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APA Grant Funds
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Due to the financial impacts of the coronavirus pandemic, the APA has put into effect a one-year suspension of APA grants programs for the 2020–2021 fiscal year, to include the diversity & inclusiveness grant program, the small grants program, and donor fund micro-grants. This affects the applications that would have been due June 30, 2020.

The APA regularly funds projects and initiatives beneficial to the philosophical community. The types of funding available are detailed below.

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Small Grant Fund

Each year, the APA's small grant fund, supported by the Eastern Division, makes up to $25,000 in grants of normally no more than $5,000 each. The board of officers considers applications for these grants each year at its fall meeting.

Learn more about the small grant fund and how to apply.

See past projects supported by the small grant fund.

Donor Funds

The APA maintains several funds to which donors may contribute. These funds each focus on a particular issue area and fund projects or initiatives directly related to that focus.

Before submitting an application for funding from the donor funds, please review the Funding Guidelines for Donor Funds.

Fund for Diversity and Inclusiveness

The fund for diversity and inclusiveness, established in 2013, supports efforts to make philosophy as a field more diverse and inclusive from the major to the professoriate. Funds go to projects that will have a demonstrable impact on the representation of and climate for women, people of color, LGBT people, people with disabilities, and other underrepresented groups in philosophy, with special focus on seeding new and innovative projects.

Donate to the fund for diversity and inclusiveness.

APA members may request a grant from this fund. At this time, the maximum grant amount from the fund for diversity and inclusiveness is $1,000, and funding decisions are normally made within two weeks of application, with funds being available for disbursement immediately thereafter.

Fill out the request for funding form. Temporarily suspended.

Berry Fund for Public Philosophy

The Berry fund supports the work of the APA committee on public philosophy, whose goal is to find and create opportunities to demonstrate the personal value and social usefulness of philosophy.

Donate to the Berry fund.

APA members may request a grant from this fund. Grants from the Berry fund are determined by the committee on public philosophy. The committee reviews grant requests for the Berry fund biannually. The grant request deadlines are March 31 and September 30. Funding decisions are normally made within three weeks after each deadline, with funds being available for disbursement immediately thereafter.

Fill out the request for funding form. Temporarily suspended.

Teaching Fund

The teaching fund provides support for philosophy teaching initiatives and programs.

Donate to the teaching fund.

APA members may request a grant from this fund. At this time, the maximum grant amount for the teaching fund is $1,000, and funding decisions are normally made within two weeks of application, with funds being available for disbursement immediately thereafter.

Fill out the request for funding form. Temporarily suspended.

Fund for Assistance to Overseas Philosophers

The fund for assistance to overseas philosophers, established in 1987, provides support to philosophers residing in countries in which currency restrictions or other economic conditions present severe difficulties to membership in overseas professional organizations or participation in overseas scholarly meetings.

Donate to the fund for assistance to overseas philosophers.

Two kinds of support will be considered: complimentary or discounted membership and limited travel assistance for philosophers participating in the program of an APA divisional meeting. Travel support is normally limited to a maximum of $500 per person. Philosophers residing in the US and Canada are ineligible for support from this fund. Funding decisions are made by the executive director together with the committee on international cooperation.

Requests for support via this fund should be submitted by the potential member/meeting participant to Executive Director Amy Ferrer. Requests should include a brief statement summarizing the economic restrictions or conditions creating difficulties for the applicant.

Funding Guidelines for Donor Funds

  • The APA strongly favors project proposals that request seed money for new projects rather than continuing funding for established projects. Requests for funding of ongoing projects should demonstrate the potential to obtain continuing support from other sources.
  • The APA favors projects that serve as a model for other institutions, and for which the grant recipient is willing to provide information about the project for others.
  • The APA prefers to fund projects that have already secured local support.
  • The APA will not ordinarily fund lectures or lecture series at a single university or college unless the request convincingly demonstrates that the lectures will have a broader impact beyond their host institution.
  • With the exception of the fund for assistance to overseas philosophers, the APA’s donor funds are not normally used to provide travel stipends to conference presenters/participants, but can be used to cover other conference costs.
  • The APA’s donor funds are not normally used to pay a stipend to a grantee (e.g., funding to complete a dissertation or other research project, a stipend/honorarium in recognition of work performed to organize an event/conference).

Diversity and Inclusiveness Funding

The APA, in keeping with its mission and goals and the association’s longstanding commitment to addressing philosophy’s serious lack of demographic diversity, will make available up to $20,000 each year to fund projects aiming to increase the presence and participation of women, racial and ethnic minorities, LGBTQ+ people, people with disabilities, people of low socioeconomic status, and other underrepresented groups at all levels of philosophy.

Learn more about diversity and inclusiveness grants and how to apply.

See past projects supported by the diversity and inclusiveness fund.

Grant Policies

The following policies apply to all APA grants.

It is APA policy that a given project can only be submitted to one APA funding stream at a time.

Preference for Seed Funding

The APA has long preferred providing short-term funding to help new and innovative projects get off the ground rather than long-term, repeat, or sustaining funding for established projects. Further, the APA does not have the financial resources to provide long-term or indefinite funding, no matter how valuable the program. As such, it is the policy of the board of officers that, in reviewing funding requests, there will be a strong preference for funding pilot projects rather than established ones. Further, no project will be funded for longer than three years at a time.

Reporting Requirement

Any project or program funded by the APA must submit an annual report to the board of officers for each year in which it received funding. This report must detail what the APA’s funds supported and evaluate the program’s progress toward its goals in the preceding year. This evaluation should be based on the evaluation plan detailed in the original proposal.

No proposals will be considered for future funding unless these required evaluation reports have been received. Further, no funding proposals will be considered from any member whose past funded proposals have not submitted the required reports.

Please note that all grant reports will be made public.

Grant Publicity

All programs receiving funding from the APA must include recognition of that funding in publicity materials for that program. For more information see the APA's Grant Publicity Guidelines.

Administrative Cost Policy

The American Philosophical Association is not a federal agency. Accordingly, no grants awarded by the American Philosophical Association shall be subject to facilities and administrative costs. See the full administrative cost policy.

Policy on Other Grants

The APA designs its grant programs and RFPs based on the organization's current goals and objectives, and under normal circumstances, all requests for funding are to be submitted through one of the existing funding programs. From time to time, there may be projects that, due to exceptional circumstances or needs, warrant consideration outside of these existing funding programs. To inquire about this possibility, members should contact the executive director. The final determination as to whether a project warrants consideration outside of existing funding programs will be made by the chair of the board of officers.

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