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Candidates for At-Large Members of the Board of Officers
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Board Member-At-Large Candidate Statements

The three candidates for election have submitted candidate statements, listed below in alphabetical order by the candidates' last names. Please read the candidate statements before voting. When you are ready to vote, return to the ballot.

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Please note: only full (regular and emeritus) members of the association are eligible to vote. You will only be able to access the survey for your division. If you are an international, student, or teacher associate member, you will be unable to access the voting survey. 

Elizabeth Harman (Princeton University)

I’m very grateful to the APA, principally for running its three yearly conferences, which have played a huge and positive role in my philosophical education and in my professional life. I’m thrilled by the recent revitalization of the Association, and I would be honored to support the Association by joining its Board of Officers.

Rodney C. Roberts (East Carolina University)

Why should APA members vote for me, Rodney C. Roberts, to become an at-large member of our Board of Officers?

I have the requisite experience. I joined the APA as a graduate student in the early ‘90’s and I have been an active participant in Eastern, Central, and Pacific Division meetings over the years. Although I have only served on one APA committee, the Committee on Blacks in Philosophy (2005-2008), I have served as Director, Somerset Place Foundation Board, Somerset Place Historic Site, Creswell, North Carolina (2006-2009) and at East Carolina University as: Faculty Senator (2006-2012), Secretary, Faculty Governance Committee (2010-2011), Chair, Faculty Senate Agenda Committee (2010-2011), and Chair, Faculty Officers Nominating Committee (2009).

More importantly, I have the requisite character. I have not only written on matters of justice, I strive to always act justly. I do not only teach ethics, I strive to maintain a moral point of view. In short, members can trust that I will always make every effort to act in their best interest and that I will do my best to faithfully execute the duties of an at-large member of the APA Board of Officers.

David Wong (Duke University)

I would like to pursue avenues of promoting a more inclusive philosophical community, in which groups with less voice and widespread recognition would have more opportunity to interact and be heard by others, not just by those who represent the mainstream, but also by other groups outside the mainstream. The goal is not just to have more inclusive representation but also to have spaces in which genuine philosophical exchange can help change the way we do philosophy. Another area of interest is developing opportunities for more of a presence on the web, since meetings in which philosophers gather in one physical location have begun to lose some of their importance for job seeking and more institutions have fewer funds for travel to meetings.

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