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Committee: Status of Women

Committee Charge

The committee is charged with assessing and reporting on the status of women in the profession. Among its responsibilities are to identify unfair or discriminatory practices and to advise the board and the members of the association of ways in which they may be rectified; to advise women philosophers concerning means of overcoming discrimination and gender-specific obstacles that they may encounter; and to make reports and recommendations to the board concerning ways in which full and meaningful equality of opportunity can be provided to all individuals who seek to study, teach, or conduct research in philosophy. The committee is concerned with teaching and research. It seeks to facilitate an understanding of issues of gender and of the range of positions represented in feminist theories and publishes the Newsletter on Feminism and Philosophy.

The committee has its own webpage.

The chair of this committee serves in an ex officio capacity on the committee on inclusiveness in the profession.

The editor of the Newsletter on Feminism and Philosophy and the director of the committee's site visit program serve in an ex officio capacity on this committee.

Committee Reports

2016–2017 report

2015-2016 report

2014-2015 report 

2013-2014 report

2012-2013 report

2011–2012 - no report submitted

2010-2011 report

2009-2010 report

2008-2009 report

2007-2008 report

Newsletter on Feminism and Philosophy

Site Visit Program

This committee created a site visit program to assist philosophy departments in assessing and improving their climates for women and other underrepresented groups in philosophy. See more information about the site visit program.


Relationship of the Site Visit Program to the American Philosophical Association:

The site visit program operates independently of the American Philosophical Association, and as such, site visit team members and site visit reports do not represent the association itself.

The site visit program was initially conceived by members of the APA's committee on the status of women, and the program's director serves on the committee in an ex officio capacity. The committee advises and supports the program; the APA has provided limited financial support for the program and the APA national office accepts payments on behalf of the Site Visit Program. However, neither the APA nor the committee on the status of women oversee the site visit program and its operations.


Upcoming Events
Submission deadline for the 2018 Journal of Value Inquiry Prize
Wednesday, February 28, 2018
Nomination deadline for the 2018 Article Prize
Thursday, March 15, 2018
Nomination deadline for the 2018 Gittler Award
Thursday, March 15, 2018
Application deadline for grant requests from the Berry fund
Saturday, March 31, 2018
Nomination deadline for the 2018 Public Philosophy Op-Ed Contest
Sunday, April 15, 2018

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Chair (2019)
Charlotte Witt
ex officio (2018)
Peggy DesAutels
Member (2018)
Peter Railton
Member (2018)
Lisa Shapiro
Member (2018)
Yolonda Y. Wilson
Member (2019)
Margaret Atherton
Member (2019)
Amy R. Baehr
Member (2019)
Michael C. Rea
Member (2020)
Rachel V. McKinnon
Member (2020)
Julinna C. Oxley
Member (2020)
Katie Stockdale
Newsletter Editor
Serena Parekh


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