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Newsletter on Feminism and Philosophy
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About the APA Newsletter on Feminism and Philosophy

The APA Newsletter on Feminism and Philosophy is published by the committee on the status of women. Direct all correspondence concerning newsletter content and submission deadlines to the newsletter editor(s). Other inquiries may be directed to Erin Shepherd.

In the latest issue

Volume 19, number 2 (spring 2020)


“Parenting and Philosophy,” Lauren Freeman

About the Newsletter

Submission Guidelines


“The “Daddy Dividend”: The Gender Division of Labor and Regression Towards Patriarchy,” Serene Khader and Matthew Lindauer

“Gender, Disability, and the Violent Undercurrents of Parenting Inspiration Porn,” Joseph A. Stramondo

“(Philosophizing about) Gender-Open Children,” Saray Ayala-López

“Taking Children’s Autonomy Seriously as a Parent,” Quill Rebecca Kukla

“Parenting in Trauma,” Melissa Burchard

“On Muddling Through,” Amy Allen

“Parenting, Feminism, and Academic Life: My Happy Story,” Samantha Brennan

“Bridging the Divide: Thoughts on Parenting as a Grad Student,” Carol Gray

“Anthropologists from Mars,” Leigh Viner

“Raised in Philosophy,” Eli Kukla

“Children, Parenting, and the Nature of Work,” Lauren Freeman

Book Reviews

Eva Feder Kittay: Learning from My Daughter: The Value and Care of Disabled Minds, Reviewed by Lisa Tessman

Benjamin R. Sherman and Stacey Goguen, eds.: Overcoming Epistemic Injustice: Social and Psychological Perspectives, Reviewed by Claire A. Lockard

Sophie Lewis: Full Surrogacy Now: Feminism Against Family, Reviewed by Jina Fast

Loretta Ross and Rickie Solinger: Reproductive Justice: An Introduction, Reviewed by Kathryn Lafferty-Danner



Submission Guidelines and Information


The purpose of the newsletter is to publish information about the status of women in philosophy and to make the resources of feminist philosophy more widely available. The newsletter contains discussions of recent developments in feminist philosophy and related work in other disciplines, literature overviews and book reviews, suggestions for eliminating gender bias in the traditional philosophy curriculum, and reflections on feminist pedagogy. It also informs the profession about the work of the APA Committee on the Status of Women. Articles submitted to the newsletter should be limited to 10 double-spaced pages (though this is negotiable) and must follow the APA guidelines for gender-neutral language. Please submit essays electronically to the editor. All manuscripts should be prepared for anonymous review. References should follow The Chicago Manual of Style.

Submitted articles are sent to two reviewers. Articles recommended for revision are returned to the author; they are then reviewed by those who recommended the revisions.

Book Reviews and Reviewers

If you have published a book that is appropriate for review in the newsletter, please have your publisher send us a copy of your book. We are always seeking new book reviewers. To volunteer to review books (or some particular book), please send the editor a CV and letter of interest, including mention of your areas of research and teaching.

Where to Send Things

Please send all articles, comments, suggestions, books, and other communications to the editor: Lauren Freeman, University of Louisville, Department of Philosophy,

Submission Deadlines

Submissions for spring issues are due by the preceding September 1; submissions for fall issues are due by the preceding February 1.


Newsletter on Feminism and Philosophy

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Feminism & Philosophy Vol.1 No.1 (Fall 2001) PDF (537.01 KB) Administration 3/12/2014
Feminism & Philosophy Vol.00 No.2 (Spring 2001) PDF (5.01 MB) Administration 5/27/2015
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