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Eastern Division Bylaws
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  1. Officers
    1. The officers of the division shall be a president, a vice-president, a secretary-treasurer, and an Eastern division representative to the national board of officers. Each year a vice-president shall be elected. The term of office of the vice-president shall be one year. Immediately upon completion of this term of office, the vice-president shall assume the presidency without further election. The term of office of the secretary-treasurer and that of the representative to the national board of officers shall be three years.
    2. There shall be an executive committee composed of eleven members, four of whom shall be the officers of the division, and six of whom shall be members at large, two members elected each year for a period of three years. The retiring president shall be ex officio member for one year. The executive committee shall establish such committees as it deems necessary to aid it in efficiently discharging its duties, retaining in every case full responsibility for the action of such committees. A majority of its members shall constitute a quorum of the executive committee.
    3. The secretary-treasurer shall be appointed by and responsible to the executive committee.
    4. There shall be a committee of five to nominate officers for the division. The committee shall consist of the most recently retired president, who shall act as chair, and four members, two of whom shall be elected each year for two-year terms. The election shall be by mail or secure electronic ballot of those members of the association who are certified by the executive director as affiliated with the Eastern division, from candidates (members of the retiring nominating committee being excluded) placed in nomination by the executive committee or from the floor of the business meeting. The executive committee may not nominate more than four such candidates. As long as nominations are forthcoming, they may not be closed before seven names have been placed in nomination. In preparing the ballot the secretary shall remove the names of any former chair of a nominating committee of the division and of any nominee who has served for four years or more on nominating committees of the division. With the ballots, the secretary-treasurer shall send out a request for suggestions concerning each vacant office. The new nominating committee shall consider these suggestions but not be bound by them.


  2. Election of Officers
    1. Nominations for vice-president, for representative to the national board of officers, and for members of the executive committee shall be made in the following ways:
      1. By the nominating committee, which shall annually nominate two or more persons for vice-president and two or more persons for each vacancy on the executive committee, and announce its slate of nominees well in advance of the annual meeting.
      2. By petition, when signed by at least 25 members of the division, accompanied by a letter of consent from the nominee; both to be delivered to the secretary-treasurer within two weeks of the conclusion of the annual meeting.
      3. These shall be the only methods of nomination.
    2. Elections shall be by mail or secure electronic ballot, using the method of single-transferable vote (cf. the section on preferential voting in Section 44 of Robert's Rules of Order, Newly Revised).


  3. Meetings
    1. A quorum for the annual business meeting shall consist of those who attend the meeting.
    2. Arrangements for the regular Eastern meeting of the association shall be the responsibility of the executive committee of the Eastern division except that the time of the meeting shall be determined in consultation with the executive director of the association.
    3. The agenda of the business meeting to be held during each regular Eastern meeting of the association shall be the responsibility of the executive committee. The committee shall include on the agenda any item of association business requested at least one month in advance of the meeting by the board of Officers. No question of a substantive nature other than routine business shall be placed on the agenda unless it has been announced to the membership at least two weeks in advance of the meeting; it shall be the prerogative of the executive committee to substitute a mail or secure electronic ballot on such a question for a vote at the business meeting. No question of a substantive nature other than routine business shall be in order under "New Business" unless it has been received by the secretary-treasurer three weeks in advance of the meetings for transmission to the executive committee. An exception shall be made if three-fourths of the Eastern Division affiliates in attendance at the Business Meeting vote that such a question should be taken up at that meeting.
    4. The program of the annual meeting shall be arranged by a program committee appointed by and responsible to the executive committee. One member of the program committee shall be the secretary-treasurer.
    5. In the business meeting, questions of order shall be covered byRobert's Rules of Order, Newly Revised.


  4. Amendments
    1. Any proposed amendment of or addition to these by-laws must be presented for discussion at a regular Business Meeting and shall then be submitted to a mail or secure electronic ballot with passage dependent upon acceptance by two-thirds of those casting votes.
    2. Amendments to these by-laws may be proposed only by the executive committee, the Board of Officers, or members presenting a petition carrying the signatures of at least fifty members of the Association.
    3. Proposals to amend these by-laws must be announced to the members of the Association at least two weeks in advance of any meeting at which a vote is taken.
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