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2012 Pacific Division Program Participants
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Mini-conference sessions begin with "M”; group sessions begin with "G.” All others are main sessions.

Aas, Sean (Brown University)  8I Fri PM
Abaci, Uygar (University of British Columbia)  7J Fri AM
Adams, David M. (California State Polytechnic University–Pomona)  6N Thu PM
Adams, Robert Merrihew (University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill)  7A Fri AM
Agule, Craig (University of California–San Diego)  2I Wed PM
Akins, Kathleen (Simon Fraser University)  1F Wed AM
Albrecht, Ingrid V. (University of Illinois–Urbana-Champaign)  8H Fri PM
Alfano, Mark (University of Notre Dame)  8J Fri PM
Allen, Colin (Indiana University–Bloomington)  2F Wed PM
Allen, Crystal (University of Missouri)  1L Wed AM
Allison, Henry E. (University of California–San Diego and Boston University)  1B Wed AM
Almassi, Ben (College of Lake County)  Posters Fri
Almeder, Robert (Georgia State University)  7D Fri AM
Alter, Torin (University of Alabama–Tuscaloosa)  7I Fri AM
Altshuler, Roman (State University of New York–Stony Brook and Marymount Manhattan College)  11K Sat PM
Amini, Majid (Virginia State University)  7L Fri AM
Anagnostopoulos, Mariana (California State University–Fresno)  5J Thu PM
Anderson, Charity (St. Louis University)  11I Sat PM
Anderson, Jack LLoyd (University of Utah)  10E Sat AM
Anderson, James (San Diego State University)  9L Fri PM
Anderson, Jeremy (DePauw University)  10J Sat AM
Anderson, Joe (Independent Scholar)  G9F Sat PM
Anderson, Joshua (St. Louis University)  G2M Wed PM, G7M Fri PM, 11G Sat PM
Anderson, Luvell (Pennsylvania State University)  1K Wed AM
Anderson, Owen (Arizona State University)  G2E Wed PM, G5F Thu PM
Anderson, Scott A. (University of British Columbia)  3L Wed PM
Anderson, Travis T. (Brigham Young University)  G2F Wed PM
Anelli, Bill (Modesto Junior College)  G6A Thu PM
Angle, Stephen C. (Wesleyan University)  G2A Wed PM, G5C Thu PM, 11M Sat PM
Annas, Julia (University of Arizona)  7A Fri AM, 9O Fri PM
Ansell-Pearson, Keith (Warwick University)  G5E Thu PM
Anstey, Peter (University of Otago)  4F Thu AM
Antill, Greg (University of California–Los Angeles)  4M Thu AM
Anton, Audrey L. (Western Kentucky University)  G2M Wed PM
Appelbaum, Seth (Tulane University of New Orleans)  G2H Wed PM
Arkonovich, Steven (Reed College)  11J Sat PM
Arlig, Andrew (Brooklyn College)  4M Thu AM
Armendt, Brad (Arizona State University)  8J Fri PM
Armour-Garb, Brad (State University of New York–Albany)  1J Wed AM
Arneson, Richard (University of California–San Diego)  9L Fri PM
Arpaly, Nomy (Brown University)  11E Sat PM
Arruda, Caroline (University of Texas–El Paso)  6I Thu PM
Arvidson, Sven (Seattle University)  7K Fri AM
Asay, Jamin (University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill)  3H Wed PM
Ashwell, Lauren (Bates College)  12F Sat PM
Askren, Russell (University of Utah)  7F Fri AM
Aufrecht, Monica (Linfield College)  10F Sat AM
Aumann, Antony (Northern Michigan University)  11D Sat PM
Avnur, Yuval (Scripps College)  6G Thu PM
Awan, Fareed (University of Washington)  5L Thu PM
Aydede, Murat (University of British Columbia)  2F Wed PM
Azadpur, Mohammad (San Francisco State University)  2A Wed PM
Backen, George (Adams State College)  12M Sat PM
Bader, Daniel (University of Toronto)  7L Fri AM
Bader, Ralf (New York University)  4K Thu AM
Badhwar, Neera (University of Oklahoma and George Mason University)  7A Fri AM
Baehr, Jason (Loyola Marymount University)  4B Thu AM, G6F Thu PM
Bagchi, Tista (CSIR-NISTADS and University of Delhi)  G2M Wed PM, 9I Fri PM
Bagnoli, Carla (Università degli Studi di Modena e Reggio Emilia)  G2D Wed PM, 9B Fri PM
Bailar, John (University of Idaho)  12M Sat PM
Bailey, Andrew (University of Notre Dame)  2L Wed PM
Bajaj, Sameer (University of Arizona)  1L Wed AM
Balaguer, Mark (California State University–Los Angeles)  1D Wed AM
Ball, Derek (University of St. Andrews)  4J Thu AM
Ballantyne, Nathan (Fordham University)  11J Sat PM
Banerjee, Amrita (Oregon State University)  G4B Thu PM
Barber, Mark (Syracuse University)  4M Thu AM
Baril, Galen (University of Scranton)  G5A Thu PM
Barnes, Elizabeth (University of Leeds)  12A Sat PM
Bartlett, Gary (Central Washington University)  2J Wed PM
Basl, John (Bowling Green State University)  3D Wed PM
Basu, Rima (University of Southern California)  10I Sat AM
Battaly, Heather (California State University–Fullerton)  4B Thu AM, G5H Thu PM
Baumgaertner, Bert (University of California–Davis)  3F Wed PM
Baxley, Anne Margaret (Washington University in St. Louis)  1B Wed AM, G7E Fri PM
Bayer, Thora (Xavier University of Louisiana)  11F Sat PM
Bazargan, Saba (University of California–San Diego)  9L Fri PM
Bealer, George (Yale University)  8J Fri PM
Beck, Jacob (Texas Tech University)  11H Sat PM
Becker, Kelly (University of New Mexico)  9G Fri PM
Beerman, Bruce (Gonzaga University)  G9F Sat PM
Belk, Nolan (University of North Carolina–Greensboro)  6B Thu PM
Ben-Avi, Arik (Yale University)  9N Fri PM
Benchimol, Jason (University of Washington)  10A Sat AM
Bensen Cain, Rebecca (Oklahoma State University)  10G Sat AM
Benson, Hugh (University of Oklahoma)  4G Thu AM
Beresford, Adam (University of Massachusetts–Boston)  5J Thu PM
Berg, Amy (University of California–San Diego)  1L Wed AM
Berg, Steven (Bellarmine University)  G2H Wed PM
Berger, Douglas (Southern Illinois University–Carbondale)  7N Fri AM
Berkey, Brian (University of California–Berkeley)  8I Fri PM
Bernecker, Sven (University of California–Irvine)  4B Thu AM
Bernstein, Sara (Duke University)  1J Wed AM, 4N Thu AM
Berry, Jessica N. (Georgia State University)  G5E Thu PM, 12B Sat PM
Besser-Jones, Lorraine (Middlebury College)  5L Thu PM
Bezbatchenko, Annie (Teagle Foundation)  1N Wed AM
Bilimoria, Purushottama (University of California–Berkeley)  G5D Thu PM, G9E Sat PM
Biniek, Kristina (University of Western Ontario)  10H Sat AM
Birondo, Noell (University of Missouri–St. Louis)  2L Wed PM
Bishop, Robert (Wheaton College)  12L Sat PM
Bisticas-Cocoves, Marcos (Morgan State University)  G7H Fri PM
Blackman, Reid (Colgate University)  3M Wed PM
Blackson, Thomas (Arizona State University)  8B Fri PM
Blake, Michael (University of Washington)  5F Thu PM
Blakely, Jason (University of California–Berkeley)  G2I Wed PM
Blatti, Stephan (University of Memphis)  2F Wed PM
Blaustein, Ian (Boston University)  10H Sat AM
Block, Ned (New York University)  8A Fri PM
Bobro, Marc (Santa Barbara City College)  1M Wed AM, 6D Thu PM, 10M Sat AM
Boersema, David (Pacific University)  10J Sat AM
Boisvert, Daniel (University of North Carolina–Charlotte)  5B Thu PM
Bokulich, Peter (Boston University)  12L Sat PM
Bommarito, Nicolas (Brown University)  6C Thu PM
Bowman, Brady (Pennsylvania State University)  5N Thu PM
Bowman, Margaret (University of Utah)  8K Fri PM
Boyce, Kenneth (University of Notre Dame)  9I Fri PM
Boyd, Kenneth (University of Toronto)  12J Sat PM
Boylan, Michael (Marymount University)  4D Thu AM
Bradford, Gwen (Rice University)  3I Wed PM
Bradley, Ben (Syracuse University)  4K Thu AM
Brakas, Jurgis (George) (Marist College)  5J Thu PM
Brake, Elizabeth (University of Calgary and Arizona State University)  G2J Wed PM, 12F Sat PM
Brand, Peg (Indiana University-Purdue University–Indianapolis)  4A Thu AM
Bratkowski, Tad (Southern Illinois University–Carbondale)  G7I Fri PM
Bratman, Michael E. (Stanford University)  Thu PM, 8C Fri PM
Brent, Michael (Columbia University)  8M Fri PM
Bresnahan, Aili (Temple University)  5I Thu PM
Brewer, Andrea (Princeton University)  G10A Sat PM
Brewer-Davis, Nina (Auburn University)  1I Wed AM
Brice, Robert Greenleaf (Loyola University–New Orleans)  G2B Wed PM, 4I Thu AM
Brighouse, Harry (University of Wisconsin–Madison)  7F Fri AM
Briscoe, Robert (Ohio University)  6L Thu PM
Brister, Evelyn (Rochester Institute of Technology)  6H Thu PM
Bristow, William (University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee)  2D Wed PM
Brito, Marisol (University of Minnesota–Twin Cities)  G2M Wed PM
Brock, Gillian (University of Auckland)  5F Thu PM
Brogaard, Brit (University of Missouri–St. Louis)  1F Wed AM, G1A Wed PM
Bromwich, Danielle (University of Massachusetts–Boston)  10I Sat AM
Brooks, Rachelle L. (Northwestern University)  1N Wed AM
Brown, Matthew J. (University of Texas–Dallas)  7B Fri AM
Brown, Richard (City University of New York–LaGuardia)  3G Wed PM
Brown, Stephen (Briar Cliff University)  2L Wed PM
Brueckner, Anthony (University of California–Santa Barbara)  10K Sat AM
Brunero, John (University of Missouri–St. Louis)  11E Sat PM
Bruya, Brian (Eastern Michigan University)  6C Thu PM
Buckareff, Andrei (Marist College)  8M Fri PM
Buckels, Christopher (University of California–Davis)  G9I Sat PM
Budick, Sanford (Hebrew University)  2D Wed PM
Bueno, Otávio (University of Miami)  12C Sat PM, G8C Sat PM
Bunch, Aaron (Washington State University)  G2D Wed PM, 8K Fri PM
Bundy, Alex (University of California–Santa Barbara)  10K Sat AM
Burgess, Alexis (Stanford University)  1D Wed AM
Burke, Victoria I. (University of Guelph)  G7H Fri PM
Burroughs, Michael (University of Memphis)  9N Fri PM
Butler, James (Berea College)  3E Wed PM
Butler, Travis (Iowa State University)  12I Sat PM
Bykvist, Kirster (Oxford University)  8G Fri PM
Byrne, Alex (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)  4H Thu AM
Bäck, Allan (Kutztown University of Pennsylvania)  G7L Fri PM, 12E Sat PM
Cai, Liang (University of Arkansas–Fayetteville)  G9B Sat PM
Calder, Todd (Saint Mary’s University)  2I Wed PM
Calhoun, Cheshire (Arizona State University)  Wed PM, 10N Sat AM
Camacho, John (University of Missouri–St. Louis)  6F Thu PM
Cameron, Margaret (University of Victoria)  6C Thu PM
Campana, Dan (University of La Verne)  3M Wed PM
Campbell, John (University of California–Berkeley)  8A Fri PM, 11C Sat PM
Campbell, Joseph Keim (Washington State University)  G2C Wed PM, G7J Fri PM, 11K Sat PM
Cannon, Douglas (University of Puget Sound)  9E Fri PM
Cannon, Joseph (Marquette University)  6K Thu PM
Caouette, Justin (University of Calgary)  12K Sat PM
Caplan, Ben (Ohio State University)  5N Thu PM
Capps, John (Rochester Institute of Technology)  7D Fri AM
Card, Claudia (University of Wisconsin–Madison)  1G Wed AM
Carroll, Noël (City University of New York–Graduate School)  7E Fri AM, G7K Fri PM
Carruthers, Peter (University of Maryland–College Park)  11B Sat PM
Carson, Nathan (Baylor University)  1H Wed AM
Cash, Cody (University of Arkansas)  12D Sat PM
Castle, Ervin (Brock University)  G2M Wed PM, G7M Fri PM
Cederblom, Jerry (University of Nebraska–Omaha)  G7B Fri PM
Celestino, Gemma (University of British Columbia)  8M Fri PM
Chakoian, Mark (Gonzaga University)  1K Wed AM
Chakrabarti, Chandana (Davis and Elkins College)  G7M Fri PM
Chakrabarti, Kisor (Davis and Elkins College)  G2M Wed PM, G7M Fri PM
Chalmers, David (Australian National University)  7I Fri AM
Chan, Jonathan (Hong Kong Baptist University)  G3A Wed PM
Chan, Rebecca (University of Colorado–Boulder)  2K Wed PM
Chang, Hasok (University of Cambridge)  G6B Thu PM
Chang, Ruth (Rutgers University)  10E Sat AM
Chavez, David (University of Nebraska–Lincoln)  5M Thu PM
Chen, Weigang (University of Macau)  G9B Sat PM
Cheng, Chung-Ying (University of Hawaii–Manoa)  G7C Fri PM, G9E Sat PM
Cheng-Guajardo, Luis (Stanford University)  11J Sat PM
Child, William (Oxford University)  G7F Fri PM
Christie, Tim W. (University of British Columbia)  G2F Wed PM
Chu, Antonio (Metropolitan State College of Denver)  6K Thu PM
Chudnoff, Elijah (University of Miami)  8J Fri PM
Ciavatta, David (Ryerson University)  G5B Thu PM
Clark, Kelly James (Calvin College)  G7A Fri PM
Clarke, Randolph (Florida State University)  10A Sat AM
Clarke, Roger (University of British Columbia)  2G Wed PM
Clatterbaugh, Kenneth (University of Washington)  3K Wed PM
Clewis, Robert (Gwynedd-Mercy College)  G4C Thu PM, 7J Fri AM
Clifton, Scott (University of Washington)  G7I Fri PM, 12H Sat PM
Clough, Sharyn (Oregon State University)  8J Fri PM
Coates, Justin (University of California–Riverside)  5K Thu PM
Cochran, Adrienne C. (Green River Community College)  G4D Thu PM
Code, Alan (Stanford University)  9D Fri PM
Coffey, Brian (University of California–Davis)  5K Thu PM
Cohen, Andrew Jason (Georgia State University)  7M Fri AM
Cohen, Jonathan (University of California–San Diego)  6L Thu PM
Cohen, Marc A. (Seattle University)  G4E Thu PM
Cohen, S. Marc (University of Washington)  8B Fri PM
Colapietro, Vincent (Pennsylvania State University)  G4B Thu PM
Coleman, Mary Clayton (Illinois Wesleyan University)  6I Thu PM
Collins, John (East Carolina University)  11I Sat PM
Concepcion, David (Ball State University)  2M Wed PM, G7D Fri PM
Connolly, Patrick (University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill)  5E Thu PM
Connolly, Tim (East Stroudsburg University)  G5C Thu PM, G7A Fri PM
Conroy, Renee (Purdue University–Calumet)  5I Thu PM
Cook, Monte (University of Oklahoma)  11G Sat PM
Cook, Tom (Rollins College)  Posters Fri
Copenhaver, Brian (University of California–Los Angeles)  4G Thu AM
Copenhaver, Rebecca (Lewis & Clark College)  1F Wed AM, G9C Sat PM
Coplan, Amy (California State University–Fullerton)  6B Thu PM
Copp, David (University of California–Davis)  1E Wed AM
Corkum, Philip (University of Alberta)  9D Fri PM
Crasnow, Sharon (Norco College)  12N Sat PM
Crawford, Lyle (Simon Fraser University)  2K Wed PM
Creel, Kathleen (Simon Fraser University)  11H Sat PM
Crisp, Thomas M. (Biola University)  8D Fri PM
Crockett, Damon (University of California–San Diego)  5M Thu PM
Crookston, Emily (Washington University in St. Louis)  1I Wed AM
Cross, Troy (Reed College)  1J Wed AM
Crouch, Margaret (Eastern Michigan University)  10C Sat AM
Crowell, Edward (Santa Rosa Junior College)  G2B Wed PM
Csikszentmihalyi, Mark (University of California–Berkeley)  8E Fri PM
Cullison, Andrew (State University of New York–Fredonia)  10I Sat AM
Cummiskey, David (Bates College)  9B Fri PM
Curren, Randall (University of Rochester)  7F Fri AM
Curry, Agnes (St. Joseph College)  1H Wed AM
D’Arms, Justin (Ohio State University)  7H Fri AM
Dalbey, Bryce (Lewis & Clark College)  Posters Fri
Dale, Eric Michael (Emerson College)  G9E Sat PM
Daniel, Stephen (Texas A&M University)  3K Wed PM
Darwall, Stephen (Yale University)  10E Sat AM
Dasgupta, Shamik (Princeton University)  4J Thu AM
Davies, Stephen (University of Auckland)  7E Fri AM
Davis, Ann (Pomona College)  4K Thu AM
Davis, Jessica (San Diego State University)  8N Fri PM
Dayton, Eric (University of Saskatchewan)  1C Wed AM, G2L Wed PM
De Marco, Tobyn (Bergen Community College)  7E Fri AM
de Melo-Martin, Inmaculada (Cornell University)  6N Thu PM, 12N Sat PM
De Sousa, Ronald (University of Toronto)  7E Fri AM
Dean, Richard (California State University–Los Angeles)  3D Wed PM
DeCew, Judith Wagner (Clark University)  7M Fri AM
Decyk, Betsy (California State University–Long Beach)  1N Wed AM
Deligiorgi, Katerina (University of Sussex)  G2D Wed PM
DeMoss, David (Pacific University)  7K Fri AM
Denecke, Daniel (Council of Graduate Schools)  1N Wed AM
Denike, Margaret (Dalhousie University)  1I Wed AM
Denis, Lara (Agnes Scott College)  8K Fri PM
Detlefsen, Karen (University of Pennsylvania)  9A Fri PM
Devlin, William (Bridgewater State University)  6G Thu PM
Diaz-Leon, Esa (University of Manitoba)  12H Sat PM
Dickie, Imogen (University of Toronto)  5A Thu PM
Diller, Jeanine (University of Toledo)  8D Fri PM
Dodd, Dylan (University of Aberdeen)  2G Wed PM
Doggett, Tyler (University of Vermont)  9L Fri PM
Dombrowski, Daniel A. (Seattle University)  1L Wed AM, G8A Sat PM
Doppelt, Gerald D. (University of California–San Diego)  5K Thu PM
Dorsey, Donna (Grant MacEwan University)  G4D Thu PM
Dotson, Kristie (Michigan State University)  G2G Wed PM, 6D Thu PM, G7G Fri PM
Dowell, Janice (University of Nebraska–Lincoln)  6A Thu PM
Downing, Lisa (Ohio State University)  4F Thu AM
Doyle, James (Institute for Advanced Study)  10G Sat AM
Drabek, Matthew (University of Iowa)  12H Sat PM
Draeger, John (Buffalo State College)  1K Wed AM
Dretske, Fred (Duke University)  8A Fri PM
Dreyfus, Hubert (University of California–Berkeley)  1A Wed AM
Dull, Carl (University of North Carolina–Greensboro)  G3A Wed PM, G5C Thu PM, G7L Fri PM
Dumas, Bob (University of Washington)  12C Sat PM
Duncan, Matt (University of Virginia)  12I Sat PM
Duncan, Steven M. (Bellevue College)  10H Sat AM
Dunleavy, Casie (University of Montana)  11J Sat PM
Duval, R. Shannon (Mount Mary College)  G2K Wed PM, G7L Fri PM
Dwyer, Susan (University of Maryland–College Park)  7C Fri AM
Dyson, Henry (University of Michigan–Ann Arbor)  3N Wed PM
Easton, Patricia (Claremont Graduate University)  11G Sat PM
Ebrey, David (Northwestern University)  3E Wed PM, G9I Sat PM
Edgar, Scott (Yale University)  11F Sat PM
Edwards, Aaron S. (Imperial Valley College)  1L Wed AM
Eisenberg, Avigail (University of Victoria)  5F Thu PM
El-Bizri, Nader (Institute of Ismaili Studies)  2A Wed PM
Elgin, Catherine (Harvard University)  7D Fri AM
Elizondo, E.S. (Yale University)  4L Thu AM
Elkin, Lee (University of Calgary)  6G Thu PM
Elliott, Katrina (New York University)  4M Thu AM
Emens, Elizabeth (Columbia University)  G2J Wed PM
Erwin, Sean (Barry University)  1L Wed AM
Eshleman, Andrew (University of Portland)  7L Fri AM
Evans, Stephen (Baylor University)  1A Wed AM
Ezra, Ovadia (Tel Aviv University)  G6C Thu PM
Fagan, Melinda (Rice University)  3F Wed PM
Fagan, Ty (University of Illinois–Urbana-Champaign)  2J Wed PM
Fairlamb, Horace (University of Houston–Victoria)  G5F Thu PM
Fairweather, Abrol (San Francisco State University)  8J Fri PM
Falgoust, Michael (Tulane University of New Orleans)  5I Thu PM
Fallis, Don (University of Arizona)  9F Fri PM
Fan, Ruiping (City University of Hong Kong)  G6D Thu PM
Farennikova, Anya (University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill)  5M Thu PM
Farnham, Daniel (St. John’s University)  10G Sat AM
Fehr, Carla (Iowa State University)  5H Thu PM
Ferejohn, Michael (Duke University)  5J Thu PM
Ferrero, Luca (University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee)  8C Fri PM
Ferrin, Asia (University of Washington)  10H Sat AM
Findler, Patrick (Kwantlen Polytechnic University)  12D Sat PM
Fine, Arthur (University of Washington)  10F Sat AM
Fine, Kit (New York University)  2E Wed PM
Fischer, Jeremy (University of Washington)  2A Wed PM
Fischer, John Martin (University of California–Riverside)  4C Thu AM
Fischer, Robert (Texas State University–San Marcos)  6G Thu PM
Fish, Bill (Massey University)  5C Thu PM
Fisher, Anthony (Syracuse University)  10L Sat AM
Fisher, Justin (Southern Methodist University)  11H Sat PM
Fisher, Tyrus (University of California–Davis)  5N Thu PM
FitzPatrick, William (University of Rochester)  7K Fri AM
Flanagan, Owen (Duke University)  2C Wed PM, G7A Fri PM
Fleischacker, Samuel (University of Illinois–Chicago)  1A Wed AM
Florka, Roger (Ursinus College)  9J Fri PM
Flowers, Johnathan (Southern Illinois University–Carbondale)  G2K Wed PM
Flynn, Thomas (Emory University)  10D Sat AM
Forber, Patrick (Tufts University)  8L Fri PM
Forrester, Alexa (Franklin and Marshall College)  G9D Sat PM
Fox, Craig (California University of Pennsylvania)  G2B Wed PM
Franklin, Christopher Evan (Biola University)  G5A Thu PM, 8M Fri PM
Frasz, Geoffrey (College of Southern Nevada)  G9D Sat PM
Fredericks, Rachel (University of Washington)  2B Wed PM
Fritzman, J. M. (Lewis & Clark College)  9H Fri PM, G7H Fri PM
Frowe, Helen (University of Kent)  4E Thu AM
Fuller, Lisa (State University of New York–Albany)  2H Wed PM
Gala, Gary (University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill)  12H Sat PM
Galvany, Albert (Universitat Pompeu Fabra)  8E Fri PM
Gammon, Andrea (University of Montana)  4K Thu AM
Garfield, Jay (Smith College, University of Melbourne, and Central University of Tibetan Studies)  7N Fri AM, 9H Fri PM
Garry, Ann (California State University–Los Angeles)  G5H Thu PM, 7B Fri AM
Garson, Justin (City University of New York–Hunter College)  12G Sat PM
Gauthier, Jeff (University of Portland)  G7H Fri PM
Gawne, Richard (Duke University)  G2C Wed PM
Geisz, Steven (University of Tampa)  G7A Fri PM
Genone, James (Stanford University)  3J Wed PM
George, Benjamin R. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)  3H Wed PM
Gerry, Kurt (Independent Scholar)  G9G Sat PM
Gerson, Lloyd P. (University of Toronto)  4G Thu AM
Gert, Bernard (Dartmouth College and University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill)  9B Fri PM
Gert, Joshua (College of William and Mary)  8G Fri PM
Gertler, Brie (University of Virginia)  11B Sat PM
Gibbard, Allan (University of Michigan–Ann Arbor)  2C Wed PM
Giddings, Janet (San Jose State University)  8H Fri PM
Gilmore, Cody (University of California–Davis)  6J Thu PM
Gingera, Adam (University of Manitoba)  11K Sat PM
Gleaves, John (California State University–Fullerton)  G8A Sat PM
Glenney, Brian (Gordon College)  5M Thu PM
Glezakos, Stavroula (Wake Forest University)  3J Wed PM
Glick, Ephraim (University of St. Andrews)  3J Wed PM
Goering, Sara (University of Washington)  8B Fri PM
Goldberg, Sanford (Northwestern University)  1C Wed AM
Goldenbaum, Ursula (Emory University)  5E Thu PM
Goldman, Alvin (Rutgers University)  11B Sat PM
Goodin, Patrick (Howard University)  5H Thu PM
Goodin, Susanna (University of Wyoming)  3F Wed PM
Goodrich, Gregory (Arizona State University)  G2E Wed PM
Gopnik, Alison (University of California–Berkeley)  11B Sat PM
Gordon, Lewis R. (Temple University)  G7G Fri PM
Gorin, Moti (Rice University)  5K Thu PM
Gotthelf, Allan (University of Pittsburgh)  G6B Thu PM
Graham, Peter (University of California–Riverside)  1E Wed AM
Graper Hernandez, Jill (University of Texas–San Antonio)  6D Thu PM
Grasswick, Heidi (Middlebury College)  4J Thu AM
Gray, David Miguel (Vanderbilt University)  3G Wed PM
Graziani, Romain (École Normale Supérieure)  8E Fri PM
Green, Michael Steven (College of William and Mary)  G5E Thu PM
Green, Mitchell (University of Virginia)  4A Thu AM, 8N Fri PM
Green, Paul (Mount St. Mary’s College)  2M Wed PM, G7B Fri PM
Greenberg, Sean (University of California–Irvine)  G9C Sat PM
Greene, Preston (Rutgers University)  5L Thu PM
Greene, Richard (Weber State University)  4J Thu AM, G8C Sat PM
Greenstein, Richard (Temple University)  10J Sat AM
Grenberg, Jeanine (St. Olaf College)  7J Fri AM, G7E Fri PM
Gressis, Robert (California State University–Northridge)  8K Fri PM
Griesmaier, Franz-Peter (University of Wyoming)  12G Sat PM
Grigoriev, Serge (Ithaca College)  G2I Wed PM
Grzankowski, Alex (University of Texas–Austin)  3J Wed PM
Guerrero, Alexander (New York University)  7M Fri AM
Gurley, S. West (Sam Houston State University)  5I Thu PM
Guyer, Paul (University of Pennsylvania)  5G Thu PM, G4C Thu PM
Haas, Julia (Emory University)  Posters Fri
Haber, Matt (University of Utah)  Posters Fri
Haidt, Jonathan (University of Virginia)  2C Wed PM
Haist, Gordon (University of South Carolina–Beaufort)  G2M Wed PM, G7M Fri PM
Hale, Jacob (California State University–Northridge)  G2J Wed PM
Hall, Bryan (Indiana University–Southeast)  7J Fri AM
Hall, Keith (University of Southern California)  2J Wed PM
Halliday, Daniel (University of Melbourne)  7M Fri AM
Han, Zhen (Beijing Normal University)  9M Fri PM
Han-Pile, Beatrice (University of Essex)  10D Sat AM
Hanley, Catriona (Loyola College in Maryland)  6E Thu PM
Hanley, Richard (University of Delaware)  6B Thu PM, G10A Sat PM
Hanna, Nathan (Drexel University)  5L Thu PM
Hanser, Matthew (University of California–Santa Barbara)  11C Sat PM
Haramia, Chelsea (University of Colorado–Boulder)  1J Wed AM
Harbin, R. Kathleen (University of Pennsylvania)  5J Thu PM
Hardimon, Michael (University of California–San Diego)  1K Wed AM
Harman, Elizabeth (Princeton University)  12K Sat PM
Harold, James (Mount Holyoke College)  6M Thu PM
Harrell, Mara (Carnegie Mellon University)  2M Wed PM
Harris, Angie (University of Utah)  10G Sat AM
Harris, Daniel (City University of New York–Graduate Center)  Posters Fri
Harris, John (Texas Christian University)  11J Sat PM
Harris, Leonard (Purdue University)  G2G Wed PM
Harrison, Victoria (University of Glasgow)  3C Wed PM
Hart, Craig Vander (Wenatchee Valley College)  G9F Sat PM
Hart, David M. (Liberty Fund)  G9G Sat PM
Hartmann, Bill (St. Louis Community College)  1M Wed AM, 10M Sat AM
Harvey, George (Indiana University Southeast)  12I Sat PM
Haslanger, Sally (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)  Wed PM, Thu PM, Sat PM
Hassoun, Nicole (Carnegie Mellon University)  8I Fri PM
Hatcher, Donald L. (Baker University)  G7B Fri PM
Haug, Matthew (College of William and Mary)  1J Wed AM
Havstad, Joyce (University of California–San Diego)  12G Sat PM
Hazlett, Allan (University of Edinburgh)  9G Fri PM
Heide, Dai (Simon Fraser University)  11I Sat PM
Heis, Jeremy (University of California–Irvine)  G5G Thu PM, 11F Sat PM
Heller, Mark (Syracuse University)  1J Wed AM
Hellman, Deborah (University of Maryland–Baltimore)  2H Wed PM
Hendricks, Christina (University of British Columbia)  2M Wed PM
Hendricks, Scott (Clark University)  2G Wed PM
Hermanson, Sean (Florida International University)  3G Wed PM
Hermes, Charles (University of Texas–Arlington)  12G Sat PM
Herr, Ranjoo (Bentley University)  2H Wed PM
Hess, Kendy (College of the Holy Cross)  1J Wed AM
Hestir, Blake (Texas Christian University)  12I Sat PM
Heyd, Thomas (University of Victoria)  G9A Sat PM
Hildebrand, Tyler (University of Colorado–Boulder)  5N Thu PM
Hilgers, Thomas (Freie Universität Berlin)  5I Thu PM
Hill, Christopher (Brown University)  6L Thu PM
Hiller, Avram (Portland State University)  3A Wed PM
Hills, David (Stanford University)  8F Fri PM
Hilpinen, Risto (University of Miami)  G4A Thu PM
Himma, Kenneth (Seattle Pacific University)  8D Fri PM
Hirsch, Robert (Princeton University)  9F Fri PM
Hirschbein, Ron (Walden University)  G6C Thu PM
Hobbs, Charles A. (Gonzaga University)  G9J Sat PM
Hodges, Michael (Vanderbilt University)  11H Sat PM
Hoff, Shannon (Institute for Christian Studies)  G5B Thu PM
Hofweber, Thomas (University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill)  1D Wed AM
Hogan, Melinda (Kwantlen Polytechnic University)  10K Sat AM
Holder, Cindy (University of Victoria)  5F Thu PM, G8B Sat PM
Hole, Benjamin (University of Washington)  5J Thu PM
Holtman, Sarah (University of Minnesota–Twin Cities)  5G Thu PM
Hom, Christopher (Texas Tech University)  10L Sat AM
Homiak, Marcia (Occidental College)  2L Wed PM
Hopp, Walter (Boston University)  8A Fri PM
Horgan, Terry (University of Arizona)  3B Wed PM
Horn, Joshua (University of Kentucky)  G7M Fri PM
Horwich, Paul (New York University)  10F Sat AM
Hosein, Adam (University of Colorado–Boulder)  2H Wed PM
Hourdequin, Marion (Colorado College)  9C Fri PM
Hovda, Paul (Reed College)  12C Sat PM
Howard, Michael (University of Maine)  2H Wed PM
Howard, Scott (University of Toronto)  5K Thu PM
Howard-Snyder, Daniel (Western Washington University)  8D Fri PM
Howard-Snyder, Frances (Western Washington University)  8H Fri PM
Howell, Robert (Southern Methodist University)  3B Wed PM
Howes, Moira (Trent University)  12N Sat PM
Hreno, Travis (University of Akron)  10J Sat AM
Hsiang-Min, Shen (Soochow University)  11M Sat PM
Huang, Samuel (Rice University)  7M Fri AM
Huenemann, Charlie (Utah State University)  12B Sat PM
Hughes Dominick, Yancy (Seattle University)  5J Thu PM
Hughes, Paul (University of Michigan–Dearborn)  2H Wed PM
Hulbert, Shelley (Simon Fraser University)  8M Fri PM
Hunter, Bruce (University of Alberta)  3L Wed PM
Hurley, Paul (Claremont McKenna College)  11J Sat PM
Huttegger, Simon (University of California–Irvine)  8L Fri PM
Ichikawa Jenkins, Carrie (University of British Columbia)  4J Thu AM
Ichikawa, Jonathan (University of British Columbia)  10K Sat AM
Ilea, Ramona (Pacific University)  7G Fri AM
Iltis, Ana (Wake Forest University)  6N Thu PM
Imbrisevic, Miroslav (University of London)  G2K Wed PM, G7L Fri PM
Intemann, Kristen (Montana State University)  12N Sat PM
Intriago, Alicia (University of Washington)  3D Wed PM
Ion, Octavian (University of Alberta)  4I Thu AM
Ireland, Julia (Whitman College)  10D Sat AM
Irie, Yukio (Osaka University)  9M Fri PM
Irwin, Kristen (Biola University)  3C Wed PM
Isaac, Alistair (University of Pennsylvania)  6H Thu PM
Isaacs, Tracy (University of Western Ontario)  11A Sat PM
Ivy, David (University of Texas–Austin)  5M Thu PM
Iwasawa, Tomoko (Reitaku University)  G5D Thu PM
Jackman, Henry (York University)  G2L Wed PM
Jackson, Ron (Clayton State University)  6M Thu PM
Jacobs, Jonathan (St. Louis University)  8M Fri PM
Jacobs, Matthew (University of Oregon)  G4B Thu PM
Jacobson, Anne (University of Houston)  5H Thu PM
Jacovides, Michael (Purdue University)  4F Thu AM
James, Aaron (University of California–Irvine)  9C Fri PM
James, Steven (University of Texas–Austin)  10J Sat AM
Jamieson, Dale (New York University)  9C Fri PM
Jankowiak, Tim (University of California–San Diego)  4L Thu AM
Jansen, Sarah (University of California–Los Angeles)  6M Thu PM
Jeannot, Tom (Gonzaga University)  G9F Sat PM
Jech, Alexander (University of Virginia)  1I Wed AM
Jecker, Nancy S. (University of Washington)  7K Fri AM
Jenkins, Michelle (Whitman College)  3N Wed PM, 9O Fri PM
Jennings, Carolyn Dicey (Boston University)  9J Fri PM
Jie, Tian (University of British Columbia)  2I Wed PM
John, Eileen (Warwick University)  8F Fri PM
Johns, Brandon (University of Southern California)  5L Thu PM
Johnson, Charles (Molinari Institute)  G9G Sat PM
Johnson, Jeff (St. Catherine University)  G2B Wed PM, 9F Fri PM
Jollimore, Troy (California State University–Chico)  8F Fri PM
Jones, Clint (University of Kentucky)  G2M Wed PM
Jones, Jan-Erik (Southern Virginia University)  5E Thu PM
Jones, Karen (University of Melbourne)  7H Fri AM
Jones, Kile (Claremont Lincoln University)  G9E Sat PM
Jones, Robert (California State University–Chico)  7G Fri AM
Jones, Sarah (Northern Michigan University)  7D Fri AM
Jones, Todd (University of Nevada–Las Vegas)  G2K Wed PM
Joseph, Marc (Mills College)  9H Fri PM
Jostedt, Mike (Southern Illinois University–Carbondale)  G9J Sat PM
Kaag, John (University of Massachusetts–Lowell)  G2G Wed PM
Kahn, Leonard (United States Air Force Academy)  8H Fri PM
Kahn, Samuel (Stanford University)  7J Fri AM
Kail, Peter (Oxford University)  12B Sat PM
Kamtekar, Rachana (University of Arizona)  4G Thu AM
Kaplan, Jonathan (Oregon State University)  8L Fri PM
Kaplan, Mark (Indiana University–Bloomington)  8J Fri PM
Katsafanas, Paul (Boston University)  8K Fri PM
Katz, Jonathan (Kwantlen Polytechnic University)  3H Wed PM
Kaufman, Alexander (University of Georgia)  5G Thu PM
Kaufman, Mitchell (University of Washington)  4K Thu AM
Keall, Cherilyn (Ryerson University)  10L Sat AM, G9J Sat PM
Keating, Bernard (West Virginia Wesleyan College)  12L Sat PM
Keating, Malcolm (University of Texas–Austin)  G4D Thu PM
Keaton, Douglas (University of Arkansas–Little Rock)  9E Fri PM
Keeley, Brian L. (Pitzer College)  4H Thu AM
Kehler, Curtis (University of British Columbia)  G2C Wed PM
Keller, Jean (College of St. Benedict and St. John’s University)  1G Wed AM
Keller, Pierre (University of California–Riverside)  2D Wed PM
Kelly, Dan (Purdue University)  G6E Thu PM, 10H Sat AM
Kelly, Sean D. (Harvard University)  5A Thu PM
Kelp, Christoph (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven)  1E Wed AM
Kemp, Ryan (University of Notre Dame)  8H Fri PM
Kennett, Jeanette (Macquarie University)  2C Wed PM, G7J Fri PM
Khader, Serene (State University of New York–Stony Brook)  1G Wed AM
Kierland, Brian (Boise State University)  8H Fri PM
Kim, Alan (Dartmouth College)  11F Sat PM
Kim, Halla (University of Nebraska–Omaha)  9M Fri PM
Kim, Joongol (Seoul National University)  12C Sat PM
Kim, Suksoo (Kyungpook National University)  9M Fri PM
Kind, Amy (Claremont McKenna College)  7I Fri AM
King, Nathan (Whitworth University)  2L Wed PM
Kirby, Christopher (Eastern Washington University)  10G Sat AM
Klein, Alexander (California State University–Long Beach)  G2L Wed PM
Koch, Michael (State University of New York–Oneonta)  12H Sat PM
Koeplin, Aimee L. (Mount St. Mary’s College)  6M Thu PM
Koethe, John (University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee)  8F Fri PM
Korsmeyer, Carolyn (University at Buffalo)  4A Thu AM
Kosch, Michelle (Cornell University)  9K Fri PM
Kourany, Janet (University of Notre Dame)  7B Fri AM
Krag, Erik (University of Tennessee)  7K Fri AM
Krakauer, Barak (University of Massachusetts–Amherst)  10K Sat AM
Krasner, Daniel (Metropolitan State College of Denver)  12E Sat PM
Kriegel, Uriah (University of Arizona)  10B Sat AM
Krizan, Mary (Spring Hill College)  3E Wed PM
Kumar, Rahul (Queen’s University)  11A Sat PM
Kumar, Victor (University of Arizona)  3M Wed PM
Kung, Peter (Pomona College)  11I Sat PM
Kwak, John (University of Southern California)  10J Sat AM
Kwek, Adrian (Harvard University)  8L Fri PM
Lacey, Hugh (Swarthmore College)  7B Fri AM
Lamborn, Jennifer (University of Wyoming)  4M Thu AM
Landesman, Bruce (University of Utah)  3D Wed PM
Landy, David (San Francisco State University)  6K Thu PM
Landy, Joshua (Stanford University)  8F Fri PM
Lane, Robert (University of West Georgia)  G4A Thu PM
Lapointe, Sandra (McMaster University)  3H Wed PM, G2L Wed PM
Lascano, Marcy (California State University–Long Beach)  7L Fri AM
Latiolais, Christopher (Kalamazoo College)  1H Wed AM
Lawlor, Krista (Stanford University)  2E Wed PM
Lawrence, Gavin (University of California–Los Angeles)  11C Sat PM
Leddy, Thomas (San Jose State University)  G9A Sat PM
Lee, Carole (University of Washington)  12N Sat PM
Lee, Christian (University of Colorado–Boulder)  2I Wed PM
Legg, Catherine (University of Waikato)  4J Thu AM
Lehrbach, Tim (University of San Francisco)  G8A Sat PM
Leland, Robert J. (Stanford University)  5G Thu PM
Lennox, James G. (University of Pittsburgh)  G6B Thu PM
Leonard, Matt (University of California–Davis)  10L Sat AM
LePore, Ernest (Rutgers University)  4I Thu AM
Levey, Ann (University of Calgary)  2H Wed PM
Levin, Abigail (Niagara University)  12F Sat PM, G8B Sat PM
Levin, Janet (University of Southern California)  5C Thu PM
Levinstein, Benjamin (Rutgers University)  12C Sat PM
Lewis, Karen (University of Southern California)  6F Thu PM
Li, Chenyang (Nanyang Technological University)  6C Thu PM, G6D Thu PM
Liberto, Hallie (University of Connecticut)  2I Wed PM
Liderth, Jen (University of Southern California)  5M Thu PM
Lindeman, Kathryn (University of Pittsburgh)  1J Wed AM
Little, Daniel (University of Michigan–Dearborn)  G7K Fri PM
Littlejohn, Ronnie (Belmont University)  G6D Thu PM, G9B Sat PM
Liu, JeeLoo (California State University–Fullerton)  7N Fri AM, G7A Fri PM, G9B Sat PM
Livengood, Jonathan (University of Pittsburgh)  11H Sat PM
Lo, Ping-cheung (Hong Kong Baptist University)  G9B Sat PM
Locke, Dustin (Claremont McKenna College)  10K Sat AM
Lockwood, Jeffrey (University of Wyoming)  12G Sat PM
Logan, Katherine (University of Oregon)  12F Sat PM
LoLordo, Antonia (University of Virginia)  G9C Sat PM
Lone, Jana Mohr (University of Washington)  8N Fri PM, 9N Fri PM
Long, Roderick (Auburn University)  G9G Sat PM
Louden, Robert B. (University of Southern Maine)  10D Sat AM
Love, Hannah (Pacific Lutheran University)  G2F Wed PM
Lu, Pin-Fei (Taipei Medical University)  8I Fri PM
Lucey, Kenneth (University of Nevada–Reno)  11I Sat PM
Ludlow, Peter (Northwestern University)  7C Fri AM
Ludwig, Kirk (Indiana University–Bloomington)  2J Wed PM
Luper, Steven (Trinity University)  10K Sat AM
Lynch, Joseph J. (California Polytechnic State University)  G2K Wed PM, G7L Fri PM
Lynch, Michael (University of Connecticut)  7D Fri AM
Lyons, Jack (University of Arkansas–Fayetteville)  1C Wed AM
López de Sa, Dan (LOGOS Barcelona)  3J Wed PM
Mabrito, Robert A. (North Carolina State University)  10I Sat AM
Macbeth, Danielle (Haverford College)  G5G Thu PM
MacClellan, Joel (University of Tennessee)  G9D Sat PM
MacDonald, Scott (Cornell University)  7L Fri AM, 8B Fri PM
Machery, Edouard (University of Pittsburgh)  5H Thu PM
MacLachlan, Alice (York University)  11A Sat PM
Macleod, Colin (University of Victoria)  7M Fri AM
MacMullan, Terrance (Eastern Washington University)  G9J Sat PM
Macpherson, Fiona (University of Glasgow)  4H Thu AM
Malloy, Greg (Arizona State University)  G5F Thu PM
Malm, Heidi (Loyola University Chicago)  6N Thu PM
Malmgren, Anna-Sara (Stanford University)  2E Wed PM
Manchak, John (University of Washington)  2K Wed PM
Mann, Bonnie (University of Oregon)  1G Wed AM
Manning, Richard N (University of South Florida)  8L Fri PM
Manning, Rita (San Jose State University)  G9H Sat PM
Marchal, Kai (Soochow University)  11M Sat PM
Marino, Patricia (University of Waterloo)  G2J Wed PM
Markosian, Ned (Western Washington University)  6J Thu PM
Markovits, Julia (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)  10E Sat AM
Markowitz, Sally (Willamette University)  G9A Sat PM
Marler, Grant (Claremont Graduate University)  12E Sat PM
Marmysz, John (College of Marin)  6H Thu PM
Marti, Genoveva (ICREA and Universitat de Barcelona)  11H Sat PM
Martin, Michael (University College London)  5C Thu PM
Martinez, Joel (Lewis & Clark College)  G6E Thu PM
Mascarenhas, Vijay (Metropolitan State College of Denver)  10L Sat AM
Matey, Jennifer J. (Florida International University)  5M Thu PM
Matherne, Samantha (University of California–Riverside)  4L Thu AM
Matravers, Derek (Open University)  5I Thu PM
Matthen, Mohan (University of Toronto)  4H Thu AM
Matthes, Erich (University of California–Berkeley)  11J Sat PM
May, Robert (University of California–Davis)  2E Wed PM
Maymind, Ilana (Ohio State University)  G7M Fri PM
McAleer, Sean (University of Wisconsin–Eau Claire)  6K Thu PM
McBride III, Lee A. (College of Wooster)  G2G Wed PM
McCann, Edwin (University of Southern California)  4F Thu AM
McCormick, Kelly (Syracuse University)  11K Sat PM
McCready-Flora, Ian (Columbia University)  5J Thu PM
McCumber, John (University of California–Los Angeles)  1H Wed AM, G7H Fri PM
McDaniel, Kris (Syracuse University)  10L Sat AM
McDonald, Fritz (Oakland University)  5L Thu PM
McDonald, Patrick (Seattle Pacific University)  8K Fri PM
McDonough, Jeffrey (Harvard University)  9A Fri PM
McElhoes, David (University of Maryland–College Park)  9E Fri PM
McGregor, Joan (Arizona State University)  G7D Fri PM
McHose, Brad (University of Washington)  4L Thu AM
McIntyre, Alison (Wellesley College)  4K Thu AM
McKeen, Catherine (Skidmore College)  12I Sat PM
McKenna, Michael (University of Arizona)  10A Sat AM
McKinney, Rachel (City University of New York–Graduate Center)  Posters Fri
McKitrick, Jennifer (University of Nebraska–Lincoln)  12D Sat PM, G9G Sat PM
McKittrick, Terrance (The Nova Project)  8N Fri PM
McLaughlin, Brian (Rutgers University)  9J Fri PM
McLaughlin, Douglas (California State University–Northridge)  G8A Sat PM
McNaughton, David (Florida State University)  4C Thu AM
McPartland, Keith (Williams College)  G9I Sat PM
McPherran, Mark (Simon Fraser University)  4G Thu AM
Mcrae, Emily (University of Oklahoma)  2L Wed PM
Mead, Aaron (University of California–Los Angeles)  3M Wed PM
Meehan, Johanna (Grinnell College)  7F Fri AM
Mele, Alfred (Florida State University)  G5A Thu PM, G7J Fri PM
Melton, Desiree (Notre Dame of Maryland University)  1K Wed AM
Memetea, Sonia (University of British Columbia)  12J Sat PM
Mendoza, José Jorge (University of Oregon)  G5H Thu PM, G7G Fri PM
Menon, Tarun (University of California–San Diego)  2K Wed PM
Merino-Rajme, Carla (Princeton University)  12D Sat PM
Metcalf, Thomas (University of Colorado–Boulder)  2I Wed PM
Meyer, Ulrich (Colgate University)  2K Wed PM, G2C Wed PM
Meyers, C. D. (University of Southern Mississippi)  12M Sat PM
Mi, Chienkuo (Soochow University)  11M Sat PM
Michaelson, Eliot (University of California–Los Angeles)  9H Fri PM
Mikkola, Mari (Humboldt-Universität Berlin)  2B Wed PM, G1A Wed PM
Miller, Jonathan (Bowling Green State University)  G2M Wed PM, G7M Fri PM
Miller, Richard W. (Cornell University)  4E Thu AM
Miller, Sarah (University of Memphis)  1G Wed AM
Miller, Shawn (University of California–Davis)  8L Fri PM
Millsap, Ryan (University of Maryland–College Park)  8H Fri PM
Millstein, Roberta L. (University of California–Davis)  6H Thu PM
Mitchell-Yellin, Benjamin (University of California–Riverside)  8M Fri PM
Miyazono, Kengo (University of Tokyo)  Posters Fri
Moellendorf, Darrel (San Diego State University)  4E Thu AM
Moeller, Adam (Emory University)  G7H Fri PM
Mohr‏, Georg (Universität Bremen)  2D Wed PM
Molyneux, Bernard (University of California–Davis)  2J Wed PM
Monahan, Michael J. (Marquette University)  G7L Fri PM
Montemayor, Carlos (San Francisco State University)  1E Wed AM
Montero, Barbara Gail (City University of New York–Graduate Center)  7I Fri AM
Moon, Andrew (University of Missouri)  8J Fri PM
Moore, Adam (University of Washington)  5I Thu PM
Moore, Darrell (DePaul University)  1K Wed AM, G5H Thu PM
Moore, Ronald (University of Washington)  7E Fri AM
Moran, Kate (Brandeis University)  8K Fri PM
Morgan, Daniel (Oxford University)  4I Thu AM
Morris, Michael (University of South Florida)  G2D Wed PM
Morris, Stephen (City University of New York–College of Staten Island)  11K Sat PM
Morris, William Edward (Illinois Wesleyan University)  11G Sat PM
Morrissey, Clair (Occidental College)  1I Wed AM
Morton, Adam (University of British Columbia)  1E Wed AM
Morton, Jennifer (City University of New York–City College)  12K Sat PM
Mosdell, Matthew (University of Utah)  8C Fri PM
Moseley, Daniel (University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill)  12H Sat PM
Moskalik, Janice (University of Washington)  9G Fri PM
Mou, Bo (San Jose State University)  2A Wed PM, G2A Wed PM
Mouracade, John (University of Alaska–Anchorage)  3E Wed PM
Mower, Deborah (Youngstown State University)  G5C Thu PM
Muchalla, Rhea (University of Oregon)  G7G Fri PM, G9H Sat PM
Muchnik, Pablo (Emerson College)  5G Thu PM, G7E Fri PM
Murphy, Colleen (University of Illinois–Urbana-Champaign)  11A Sat PM
Murray, Dylan (University of California–Berkeley)  11H Sat PM
Nadelhoffer, Thomas (Dickinson College)  G5A Thu PM, G7J Fri PM
Nahmias, Eddy (Georgia State University)  G5A Thu PM, G7J Fri PM
Nair, Shyam (University of Southern California)  10I Sat AM
Nance, Michael (University of Pennsylvania)  4L Thu AM
Napoleon, Val (University of Alberta)  11A Sat PM
Narvaez, Darcia (University of Notre Dame)  10C Sat AM
Neill, Alex (University of Southampton)  4A Thu AM
Neill, Jeremy (Houston Baptist University)  2H Wed PM
Nelkin, Dana Kay (University of California–San Diego)  10A Sat AM
Nelson, Eric S. (University of Massachusetts–Lowell)  G7C Fri PM
Nelson, Mark (Westmont College)  8J Fri PM
Nesse, Glen (University of Wyoming)  2G Wed PM
Neta, Ram (University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill)  1E Wed AM
Newhard, Jay (East Carolina University)  10L Sat AM
Newman, Lex (University of Utah)  11G Sat PM
Ney, Alyssa (University of Rochester)  9E Fri PM
Nichols, David P. (Saginaw Valley State University)  G9E Sat PM
Nichols, Ryan (California State University–Fullerton)  6B Thu PM, G5C Thu PM
Nida-Rumelin, Martine (Université de Fribourg)  2J Wed PM
Nolan, Daniel (Australian National University)  6A Thu PM, G10A Sat PM
Nolen, Matt (Arizona State University)  G2E Wed PM
Norcross, Alastair (University of Colorado–Boulder)  12K Sat PM
Normore, Calvin (University of California–Los Angeles)  4M Thu AM
Norsen, Travis (Smith College)  G6B Thu PM
Nuccetelli, Susana (St. Cloud State University)  11H Sat PM
Nunan, Richard (College of Charleston)  G7I Fri PM, 10N Sat AM
Nutting, Eileen (University of California–Los Angeles)  7L Fri AM
Nye, Howard (University of Alberta)  4K Thu AM
O’Callaghan, Casey (Rice University)  1F Wed AM
O’Connor, John K. (Colorado State University–Pueblo)  9F Fri PM
Obdrzalek, Suzanne (Claremont McKenna College)  3E Wed PM
Oddie, Graham (University of Colorado–Boulder)  8G Fri PM
Okrent, Mark (Bates College)  6E Thu PM
Olesen, Jens (Oxford University)  G2I Wed PM
Olfert, Christiana (Tufts University)  1L Wed AM
Olin, Lauren (Washington University in St. Louis)  1E Wed AM
Olson, Alan M. (Boston University)  G5D Thu PM
Omelianchuk, Adam (Biola University)  G5F Thu PM
Orlandi, Nicoletta (Rice University)  3B Wed PM
Orozco, Joshue (Whitworth University)  11I Sat PM
Oshana, Marina (University of California–Davis)  7H Fri AM
Ostaric, Lara (St. Michael’s College)  4L Thu AM
Outlaw, Jr., Lucius T. (Vanderbilt University)  G7G Fri PM
Overall, Christine (Queen’s University)  6D Thu PM
Owen, David (University of Arizona)  5E Thu PM
Paden, Roger (George Mason University)  G2F Wed PM, 5I Thu PM
Padgett Walsh, Kate (Iowa State University)  2M Wed PM
Padgett, Jason (Independent Scholar)  1F Wed AM
Palencia-Roth, Michael (University of Illinois–Urbana-Champaign)  G5D Thu PM
Paleologou, Maria (California State University–Bakersfield)  10G Sat AM
Pallikkathayil, Japa (New York University)  4L Thu AM
Palmer, David (University of Tennessee)  11K Sat PM
Palmer, Linda (University of California–Irvine)  7J Fri AM
Palmieri, Diana (University of Western Ontario)  7L Fri AM
Panagopoulos, Anastasia (University of Minnesota–Twin Cities)  12J Sat PM
Parent, Ted (Virginia Tech)  4J Thu AM
Parrott, Matthew (University of Puget Sound)  10K Sat AM
Pasternack, Lawrence (Oklahoma State University)  4L Thu AM
Paul, L. A. (University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill)  3A Wed PM
Paul, Sarah (University of Wisconsin–Madison)  8C Fri PM
Pautz, Adam (University of Texas–Austin)  5C Thu PM
Pearson, Yvette (Old Dominion University)  3D Wed PM
Pedersen, Nikolaj Jang (University of California–Los Angeles)  2G Wed PM
Peffer, Rodney (University of San Diego)  7M Fri AM
Pendergraft, Garrett (Pepperdine University)  3I Wed PM
Peramatzis, Michail (Oxford University)  9D Fri PM
Perez Carballo, Alejandro (University of Southern California)  2J Wed PM
Perinetti, Dario (Université du Québec–Montréal)  12B Sat PM
Perkins, Franklin (DePaul University)  5E Thu PM, G7C Fri PM
Perl, Caleb (University of Southern California)  2K Wed PM
Perry, Alexandra (Bergen Community College)  11J Sat PM
Pessin, Sarah (University of Denver)  2A Wed PM
Pettigrove, Glen (University of Auckland)  G2M Wed PM, G7M Fri PM
Pettit, Dean (University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill)  3H Wed PM
Pfister, Lauren (Hong Kong Baptist University)  G6D Thu PM
Phillips, Jonathan (Yale University)  G5A Thu PM
Pickel, Bryan (Universitat de Barcelona)  4J Thu AM
Pierce, Christine (North Carolina State University)  10N Sat AM
Pierce, Jeremy (Le Moyne College)  1K Wed AM
Pietroski, Paul (University of Maryland–College Park)  7C Fri AM
Pitt, David (California State University–Los Angeles)  5L Thu PM
Plunkett, David (University of California–Los Angeles)  5L Thu PM
Polger, Thomas W. (University of Cincinnati)  7I Fri AM
Ponesse, Julie (State University of New York–Brockport)  12H Sat PM
Poon, Jared (University of California–Davis)  7K Fri AM
Portmore, Douglas (Arizona State University)  5B Thu PM
Poston, Ted (University of South Alabama)  6G Thu PM
Potter, Elizabeth (Mills College)  7B Fri AM
Pouryousefi, Sareh (University of Toronto)  G4E Thu PM
Powell, John W. (Humboldt State University)  G7F Fri PM
Pratt, David (St. Martin’s College)  1H Wed AM
Pratt, Scott L. (University of Oregon)  G2G Wed PM, G4B Thu PM
Prettyman, Adrienne (University of Toronto)  3G Wed PM
Priest, Maura (University of California–Irvine)  9G Fri PM
Proulx, Jeremy (Eastern Michigan University)  1H Wed AM
Quinn, Carol (Metropolitan State College of Denver)  10N Sat AM
Rabern, Brian (Australian National University)  12E Sat PM
Rabinowicz, Wlodek (Uppsala Universitet)  8G Fri PM
Radulescu, Alex (University of California–Los Angeles)  6F Thu PM
Raffman, Diana (University of Toronto)  2F Wed PM
Raghunath, Thill (Community College of Southern Nevada)  10J Sat AM
Raibley, Jason (California State University–Long Beach)  2G Wed PM
Raleigh, Thomas (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México)  G7F Fri PM
Ralston, Shane (Pennsylvania State University)  G9J Sat PM
Rambelli, Fabio (University of California–Santa Barbara)  G5D Thu PM
Ramirez, Erick (University of California–San Diego)  3I Wed PM
Ransom, Madeleine (University of British Columbia)  10H Sat AM
Raphals, Lisa (National University of Singapore)  5D Thu PM, 8E Fri PM
Rathkopf, Charles (University of Virginia)  12G Sat PM
Rauhut, Nils (Coastal Carolina University)  G6A Thu PM, 10G Sat AM
Rauscher, Frederick (Michigan State University)  5G Thu PM
Raven, Michael J. (University of Victoria)  12J Sat PM
Rawls, Christina (Duquesne University)  G7H Fri PM
Reath, Andrews (University of California–Riverside)  5G Thu PM
Reck, Erich (University of California–Riverside)  G5G Thu PM, 11F Sat PM
Reed-Sandoval, Amy (University of Washington)  9N Fri PM
Reisner, Andrew (McGill University)  11E Sat PM
Rescorla, Michael A. (University of California–Santa Barbara)  11L Sat PM
Rettler, Bradley (University of Notre Dame)  5N Thu PM
Reyes, Herminia (San Diego State University)  2K Wed PM
Ribeiro, Anna Christina (Texas Tech University)  8F Fri PM
Rice, Collin (University of Missouri)  6H Thu PM
Rice, Rebekah L. H. (Seattle Pacific University)  4C Thu AM, G6F Thu PM
Rickless, Samuel (University of California–San Diego)  4F Thu AM
Ridge, Michael (University of Edinburgh)  5B Thu PM
Riggs, Wayne (University of Oklahoma)  4B Thu AM
Rigsby, Curtis (University of Guam)  7N Fri AM
Ritchie, Jennifer Lundin (University of British Columbia)  G7A Fri PM
Ritchie, Katherine (University of Texas–Austin)  1J Wed AM
Robb, David (Davidson College)  12A Sat PM
Roberts, John (Florida State University)  3K Wed PM
Robertson, Graham (Simon Fraser University)  4K Thu AM
Robichaud, Philip (Rice University)  7K Fri AM
Robins, Sarah (Washington University in St. Louis)  Posters Fri
Robinson, Jenefer (University of Cincinnati)  11D Sat PM
Robinson, Michael (Grand Valley State University)  8M Fri PM
Robison, Rachel (University of Massachusetts–Amherst)  G8C Sat PM
Robus, Olin (University of Washington)  8L Fri PM
Rockwood, Nathan (University of California–San Diego)  11G Sat PM
Rodin, David (Oxford University)  4E Thu AM
Rodriguez, Tanya (City University of New York–City College)  3I Wed PM
Rogerson, Ken (Florida International University)  12J Sat PM
Rognlie, Dana (University of Oregon)  G9H Sat PM
Roland, Jeffrey (Louisiana State University)  11I Sat PM
Romain, Dianne (Sonoma State University)  4D Thu AM
Rorty, Amélie (National Humanities Center)  3L Wed PM
Rosenberg, Jonathan (University of Washington)  9I Fri PM
Rosenthal, Michael (University of Washington)  1A Wed AM
Ross, Peter (California State Polytechnic University–Pomona)  4H Thu AM
Roth, Paul (University of California–Santa Cruz)  G2I Wed PM, G7K Fri PM
Rottschaefer, William A. (Lewis & Clark College)  G6E Thu PM, 10H Sat AM
Rowland, Jen (University of North Texas)  G7D Fri PM
Rudd, Anthony (St. Olaf College)  4L Thu AM
Ruetsche, Laura (University of Michigan–Ann Arbor)  10F Sat AM
Ruloff, Colin (Kwantlen Polytechnic University)  7L Fri AM
Rush, Fred (University of Notre Dame)  2D Wed PM
Russell, Gillian (Washington University in St. Louis)  2K Wed PM
Russell, John S. (Langara College)  G8A Sat PM
Russell, Paul (University of British Columbia)  6I Thu PM
Rutherford, Donald (University of California–San Diego)  9A Fri PM
Rychter, Pablo (Universitat de València)  5N Thu PM
Ryckman, Thomas (Stanford University)  10F Sat AM
Sabo, Dylan (Occidental College)  12J Sat PM
Sadler, Brook (University of South Florida)  1I Wed AM
Saenz, Noel (University of Colorado–Boulder)  5N Thu PM
Saint, Michelle (Western Washington University)  5I Thu PM
Saito, Yuriko (Rhode Island School of Design)  G9A Sat PM
Sanford, David (Duke University)  2J Wed PM
Sanson, David (Ohio State University)  6J Thu PM
Sars, Nicholas (University of Washington)  10J Sat AM
Sartorio, Carolina (University of Arizona)  4N Thu AM
Saucedo, Raul (Yale University and Australian National University)  3A Wed PM
Savitt, Steven (University of British Columbia)  2K Wed PM
Scalet, Steven (University of Baltimore)  1L Wed AM
Scarbrough, Elizabeth (University of Washington)  G9A Sat PM
Scarpelli Cory, Therese (Seattle University)  2A Wed PM
Schaff, Kory (Occidental College)  8K Fri PM
Schaffer, Jonathan (Rutgers University)  4N Thu AM
Schaller, Walter E. (Texas Tech University)  8I Fri PM
Schapiro, Tamar (Stanford University)  1B Wed AM
Scharff, Robert (University of New Hampshire)  10G Sat AM
Schellenberg, John (Mount St. Vincent University)  8D Fri PM
Schellenberg, Susanna (Rutgers University)  5C Thu PM
Schmitt, Johannes (University of Southern California)  9H Fri PM
Schmitz, Michael (Universität Konstanz)  11H Sat PM
Schnee, Ian (Western Kentucky University)  2M Wed PM, G6A Thu PM
Schneebaum, Rachel (University of Arizona)  10I Sat AM
Schneider, Henrique (Universität Wien)  G3A Wed PM, G5C Thu PM
Schoenfield, Miriam (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)  10K Sat AM
Schollmeier, Paul (University of Nevada–Las Vegas)  1L Wed AM
Schonfeld, Martin (University of South Florida)  G7C Fri PM
Schoonhoven, Richard (United States Military Academy)  4E Thu AM
Schroeder, Mark (University of Southern California)  5B Thu PM
Schroeder, S. Andrew (Claremont McKenna College)  8H Fri PM
Schubert, Richard (Cosumnes River College)  G7L Fri PM
Schulz, Armin (London School of Economics)  2G Wed PM
Schwab, Martin (University of California–Irvine)  6E Thu PM
Schwartz, Jeremy (Texas Tech University)  10L Sat AM
Schwitzgebel, Eric (University of California–Riverside)  10B Sat AM
Schönecker, Dieter (Universität Siegen)  1B Wed AM
Scotland-Stewart, Laurel (Reed College)  7K Fri AM
Scott-Kakures, Dion (Scripps College)  6I Thu PM
Sebo, Jeff (New York University)  5K Thu PM
Seeley, William P. (Bates College)  9J Fri PM
Sehon, Scott (Bowdoin College)  8M Fri PM
Seifried, Michael (Columbia University)  2H Wed PM
Sensen, Oliver (Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Tulane University of New Orleans)  G7E Fri PM
Seok, Bongrae (Alvernia University)  G3A Wed PM
Setiya, Kieran (University of Pittsburgh)  10E Sat AM
Shaeffer, H. Benjamin (Humboldt State University)  9H Fri PM
Shah, Nishi (Amherst College)  11E Sat PM
Shapiro, David A. (Cascadia Community College)  8N Fri PM, 9N Fri PM
Shapiro, Gary (University of Richmond)  1H Wed AM, G5E Thu PM
Shapiro, Lisa (Simon Fraser University)  G9C Sat PM
Shaw, James R. (University of Pittsburgh)  12E Sat PM
Shell, Susan (Boston College)  G2D Wed PM, 9K Fri PM
Sherman, Brett (Brandeis University)  6F Thu PM
Shields, Christopher (Oxford University)  12A Sat PM
Shier, David (Washington State University)  11B Sat PM
Shockey, Matthew (Indiana University–South Bend)  6E Thu PM
Shotwell, Alexis (Laurentian University)  G5H Thu PM, 10N Sat AM
Shpall, Sam (University of Southern California)  11E Sat PM
Shrage, Laurie (Florida International University)  G2J Wed PM, 7F Fri AM
Shumelda, Mark (University of Toronto)  Posters Fri
Shumener, Erica (New York University)  5N Thu PM
Siegel, Susanna (Harvard University)  8A Fri PM
Sievert, Don (University of Missouri)  10L Sat AM
Sigrist, Michael (George Washington University)  G2C Wed PM
Silver, David (University of British Columbia)  G4E Thu PM
Silvermint, Daniel (University of Arizona)  8I Fri PM
Simchen, Ori (University of British Columbia)  7C Fri AM
Simon, Adam (Stanford University)  12E Sat PM
Sinclair, Neil (University of Nottingham)  10I Sat AM
Skokowski, Paul (Stanford University)  5M Thu PM
Slingerland, Edward (University of British Columbia)  10C Sat AM
Slote, Michael (University of Miami)  10C Sat AM
Smead, Rory (University of California–Irvine)  8L Fri PM
Smit, Houston (University of Arizona)  2D Wed PM
Smith, Barry C. (University of London)  7C Fri AM
Smith, George E. (Tufts University)  7J Fri AM
Smith, Holly M. (Rutgers University)  8H Fri PM
Smith, Jeffery (University of Redlands)  G4E Thu PM
Smith, Justin E. H. (Concordia University)  9A Fri PM
Smith, Nicholas D. (Lewis & Clark College)  5D Thu PM
Smith, Patrick (University of Washington)  1I Wed AM
Smithies, Declan (Ohio State University)  10B Sat AM
Smythe, Ormond (Antioch University Seattle)  1K Wed AM
Snapper, Jeff (University of Notre Dame)  3H Wed PM
Snedegar, Justin (University of Southern California)  9G Fri PM
Snow, Nancy E. (Marquette University)  7A Fri AM, G7M Fri PM
Snyder, Eric (Ohio State University)  12C Sat PM
Snyder, Jeremy (Simon Fraser University)  3D Wed PM
Sommers, Tamler (University of Houston)  G5A Thu PM, 11K Sat PM
Song, Edward H.K. (Louisiana State University)  8I Fri PM
Sorensen, Roy (Washington University in St. Louis)  7N Fri AM, 9F Fri PM
Sosa, Ernest (Rutgers University)  11M Sat PM
South, James B. (Marquette University)  G7I Fri PM
Speak, Daniel (Loyola Marymount University)  G6F Thu PM, 10A Sat AM
Spencer, Albert (Portland State University)  8K Fri PM
Spencer, Joshua (Syracuse University)  11K Sat PM
Spencer, Quayshawn (University of San Francisco)  1K Wed AM
Spener, Maja (Oxford University)  10B Sat AM
Sreenivasan, Gopal (Duke University)  10C Sat AM
Staffel, Julia (University of Southern California)  2G Wed PM
Stahlmann, Nicole A. (American Council of Learned Societies)  11L Sat PM
Stanescu, Vasile (Stanford University)  7G Fri AM
Stang, Nick (University of Miami)  6J Thu PM
Stangl, Rebecca Lynn (University of Virginia)  12M Sat PM
Stanley, Jason (Rutgers University)  5A Thu PM
Stark, Cynthia (University of Utah)  8I Fri PM
Starrett, Shari (California State University–Fullerton)  1H Wed AM
Stemwedel, Janet (San Jose State University)  10B Sat AM
Stenqvist, Catharina (Lunds Universitet)  G9E Sat PM
Stephens, Christopher (University of British Columbia)  11H Sat PM
Stephens, William (Creighton University)  G2F Wed PM, 5J Thu PM
Sterba, James P. (University of Notre Dame)  G6C Thu PM, 9B Fri PM
Stevens, Dennis (Randolph College)  G7L Fri PM
Steverson, Brian (Gonzaga University)  7G Fri AM
Steward, Stephen (Syracuse University)  5L Thu PM
Stichter, Matt (Washington State University)  2L Wed PM
Stojanovic, Isidora (Institut Jean Nicod)  6F Thu PM
Stojanovic, Pavle (Johns Hopkins University)  3N Wed PM
Stoljar, Natalie (McGill University)  2B Wed PM
Stone, Matthew (Rutgers University)  8F Fri PM
Stone-Kronberg, Julian (University of Southern California)  4M Thu AM
Stoneham, Tom (University of York)  3K Wed PM
Straehle, Christine (University of Ottawa)  5F Thu PM
Strickland Au, Erika (San Francisco State University)  4M Thu AM
Strohminger, Nina (University of Michigan–Ann Arbor)  11D Sat PM
Struble, Luca (University of California–Los Angeles)  10L Sat AM
Studtmann, Paul (Davidson College)  2I Wed PM
Stump, David (University of San Francisco)  6H Thu PM
Stump, Eleonore (St. Louis University)  4C Thu AM
Sullivan, Andrea (University of Washington)  8L Fri PM
Sullivan, Meghan (University of Notre Dame)  3A Wed PM
Summers, Jesse (Rice University)  5K Thu PM
Sun, Weimin (California State University–Northridge)  8L Fri PM, G7A Fri PM
Sundell, Tim (University of Kentucky)  5A Thu PM
Sundstrom, Ronald Robles (University of San Francisco)  G6A Thu PM
Sveinsdottir, Asta (San Francisco State University)  2B Wed PM, G1A Wed PM
Swanton, Christine (University of Auckland)  7A Fri AM
Swartwood, Jason (University of Minnesota–Twin Cities)  2L Wed PM
Swenson, Joseph (University of Illinois–Urbana-Champaign)  1H Wed AM
Swift, Paul A. (Bryant University)  G2K Wed PM, G7L Fri PM
Switzer, Michelle (Whittier College)  2I Wed PM, G9H Sat PM
Sytsma, Justin M. (East Tennessee State University)  11H Sat PM
Talbert, Matthew (West Virginia University)  7K Fri AM
Talbot, Brian T. (University of Colorado–Boulder)  11J Sat PM
Talbott, William J. (University of Washington)  11L Sat PM
Talisse, Robert (Vanderbilt University)  7M Fri AM
Tallant, Jonathan (University of Nottingham)  G2C Wed PM, 9I Fri PM
Tan, Kok-chor (University of Pennsylvania)  8I Fri PM
Tan, Mingran (University of Toronto)  G7A Fri PM
Tan, Sor-Hoon (National University of Singapore)  G2A Wed PM, 6C Thu PM, G5C Thu PM
Tanaka, Koji (University of Auckland)  G2M Wed PM, G7L Fri PM
Tang, Hao (Wuhan University)  G7F Fri PM
Tannenbaum, Julie (Pomona College)  3I Wed PM
Tappolet, Christine (Université de Montréal)  7H Fri AM
Taylor, David (Stanford University)  6F Thu PM
Taylor, Jacqueline (University of San Francisco)  11G Sat PM
Teays, Wanda (Mount St. Mary’s College)  4D Thu AM, G7B Fri PM
Tenenbaum, Sergio (University of Toronto)  8C Fri PM
Tennberg, Chris (Kauai Community College)  3N Wed PM
Tepley, Joshua (University of Notre Dame)  6E Thu PM
Thielke, Peter (Pomona College)  4J Thu AM
Thomas, Anthony E. (Kishwaukee College)  1M Wed AM, 10M Sat AM
Thomason, Krista (Swarthmore College)  10H Sat AM
Thompson, Allen (Oregon State University)  9C Fri PM, G9D Sat PM
Thompson, Janna (La Trobe University)  11L Sat PM
Thompson, Michael (University of Pittsburgh)  11C Sat PM
Thornburg, M. Hayden (University of Cincinnati)  4M Thu AM
Thorsby, Mark (Lone Star College)  1M Wed AM, 10M Sat AM
Thurow, Joshua (Mount Marty College)  11J Sat PM
Tiboris, Michael (University of California–San Diego)  10H Sat AM
Tiehen, Justin (University of Puget Sound)  12L Sat PM
Tierney, Richard (University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee)  3E Wed PM
Tiffany, Evan (Simon Fraser University)  9G Fri PM
Tillman, Chris (University of Manitoba)  5M Thu PM
Timpe, Kevin L. (Northwest Nazarene University)  3C Wed PM, G5A Thu PM
Tognazzini, Neal (College of William and Mary)  3L Wed PM
Toh, Kevin (San Francisco State University)  4N Thu AM
Tolley, Clinton (University of California–San Diego)  6E Thu PM, G5G Thu PM
Tooley, Michael (University of Colorado–Boulder)  4D Thu AM
Tsai, Cheng-Hung (Soochow University)  11M Sat PM
Tsompanidis, Vasilis (University of California–Santa Barbara)  2J Wed PM
Tu, Xiaofei (Appalachian State University)  G2A Wed PM, G9B Sat PM
Tubert, Ariela (University of Puget Sound)  1I Wed AM
Turner, Dale (California State Polytechnic University–Pomona)  G7B Fri PM
Turner, Piers Norris (Ohio State University)  7M Fri AM
Tweedt, Chris (Baylor University)  11I Sat PM
Twiss, Sumner B. (Florida State University)  G3A Wed PM, G9B Sat PM
Tyson, Sarah (Vanderbilt University)  6D Thu PM
Ulatowski, Joseph (University of Mississippi)  3F Wed PM
Uleman, Jennifer K. (Purchase College, State University of New York)  6D Thu PM
Ullian, Joseph (Washington University in St. Louis)  1D Wed AM
van Roojen, Mark (University of Nebraska–Lincoln)  5B Thu PM
VanDyke, Christina (Calvin College)  3C Wed PM
Vargas, Manuel (University of San Francisco)  G7J Fri PM
Vavova, Ekaterina (Amherst College)  4J Thu AM
Vayrynen, Pekka (University of Leeds)  6A Thu PM
Verene, Donald (Emory University)  11F Sat PM
Vineberg, Susan (Wayne State University)  9I Fri PM
Vision, Gerald (Temple University)  6L Thu PM
Vlaovic, Vladimir (Brown University)  10I Sat AM
von Hoene, Linda (University of California–Berkeley)  1N Wed AM
Wahl, Russell (Idaho State University)  11G Sat PM
Walker, Matthew (Rutgers University)  9D Fri PM
Wallace, R. Jay (University of California–Berkeley)  7H Fri AM, 11L Sat PM
Wallis, Charles (California State University–Long Beach)  3B Wed PM
Walsh, Ryan (University of Southern California)  10I Sat AM
Walsh, Sean Drysdale (University of Minnesota–Duluth)  12D Sat PM
Wang, Bo (Peking University)  7N Fri AM
Wang, Qiong (State University of New York–Oneonta)  G7A Fri PM
Wang, Robin (Loyola Marymount University)  6C Thu PM, G7C Fri PM, G9B Sat PM
Warren, Tonya (Florida State University)  G2K Wed PM
Warriner, Jennifer (University of Utah)  12F Sat PM
Waterman, John (Johns Hopkins University)  11I Sat PM
Watkins, Brian (Duke University)  7J Fri AM
Watkins, Eric (University of California–San Diego)  2D Wed PM
Watson, Gary (University of Southern California)  7H Fri AM
Watson, Jeffrey (Arizona State University)  4K Thu AM
Watson, Lori (University of San Diego)  10J Sat AM, G8B Sat PM
Wautischer, Helmut (Sonoma State University)  2L Wed PM, G5D Thu PM, G9E Sat PM
Wayne, Andrew (University of Guelph)  3F Wed PM
Wearing, Catherine (Wellesley College)  3J Wed PM
Weaver, Jasmin (City of Seattle Office of Intergovernmental Relations)  9N Fri PM
Weber, Ralph (Universität Zürich)  G2A Wed PM, 5D Thu PM
Weber, Tamar (University of California–Los Angeles)  3G Wed PM
Webster, Aness (University of Southern California)  9E Fri PM
Weigel, Chris (Utah Valley University)  G5A Thu PM, 11K Sat PM
Weinberg, Jonathan (University of Arizona)  11D Sat PM
Weinberg, Shelley (University of Illinois)  11G Sat PM
Weiner, Joan (Indiana University–Bloomington)  G5G Thu PM
Weisberg, Josh (University of Houston)  3G Wed PM
Welnak, Shawn (Long Island University)  G2H Wed PM
Welshon, Rex (University of Colorado–Colorado Springs)  12A Sat PM
Weslake, Brad (University of Rochester)  4N Thu AM
Wettstein, Howard (University of California–Riverside)  1A Wed AM
Wheeler, Mark (San Diego State University)  G9I Sat PM
Whisnant, Rebecca (University of Dayton)  G8B Sat PM
Whitcomb, Dennis (Western Washington University)  4B Thu AM
White, Roger (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)  2G Wed PM
White, Stephen L. (Tufts University)  7I Fri AM
White, Thomas (Loyola Marymount University)  G9D Sat PM
Whyte, Kyle Powys (Michigan State University)  G7D Fri PM
Wilburn, Joshua (University of Victoria)  12I Sat PM
Wilburn, Ron (University of Nevada–Las Vegas)  12D Sat PM
Wilcox, Shelley (San Francisco State University)  1I Wed AM, G9H Sat PM
Wilford, Paul (Tulane University of New Orleans)  G2H Wed PM
Willer, Malte (University of Chicago)  9F Fri PM
Wilson, Holly (Kantian School of Practical Judgment)  10D Sat AM
Winters, Edward (Independent Scholar)  G7I Fri PM
Wirts, Amelia (Boston College)  G9H Sat PM
Witmer, D. Gene (University of Florida)  9E Fri PM
Witt, Charlotte (University of New Hampshire)  2B Wed PM, G1A Wed PM
Woien, Sandra (Arizona State University)  5K Thu PM
Wolfendale, Jessica (West Virginia University)  12F Sat PM
Wolff, Johanna (University of Puget Sound)  9I Fri PM
Wood, Allen (Stanford University)  1B Wed AM
Woods, Jack (Princeton University)  6G Thu PM
Woods, Mark (University of San Diego)  G7D Fri PM
Woodward, James (University of Pittsburgh)  G7K Fri PM
Wright, Charles W. (College of St. Benedict and St. John’s University)  G7L Fri PM
Wright, Jen Cole (College of Charleston)  G6E Thu PM
Wright, Sarah A. (University of Georgia)  1C Wed AM
Wunderlich, Mark E. (Union College)  2I Wed PM
Wylie, Alison (University of Washington)  Sat PM, Fri PM
Wylie, Danielle (University of Wisconsin–Madison)  3I Wed PM
Xiao, Yang (Kenyon College)  G2A Wed PM
Yalcin, Seth (University of California–Berkeley)  5A Thu PM
Yap, Audrey (University of Victoria)  11F Sat PM
Yeomans, Christopher (Purdue University)  G5B Thu PM, 9K Fri PM
Yi, Byeong-Uk (University of Toronto)  5N Thu PM
Yi, Guo (Chinese Academy of Social Sciences)  G2A Wed PM
Yoder, Scot (Michigan State University)  7L Fri AM
Young, Charles (Claremont Graduate University)  10G Sat AM
Yu, Jiyuan (University at Buffalo)  5D Thu PM
Yuan, Lijun (Texas State University–San Marcos)  5K Thu PM, G5C Thu PM
Zack, Naomi (University of Oregon)  5H Thu PM, G7G Fri PM
Zavala, Pablo (University of Wyoming)  3F Wed PM
Zhang, Ellen (Hong Kong Baptist University)  G9B Sat PM
Zhi-Hue, Wang (Soochow University)  11M Sat PM
Zimmerman, Aaron (University of California–Santa Barbara)  2C Wed PM
Zimmerman, Michael (University of North Carolina–Greensboro)  8G Fri PM
Zinkin, Melissa (State University of New York–Binghamton)  G4C Thu PM, 7J Fri AM
Zoeller, Guenter (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München and McGill University)  G4C Thu PM, 9K Fri PM
Zollman, Kevin (Carnegie Mellon University)  8L Fri PM
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