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Divisional Committees: 2010-11
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Executive Committee

Michael Tooley, President 
Alison Wylie, Vice President
Michael Bratman, Past President
Dominic McIver Lopes, Secretary-Treasurer (2009-12)
Heather Battaly, Division Representative (2008-11)

Ned Markosian (2008-11)
Alastair Norcross (2010-13)
Julie Van Camp, Chair (2009-12)

Joe Campbell, Program Committee Chair

Nominating Committee

Michael Bratman, Chair
Julia Annas
Ann Garry
Dominic McIver Lopes, ex officio

Program Committee

Rebecca Copenhaver (Chair)
Joseph Keim Campbell
Amy Coplan
Stephen Finlay
Patrick R. Frierson
Avram Hiller
David Hills
Paul Hovda
Nadeem J. Z. Hussain
Eric Hutton
Sherri Irvin
Robin Jeshion
Amy Kind
Janet Levin
Keith McPartland
Mark McPherran
Adam Morton
Jay Odenbaugh
L. A. Paul
Patrick W. Rysiew
David Schmidtz
Adam Sennet
Charles Siewert
Ori Simchen
Julie Tannenbaum
Iain Thomson
Eric Watkins
Aaron Zimmerman

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