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Newsletter on Philosophy and Computers
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About the APA Newsletter on Philosophy and Computers

The APA Newsletter on Philosophy and Computers is published by the committee on philosophy and computers. Direct all correspondence concerning newsletter content and submission deadlines to the newsletter editor(s). Other inquiries may be directed to Erin Shepherd.

In the latest issue

Volume 19, number 2 (spring 2020)


From the Archives - AI Ontology and Consciousness

“The Shrinking Difference between Artifacts and Natural Objects,” Lynne Rudder Baker

“Artifacts and Mind-Independence: Comments on Lynne Rudder Baker’s 'The Shrinking Difference between Artifacts and Natural Objects',” Amie L. Thomasson

“Explaining an Explanatory Gap,” Gilbert Harman

“Formulating the Explanatory Gap,” Yujin Nagasawa

“Logic as a Theory of Computability,” Jaakko Hintinkka

“Robots Need Conscious Perception: A Reply to Aleksander and Haikonen,” Stan Franklin, Bernard J. Baars, and Uma Ramamurthy

“Flawed Workspaces?,” P. O. Haikonen

“Unity from Multiplicity: A Reply to Haikonen,” M. Shanahan

“Leibniz, Complexity, and Incompleteness,” Gregory Chaitin

“Architecture-Based Motivation vs. Reward-Based Motivation,” Aaron Sloman

“Consciousness, Engineering, and Anthropomorphism,” Ricardo Sanz

“Sleep, Boredom, and Distraction—What Are the Computational Benefits for Cognition?,” Troy D. Kelley and Vladislav D. Veksler

“DABUS in a Nutshell,” Steven L. Thaler

“The Real Moral of the Chinese Room: Understanding Requires Understanding Phenomenology,” Terry Horgan

“A Refutation of Searle on Bostrom (re: Malicious Machines) and Floridi (re: Information),” Selmer Bringsjord

From the Archives - AI and Axiology

“Understanding Information Ethics,” Luciano Floridi

“Too Much Information: Questioning Information Ethics,” John Barker

“Ethics of Entropy,” Martin Flament Fultot

“Taking the Intentional Stance Toward Robot Ethics,” James Moore

“Measuring a Distance: Humans, Cyborgs, Robots,” Keith W. Miller and David Larson

“Remediation Revisited: Replies to Gaut, Matravers, and Tavinor,” Dominic McIver Lopes

From the Editor - Newsletter Highlights 

Submission Guidelines and Information

It is our pleasure to invite all potential authors to submit to the APA Newsletter on Philosophy and Computers. Committee members have priority since this is the newsletter of the committee, but anyone is encouraged to submit. We publish papers that tie in philosophy and computer science or some aspect of “computers”; hence, we do not publish articles in other subdisciplines of philosophy. All papers will be reviewed, but only a small group can be published.

The area of philosophy and computers lies among a number of professional disciplines (such as philosophy, cognitive science, computer science). We try not to impose writing guidelines of one discipline, but consistency of references is required for publication and should follow the Chicago Manual of Style. Submissions and inquiries should be addressed to the editor, Dr. Peter Boltuc, at

Newsletter on Philosophy and Computers

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