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2015 Central Division Meeting: Papers To Be Presented
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Papers to be presented


Title Author First Author Last Affiliation
What Instances of Novels Are Alexey Aliyev University of Maryland
Animal Euthanasia and the Moral Responsibility of Zoos Crystal Allen Gunasekera Principia College
A Critical Look at Jesse Prinz's Emotions-Based Account of Aesthetics Fritz Allison University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Children and Added Sugar: The Case for Restriction Theodore Bach Bowling Green State University
What is a Sorites Series? Jonathan Barker University of Virginia
Why Phenomenal Intentionality isn't Compositional Galen Barry University of Virginia
Marking the Perception–Cognition Boundary Jacob Beck York University
Noncognitivism and Epistemic Evaluations Bob Beddor Rutgers University
Practical Deliberation and Acting for a Reason: Two Arguments against Source Externalism Jeff Behrends Illinois State University
A Closer Look at Causal Bases and Its Implications for Reducing Dispositions David Blanks Ohio State University
Rescue, Beneficence and Contempt Adam Blincoe University of Virginia
Metalinguistic Moral Disagreement Renee Bolinger University of Southern California
A Sinnless Solution to Frege’s Puzzle Paolo Bonardi Université de Genève
Against the No-Miracle Response to the Indispensability Argument Kenneth Boyce University of Missouri
Berkeley's Semantic Argument Alexander Bozzo Marquette University
Quantifier Variance and Ontological Deflationism Andrew Brenner University of Notre Dame
Agency, causalism, and intentional omissions Andrei Buckareff Marist College
Testimonial Traditions and Religious Disagreement Donald Bungum Saint Louis University
Relations, Cooperation, and the Problem of the Stranger Dan Burkett Rice University
A Defense of Ought-Implies-Can. Justin Caouette University of Calgary
Perceptual Learning and Recognition Kevin Connolly University of Pennsylvania
'This' Phil Corkum University of Alberta
Mathematical Fictionalists Cannot be Sceptics About Reference to Abstract Objects James Davies University of Toronto
Transmitting Prejudice: How Slurs Influence Us Through Imagery Ralph DiFranco University of Connecticut
Grounding, Determinables, and Supplementation Scott Dixon University of California, Davis
An epistemic utility argument for the threshold view of outright belief Kevin Dorst Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Anamnesia: Remembrance and Resistance in Benjamin and Fanon Taine Duncan University of Central Arkansas
Meaning without Fulfillment Kirsten Egerstrom Syracuse University
Truthmaking as a Suárezian Legacy: The Semi-Extrinsic Denomination View of Truth in 17th-Century Scholasticism Brian Embry University of Toronto
Defeating Extreme Modal Skepticism Lars Enden University of Washington
Emotion and Deadly Force: A Sartrean Phenomenological Analysis of “Stand Your Ground” Laws Kimberly Engels Marquette University
Aquinas on Intentionality and Intelligible Species: A Problem for Primitive Accounts Kendall Englund Syracuse University
Good Moral Judgment and Decision-Making Without Deliberation Asia Ferrin University of Washington
A New Solution to the Problem of Temporary Intrinsics Peter Finocchiaro University of Notre Dame
Thomas Reid on Remembering Events Marina Folescu University of Missouri
Normative Naturalism and the Wrong Type of Reasons Problem Andrew Forcehimes Vanderbilt University
Basic Mistakes in Performance Kim Frost Syracuse University
Dogmatism Without Mooreanism Jonathan Fuqua Purdue University
A Problem for Intellectualism About Knowledge-How Georgi Gardiner Rutgers University
Formal Purposiveness in Kant’s Aesthetic Judgment Gerad Gentry University of South Carolina
Dilemmas for higher-order though theories of consciousness Martha Gibson University of Wisconsin-Madison
Reasons Explanations and Normative Signficance Andrew Greenlee University of Rochester
The Metaphysics of Social Construction: A 'Grounding' Account Aaron Griffith Central Michigan University
An "American Sublime" in Nineteenth-Century American Art and Philosophy Nicholas Guardiano Southern Illinois University Carbondale
Two Aims in Artistic Interpretation: Thesis and Theme James Harold Mount Holyoke College
A New Solution to the Problem of Old Evidence Stephan Hartmann Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
The Self-Defeat Argument for Phenomenal Conservatism Landon Hedrick University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Introspecting the Temporal Structure of Perceptual Experience Aaron Henry University of Toronto
An Empirical Reductio of the Expert/Gender Principle Geoffrey Holtzman The Graduate Center, CUNY
Williamson, Closure and KK Daniel Immerman University of Notre Dame
Some challenges to a contrastive treatment of grounding Amir Arturo Javier Castellanos Syracuse University
Is "Life" a Core-Dependent Homonym?: A Response to Christopher Shields's "The Dialectic of Life" Gideon Jeffrey Saint Louis University
Tyrannized Souls: Plato's Depiction of the Tyrannical Man Mark Johnstone McMaster University
A Kantian Critique of Our Epistemological Common Sense Matthew Kelsey Tarrant County College
A Defense of Epistemic Instrumentalism Matthew Kopec Northwestern University
Metaphysical explanation without grounding David Mark Kovacs Cornell University
Concept Individuation for the Neo-Millian in Cases of Belief Revision Kyle Landrum University of Houston
On the Distinctive Value of Knowledge Kok Y. Lee University of Missouri
Theories of Welfare: Monistic or Pluralistic, Enumerative or Explanatory? Eden Lin Rutgers University
Is Grounding an Internal Relation? Jon Litland University of Texas at Austin
Are Skill Selective Immigration Policies Just? Douglas MacKay University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
How Virtue Epistemologists Should Handle Epistemic Luck John Mahlan University of Virginia
The Perspective of Rational Deliberation Sharon Mason Indiana University Bloomington
"Climate Change Deniers" and Nietzsche Phillip McReynolds Pennsylvania State University
A Problem for Theories of Power Torsten Menge Georgetown University
At Enmity with Unreality: Is Abolitionism Self-Defeating? Per-Erik Milam University of California, San Diego
Virtue in machine ethics: an approach based on evolutionary computation Ioan Muntean University of Notre Dame
Plain Truth and the Incoherence of Alethic Functionalism Jay Newhard East Carolina University
Microphysical Causation and the Case for Physicalism Alyssa Ney University of Rochester
Well-Being, Self-Regarding Reasons, and Morality Howard Nye University of Alberta
Intergenerational Justice and Discounting the Future Duncan Purves University of Wyoming
How Not to Defend the Factoring Account Sarah Raskoff University of Arizona
All You Need Is Virtue (with a little help from your friends) Jonathan Reibsamen Saint Louis University
Responsibility for Disjunctions and an Alleged Counterexample to Rule A Michael Robinson Florida State University
Heraclitus on Political Order Jan Maximilian Robitzsch University of Pennsylvania
Necessitism and the Abstract/Concrete Distinction Daniel Rubio Rutgers University
The Failure of the Ineliminability Argument for Causal Role Functions Jannai Shields University of Rochester
Quasi-realism and the Problem of the Schizoid Attitude Kenneth Shields University of Missouri
Reason and Literary Form in Descartes’ Meditations: The Case of the Cartesian Circle Matthew Simpson Luther College
On the Performativity of Deontic Must Daniel Skibra Northwestern University
Comparing Tastes: A New Problem for Relativism Eric Snyder Ohio State University
Between Arbitrariness and Redundancy Stephen Steward Syracuse University
What Makes Sounds into Meaningful Words? Megan Stotts University of California, Riverside
Emergent Panpsychism, Emotional Zombies, and Fundamental Kinds Maxwell Suffis Rice University
Moral Error Theory and the Law of Excluded Middle Christopher Tomaszewski University of Connecticut
Computational Individualism and Functional Significance Chris Tucker College of William and Mary
Epistemic Possibility and Its Abominable Conjunction Chris Tweedt Baylor University
Distinguishing Willing From Desiring in Locke Julie Walsh Université du Québec à Montréal
Infallibilism, Skepticism & Cultural Differences John Waterman Colby College
Just Reasons to Refuse Just Reparations Jeffrey Watson Arizona State University
Paraphrase Atheism Shane Wilkins Fordham University
Spinoza and the Definition of an Immanent Cause Stephen Zylstra University of Toronto
Aristotelian Eudaimonism and Patriotism Noell Birondo Wichita State University
Platonic Particulars and Timaean Tropes Christopher Buckels Trinity College Dublin
Blameworthiness and Imaginary Moral Reasons Sean Clancy Syracuse University
Against Cognitive Propositions Lorraine Keller Niagara University
Philosophical Individualism John Keller Niagara University
When 'Or' Meets 'Might': A Compositional Acceptability-Conditional Semantics for Classical Logic and Epistemic Modality Hanti Lin Australian National University
Major Problems in Evolutionary Transitions: Toward a Metabolism-Based Account of Macroevolution Russell Powell Boston University
Must a Cause Precede Its Effect? John Roberts University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
The (Non-) Psychology of Virtues: Radical Virtue Externalism Charles Starkey Clemson University



 Title Author First
Author Last
Teleological Functional Explanations: A New Naturalist Synthesis Mihnea Capraru Syracuse University
Advice for Eleatics Sam Cowling Denison University
In Defense of Simples in Contact Landon Elkind University of Iowa
What Does Belief Have to Do with Truth? Iskra Fileva University of Michigan
Counterlegal Dependence and Causation's Arrows Tyrus Fisher University of California, Davis
Immodesty and Educated Guesses Sophie Horowitz Rice University
Refining Four-Dimensionalism Shieva Kleinschmdit University of Southern California
Modally Plenitudinous Endurantism Irem Kurtsal Steen Istanbul Sehir University
There is No Circle in the Fourth Meditation Clyde Ragland Saint Louis University
Embodied virtue in the 'Phaedo' Douglass Reed University of Virginia
Idealizations, Truth, and Understanding Emily Sullivan Fordham University
Advice for Noncognitivists Malte Willer University of Chicago


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