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Icarus Films is very excited to announce the release of PHILOSOPHERS: DEBATES AND DIALOGUES, a 4-part DVD series of legendary philosophical debates.

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In 1971, an initiative called the International Philosophers Project brought together the leading thinkers of the day for a series of one-on-one debates. This four-disc set collects all four remarkable conversations, along with introductions and commentary by Dutch philosopher and writer Fons Elders.

Noam Chomsky and Michel Foucault: The two giants discuss whether or not some form of universal human nature—an inherent ability to understand language and scientific concepts, for instance—exists, or whether our responses are purely socially and culturally conditioned.

Alfred Ayer and Arne Naess: Ayer champions a limited skepticism, while Naess, the founder of the deep ecology movement, embraces interconnectedness.

Karl Popper and John Eccles: Popper and his close friend, Nobel prize-winning neuroscientist John Eccles, discuss Popper's famous criterion of falsifiability.

Leszek Kolakowski and Henri Lefebvre: A debate on the ongoing significance of Marxism and the concept of alienation, and an attempt to define what a future, post-capitalist society might hold.

Each of these conversations captures the intellectual and social ferment of the late 1960s and early 1970s, when philosophical questions underpinned discussions about what form a new society could take. Though many of the questions under discussion are timeless, this context gives them a particular sense of urgency.

4 DVDs | 311 minutes | Color
1971 (Introductions added in 2012)

Sale/DVD (chaptered): $498 Special Offer: $448

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