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Proposals for the invited portion of the Eastern program
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Submitting Proposals for the Invited Portion of Program

Anyone may submit a proposal for the invited portion of the Eastern Division Program. Proposals should be sent to the Chair of the Program Committee or to the Eastern Division Secretary-Treasurer by August 1, which will be considered for inclusion in the meeting one calendar year after the upcoming meeting (for instance, a proposal received by August 1, 2017 would be considered for the January 2019 meeting). The chair of the 2022 Program Committee will be announced soon. The Secretary-Treasurer of the Eastern Division is Jeff Dunn.

Proposals should include a brief description of the topic and its significance and a set of possible speakers and commentators, including backup names. Proposals should NOT include papers or CVs.
The types of invited sessions are:

  1. Two-hour symposia: two speakers with one commentator.
  2. Two-hour invited papers: one speaker and one commentator.
  3. Author Meets Critic sessions: two critics, with one author responding.
  4. Informational/special sessions: two or three speakers, depending on circumstances.

Information on Submitted Portion of Program

The submitted portion of the Eastern Division Program can not accommodate panel submissions. The colloquia in the submitted portion of the program are composed of a set of one-hour sessions, each hour featuring one speaker and one commentator.

All papers submitted must meet the paper submission guidelines and will be refereed on an individual basis as all other papers are. (You may submit them together for a topically unified 2- or 3-hour colloquium if you wish, but each will be reviewed individually.) If several papers were to be accepted, the Program Chair would make an effort to group them appropriately, as we do with all submissions. For any papers that are accepted, the Program Committee will be responsible for determining suitable commentators and session chairs. Alternatively, you might wish to submit your proposal for consideration by an appropriate APA committee.

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