan Marcus: Dispensing with Possibilia (Western)
  • Jaako Hintikka: Gaps in the Great Chain of Being (Pacific)
  • Hilary Putnam: Realism and Reason (Eastern)
  • Leonard Linsky: Believing and Necessity (Western)
  • Herbert Fingarette: Punishment and Suffering (Pacific)
  • Kurt Baier: The Social Source of Reason (Eastern)
  • Robert George Turnbull: Knowledge and the Forms in the Later Platonic Dialogues (Western)
  • Wesley Charles Salmon: Why ask, Why? An Inquiry Concerning Scientific Explanation (Pacific)
  • Monroe Curtis Beardsley: In Defense of Aesthetic Value (Eastern)
  • William Payne Alston: Yes Virginia, There is a Real World (Western)
  • William Craig: Boolean Logic and the Everyday Physical World (Pacific)
  • Richard McKay Rorty: Pragmatism, Relativism, and Irrationalism (Eastern)
  • Hector-Neri Castañeda: Reference, Reality, and Perceptual Fields (Western)
  • David Shepherd Nivison: Two Roots or One? (Pacific)
  • Roderick Firth: Epistemic Merit, Intrinsic and Instrumental (Eastern)
  • Alan Harry Donagan: Philosophical Progress and the Theory of Action (Western)
  • David Kaplan: Philosophical Progress and the Theory of Action (Pacific)
  • John Edwin Smith: The New Need for a Recovery of Philosophy (Eastern)
  • Alvin Plantinga: How to be an Anti-Realist (Western)
  • Joel Feinberg: Sentiment and Sentimentality in Practical Ethics (Pacific)
  • Adolf Grünbaum: The Perspective of a Philosopher of Science (Eastern)
  • Manley Hawn Thompson Jr.: Things in Themselves (Western)
  • Philippa Ruth Foot: Why Be Moral? (Pacific)
  • Arthur Coleman Danto: Philosophy as/and/of Literature (Eastern)
  • Ernan McMullin: The Goals of Natural Science (Western)
  • Benson Mates: On Refuting the Skeptic (Pacific)
  • Alasdair Chalmers MacIntyre: Relativism, Power, and Philosophy (Eastern)
  • Fred I. Dretske: Machines and the Mental (Western)
  • Rogers Garland Albritton: Freedom of Will and Freedom of Action (Pacific)
1985–1986 (APA Western Division changes its name to APA Central Division.)
  • J. Quentin Lauer: S. J., Why Be Good? (Eastern)
  • Marcus George Singer: The Ideal of Rational Morality (Central)
  • Donald Davidson: On the Very Idea of a Conceptual Scheme (Pacific)
  • Joseph John Kockelmans: On the Problem of Truth in the Sciences (Eastern)
  • William Leonard Rowe: Two Concepts of Freedom (Central)
  • Richard Wasserstrom: Preferential Treatment, Color-Blindness and the Evils of Racism and Racial Discrimination (Pacific)
  • Jonathan Bennett: Thoughtful Brutes (Eastern)
  • Robert Audi: The Architecture of Reason (Central)
  • Julius Moravscik: Communal Ties (Pacific)
  • Richard Jacob Bernstein: Pragmatism, Pluralism and the Healing of Wounds (Eastern)
  • Jaegwon Kim: The Myth of Nonreductive Materialism (Central)
  • Keith Lehrer: Metamental Ascent: Beyond Belief and Desire (Pacific)
  • Nicholas Rescher: Luck (Eastern)
  • Richard Thomas DeGeorge: Ethics and Coherence (Central)
  • John R. Searle: Is the Brain a Digital Computer? (Pacific)
  • Annette Baier: A Naturalist View of Persons (Eastern)
  • Edwin Curley: A Good Man is Hard to Find (Central)
  • Stuart Newton Hampshire: Justice is Strife (Pacific)
  • Harry G. Frankfurt: The Faintest Passion (Eastern)
  • Nicholas Wolterstorff: Tradition, Insight, and Constraint (Central)
  • Alvin Ira Goldman: Empathy, Mind, and Morals (Pacific)
  • Judith Jarvis Thomson: Goodness and Utilitarianism (Eastern)
  • Panayot Butchvarov: The Untruth and the Truth of Skepticism (Central)
  • Patricia Smith Churchland: Can Neurobiology Teach Us Anything About Consciousness? (Pacific)
  • Sidney Shoemaker: The First Person Perspective (Eastern)
  • Richard Stephen Kraut: Desire and the Human Good (Central)
  • John Perry: Davidson’s Sentences and Wittgenstein’s Builders (Pacific)
  • Margaret Dauler Wilson: Animal Ideas (Eastern)
  • Philip Lawrence Quinn: Political Liberalisms and Their Exclusions of the Religious (Central)
  • Larry Laudan: Damn the Consequences (Pacific)
  • Jerome Borges Schneewind: Voluntarism and the Foundation of Ethics (Eastern)
  • Peter Winch: The Expression of Belief (Central)
  • Barry Stroud: The Charm of Naturalism (Pacific)
  • Stanley Louis Cavell: Something out of the Ordinary (Eastern)
  • Michael L. Friedman: Philosophical Naturalism (Central)
  • Henry Edward Allison: We Can Act Only Under the Idea of Freedom (Pacific)
  • Robert Nozick: Invariance and Objectivity (Eastern)
  • Arthur I. Fine: The Viewpoint of No-One in Particular (Central)
  • Philip Stuart Kitcher: Truth or Consequences? (Pacific)
  • Mary Mothersill: Old Age (Eastern)
  • Elliott Reuben Sober: Testability (Central)
  • Charles Tyler Burge: A Century of Deflation and a Moment About Self-Knowledge (Pacific)
  • John Madison Cooper: Two Theories on Justice (Eastern)
  • Martha Craven Nussbaum: The Future of Feminist Liberalism (Central)
  • Barbara Herman: Morality and Everyday Life (Pacific)
  • Daniel C. Dennett: In Darwin’s Wake, Where Am I? (Eastern)
  • Lawrence Sklar: Naturalism and the Interpretation of Theories (Central)
  • Brian Skyrms: The Stag Hunt (Pacific)
  • Virginia Held: Moral Subjects: The Natural and the Normative (Eastern)
  • Allan Gibbard: The Reasons of A Living Being (Central)
  • Paul M. Churchland: Outer Space and Inner Space: The New Epistemology (Pacific)
  • M. Scanlon: Metaphysics and Morals (Eastern)
  • Marcia Baron: Manipulativeness (Central)
  • Richard Wollheim: On the Freudian Unconscious (Pacific)

2014-2015 (addresses to be announced)

  • Thomas Hill Jr. (Eastern)
  • Elizabeth Anderson (Central)
  • David Copp (Pacific)

Note: Already published presidential addresses dating back to 2003-2004 are currently available to APA members on our website. Sign-in is required to download the files. Earlier presidential addresses may be obtained through JSTOR.

Photo credits: John Dewey: Courtesy University Archives, Columbia University in the City of New York. William James: Call number 2006M-44, Houghton Library, Harvard University. Mary Whiton Calkins: Photograph courtesy of the Wellesley College News Bureau, Wellesley College, Wellesley, Massachusetts. Brand Blanshard: Photo courtesy of Swarthmore College, Halcyon yearbook, 1936. Willard Van Orman Quine: This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.5 Generic, 2.0 Generic and 1.0 Generic license. Marjorie Grene: Photo courtesy of Ruth Grene. Donald Davidson: Photo courtesy of UC Berkeley. Hilary Putnam: Released by the copyright holder, Hilary Putnam, under the Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 2.5 license. Jaegwon Kim: Photo courtesy of Sijmen Hendriks Fotografie. Jerome Borges Schneewind: Photo courtesy of Jerome Borges Schneewind. Daniel Dennett: Photo courtesy of Tufts University and Bram Budel in Amsterdam. Anthony Appiah: Photo: Princeton University, Office of Communications, Denise Applewhite (2005). Linda Martin Alcoff: Photo courtesy of Linda Martin Alcoff. Sally Haslanger: Photo by Jon Sachs | MIT SHASS Communications.

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