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Group Session and Committee Session Requests
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The Eastern Division regularly allows (and encourages) other philosophical societies to host meetings in conjunction with the Eastern Division annual meeting. If you are involved in another philosophical society, then you should consider holding one of your meetings/conferences in conjunction with our meeting.

The executive committee recently changed the procedure for affiliating. Now, any group that has affiliated with any of the divisions is automatically considered by the Eastern division to be affiliated. If you are affiliated with any division, then you may request a session with us without need to apply for affiliation with the Eastern Division. 


More Information About Requesting Sessions 


The Eastern Division’s 2017 annual meeting will be held on January 4-7, 2017. If your group would like to hold a session in conjunction with the meeting and to have the details of the session appear in the program printed in the September Proceedings, please make sure to fill out the form linked to at the top of this page by June 5, 2016.  Requests received after that time are less likely to be satisfied. Groups will be contacted in mid-July to confirm their time slot. At that time, we will request detailed information from groups about their sessions.

Magnitude and Complexity.  At present the Eastern Division recognizes 126 affiliated groups; there are also 20 APA committees.  At the 2014 meeting over 100 group and committee sessions were scheduled, in addition to the 66 sessions in the regular part of our program.  On top of the sheer number of group and committee sessions, the scheduling problem is made more complex by the fact that there are all sorts of potential scheduling conflicts that everyone would agree should be avoided.  For these reasons, although we do our best, it is inevitable that some groups will not get their first-choice meeting times.  (We try to ensure rough equity over time by starting the scheduling at opposite ends of the alphabet from one year to the next.)

Any group or committee may request time and space for one session annually at the Eastern Division meeting, and such requests will automatically be honored. Two sessions will be allowed if time and space permit.  (Up to this point we have always been able to accommodate requests for two sessions, but we cannot absolutely guarantee this.)  Requests for more than two sessions will not be honored.

Dues and Fees.  Considerable time and financial expense are involved in providing room space and printing services for group meetings.  For this reason the Executive Committee requests that all groups urge their members to maintain their APA memberships and remind them that everyone attending the meeting is required to pay the registration fee (which is less for members than for non-members).  Your cooperation will be greatly appreciated.

Audio-Visual Equipment.  In order to avoid last-minute aggravation and the possibility of no equipment being available, you should determine whether your group will need any audio-visual equipment as early as possible.  All costs for audio-visual equipment must be borne by your group or committee.  All requests for audio-visual equipment should be directed to the 2017 Eastern Division webpage.

Electronic posting of papers.  For the benefit of attendees, especially those who are hearing-impaired, you are encouraged, if possible, to post the papers to be presented at your session(s) on your group’s website (or some other single website).  If you plan to do this, please send me, along with the information listed above, the URL at which the papers can be found; this will be included in the program listing for your session(s).

Submissions to main program.  Finally, the Eastern Division Executive Committee asks that you encourage your members to submit papers to the main program, in addition to participating in the sessions of your particular group or committee.  The Executive Committee would like to see a greater diversity of subject-matter in the papers submitted for inclusion on the main program, and it appreciates that the membership of affiliated groups and committees may be a valuable resource in achieving this.  The submission deadline for the 2017 main program has already passed, but we would be grateful if you could spread the word, for future reference, that submissions for the main program are welcome in any area of philosophy.

Please remember that the due date for all information is June 5, 2016.  


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