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Governance: Board of Officers
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The board of officers is the national governing body of the American Philosophical Association. The current members of the board are listed at right.

As of 2013, the board meets four times per year, in February, May, August, and November. The November meeting is held in person over the course of a weekend and is the primary opportunity for the board to review the activities of the association and its divisions and committees over the last year and consider new initiatives and programs. The three other meetings are held via teleconference to handle routine matters throughout the year.

2018–2019 APA Board and GSC Officers 
 2018–2019 APA Board and GSC Officers

Permanent Committees of the Board

The board of officers has several committees, consisting of board members, that handle routine matters outside of the quarterly board meetings. See the committees of the board.

Current Initiatives and Task Forces

Current initiatives of the board of officers include the following:

  • Ad hoc committee on sexual harassment — Chaired by Laurie Shrage, this committee was created to study the phenomenon of sexual harassment in the profession and identify best practices for combating it.
  • Data task force — Chaired by Carrie Figdor, this task force was created to assess the feasibility of the data collection projects identified as top priorities by the committee on the status and future of the profession.
  • Diversity institute advisory panel — Chaired by Louise Antony, this panel advises the APA on activities related to the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation grant.
  • Subcommittee on membership — Chaired by David Wong, this subcommittee is charged with recommending measures to promote membership.
  • Task force on a best practices scheme Chaired by Peter Railton, this task force is authorized to create a best practices scheme modeled on that offered by the BPA and SWIP UK, expanded to address additional audiences and types of diversity.
  • Task force on a code of conduct  Chaired by Nancy Holland, this task force is authorized to explore whether a code of conduct for professional philosophers is warranted and, if so, to develop one for board approval.
  • Task force on disability — Chaired by Adam Cureton, this task force was created to make recommendations to the board of officers about how to begin addressing some of the challenges identified and about whether to establish a permanent APA committee on disability.
  • Task force on diversity and inclusion — Chaired by Elizabeth Anderson, this task force aims to identify problems faced by the discipline in advancing inclusion and equitable treatment of historically underrepresented groups and to suggest policies that can effectively address these problems.The task force will also look in particular at the APA’s seven diversity committees.

View past initiatives and task forces.

For more information on the board's activities, review the minutes of recent board meetings.

Representatives to Affiliated Organizations

The board also appoints individuals to represent the association and the membership to certain affiliated organizations. See partner and affiliated organizations.

APA Lecture

The board of officers meets in-person annually, and since 2014, the board has been meeting on university campuses and holding a special public lecture given by a member of the board. The APA Lecture, and board members’ participation, are of great benefit to the university community and help demonstrate to administrators and the community all the value that the philosophy department offers.

Previous APA Lecturers


Jennifer Lackey, "False Confessions and Testimonial Injustice"
Held at Howard University (Washington, DC)


Janet Stemwedel, "Stopping Sexual Harassment: What Philosophy Should Learn from Science"
Held at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (Las Vegas, NV)


Valerie Tiberius, "Values and Evolving Standards"
Held at the University of Delaware (Newark, DE)


Kenneth Taylor, "Religion and Gay Marriage"
Held at the University of Houston (Houston, TX)


Dominic McIver Lopes, "Beauty, the Social Network"
Held at the University of Louisville (Louisville, KY)


Elizabeth Anderson, "Social Movements and Moral Progress"
Held at the University of Delaware (Newark, DE)

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Nominations open for APA leadership positions
Sunday, September 15, 2019
Nomination deadline for the 2020 Baumgardt Memorial Fellowship
Friday, November 1, 2019
APA Lecture by Jennifer Lackey
Friday, November 22, 2019
Nomination deadline for the 2020 Lebowitz Prize
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Application deadline for the 2020–2021 Edinburgh Fellowship
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Chair (2020)
Cheshire Calhoun
Comm. on Academic Career Opportunities (2020)
David K. Chan
Comm. on Inclusiveness in the Profession (2022)
Lori Watson
Comm. on International Cooperation (2022)
Anat Biletzki
Comm. on Lectures, Publications, & Research (2020)
Sven Bernecker
Comm. on Status & Future of the Profession (2021)
Jennifer Lackey
Comm. on the Teaching of Philosophy (2021)
David W. Concepcion
Div. Officer: Central Past President (2020)
Jennifer Nagel
Div. Officer: Central President (2020)
Julia Driver
Div. Officer: Central Representative (2021)
Mark van Roojen
Div. Officer: Central Secretary-Treasurer (2021)
Elizabeth B. Purcell
Div. Officer: Central Vice President (2020)
Russell Shafer-Landau
Div. Officer: Eastern Past President (2020)
Anita L. Allen-Castellitto
Div. Officer: Eastern President (2020)
Christia Mercer
Div. Officer: Eastern Representative (2022)
Michelle Kosch
Div. Officer: Eastern Secretary-Treasurer (2020)
Jeffrey S. Dunn
Div. Officer: Eastern Vice President (2020)
Tommie Shelby
Div. Officer: Pacific Past President (2020)
Richard J. Arneson
Div. Officer: Pacific President (2020)
Penelope Maddy
Div. Officer: Pacific Representative (2020)
Janet D. Stemwedel
Div. Officer: Pacific Secretary-Treasurer (2022)
Rebecca E. Copenhaver
Div. Officer: Pacific Vice President (2020)
Evan Thompson
Executive Director (2022)
Amy E. Ferrer
Member-at-Large (2020)
James L. Dreier
Member-at-Large (2021)
R. Lanier Anderson
Member-at-Large (2022)
Sergio Tenenbaum
Treasurer (2021)
Matthew B. O'Brien
Vice Chair (2020)
Richard Bett

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