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Permanent Committees of the Board
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Permanent committees of the board of officers include the following:

Audit Committee

The charge of the audit committee includes, but is not limited to, reviewing and, as appropriate, recommending the acceptance of the annual audit of the APA.

Committee on Committees

The committee on committees reviews all committee and board member-at-large nominations and recommends a slate of appointments to the board of officers for approval.

Committee on Divisional Coordination

The committee on divisional coordination discusses issues on coordination and cooperation among the divisions, the board, and the national office.

Development Committee

The development committee advises and assists the board of officers in developing long-term, sustainable financial resources for the association through both fundraising and earned income.

Finance Committee

The charge of the finance committee is to coordinate in allocating funds, staff, and other resources so as to achieve the objectives of the association, with special attention to objectives of the association that are not within the remits of the divisions.