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2005 Pacific Division Program Participants
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Mini-conference sessions begin with "M", group sessions begin with "G", all others are main sessions.

Abell, Catharine (Macquarie University) VIII-H Fri PM
Abousenna, Mona (Ain Shams University) X-J Sat PM, GX-4 Sat PM
Abramson, Darren (Indiana University) I-F Wed PM
Acampora, Ralph (Hofstra University) GVIII-11 Fri PM, XII-G Sun AM
Adamos, Maria M. (Georgia Southern University) VI-H Fri AM
Adeel, Mohammad Ashraf (University of Peshawar). VI-I Fri AM
Adler, Jonathan (Brooklyn College/Graduate School, City University of New York) V-D Thur PM
Ahmadi, Shahwali (University of California-Berkeley) XI-G Sat PM
Airaksinen, Timo (University of Helsinki) GIX-3 Sat PM
Alberts, Fern (San Jose State University) GIX-2 Sat PM
Alexandrakis, Aphrodite (Barry University) VI-H Fri AM
Alexandrova, Anna (University of California-San Diego) IX-j Sat AM
Alfino, Mark (Gonzaga University) VII-H Fri PM
Allen, Amy (Dartmouth College) III-I Thur AM
Allen, Colin (Indiana University) III-B Thur AM
Allem, Michael (Saint Louis University) GVIII-15 Fri PM
Allhoff, Fritz (University of California-Santa Barbara) VII-H Fri PM
Allinson, Robert (University of Hong Kong) GVI-1 Thu PM, GX-2 Sat PM
Almeida, Michael (University of Texas-San Antonio) IV-I Thur PM
Alvarez, Bertha (Purdue University) VII-J Fri PM
Aminrazavi, Mehdi (Mary Washington University) XI-G Sat PM
Anderson, Clifford (California State University-Sacramento) IX-F Sat AM
Anderson, James (University of San Diego) XII-G Sun AM
Anderson, Jeremy (University of Redlands) II-G Wed PM, GVIII-13 Fri PM
Anderson, R. Lanier (Stanford University) GIV-1 Thur AM, X-G Sat PM
Anderson, Scott (University of British Columbia) IX-G Sat AM
Anderson, Susan (University of Connecticut) II-A Wed PM
Andreou, Chrisoula (University of Utah) II-E Wed PM
Angle, Stephen C. (Wesleyan University) GVI-1 Thur PM, GVIII-16 Fri PM
Applebaum, Marc (Saybrook Graduate School) GIII-3 Wed PM, GVI-2 Thur PM
Arana, Andy (Kansas State University) X-K Sat PM
Arkonovich, Steven (Reed College) III-D Thur AM
Armendt, Brad (Arizona State University) XI-F Sat PM
Arneson, Richard (University of California-San Diego) IX-E Sat AM, X-A Sat PM, XI-J Sat PM
Arp, Kristana (Long Island University) GVIII-13 Fri PM
Arthur, Richard (McMaster University) III-E Thur AM
Audi, Paul (Princeton University) XII-J Sun AM
Audi, Robert (Notre Dame University) VIII-D Fri PM
Avila, Mitch (California State University-Fullerton) V-D Thur PM
Axtel, Guy (University of Nevada-Reno) GVIII-3 Fri PM
Azadpur, Mohammad (San Francisco State University) XI-G Sat PM

Baber, H. E. (University of San Diego) VI-F Fri AM
Bach, Kent (San Francisco State University) VI-G Fri AM
Bäck, Alan (Kutztown State University) GX-12 Sat PM
Badhwar, Neera (University of Oklahoma) IX-A Sat AM
Baehr, Jason (Loyola Marymount University) III-H Thur AM
Bagakis, Costa (San Francisco State University) XI-I Sat PM
Balaguer, Mark (California State University-Los Angeles) VII-H Fri PM
Bandyopadhyay, Prasanta S. (Montana State University) IV-G Thur PM
Barad, Karen (Mount Holyoke College) I-C Wed PM
Barbone, Steve (San Diego State University) GII-1 Wed PM
Bardon, Adrian (Wake Forest University) X-H Sat PM
Barnard, Robert (University of Mississippi) X-E Sat PM
Barney, Rachel (University of Toronto) VIII-B Fri PM
Battaly, Heather (California State University-Fullerton) IX-A Sat AM
Battin, Margaret (University of Utah) I-G Wed PM
Baxley, Anne Margaret (Virginia Tech University) GVIII-9 Fri PM
Baxter, Matt (University of California-Berkeley)GII-3 Wed PM
Beam, Kaarina (Linfield College) GI-2 Wed PM
Beauchamp, Tom (Georgetown University) IX-L Sat AM
Becker, Kelly (University of New Mexico) III-J Thur AM
Beckwith, Francis J. (Baylor University) I-G Wed PM
Bedau, Mark (Reed College) VII-C Fri PM
Behuniak, Jr., James (Sonoma State University) GX-2 Sat PM, VI-K Fri AM
Bellon, Christina (California State University-Sacramento) V-A Thur PM
Belu, Dana (City University of New York) GII-5 Wed PM
Bender, John W. (Ohio University) VIII-H Fri PM
Bengson, John T. (University of Wyoming) IV-I Thur PM
Benesch, Walter (University of Alaska-Fairbanks) GVI-2 Thur PM
Berkich, Don (Texas A and M University-Corpus Christi) GX-11 Sat PM
Bermejo-Luque, Lillian (University of Murcia) GVIII-8 Fri PM
Bermudez, Jose (Washington University in St Louis) IX-B Sat AM
Bernecker, Sven (University of Manchester) VI-G Fri AM, GIX-1 Sat PM
Bertolet, Rod (Purdue University) VIII-L Fri PM
Bertoloni-Meli, Domenico (Indiana University) III-E Thur AM
Besser-Jones, Lorraine (Stanford University) VIII-A Fri PM
Bett, Richard (The Johns Hopkins University) GVIII-12 Fri PM
Bevir, Mark (University of California-Berkeley) GII-3 Wed PM, GVI-4 Thur PM
Bird, Colin (University of Virginia) GVI-4 Thur PM, XII-F Sun AM
Birondo, Noell (Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville) VII-H Fri PM
Bishop, John (University of Auckland) IX-A Sat AM
Bisticas-Cocoves, Marcos (Morgan State University) VII-J Fri PM
Black, Tim (California State University-Northridge) II-B Wed PM, GIX-1 Sat PM
Blackson, Thomas (Arizona State University) IV-G Thur PM
Blake, Michael (Harvard University) XI-J Sat PM
Blondell, Ruby (University of Washington) I-H Wed PM
Bloodsworth-Lugo, Mary (Washington State University) GVI-12 Thur PM, X-I Sat PM
Bloomfield, Paul (University of Connecticut) XI-H Sat PM
Blum, Lawrence (University of Massachusetts-Boston) XII-C Sun AM,
Boersema, David (Pacific University) VII-J Fri PM
Bohman, James (St. Louis University) VIII-C Fri PM,
Bolin, Nona (Memphis College) GX-2 Sat PM
Boltuc, Peter (University of Illinois-Springfield) III-K Thur AM
Bontly, Thomas (University of Connecticut) XII-J Sun AM
Booher, Charles (University of Chicago) GVI-13 Thur PM
Boonin, David (University of Colorado-Boulder) I-G Wed PM,
Bovens, Luc (London School of Economics) IV-C Thur PM
Bowman, Meg (University of Utah) VI-F Fri AM
Boyer, Pascal (Washington University) XII-A Sun AM
Boylan, Michael (Marymount University) GVIII-10 Fri PM
Bozovic, Miran (University of Ljubljana) GVIII-5 Fri PM, GX-1 Sat PM
Bradley, Ben (Syracuse University) X-F Sat PM
Brake, Elizabeth (University of Calgary) VIII-G Fri PM
Brand-Ballard, Jeffrey C. (George Washington University) II-G Wed PM
Brandom, Robert (University of Pittsburgh) III-C Thur AM
Brasher, Mark (TransPacific Hawaii College) I-G Wed PM
Braver, Lee (Hiram College) GII-5 Wed PM
Bright, Josh (University of California-Riverside) IV-I Thur PM
Brinkman, Klaus (Boston University) VI-C Fri AM
Brison, Susan (Dartmouth College) V-A Thur PM
Brisson, Luc (CNRS Paris) X-D Sat PM
Bristow, William (University of California-Irvine) GVI-8 Thur PM
Brock, Gillian G. (University of Auckland) XII-F Sun AM
Bronson, Eric (Berkeley College) I-A Wed PM
Brown, Alison (Northern Arizona University) GII-6 Wed PM
Brueckner, Tony (University of California-Santa Barbara) II-B Wed PM
Brunero, John Stephen (Columbia University) GX-6 Sat PM
Bruno, Michael (University of Arizona) VIII-I Fri PM
Buccafurni, Diana (University of Utah) XII-H Sun AM
Buchwalter, Andrew (University of North Florida) VII-J Fri PM, GVIII-15 Fri PM
Buck, Richard (Mount Saint Mary's College) GIII-2 Wed PM
Buckareff, Andrei (University of Rochester) VIII-F Fri PM
Bueno, Otavio (University of South Carolina) VI-J Fri AM, GIX-1 Sat PM
Bunch, Aaron (Loyola University Chicago) I-B Wed PM, GVIII-15 Fri PM
Burge, Tyler (University of California-Los Angeles) Carus Lecture I Thur PM, Carus Lecture II Fri PM, Carus Lecture III Sat PM
Butler, James (Berea College) VI-H Fri AM
Butler, Travis L. (Iowa State University) VI-H Fri AM
Bykova, Marina F. (North Carolina State University) VII-J Fri PM,
Byrne, Alex (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) VI-B Fri AM

Calder, Todd C. (University of Victoria) II-E Wed PM
Callahan, Joan (University of Kentucky) X-I Sat PM
Callan, Eamonn (Stanford University) XII-C Sun AM
Callender, Craig (University of California-San Diego) GVI-7 Thur PM
Campana, Daniel (University of La Verne) IV-I Thur PM
Campbell, John (University of California-Berkeley) VII-F Fri PM
Candaele, Kelly (Journalist/Screenwriter) GII-9 Wed PM
Cantwell Smith, Brian (University of Toronto) I-C Wed PM
Caplan, Ben (University of Manitoba) IX-H Sat AM
Cappelen, Herman (Vassar College) XI-D Sat PM
Card, Claudia (University of Wisconsin-Madison) X-F Sat PM, GVI-12 Thur PM
Carey, Rosalind (Lehman College, City University of New York) GVI-14 Thur PM
Carlson, Licia (Seattle University) VI-D Fri AM
Carman, Taylor (Barnard College) IX-C Sat AM
Carter, William (North Carolina State University) VIII-E Fri PM
Casebeer, William (Naval Postgraduate School) GVIII-2 Fri PM
Cashen, Matthew C. (Washington University in St. Louis) IV-F Thur PM
Caston, Victor (University of California-Davis) IV-D Thur PM, IX-D Sat AM
Casullo, Albert (University of Nebraska-Lincoln) II-B Wed PM
Cavallero, Eric (Tulane University) XII-F Sun AM
Cederblom, Jerry (University of Nebraska-Omaha) GVIII-8 Fri PM
Chakrabarti, Chandana (Elon University) GVIII-12 Fri PM
Chakrabarti, Kisor K. (Ferris State University) GVIII-12 Fri PM
Chakravartty, Anjan (University of Toronto) III-J Thur AM
Charles, David (Oxford University) X-L Sat PM
Chao, Ruth (University of Missouri-Columbia) GVIII-1 Fri PM
Chekola, Mark (Minnesota State University-Moorhead) GVI-12 Thur PM
Chignell, Andrew (Cornell University) X-G Sat PM
Ching, Chung-ying (University of Hawaii at Manoa) GVIII-16 Fri PM
Choi, Naomi (University of California-Berkeley) GVI-4 Thur PM
Christiano, Thomas (University of Arizona) IX-E Sat AM
Christie, Tim (University of British Columbia) IX-G Sat AM
Chris, Bobonich (Stanford University) X-L Sat PM
Clarke, Randolph K. (University of Georgia) XII-H Sun AM
Cleland, Carol (University of Colorado) VII-C Fri PM
Clemenson, David L. (University of St. Thomas) VIII-K Fri PM
Clough, Sharyn (Oregon State University) III-I Thur AM
Code, Alan (University of California-Berkeley) X-L Sat PM
Coffman, E. J. (University of Notre Dame) VI-F Fri AM
Cohen, Jonathan (University of California-San Diego) VI-B Fri AM
Cohen, Stewart (Arizona State University) VII-E Fri PM
Coleman, Jules (Yale University) X-A Sat PM
Coleman, Mary (Bard College) I-E Wed PM
Collier, Mark (Pomona College) IX-I Sat AM
Conee, Earl (University of Rochester) XI-H Sat PM
Conway, Trudy (Mount Saint Mary's University) GII-2 Wed PM
Cook, J. Thomas (Rollins College) IX-F Sat AM
Cook, Noam (San Jose State University) V-J Thur PM
Cooper, John (Princeton University) VIII-B Fri PM
Copenhaver, Rebecca (Lewis and Clark College) V-K Thur PM
Coplan, Amy (California State University-Fullerton) V-G Thur PM, GVI-5 Thur PM
Corkum, Phil (University of California-Los Angeles) GVI-5 VI-H Fri AM
Crimmins, Mark (Stanford University) V-C Thur PM
Crippen, James (California State University-Fullerton) X-H Sat PM
Cross, Troy (Yale University) III-J Thur AM
Croy, Marvin (University of North Carolina-Charlotte) III-K Thur AM
Cullison, Andrew M. (University of Rochester) X-E Sat PM
Cunning, David (University of Iowa) VIII-K Fri PM
Curd, Patricia (Purdue University) IX-D Sat AM
Curran, Eleanor (Keele University) GVIII-13 Fri PM
Cussins, Adrian (Pontificia Universidad Javeriana) IX-C Sat AM

Dahlstrom, Daniel O. (Boston University) II-C Wed PM
Damgaard, Iben (University of Copenhagen) GVI-6 Thur PM
Dancy, Russell (Florida State University) VII-D Fri PM
Dardis, Anthony (Hofstra University) I-F Wed PM
Daukas, Nancy (Guilford College) VIII-C Fri PM
David, Marian (University of Notre Dame) I-D Wed PM
Davidson, Matthew (California State University-San Bernadino) IV-G Thur PM
Davies, Stephen (University of Auckland) XI-A Sat PM
Davion, Victoria (University of Georgia) XII-F Sun AM
Davis, N. Ann (Pomona College) III-B Thur AM
Day, Terry (Independent Scholar) XI-I Sat PM
de Laurentiis, Allegra (State University of New York Stony Brook) VII-J Fri PM
De Pierris, Graciela (Stanford University) VI-J Fri AM, IX-I Sat AM
de Sousa, Ronald (University of Toronto) VI-E Fri AM
De Tienne, André (Indiana University) III-F Thur AM
DeCew, Judith Wagner (Clark University) X-F Sat PM
Decyk, Betsy Newell (California State University-Long Beach) II-H Wed PM, V-G Thur PM
Delancey, Craig (State University of New York-Oswego) I-A Wed PM
Demoss, David (Pacific University) VI-H Fri AM
Denis, Lara (Agnes Scott College) IX-A Sat AM
Dennis, Daniel B. (University of Edinburgh) IX-G Sat AM
Dillon, Robin S. (Lehigh University) VIII-G Fri PM
Domski, Mary (California State University-Fresno) XI-C Sat PM
Donovan, Sarah K. (Wagner College) III-I Thur AM
Doris, John (Washington University in St. Louis) VI-A Fri AM, GVIII-2 Fri PM
Dougherty, Trent (University of Missouri-Columbia) VIII-I Fri PM
Doyle, Tom (University of California-Irvine) V-I Thur PM
Dreyfus, Hubert (University of California-Berkeley) Presidential Address Fri PM, IX-C Sat AM
Driver, Julia (Dartmouth College) VII-G Fri PM
Dudley, Will (Williams College) VI-C Fri AM
Duran, Jane (University of California-Santa Barbara) GVI-14 Thur PM

Ebbs, Gary (University of Illinois-Urbana/Champaign) III-H Thur AM
Egan, Andy (Australian National University) III-G Thur AM
Ekman, Paul (University of California-Berkeley) MI-A Tues PM
Elder, Crawford (University of Connecticut) VIII-E Fri PM
Elliot, Robert (University of the Sunshine Coast) III-B Thur AM
Elster, Jakob (University of Oslo) IV-E Thur PM
Elugardo, Reinaldo (University of Oklahoma) V-C Thur PM
Engel, Jr., Mylan (Northern Illinois University) GVIII-11 Fri PM
Eshleman, Andrew (University of Arkansas-Little Rock) IV-I Thur PM
Etchemendy, Max (Stanford University) II-I Wed PM
Evren, Sahan (Middle East Technical University) X-G Sat PM

Fallah, Eman (California Institute of Integral Studies) GII-1 Wed PM
Faller, Mark (Alaska Pacific University) GX-7 Sat PM
Fang, Xudong (Shanghai University) GI-3 Wed PM
Faulconer, James (Brigham Young University) IV-J Thur PM
Feenberg, Andrew (Simon Fraser University) V-J Thur PM
Feldman, Karen S. (University of California-Berkeley) IX-G Sat AM
Ferejohn, Michael (Duke University) II-D Wed PM
Fiala, Andrew (University of Wisconsin-Green Bay) GII-2 Wed PM
Figueroa, Robert (Colgate University) XII-G Sun AM
Fileva, Iskra (Boston University) GIX-3 Sat PM
Fine, Arthur (University of Washington) XI-E Sat PM
Finsen, Susan (California State University-San Bernadino) I-G Wed PM
Fitelson, Branden (University of California-Berkeley) IV-C Thur PM
Flores, Albert (California State University-Fullerton) X-E Sat PM
Florio, Salvatore (The Ohio State University) VIII-J Fri PM
Fodor, Jerry (Rutgers University) VI-B Fri AM
Follesdal, Dagfinn (Stanford University) IX-C Sat AM
Forrester, Elizabeth (Sacramento City College) I-E Wed PM
Forster, Malcolm (University of Wisconsin) XII-D Sun AM
Fournier, Pascale (School of Law, Harvard University/McGill University) VII-L Fri PM
Francis, Leslie (University of Utah) XII-E Sun AM
Franks, Paul (Notre Dame University) XII-B Sun AM
Fraser, Bruce (Indian River College) GVI-14 Thur PM
Frasz, Geoffrey (Community College of Southern Nevada) I-E Wed PM, V-L Thur PM, GX-5 Sat PM
Frawley, Matthew J. (Princeton University) GVI-6 Thur PM
Frede, Dorothea (University of Hamburg) II-I Wed PM, III-F Thur AM, VII-D Fri PM
Freelove, David (University of California-Davis) VI-H Fri AM
Freeman, Samuel (University of Pennsylvania) IX-E Sat AM
French, Peter (Arizona State University) XI-H Fri PM
Friedman, Marilyn (Washington University in St. Louis) V-A Thur PM
Friedman, Michael (Stanford University) XI-E Sat PM
Frierson, Patrick R. (Whitman College) GVIII-9 Fri PM, GX-5 Sat PM, XII-G Sun AM
Frisch, Mathias F. (University of Maryland) XI-F Sat AM
Fritzman, J. M. (Lewis and Clark College) II-C Wed PM, GII-6 Wed PM
Fung, Yiu-ming (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology) GVIII-16 Fri PM

Gallagher, Shaun (University of Central Florida) IX-C Sat AM
Galvin, Richard (Texas Christian University) IV-E Thur PM
Gamboa, Steven (California State University-Bakersfield/Claremont Graduate University) IX-I Sat AM
Garber, Daniel (Princeton University) III-E Thur AM
Garcia, Ernesto V. (Columbia University) GVIII-15 Fri PM
Gardner, Sebastian (University of London) XII-B Sun AM
Garry, Ann (California State University-Los Angeles) GX-8 Sat PM
Gartner, Corinne (Stanford University) IV-F Thur PM
Gasper, Phil (Notre Dame de Namur University) GI-1 Wed PM
Gauthier, Jeffrey A. (University of Portland) GII-6 Wed PM
Geivett, R. Douglas (Biola University) GII-8 Wed PM
George, David (University of Newcastle) X-J Sat PM, GX-4 Sat PM
George, Rolf (University of Waterloo) VIII-L Fri PM
Gerrek, Monica L. (Bowling Green State University) GVIII-11 Fri PM
Gert, Bernard (Dartmouth College) GIX-13 Sat PM
Gibbard, Allan (University of Michigan)VI-A Fri AM
Gier, Nicholas F. (University of Idaho) GVI-2 Thur PM
Gilbert, Margaret (University of Connecticut) X-B Sat PM
Gill, Michael (University of Arizona) VI-A Fri AM
Gillies, Anthony S. (University of Michigan) IX-M Sat AM
Glanzberg, Michael (University of California-Davis) X-K Sat PM
Glymour, Clark (Carnegie Mellon University) I-F Wed PM, IV-C Thur PM
Goering, Sara (University of Washington) III-B Thur AM
Gogol, Eugene (Independent Scholar) GVIII-6 Fri PM
Goldberg, Nathaniel (Mount Saint Mary's University) III-J Thur AM
Goldberg, Sanford (University of Kentucky) GVIII-3 Fri PM, X-E Sat PM
Goldie, Peter (King's College London) VII-A Fri PM
Goldman, Alan (College of William and Mary) IV-E Thur PM
Goldner, Rebecca (Villanova University) XII-I Sun AM
Gordon, Bruce (Baylor University) GV-1 Thur PM
Gordon, Jill (Colby College) I-H Wed PM
Gosselin, Abigail (University of Colorado-Boulder) III-G Thur AM
Goswami, Namita (DePaul University) GX-8 Sat PM
Gould, Carol (Florida Atlantic University) VIII-C Fri PM
Goulding, Jay (York University) GVIII-1 Fri PM
Gracia, Jorge (University at Buffalo, State University of New York) VI-J Fri AM
Graff, Delia (Cornell University) X-K Sat PM
Graham, Daniel W. (Brigham Young University) IX-D Sat AM
Graham, Peter (University of California-Riverside) V-D Thur PM
Grassi, Paolo Teresa (Independent Practitioner) GX-10 Sat PM
Grassia, Massimo (Columbia University) VII-I Fri PM
Grau, Christopher M. (Florida International University) GVI-5 Thur PM, VII-H Fri PM
Greco, John (Fordham University) GVIII-3 Fri PM
Green, Christopher R. (University of Notre Dame) V-D Thur PM
Green, Jeffrey H. (University of Notre Dame) VIII-I Fri PM
Green, Judith (Fordham University) GI-2, Wed PM
Green, Michael (University of Chicago) III-D Thur AM
Greene, Richard (Weber State University) GVIII-3 Fri PM, GIX-1 Sat PM
Greenwell Janzen, Monica (University of Minnesota) XII-E Sun AM
Grenberg, Jeanine (St. Olaf College) GVIII-9 Fri PM
Grier, Michelle (University of San Diego) X-G Sat PM
Griffin, Chris (Northern Arizona University) XII-F Sun AM
Griffiths, Paul (University of Queensland) MII-A Wed AM, IX-B Sat AM
Grimm, Stephen R. (University of Notre Dame) VII-H Fri PM
Griswold, Charles (Boston University/Stanford Humanities Center) VIII-G Fri PM
Groarke, Leo (Wilfrid Laurier University) GVIII-8 Fri PM
Groff, Peter (Bucknell University) GVI-2 Thur PM
Growdon, Cathy (California State University-Chico) GII-9 Wed PM
Gunther, York (California State University-Northridge) X-E Sat PM
Guzeldere, Guven (Duke University) III-A Thur AM

Habibi, Don (University of North Carolina-Willmington) I-E Wed PM
Hajdin, Mane (Dominican University of California) IX-F Sat AM
Hall, Eric (Loyola Marymount University) GVIII-7 Fri PM
Halper, Edward (University of Georgia) II-C Wed PM
Halpern, Jodi (University of California-Berkeley) IX-L Sat AM
Halwani, Raja (School of the Art Institute of Chicago) GVI-12 Thur PM, IX-A Sat AM
Hand, Michael (Texas A&M University) V-F Thur PM
Hanks, Craig (Texas State University-San Marcos) III-I Thur AM
Hanks, Peter (University of Minnesota-Twin Cities) VIII-J Fri PM
Hanna, Patricia (University of Utah) IV-H Thur PM
Hannah, Mark (Immortal Drum Productions) V-I Thur PM
Hansen, Chad (University of Hong Kong) VII-B Fri PM, GVIII-16 Fri PM
Hanson, Jeffrey (Fordham University) GVI-6 Thur PM
Hardimon, Michael (University of California-San Diego) X-G Sat PM
Hardin, Russell (New York University) III-D Thur AM
Harman, Elizabeth (New York University) VIII-F Fri PM
Harold, James (Mount Holyoke College) VIII-H Fri PM
Harper, Bill (University of Western Ontario) VIII-L Fri PM
Harris, Angie (University of Utah) VI-F Fri AM
Harris, Leonard (Purdue University) IV-L Thur PM
Harrison-Carter, Victoria (University of Glasgow) GVIII-12 Fri PM
Hartmann, Stephan (London School of Economics) IV-C Thur PM
Hassoun, Nicole (University of Arizona) GIX-3 Sat PM
Hatcher, Donald (Baker University) GVIII-8 Fri PM
Haugeland, John (University of Chicago) III-C Thur AM
Harvey, Martin (Cleveland State University) GVIII-13 Fri PM
Harvey, Van (Stanford University) GIV-1 Thur AM
Hawthorne, John (Rutgers University) VII-E Fri PM
Haybron, Daniel M. (Saint Louis University) II-E Wed PM
Heck, Richard (Harvard University) VI-B Fri AM
Heil, John (Washington University in St. Louis) XI-F Sat PM
Hendricks, Christina L. (University of British Columbia) III-I Thur AM
Hendricks, Scott (Clark University) IV-G Thur PM
Herrnstein, Thomas (University of Utah) VIII-H Fri PM
Herzberg, Larry A. (University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh) X-E Sat PM
Hestir, Blake (Texas Christian University) VI-H Fri AM
Hetcher, Steve (Law, Vanderbilt University) III-D Thur AM
Herr, Ranjoo Seodu (Bentley College) GX-8 Sat PM
Hewitt, Howard (University of Nebraska-Lincoln) XII-H Sun AM
Hickerson, Ryan (University of California-San Diego) VIII-K Fri PM
Hieronymi, Pamela (University of California-Los Angeles) GX-9 Sat PM, XII-H Sun AM
Higgins, Kathleen (University of Texas-Austin) VI-E Fri AM
Himma, Kenneth Einar (Seattle Pacific University) II-G Wed PM
Hinchman, Edward S. (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee) X-E Sat PM
Hirschbein, Ron (California State University-Chico) GII-9 Wed PM
Hirschmann, Nancy (University of Pennsylvania) V-A Thur PM
Ho, Anita (St. Catherine's College) XII-E Sun AM
Hoffman, Piotr (University of Nevada-Reno) IX-C Sat AM
Hofweber, Thomas (University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill) VI-G Fri AM
Hogan, Melinda (Kwantlen University College) IX-H Sat AM
Holder, Cindy (University of Victoria) III-G Thur AM
Hom, Christopher (University of California-Santa Cruz) IV-H Thur PM
Hong, Chang-Seong (Minnesota State University-Moorhead) VI-K Fri AM
Hopkins, Robert (University of Sheffield) GIII-1 Wed PM, VII-A Fri PM, VIII-H Fri PM
Horgan, Terence (University of Arizona) X-C Sat PM, GVI-11 Thur PM
Hoskins, Paul (Olympic College) GII-1 Wed PM
Howard, Donald (University of Notre Dame) XI-E Sat PM
Howell, Charles L. (Minnesota State University-Moorhead) II-G Wed PM
Hoy, Jocelyn (University of California-Santa Cruz) IX-G Sat AM
Hsieh, Nien-hê (University of Pennsylvania) GVI-3 Thur PM
Hsu, Andrew (University of California-Los Angeles) GVI-13 Thur PM
Hudin, Jennifer (University of California-Berkeley) X-B Sat PM
Huebner, Bryce (University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill) III-G Thur AM
Huffman, Carl (DePauw University) X-D Sat PM
Hughes, Paul (University of Michigan-Dearborn) VIII-G Fri PM
Humphreys, Paul (University of Virginia) XII-D Sun AM
Hunter, David (University at Buffalo, State University of New York) VII-I Fri PM
Hurka, Thomas (University of Toronto) VIII-D Fri PM
Hurley, Paul (Pomona College) III-C Thur AM
Hurley, Susan (University of Warwick) IX-E Sat AM
Hutchings, Kimberly (London School of Economics and Political Science) GII-6 Wed PM
Hutson, Scott (Anthropology, University of California-Berkeley) IX-J Sat AM
Hutton, Eric (University of Utah) VII-B Fri PM

Ihara, Craig K. (California State University-Fullerton) VII-B Fri PM
Ilea, Ramona Cristina (University of Minnesota) XII-G Sun AM
Irvin, Sherri (Carleton University) XI-A Sat PM, GIX-4 Sat PM
Irwin, Kristen (University of California-San Diego) VIII-K Fri PM
Irwin, William (Kings College) I-A Wed PM
Ishizuka, Patrick Steven (Santa Clara University) GX-6 Sat PM
Iwasawa, Tomoko (Kogakuin University) VI-I Fri AM

Jack, Anthony I. (Washington University in St. Louis) I-F Wed PM
Jackman, Henry (York University) VIII-J Fri PM
Jackson, Bernard (Ithaca College) XII-E Sun AM
Jackson, Debra (California State University-Bakersfield) VIII-G Fri PM
Jacobson, John (University of California-San Diego) IX-H Sat AM
Jagger, Alison M. (University of Colorado-Boulder) GX-8 Sat PM
Jamieson, Dale (New York University) III-B Thur AM
James, Gene (University of Memphis) GX-2 Sat PM
Jenkins, Scott (Reed College) VI-C Fri AM
Jennot, Tom (Gonzaga University) GVIII-6 Fri PM
Jennings, Ray (Simon Fraser University) V-F Thur PM
Jeshion, Robin (Yale University / University of California-Riverside) II-B Wed PM
Johnson, Jeffrey (University of Wisconsin-Madison) V-E Thur PM
Johnson, Jeffrey T. (University of Minnesota) GVI-13 Thur PM
Jolley, Kelly Dean (Auburn University) II-F Wed PM
Jolley, Nicholas (University of California-Irvine) XII-I Sun AM
Jollimore, Troy (California State University-Chico) VII-G Fri PM
Jones, Royce (University of Illinois-Springfield) III-K Thur AM
Joseph, Marc (Mills College) VIII-J Fri PM
Jost, Lawrence J. (University of Cincinnati) IV-F Thur PM
Joyce, Jim (University of Michigan) IV-C Thur PM
Jung, Hwa Yol (Moravian College) GVIII-1 Fri PM
Justin, Gale (California State University-Sacramento) I-H Wed PM, GVIII-4 Fri PM

Kahn, Charles (University of Pennsylvania) X-D Sat PM, XI-B Sat PM
Kalef, Justin (University of Portland) IX-G Sat AM
Kamtekar, Rachana (University of Arizona) XI-B Sat PM
Kaplan, Jonathan (Oregon State University) VII-J Fri PM
Kaplan, Stephen (Manhattan College) GVIII-12 Fri PM
Kaspar, David (University of Nevada-Reno) IX-J Sat AM
Kawall, Jason R. (Colgate University) IX-F Sat AM
Kaye, Sharon (John Carroll University) II-H Wed PM
Kazmi, Ali (University of Calgary) V-F Thur PM
Kealey, Erin (Boston College) GVIII-13 Fri PM
Kegley, Jacquelyn (California State University-Bakersfield) GVIII-10 Fri PM, XII-E Sun AM
Kelch, Ron (Independent Scholar) GVIII-6 Fri PM
Kelly, Sean (Princeton University) VII-F Fri PM
Kelsey, Sean (University of California-Los Angeles) II-D Wed PM
Kennedy, Nadia Zabtcheva (Montclair State University) GX-6 Sat PM
Kennedy-Day, Kiki (Rutgers University-Newark) XI-G Sat PM
Kenny, Patrick (University of Rochester) II-F Wed PM
Kent, Bonnie (University of California-Irvine) XII-I Sun AM
Kern, Diane (Insight Center) GX-10 Sat PM
Khazaee, Malek (California State University-Long Beach) VI-F Fri AM, GVIII-14 Fri PM
Kim, David (University of San Francisco) XII-C Sun AM
Kim, Joongol (University of Notre Dame) GVI-8 Thur PM
Kincaid, Harold (University of Alabama-Birmingham) IX-J Sat AM
King, Jeffrey (University of Southern California) VIII-J Fri PM
Kipper, Judith (Council on Foreign Relations) X-J Sat PM, GX-4 Sat PM
Kisner, Matthew J. (University of South Carolina) VIII-K Fri PM
Kivy, Peter (Rutgers University) VII-A Fri PM
Knisely, Ken (Milk Bottle Productions) V-I Thur PM
Kobes, Bernard W. (Arizona State University) VII-I Fri PM
Kögler, Hans-Herbert (University of North Florida) IV-J Thur PM
Kolb, David (Bates College) I-B Wed PM
Koeplin, Aimee (Loyola Marymount University) IV-I Thur PM
Kolers, Avery (University of Louisville) XII-F Sun AM
Kolodny, Niko (Harvard University) X-B Sat PM
Kolson, Kenneth (National Endowment for the Humanities) III-F Thur AM
Koons, Robert (University of Texas-Austin) GII-8 Wed PM
Koopman, Colin (McMaster University) GVIII-7 Fri PM
Korman, Daniel (University of Texas-Austin) VI-G Fri AM
Kovach, Adam (Marymount University) XII-J Sun AM
Kovenock, Kate (Connecticut College) GX-5 Sat PM
Kraay, Klaas (Ryerson University) IV-I Thur PM
Krasner, Daniel A. (University of California-Los Angeles) VIII-I Fri PM
Kreines, James (Yale University) VII-J Fri PM
Kriegel, Uriah (University of Arizona) VII-I Fri PM
Krieger, William H. (California State Polytechnic University-Pomona) IX-J Sat AM
Kuehn, Manfred (Boston University/University of Marburg) XI-C Sat PM
Kukkonen, Taneli (University of Victoria) XI-G Sat PM
Kukla, Rebecca (Carleton University) I-C Wed PM
Kulvicki, John V. (Dartmouth College) VIII-H Fri PM
Kung, Peter (Pomona College) X-E Sat PM
Kurtz, Paul (University at Buffalo, State University of New York) X-J Sat PM, GX-4 Sat PM

LaBossiere, Barbara (California State University-Fresno) GX-11 Sat PM
Lachs, John (Vanderbilt University) II-A Wed PM
Lackey, Jennifer (Northern Illinois University) III-H Thur AM
Lahroodi, Reza (University of Northern Iowa) III-H Thur AM
Lance, Mark (Georgetown University) I-C Wed PM
Landesman, Bruce (University of Utah) IV-F Thur PM
Lango, John (Hunter College, City University of New York) GX-3 Sat PM
Lapointe, Sandra (Concordia University) GVI-14 Thur PM
Lathy, Rhiannon (John Carroll University) II-H Wed PM
Lavine, Shaughan (University of Arizona) VII-K Fri PM, XI-K Sat PM
Lawlor, Krista (Stanford University) X-E Sat PM
Lear, Jonathan (University of Chicago) VII-A Fri PM
Leddy, Thomas (San Jose State University) V-G Thur PM
Lee, Kwang-Sae (Kent State University) GIII-3 Wed PM, GX-1 Sat PM
Lee, Kyoo (LaGrange College) V-H Thur PM
Lee, Sander H. (Keene State College) IV-I Thur PM, GVI-5 Thur PM
Lelanuja, Marissa (University of Utah) II-E Wed PM
Lemetti, Juhana (University of Helsinki) GVIII-13 Fri PM
Lepore, Ernie (Rutgers University) XI-D Sat PM
Levin, Janet (University of Southern California) IX-H Sat AM
Levenson, Robert (University of California-Berkeley) MII-A Wed AM
Lewis, Eric (McGill University) X-H Sat PM
Lewis, Neil (Georgetown University) II-I Wed PM, IV-D Thur PM
Lin, Ginny (California Institute of Integral Studies) GIX-2 Sat PM
Lin, Ma (University of Leuven) GIX-2 Sat PM
Lisska, Anthony J (Denison University) XII-I Sun AM
Liston, Michael N. (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee) VIII-F Fri PM
Liszka, James (University of Alaska,-Anchorage) VII-H Fri PM
Littlejohn, Clayton (University of Nebraska-Lincoln) XII-H Sun AM
Lloyd, Sharon (University of Southern California) VII-G Fri PM
Loeffler, Ronald W. (Grand Valley State University) IV-H Thur PM
Lombard, Lawrence B. (Wayne State University) X-H Sat PM
London, Alex John (Carnegie Mellon University) IX-L Sat AM
Long, Douglas C. (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill) XII-J Sun AM
Long, Tony (University of California-Berkeley) XI-B Sat PM
Longuenesse, Beatrice (New York University) X-G Sat PM
Lopes, Dominic McIver (University of British Columbia) XI-A Sat PM
Lott, Tommy (San Jose State University) IV-L Thur PM
Lovering, Robert P. (American University) GVIII-11 Fri PM
Lucey, Kenneth (University of Nevada-Reno) II-F Wed PM
Lynch, Joseph (California Polytechnic State University-San Luis Obispo) GX-12 Sat PM
Lynch, Michael P. (University of Connecticut) I-D Wed PM

Macbeth, Danielle (Haverford College) III-C Thur AM
MacFarlane, John (University of California-Berkeley) XI-D Sat PM
Macklin, Ruth (Albert Einstein College of Medicine) IX-L Sat AM
Maclaren, Kim (Northern Arizona University) XII-E Sun AM
Macleod, Alistair M. (Queen's University) XII-H Sun AM
Mahrdt, Helgard (University of Oslo) VI-I Fri AM
Maibom, Heidi (Carleton University) I-F Wed PM
Maiese, Michelle (University of Colorado-Boulder) III-G Thur AM
Maine, Edward (California State University-Fullerton) III-G Thur AM
Makkai, Katalin (Barnard College) IX-G Sat AM
Mallon, Ron (University of Utah) GVI-4 Thur PM
Malone, Michael (Northern Arizona University) IX-J Sat AM
Mandelbaum, Eric (University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill) XII-H Sun AM
Manning, Richard (University of Georgetown) II-F Wed PM
Manning, Rita (San Jose State University) GVII-1 Thur PM
Mar, Gary (State University of New York Stony Brook) V-H Thur PM
Marcucci, Nicola (Independent Scholar) GII-1 Wed PM
Margolis, Joseph (Temple University) VI-I Fri AM
Markie, Peter (University of Missouri-Columbia) III-H Thur AM
Markosian, Ned (Western Washington University) GVI-7 Thur PM
Markowitz, Sally (Willamette University) GIX-4 Sat PM
Martin, Christopher J. (University of Auckland) V-C Thur AM, IV-D Thur PM
Martin, Jose (University of Nevada-Reno) III-J Thur AM
Martin, Michael (University College London) VII-F Fri PM
Martin, Wayne (University of California-San Diego) VI-C Fri AM
Martinot, Steve (San Francisco State University) GII-7 Wed PM
Maslen, Cei (Florida State University) XI-F Sat PM
Mason, Elinor (University of Edinburgh) IX-F Sat AM
Mathiesen, Kay (Montclair State University) XII-I Sun AM
Mathis, Terry R. (University of California-Riverside) GX-10 Sat PM
Mattey, G. J. (University of California-Davis) IX-I Sat AM
Matthen, Mohan (University of British Columbia) III-A Thur AM
Matusicky , Dan (John Carroll University) II-H Wed PM
May, Larry (Washington University in St Louis) IV-K Thur PM, V-K Thur PM
Mayes, G. Randolph (California State University-Sacramento) VII-H Fri PM
McAleer, Sean (University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire) IX-G Sat AM
McBride III, Lee A. (Saint Mary’s College of California) III-I Thur AM
McCabe, Mary Margaret (King's College London) II-D Wed PM
McCauley, Robert (Emory University) XII-A Sun AM
McClendon, John (Bates College) XI-I Sat PM
McLeod, Alexus (University of Oklahoma) GI-3 Wed PM
McCoy, Marina Berzins (Boston College) I-H Wed PM, GVI-9 Thur PM
McCullagh, Mark (University of Guelph) XII-J Sun AM
McCumber, John (University of California-Los Angeles) I-B Wed PM
McDaniel, Kristopher (University of Syracuse) V-E Thur PM
McDonald, Fritz J. (Graduate Center, City University of New York) GVIII-7 Fri PM
McEvoy, Mark (Hofstra University) IV-F Thur PM
McGeer, Victoria (Princeton University) GX-9 Sat PM
McGrath, Matthew (University of Missouri-Columbia) I-D Wed PM
McGrath, Sarah (Holy Cross College) X-F Sat PM
McHenry, Leemon (California State University-Northridge) GX-3 Sat PM
McIntyre, Ronald (California State University-Northridge) IX-I Sat AM
McKirahan, Richard (Pomona College) X-D Sat PM
McMahon, Christopher (University of California-Santa Barbara) GVI-3 Thur PM
McPherran, Mark (University of Maine-Farmington) I-H Wed PM
McPherson, Lionel K. (Tufts University) IV-K Thur PM
McShane, Katie (North Carolina State University) III-B Thur AM
Melamed, Yitzhak (Yale University) XII-B Sun AM
Mendieta, Eduardo (State University of New York-Stony Brook) GII-7 Wed PM
Menta, Tim (St. Francis College) GX-7 Sat PM
Mercier, Adèle (Queens University) X-I Sat PM
Merriam, Garret (Rice University) GVIII-7 Fri PM
Merritt, Melissa (Georgia State University) GVI-8 Thur PM
Meskin, Aaron (Texas Tech University) GIII-1 Wed PM, XI-A Sat PM
Meyer, Ulrich (Colgate University) XI-F Sat PM
Michalski, Krzysztof (Boston University/University of Warsaw) X-J Sat PM, GX-4 Sat PM
Middleton, Kari (Syracuse University) III-I Thur AM
Milcinski, Maja (Ljubljana University) GVIII-1 Fri PM, GX-1 Sat PM
Miller, Christian B. (Wake Forest University) IV-E Thur PM
Miller, Dale E. (Old Dominion University) GVIII-11 Fri PM
Miller, Franklin G. (National Institutes of Health) IX-L Sat AM
Mirvish, Adrian (California State University-Chico) GII-4 Wed PM
Mitsuda, Masato (University of San Francisco) GIX-2 Sat PM
Modrak, Deborah (University of Rochester) X-L Sat AM
Moellendorf, Darrel (San Diego State University) IX-K Sat AM
Mohr, Richard D. (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) X-I Sat PM
Moland, Lydia (Babson College) VII-J Fri PM
Montague, Michelle I. (University of California-Irvine) IX-H Sat AM
Moore, Adam D. (University of Washington) X-F Sat PM
Moore, Darrell (DePaul University) V-H Thur AM
Moore, Eric (Longwood University) I-E Wed PM
Moravscik, Julius (Stanford University) GVIII-4 Fri PM
Morgan, Kathryn (University of Toronto) VI-D Fri AM
Moriarty, Jeff (California State University-Long Beach) GVI-3 Thur PM
Morris, William E. (Illinois Wesleyan University) IX-I Sat AM
Mosedale, Fred (Millikin University) GVI-13 Thur PM
Moss, Lenny (University of Notre Dame) IV-J Thur PM
Mou, Bo (San Jose State University) GVIII-16 Fri PM
Moulard-Leonard, Valentine (University of Memphis) GVI-5 Thur PM
Mouracade, John (Oklahoma Baptist University) GVI-9 Thur PM
Moyar, Dean (The Johns Hopkins University) VI-C Fri AM
Munzer, Stephen (University of California-Los Angeles) I-G Wed PM
Murphy, Jeffrie (Arizona State University) Presidential Address PM

Nagel, Jennifer (University of Toronto) IV-G Thur PM
Neill, Alex (Southampton University) VI-E Fri AM
Nelson, Lawrence J. (Santa Clara University) XII-G Sun AM
Nelson, Michael (Yale University/University of California-Riverside) GVI-7 Thur PM, VII-I Fri PM
Neta, Ram (University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill) GVIII-3 Fri PM, IX-H Sat AM
Neufeld, Blane (Stanford University) IV-K Thur PM
Newman, Lex (Univeristy of Utah) XII-I Sun AM
Ney, Alyssa (Brown University) XII-J Sun AM
Nichols, Shaun (University of Utah) GVIII-2 Fri PM, XII-A Sun AM
Nickel, James (Arizona State University) VIII-C Fri PM
Nickel, Philip (University of California-Irvine) IV-G Thur PM
Nickles, Thomas (University of Nevada-Reno) III-J Thur AM
Niemi, Jari I. (Purdue University) IV-J Thur PM
Nobis, Nathan (University of Rochester) IX-F Sat AM
Noë, Alva (University of California-Berkeley) VII-F Fri PM
Nogales, Patti (California State University-Sacramento) VI-G Fri AM
Nolan, Larry (California State University-Long Beach) IV-B Thur PM
Norcross, Alastair (Rice University) VII-G Fri PM
Normore, Calvin (University of California-Los Angeles) Carus Lecture I Thur PM
Nuzzo, Angelica (Brooklyn College, City University of New York) I-B Wed PM

O’Sullivan, Brendan (Rhodes College) XI-F Sat PM
Olberding, Amy (University of Oklahoma) VI-K Fri AM
Olson, Alan (Boston University) X-J Sat PM, GX-4 Sat PM
Orosco, José-Antonio (Oregon State University) GII-7 Wed PM
Otte, Richard (University of California-Santa Cruz) GV-1 Thur PM
Ottman, Jennifer (Stanford University) II-I Wed PM, II-I Thur AM, IV-D Thur PM
Ostaric, Lara (University of Notre Dame) X-G Sat PM
Otsuka, Michael (University College London) X-F Sat PM
Overall, Christine (Queen’s University) IV-A Thur PM

Paller, Bonnie (California State University-Northridge) XII-H Sun AM
Palmer, Clare (Washington University) GX-5 Sat PM
Palmer, Daniel (Kent State University-Trumbull) V-L Thur PM
Palmer, John (University of Florida) IX-D Sat AM
Papineau, David (King's College London) IX-B Sat AM
Pappas, Gregory Fernando (Texas A & M University) GI-2 Wed PM
Parikh, Rohit (City University of New York) IX-M Sat AM
Paris, Jeff (University of San Francisco) GVII-1 Thur PM
Parsons, Josh (University of California) V-E Thur PM
Partridge, Ernest (independent Scholar) GX-5 Sat PM
Patterson, Douglas (Kansas State University) IV-H Thur PM
Paul, L.A. (University of Arizona) V-E Thur PM
Peck, William (Reed College) X-G Sat PM
Peffer, Rodney G. (University of San Diego) GVII-1 Thur PM
Pence, Gregory (University of Alabama-Birmingham) II-A Wed PM
Perpich, Diane (Vanderbilt University) III-I Thur AM
Pettigrove, Glen (Santa Clara University) GIII-2 Wed PM, GVIII-14 Fri PM
Pettit, Dean (University of North Carolina) IV-H Thur PM
Phelan, Mark (University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill) VI-F Fri AM
Phillips, Matt (City College, City Universty of New York) VIII-J Fri PM
Pippin, Robert (University of Chicago) III-C Thur AM
Possin, Kevin (Winona State University) GVIII-8 Fri PM
Portmore, Douglas W. (California State University-Northridge) XII-H Sun AM
Powell, John (Humboldt State University) GVI-13 Thur PM
Prabhu, Joseph (California State University-Los Angeles) GVIII-14 Fri PM
Pratt, Michael (Queen’s University) X-B Sat PM
Presler, Judith (University of North Carolina-Charlotte) GII-9 Wed PM
Prins, Baukje (University of Groningen) VII-L Fri PM
Prinz, Jesse (University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill) MII-A Wed AM, XII-A Sun AM
Prior, Benjamin (University of Toledo) GVI-10 Thur PM
Prior, William (Santa Clara University) I-H Wed PM
Prisco, Robert (John Carroll University) II-H Wed PM
Pritchard, Duncan (University of Stirling) GVIII-3 Fri PM
Pynes, Christopher A. (University of Tennessee) V-F Thur PM, GX-11 Sat PM

Quinn, Carol (University of North Carolina-Charlotte) IV-A Thur PM, GVI-12 Thur PM
Quinn, John (University of Dayton) GIII-3 Fri PM, GX-1 Sat PM
Quiring, John (Center for Process Studies) GX-3 Sat PM

Rabossi, Ernesto (Universidad de Buenos Aires) VI-J Fri AM
Ranganathan, Shyam (York University) GVIII-12 Fri PM
Rasmussen, David (Boston College) X-J Sat PM, GX-4 Sat PM
Rattan, Gurpreet (University of Toronto) IV-H Thur PM
Raymont, Paul D. (University of Toronto) VII-I Fri PM
Rechtin, Lissa (Kaiser Permanente Medical Group) GII-4 Wed PM
Redding, Paul (University of Sydney) VI-C Fri AM
Reed, Baron (Northern Illinois University) IV-G Thur PM
Reginster, Bernard (Brown University) GIV-1 Thur AM
Reidy, David (University of Tennessee) XI-J Sat PM
Reimer, Marga (University of Arizona) V-C Thur PM
Reitan, Eric H. (Oklahoma State University) X-F Sat PM
Rellihan, Matthew (Georgetown University) III-J Thur AM
Reshotko, Naomi (University of Denver) I-H Wed PM
Rey, Georges (University of Maryland) VII-I Fri PM
Reyes, Herminia (University of San Diego) V-F Thur PM
Rhodes, Rosamond (Mount Sinai School of Medicine) IX-L Sat AM
Rickless, Samuel C. (University of California-San Diego) XII-I Sun AM
Ring, Merrill (California State University) I-D Wed PM, GVI-13 Thur PM
Risse, Mathias (Harvard University) IX-K Sat AM
Rissler, James D. (Notre Dame University) V-E Thur PM
Roark, Tony P. (Boise State University) X-H Sat PM
Robbins, Philip A. (Washington University in St. Louis) I-F Wed PM
Roberts, Lani (Oregon State University) GII-2 Wed PM, IV-J Thur PM
Robinson, Jenefer (University of Cincinnati) MII-A Wed AM, VI-E Fri PM
Rocheleau, Jordy (Austin Peay State University) GIII-2 Wed PM
Rockmore, Tom (Duquesne University) I-B Wed PM, GVIII-14 Fri PM
Rodin, David (Oxford University/Australian National University) IV-K Thur PM
Romano, Carlin (Philadelphia Inquirer) II-A Wed PM
Romaya, Bassam (Temple University) GIX-4 Sat PM
Rorty, Amelie (Harvard University) Carus Lecture III Sat PM
Rose,John M. (Goucher College) GII-5 Wed PM, GVI-9 Thur PM
Rosenberg, Jay F. (University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill) IV-H Thur PM
Rosenkoetter, Timothy (Dartmouth College) X-G Sat PM
Rosenthal, David (City University of New York) III-A Thur AM
Rosenlee, Li-Hsiang Lisa (University of Mary Washington) GVI-1 Thur PM, GX-2 Sat PM
Ross, Don (University of Cape Town/University of Alabama-Birmingham) IX-J Sat AM
Ross, Glenn (Franklin and Marshall College) IV-G Thur PM
Ross, Stephen D. (Binghamton University) GVI-4 Thur PM
Roth, Paul (University of California-Santa Cruz) IX-J Sat AM
Rottschaeffer, William (Lewis and Clark College) GVIII-2 Fri PM, XII-J Sun AM
Rouse, Joseph (Wesleyan University) I-C Wed PM
Roush, Sherrilyn (Rice University) III-J Thur AM
Rozemond, Marleen (University of Toronto) VII-L Fri PM
Rubarth, Scott (Rollins College) GVIII-4 Fri PM, X-H Sat PM
Ruddick, Sara (New School University) IV-A Thur PM
Rudebusch, George (Northern Arizona University) VII-D Fri PM
Rueger, Alexander (University of Alberta) X-G Sat PM
Rupert, Rob (Texas Tech University) I-F Wed PM
Ruse, Michael (Florida State University) VII-C Fri PM
Russell, J. Michael (California State University-Fullerton) GX-10 Sat PM
Rutherford, Donald (University of California-San Diego) III-E, Thur AM
Ryckman, Thomas (Stanford University) III-D Thur AM
Rysiew, Patrick (University of British Columbia) IX-B Sat AM
Rudd, Anthony (St. Olaf College) GVI-6 Thur PM

Saka, Paul (University of Houston) IV-H Thur PM
Salzman, Judy (California Polytechnic State University-San Luis Obispo) GX-12 Sat PM
Sampath, Raj (Independent Scholar) GVI-6 Thur PM
Santana, Alejandro (University of Portland) I-H Wed PM
Santoni, Ron (Denison University) GII-4 Wed PM
Satz, Ani (Law School, Emory University) III-B Thur AM
Satz, Debra (Stanford University) GI-1 Wed PM, IX-K Sat AM
Savitt, Steven (University of British Columbia) GVI-7 Thur PM, X-H Sat PM
Sawicki, Jana (Williams College) VI-D Fri AM
Schaffer, Jonathan (University of Massachusetts) VII-E Fri PM
Schaller, Walter E. (Texas Tech University) XII-F Sun AM
Scharle, Margaret E. (Reed College) VI-H Fri AM
Schick, Ted (Muhlenberg College) I-A Wed PM
Schick, Theodore (Muhlenberg College) V-L Thur PM
Schiller, Aaron A. (University of California-San Diego) II-F Wed PM
Schmaltz, Tad (Duke University) IV-B Thur PM
Schneider, Susan (Moravian College) VI-G Fri AM
Schonfeld, Martin (University of South Florida) GVIII- Fri PM, XI-C Sat PM
Schoonhoven, Richard D. (U. S. Military Academy) XII-J Sun AM
Schriempf, Alexa (Penn State University) VI-D Fri AM
Schroeder, Timothy (University of Manitoba) IX-H Sat AM
Schubert, Richard (Consumnes River College) GX-12 Sat PM
Schueler, G. F. (University of New Mexico) VI-F Fri AM
Schwarzenbach, Sibyl (The Graduate Center, City University of New York) X-F Sat PM
Schwitzgebel, Eric (University of California-Riverside) X-C Sat PM
Scott, Sam (Washington University in St. Louis) VI-G Fri AM
Seeley, William P. (Brooklyn College) V-G Thur PM
Seidel, Asher (Miami University of Ohio) GX-7 Sat PM
Senor, Thomas D. (University of Arkansas) IV-G Thur PM
Serafimidis, Neocles (University of Washington) III-J Thur AM
Shabo, Seth (University of Vermont) III-G Thur AM
Shafer-Landau, Russ (University of Wisconsin-Madison) X-A Sat PM
Shapiro, Lisa (Simon Fraser University) IV-B Thur PM
Shaw, Michael M. (Utah Valley State College) GVI-9 Thur PM
Shaw, Tamsin (Princeton University) GIV-1 Thur AM
Shelby, Tommie (Harvard University) XII-C Sun AM
Sher, Gila (University of California-San Diego) I-D Wed PM
Sherman, Nancy (Georgetown University) IV-F Thur PM
Sherman, Thomas (Loyola Marymount University) GVI-1 Thur PM
Sheth, Falguni (Hampshire College) V-H Thur AM
Shockley, Kenneth E. (University at Buffalo, State University of New York) VIII-G Fri PM
Shoemaker, David W. (Bowling Green State University) II-E Wed PM
Shrage, Laurie (California State Polytechnic University-Pomona) VII-L Fri PM
Sider, Ted (Rutgers University) VIII-I Fri PM, X-K Sat PM
Siegel, Susanna (Harvard University) IX-H Sat AM
Siewert, Charles (University of California-Riverside) X-C Sat PM
Silber, John (Boston University) X-J Sat PM, GX-4 Sat PM
Silcox, Mark (Auburn University) V-G Thur PM
Silverman, Allan (Ohio State University) II-D Wed PM
Silvers, Anita (San Francisco State University) GVI-12 Thur PM
Simba, Malik (Fresno State University) XI-I Sat PM
Simchen, Ori (University of British Columbia) VI-G Fri AM
Simmons, Alison (Harvard University) IV-B Thur PM
Simon, Stephen (California State University-Fullerton) III-H Thur AM, GVI-13 Thur PM
Singh, Hira (York University) GII-3 Wed PM
Singpurwalla, Rachel (Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville) II-G Wed PM
Sinnott-Armstrong, Walter (Dartmouth College) VI-A Fri AM
Skoog, Kim (University of Guam) GX-2 Sat PM
Slater, Matthew H. (Columbia University) VIII-I Fri PM
Smith, A. Mark (University of Missouri-Columbia) IV-D Thur PM
Smith, Angela (University of Washington) VIII-A Fri PM, GX-9 Sat PM
Smith, David Woodruff (University of California-Irvine) GVI-11 Thur PM
Smith, Donald P. (Virginia Commonwealth University) Vi-F Fri AM
Smith, Jeffery D. (University of Redlands) X-F Sat PM, GVI-3 Thur PM
Smith, Kurt (Bloomsburg University) VIII-K Fri PM
Smith, Nicholas D. (Lewis and Clark College) I-H Wed PM
Sneddon, Andrew G. (University of Ottawa) XII-E Sun AM
Snow, Nancy (Marquette University) IV-F Thur PM
Sobel, J. Howard (University of Toronto) GII-8 Wed PM
Sober, Elliott (University of Wisconsin-Madison) IV-C Thur PM
Sobocan, Jan (Althouse College-University of Western Ontario) GVIII-8 Fri PM
Solomon, Robert (University of Texas) VI-E Fri AM, MI-A Tues PM
Sorensen, Kelly (Ursinus College) XII-E Sun AM
Spencer, Cara (Howard University) IX-H Sat AM
Sreedhar, Susanne (University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill) GIX-3 Sat PM
Stalnaker, Robert (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) IX-M Sat AM
Stanley, Jason (Rutgers University) VII-E Fri PM
Starrett, Shari (California State University-Fullerton) III-H Thur AM
Steel, Daniel P. (Michigan State University) IX-J Sat AM
Steiner, Gary (Bucknell University) GVIII-11 Fri PM
Stephens, Christopher (University of British Columbia) IX-B Sat AM
Stephens, William O. (Creighton University) X-H Sat PM
Sterba, James (Notre Dame University) VII-G Fri PM
Stern, Cindy (California State University-Northridge) VIII-E Fri PM
Stohr, Karen E. (Georgetown University) XII-E Sun AM
Stokes, Dustin (University of British Columbia) V-G Thur PM
Stone, Alison (Lancaster University) II-C Wed PM
Stone, Brad (Loyola Marymount University) GV-1 Thur PM
Stone, Peter (Stanford University) GVI-14 Thur PM
Strawson, Galen (University of Reading/City University of New York Graduate Center) X-C Sat PM
Street, Sharon A. (New York University) XI-H Sat PM
Streeter, George (University of Missouri-St. Louis) III-H Thur AM
Stroll, Avrum (University of California-San Diego) IV-H Thur PM
Stroud, Sarah (McGill University) III-G Thur AM
Sullins, John (Sonoma State University) V-J Thur AM, VII-C Fri PM
Sullivan, Thomas (St. Thomas University) GII-8 Wed PM
Sun, Wei-min (California State University-Northridge) GI-3 Wed PM, GVI-2 Thur PM, XII-J Sun AM
Sundstrom, Ronald (University of San Francisco) IV-L Thur PM, XII-C Sun AM
Suppes, Patrick (Stanford University) III-K Thur AM
Sutherland, Daniel (University of Illinois-Chicago) GVI-8 Thur PM
Sverdlick, Steven (Southern Methodist University) IV-E Thur PM
Swanson, Eric (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) III-G Thur AM

Taiwo, Olufemi (University of Seattle) GVII-1 Thur PM
Taliaferro, Charles (St. Olaf College) GII-8 Wed PM
Talisse, Robert (Vanderbilt University) XII-F Sun AM
Tannenbaum, Julie (University of California-Santa Cruz) IX-F Sat AM, GX-9 Sat PM
Tateno, Masami (Nihon University) GVIII-1 Fri PM
Taylor, Dianne (John Carroll University) VI-I Fri AM
Taylor, Jacqueline (University of San Francisco) IX-I Sat AM
Taylor, Ken (Stanford University) XI-D Sat PM
Taylor, Paul C. (Temple University) VIII-A Fri PM
Teays, Wanda (Mount St. Mary's College) GVIII-10 Fri PM
Teller, Paul (University of California-Davis) XII-D Sun AM
Tenenbaum, Sergio (University of Toronto) I-E Wed PM
Tennberg, Chris (University of California-Santa Barbara) GX-11 Sat PM
Thau, Michael (Temple University) IX-H Sat AM
Thielke, Peter (Pomona College) XII-B Sun AM, GVI-8 Thur PM
Thomas, Christine J. (Dartmouth College) VII-D Fri PM
Thomas, Laurence (Syracuse University) VIII-A Fri PM
Thomasson, Amie (University of Miami) GIII-1 Wed PM, VIII-E Fri PM
Thomson, Iain (University of New Mexico) IV-J Thur PM
Thomson, Paul (John Carroll University) II-H Wed PM
Tiffany, Evan (Simon Fraser University) VI-F Fri AM
Timmons, Mark (University of Arizona) GVI-11 Thur PM, VIII-D Fri PM
Timpe, Kevin (University of San Diego) IV-I Thur PM
Tlumak, Jeffrey (Vanderbilt University) IX-I Sat AM
Tolhurst, William (Northern Illinois University) VII-H Fri PM
Tolliver, Joseph (University of Arizona) Carus Lecture II Fri PM
Toner, Christopher H. (Air University) IV-F Thur PM
Tong, Lik Kuen (Fairfield University) GVIII-5 Fri PM
Tong, Rosemarie (University of North Carolina-Charlotte) IV-A Thur PM, GVIII-10 Fri PM
Tooley, Michael (University of Colorado-Boulder) GVI-7 Thur PM
Toppinen, Teemu (University of Helsinki) IX-F Sat AM
Traiger, Saul (Occidental College) IX-I Sat AM
Tremain, Shelley (University of Toronto-Mississauga) VI-D Fri AM
Tropea, Gregory (California State University-Chico) GII-4 Wed PM
Trott, Adriel (Villanova University) GX-7 Sat PM
Tsouna, Voula (University of California-Santa Barbara) VIII-B Fri PM
Tuedio, James A. (California State University-Stanislaus) GX-10 Sat PM
Turner, Derek (Connecticut College) GX-5 Sat PM
Tye, Michael (University of Texas-Austin) III-A Thur AM

Ulatowski, Joe (University of Utah) II-F Wed PM
Uzquiano, Gabriel (University of Rochester) V-F Thur PM

Vallega, Alejandro A. (California State University-Stanislaus) GVI-10 Thur PM
Vallega-Neu, Daniela (Caifornia State University-Stanislaus) GVI-10 Thur PM
Valls, Andrew (Oregon State University) GII-7 Wed PM
van Benthem, Johan (Stanford University/University of Amsterdam) IX-M Sat AM
Van Camp, Julie (California State University-Long Beach) XI-J Sat PM
van Oosterhout, Hans (Erasmus University) GVI-3 Thur PM
Vanderheiden, Steve (University of Minnesota) XII-G Sun AM
Vandershraaf, Peter (Carnegie Mellon University) XII-I Sun AM
Vargas, Manuel R. (University of San Francisco) VIII-F Fri PM
Varner, Gary (Texas A&M University) GX-5 Sat PM
Vernallis, Kayley (California State University-Los Angeles) VII-A Fri PM
Vessel, Jean-Paul (New Mexico State University) I-E Wed PM
Vessey, David T. (University of Chicago) IV-J Thur PM
Vildostegui, Gerardo (University of California-Berkeley) III-D Thur AM
Villanueva, Luis Valdes (Universidad de Oviedo) VI-J Fri AM
Viner, Steve (Washington University in St. Louis) GVIII-13 Fri PM
Vision, Gerald (Temple University) V-E Thur PM
Vlahovic, Denis (University of St. Thomas) GVIII-4 Fri PM
Vogler, Candace (University of Chicago) VIII-D Fri AM

Wahba, Mourad (Ain Shams University) X-J Sat PM, GX-4 Sat PM
Walker, Margaret (Arizona State University) II-G Wed PM
Wallace, Andy (Sonoma State University) IV-J Thur PM
Wang, Robin (Loyola Marymount University) GVI-1Thur PM, VI-K Fri AM
Warren, Mary Anne (San Francisco State University) I-G Wed PM
Watkins, Eric (University of California-San Diego) XI-C Sat PM
Watson, Gary (University of California-Riverside) IX-E Sat AM
Watson, Lori (Eastern Michigan University) XII-F Sun AM
Wautischer, Helmut (Sonoma State University) GVIII-14 Fri PM
Weber, Todd (Monterey Peninsula College) XII-G Sun AM
Weber, Todd Bernard (Monterey Peninsula College) IX-F Sat AM
Weberman, David (Georgia State University) IV-J Thur PM
Weijers, Olga (Constantijn Huygens Instituut) II-I Wed PM, III-F Thur AM
Weinberg, Jonathan (Indiana University) GIII-1 Wed PM
Weinberg, Shelley (University of Toronto) XII-I Sun AM
Weirich, Paul (University of Missouri) I-E Wed PM
Weiss, Harold (Northampton Community College) V-L Thur PM
Weitzel, Shelby (College of the Holy Cross) XII-G Sun AM
Wellman, Christopher Heath (Washington University at St Louis) X-A Sat PM
Wertheimer, Roger (Agnes Scott College) V-C Thur PM, VII-M Fri PM
West, Henry R. (Macalester College) I-E Wed PM
Westbrook, Nathan (University of California-Irvine) VII-F Fri PM
Westphal, Kenneth R. (University of East Anglia) VIII-L Fri PM
Whitmire, John (Haverford College) IV-A Thur PM
Widerker, David (Bar-Ilan University) VI-F Fri AM
Wislanka, Urszula (Independent Scholar) GVIII-6 Fri PM
Wisnewski, J. Jeremy (East Carolina University) GII-5 Wed PM
Witt, Charlotte (University of New Hampshire) IV-F Thur PM
Witthaus, Lori (Grand Valley State University) GII-3 Wed PM, GX-6 Sat PM
Wong, Benjamin (Nanyang Technological University) VII-B Fri PM
Wood, Allen (Stanford University) VI-C Fri AM, GI-1 Wed PM
Wood, David (Vanderbilt University) GVI-10 Thur PM
Wood, Rega (Stanford University) II-I Wed PM, III-F Thur AM, IV-D Thur PM
Woodward, Jim (California Institute of Technology) XII-D Sun AM
Wolf, Michael (California State University-Fresno) GX-11 Sat PM
Woolf, Raphael (Harvard University) VIII-B Fri PM
Wrenn, Chase B. (University of Alabama) III-J Thur PM
Wright, Jennifer (University of Wyoming) GVIII-7 Fri PM, GX-6 Sat PM
Wright, John R. (Miami University) IX-G Sat AM
Wu, Kuang-ming (Michigan State University) GVIII-1 Fri PM

Yaffe, Gideon (University of Southern California) II-E Wed PM
Yagisawa, Takashi (California State University-Northridge) XI-D Sat PM
Yi, Byeong-Uk (University of Minnesota) VI-G Fri AM
Yoshimi, Jeffrey (University of California-Merced) GVI-11 Thur PM
Young, Charles (Claremont Graduate University) XI-B Sat PM
Young, Iris Marion (University of Chicago) IX-K Sat AM
Yu, Jiyuan (University at Buffalo, State University of New York) VI-K Fri AM

Zach, Richard (University of California-Irvine) X-K Sat PM
Zack, Naomi (University of Oregon) GX-8 Sat PM
Zalta, Edward (Stanford University) III-F Thur AM
Zeigler, Nancy (University of San Francisco) GI-1 Wed PM
Zimmerman, Aaron (University of California-Santa Barbara) III-H Thur AM
Zimmerman, Dean (Rutgers University) X-H Sat PM
Zinkin, Melissa (State University of New York-Binghamton) GVIII-9 Fri PM

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