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2011 Pacific Division Program Participants
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Mini-conference sessions begin with "M”; group sessions begin with "G.” All others are main sessions.

Aas, Sean (Brown University)  4F Thu PM
Abizadeh, Arash (McGill University)  6M Fri AM
Adams, David M. (California State Polytechnic University–Pomona)  3A Thu AM
Adams, Joseph Q. (Rice University)  10F Sat PM
Agosta, Lou (Independent Scholar)  G2E Wed PM
Aijaz, Imran (University of Michigan–Dearborn)  1C Wed PM
Ainslie, Donald (University of Toronto)  3G Thu AM
Airaksinen, Timo (University of Helsinki)  G6A Fri PM
Akeret, Julie (Twentycentsleft Productions)  MII Wed PM
Albrecht, Ingrid V. (University of Illinois–Urbana-Champaign)  6E Fri AM
Alexander, J. McKenzie (London School of Economics)  1A Wed PM
Alexander, Joshua (Siena College)  G8C Sat PM
Alexander, Larry (University of San Diego)  1I Wed PM
Alfano, Mark (City University of New York–Graduate Center)  1F Wed PM, G8C Sat PM
Allen, Michael (East Tennessee State University)  G2J Wed PM
Allhoff, Fritz (Western Michigan University)  7M Fri PM
Allison, Henry E. (University of California–San Diego and Boston University)  7J Fri PM
Allori, Valia (Northern Illinois University)  11J Sat PM
Almeida, Michael J. (University of Texas–San Antonio)  5J Thu PM
Alshire, Zoe (Washington State University)  6K Fri AM
Alznauer, Mark (Northwestern University)  G4C Thu PM
Amini, Majid (Virginia State University)  9K Sat AM
Anagnostopoulos, Georgios (University of California–San Diego)  1G Wed PM
Anders, John (University of Nevada–Las Vegas)  11F Sat PM
Anderson, Douglas (Southern Illinois University–Carbondale)  G1A Wed PM
Anderson, Jeremy (DePauw University)  G6A Fri PM, 9H Sat AM
Anderson, Luvell (Rutgers University)  6C Fri AM
Anderson, R. Lanier (Stanford University)  G4E Thu PM
Ansell-Pearson, Keith (Warwick University)  G4E Thu PM
Appelbaum, Seth (Tulane University of New Orleans)  G2I Wed PM
Arico, Adam (University of Arizona)  11G Sat PM
Armendt, Brad (Arizona State University)  1H Wed PM
Armour-Garb, Brad (State University of New York–Albany)  10E Sat PM
Askland, Andrew (Arizona State University)  G5C Thu PM
Astourian, Ara (University of Southern California)  10H Sat PM
Atkins, Philip (University of California–Santa Barbara)  10E Sat PM
Audi, Paul R. (University of Nebraska–Omaha)  9K Sat AM
Audi, Robert (University of Notre Dame)  MI-2 Wed PM
Austin, Emily A. (Wake Forest University)  10H Sat PM
Auvray, Malika (Centre Nationale de la Recherche Scientifique)  10D Sat PM
Avila, Mitch (California State University–Fullerton)  11C Sat PM
Avnur, Yuval (Scripps College)  4I Thu PM
Axtell, Guy (Radford University)  9G Sat AM, G8F Sat PM
Baber, H. E. (University of San Diego)  10E Sat PM
Bach, Theodore (University of Connecticut)  4I Thu PM
Badger, Jonathan (St. John’s College)  G2I Wed PM
Badhwar, Neera (University of Oklahoma and George Mason University)  11F Sat PM
Baghramian, Maria (University College, Dublin)  5L Thu PM, G8C Sat PM
Bagnoli, Carla (University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee)  1B Wed PM
Bahler, Brock (Duquesne University)  G4C Thu PM
Baia, Alex (University of Texas–Austin)  1J Wed PM
Bailar, John (University of Idaho)  7C Fri PM
Bailey, Andrew M. (University of Notre Dame)  10E Sat PM
Baillie, James (University of Portland)  G2A Wed PM
Balaguer, Mark (California State University–Los Angeles)  7B Fri PM
Ballarin, Roberta (University of British Columbia)  7D Fri PM
Bandyopadhyay, Prasanta (Montana State University)  G2J Wed PM
Banerjee, Amrita (University of Oregon)  1I Wed PM
Bar-On, Dorit (University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill)  9I Sat AM
Barbone, Steve (San Diego State University)  G2F Wed PM, G6F Fri PM, 9H Sat AM
Barnes, Eric (Southern Methodist University)  4I Thu PM
Barnett, David (University of Colorado–Boulder)  6H Fri AM
Barrett, Jeffrey (University of California–Irvine)  1A Wed PM
Barry, Peter Brian (Saginaw Valley State University)  3J Thu AM
Bartlett, Gary (Central Washington University)  9K Sat AM
Battaly, Heather (California State University–Fullerton)  7E Fri PM, G7D Sat PM
Batterman, Robert (University of Pittsburgh)  9E Sat AM
Baumgaertner, Bert (University of California–Davis)  4H Thu PM
Bayer, Benjamin (Loyola University–New Orleans)  9L Sat AM
Beck, Jacob (Texas Tech University)  5K Thu PM
Beggs, Svetlana (University of California–Riverside)  3J Thu AM
Beisecker, Dave (University of Nevada–Las Vegas)  6G Fri AM
Belu, Dana (California State University–Dominguez Hills)  5G Thu PM
Berg, Steven (Bellarmine University)  G2I Wed PM
Berkey, Brian (University of California–Berkeley)  6K Fri AM
Berman, Robert (Xavier University of Louisiana)  G4I Thu PM
Bernecker, Sven (University of California–Irvine)  G7D Sat PM
Bernstein, Sara (Duke University)  4G Thu PM
Bertman, Martin (Hobbes Studies)  G2C Wed PM
Bertolet, Rod (Purdue University)  5K Thu PM
Bettcher, Talia (California State University–Los Angeles)  G8G Sat PM
Betz, Joseph (Villanova University)  G3C Thu PM
Bevir, Mark (University of California–Berkeley)  G4J Thu PM, G8F Sat PM
Bezzubova, Elena (University of California–Irvine)  G2E Wed PM
Biggerstaff, Brandon (University of California–Davis)  1J Wed PM
Bird, Jon (Open University)  10D Sat PM
Birondo, Noell (Augustana College)  11F Sat PM
Bishop, John (University of Auckland)  1C Wed PM
Björnsson, Gunnar (Linköpings Universitet)  3J Thu AM, G8C Sat PM
Black, Tim (California State University–Northridge)  9A Sat AM
Blackman, Reid (Colgate University)  7K Fri PM
Blackmon, James (San Francisco State University)  9K Sat AM
Blackwell, Brian (University of Southern California)  9J Sat AM
Blake, Michael (University of Washington)  6M Fri AM
Blanchette, Oliva (Boston College)  G6I Fri PM
Blankmeyer Burke, Teresa (Gallaudet University)  5M Thu PM
Bloch-Schulman, Stephen (Elon University)  4K Thu PM
Block, Ned (New York University)  4A Thu PM
Blom, Andrew (Central Michigan University)  1G Wed PM
Blome-Tillmann, Michael (McGill University)  2E Wed PM
Bobro, Marc (Santa Barbara City College)  10L Sat PM
Boersema, David (Pacific University)  5L Thu PM, G4B Thu PM
Boghossian, Paul (New York University)  11A Sat PM
Bolton, Robert (Rutgers University)  4D Thu PM
Boonin, David (University of Colorado–Boulder)  G7A Sat PM
Booth, Chelsey (University of Manitoba)  2E Wed PM
Boxill, Bernard (University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill)  6A Fri AM
Bracken, William (University of California–Riverside)  5G Thu PM
Bradner, Alexandra (Denison University)  9L Sat AM
Brady, William (Georgia State University)  G8C Sat PM
Bragagnolo, Celina (State University of New York–Stony Brook)  G3C Thu PM
Brakas, Jurgis (George) (Marist College)  7I Fri PM
Brand, Peg (Indiana University-Purdue University–Indianapolis)  11C Sat PM
Brandt, Reanne (San Diego State University)  G2D Wed PM
Bratman, Michael E. (Stanford University)  3A Thu AM
Braun, S. Stewart (University of Virginia)  2F Wed PM
Brennan, Samantha (University of Western Ontario)  5M Thu PM
Bridges, Jason M. (University of Chicago)  8C Fri PM
Brighouse, Carolyn (Occidental College)  1K Wed PM
Brighouse, Harry (University of Wisconsin–Madison)  11B Sat PM
Brink, David (University of California–San Diego)  3A Thu AM
Briscoe, Robert (Ohio University)  5K Thu PM
Brister, Evelyn (Rochester Institute of Technology)  G1B Wed PM
Broackes, Justin (Brown University)  3C Thu AM
Brogaard, Brit (University of Missouri–St. Louis)  9I Sat AM
Bronstein, David (Boston University)  4D Thu PM
Broome, John (Oxford University)  11A Sat PM
Brown, Derek (Brandon University)  9I Sat AM
Brown, Matthew J. (University of Texas–Dallas)  9G Sat AM
Brown, Stephen (Briar Cliff University)  6K Fri AM
Brownstein, Michael S. (New Jersey Institute of Technology)  1K Wed PM
Bruce, James (John Brown University)  G3D Thu PM
Brueckner, Anthony (University of California–Santa Barbara)  3F Thu AM
Brunero, John (University of Missouri–St. Louis)  1J Wed PM
Brunson, Nicole (Washington State University)  6I Fri AM
Buchak, Lara (University of California–Berkeley)  8D Fri PM
Buckareff, Andrei (Marist College)  1C Wed PM
Buckner, Cameron (Indiana University–Bloomington)  5K Thu PM
Buckner, Clark (San Francisco Art Institute)  G1E Wed PM
Buckwalter, Wesley (City University of New York)  MI-1 Wed AM
Budolfson, Mark (Princeton University)  4F Thu PM
Bunch, Aaron (Washington State University)  G6I Fri PM
Bundy, Alex (University of California–Santa Barbara)  2E Wed PM
Burge, Tyler (University of California–Los Angeles)  10A Sat PM
Burger, Ronna (Tulane University of New Orleans)  G2I Wed PM
Burroughs, Michael (University of Memphis)  MII-2A Wed AM
Butler, Sean (Western Michigan University)  G6F Fri PM
Butler, Travis (Iowa State University)  3B Thu AM
Byerly, Ryan (Baylor University)  6F Fri AM
Byrne, Alex (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)  4A Thu PM
Cahill, Ann J. (Elon University)  4K Thu PM, G8G Sat PM
Callard, Agnes (University of Chicago)  7C Fri PM
Callender, Craig (University of California–San Diego)  G8E Sat PM
Cameron, Margaret (University of Victoria)  6G Fri AM
Campbell, Joseph Keim (Washington State University)  7B Fri PM
Campbell, Richmond (Dalhousie University)  8H Fri PM
Cannon, Loren (Humboldt State University)  7N Fri PM
Caouette, Justin (Washington State University)  10F Sat PM
Caplan, Ben (Ohio State University)  6G Fri AM
Capone, Jr., Stephen (University of Utah)  6K Fri AM
Carastathis, Anna (California State University–Los Angeles)  10K Sat PM
Carey, Brandon (University of Rochester)  4G Thu PM
Carlson, Erik (Uppsala Universitet)  4F Thu PM
Carreras, Anthony (Rice University)  8G Fri PM
Carriero, John (University of California–Los Angeles)  4C Thu PM
Cartwright, Nancy (London School of Economics and University of California–San Diego)  3E Thu AM
Caton, Jacob (University of Arizona)  6F Fri AM
Cavallero, Eric (Southern Connecticut State University)  6M Fri AM
Cervantez, Jeff (University of Tennessee)  10F Sat PM
Chakrabarti, Kisor (Davis and Elkins College)  G2J Wed PM
Chakravartty, Anjan (University of Toronto)  2I Wed PM, G6M Fri PM
Chalmers, David (Australian National University)  G9A Sat PM
Chan, Alan K. L. (Nanyang Technological University)  9B Sat AM
Cheng, Chung-Ying (University of Hawaii–Manoa)  G2D Wed PM, G6B Fri PM
Cheng, Tony (City University of New York–Graduate Center)  7L Fri PM
Cheng-Guajardo, Luis (Stanford University)  10F Sat PM
Choi, Sean (Allan Hancock College)  4G Thu PM
Cholbi, Michael (California State Polytechnic University–Pomona)  10H Sat PM
Chuang, Christina (University of California–Irvine)  5A Thu PM
Chudnoff, Elijah (University of Miami)  6H Fri AM
Church, Jennifer (Vassar College)  1E Wed PM
Chwang, Eric L. (University of Colorado–Boulder)  11E Sat PM
Ciccariello-Maher, George (Drexel University)  9M Sat AM
Cicovacki, Predrag (College of the Holy Cross)  G4A Thu PM
Clark, Maudemarie (Colgate University and University of California–Riverside)  2G Wed PM
Clarke, Bridget (University of Montana)  7K Fri PM
Clarke, Roger (University of British Columbia)  1K Wed PM
Clayton, Matthew (Warwick University)  11B Sat PM
Cleary, John (Montclair State University)  MII-2A Wed AM
Clifton, Scott (University of Washington)  6J Fri AM
Coates, Justin (University of California–Riverside)  10G Sat PM
Cohen, Jonathan (University of California–San Diego)  3C Thu AM
Cohen, Joshua (Stanford University)  10B Sat PM
Cohen, Stewart (University of Arizona)  MI-2 Wed PM, 5C Thu PM
Comay, Rebecca (University of Toronto)  G2H Wed PM
Conee, Earl (University of Rochester)  6F Fri AM
Connell, George (Concordia College–Moorhead)  G4C Thu PM
Connolly, Kevin (University of Toronto)  4H Thu PM
Considine, Daniel (Metropolitan State College of Denver)  11F Sat PM
Constantinescu, Cristian (University of Cambridge)  4F Thu PM
Copenhaver, Rebecca (Lewis & Clark College)  7G Fri PM
Coplan, Amy (California State University–Fullerton)  3G Thu AM
Corkum, Philip (University of Alberta)  7I Fri PM
Corlett, J. Angelo (San Diego State University)  6A Fri AM
Corvino, John (Wayne State University)  G9B Sat PM
Cottrell, Jonathan (New York University)  3G Thu AM
Coyle, Daniel (Birmingham–Southern College and Our Lady of the Lake University)  G8B Sat PM
Crabill, Joshua (University of Southern California)  7K Fri PM
Craig, Benjamin (Southern Illinois University–Carbondale)  G6L Fri PM
Craig, Lindsay (University of Oklahoma)  5L Thu PM
Crasnow, Sharon (Norco College)  3D Thu AM, G4F Thu PM
Creath, Richard (Arizona State University)  G7E Sat PM
Crippen, James (California State University–Fullerton)  6D Fri AM
Crisp, Thomas M. (Biola University)  G1D Wed PM, G8E Sat PM
Crockett, Damon (University of California–San Diego)  4H Thu PM
Cross, Troy (Reed College)  6H Fri AM
Crouch, Margaret (Eastern Michigan University)  9F Sat AM
Cruz, Joseph Hernandez (Williams College)  10C Sat PM
Csikszentmihalyi, Mark (University of California–Berkeley)  9B Sat AM
Cudd, Ann (University of Kansas)  G4F Thu PM, 10K Sat PM
Cullyer, Helen (Andrew W. Mellon Foundation)  7H Fri PM
Cuomo, Chris (University of Georgia)  G5C Thu PM, 7N Fri PM
Curry, Tommy J. (Texas A&M University)  G5D Thu PM
Cushman, Edward (Lewis & Clark College)  5F Thu PM
Cutrofello, Andrew (Loyola University Chicago)  G2H Wed PM
D’Cruz, Jason (State University of New York–Albany)  3H Thu AM
Dadlez, Eva (University of Central Oklahoma)  3H Thu AM
Dallmann, Justin (University of Southern California)  3F Thu AM
Daly, Helen (University of Arizona)  3F Thu AM
Dancy, Jonathan (University of Texas–Austin and University of Reading)  8C Fri PM
Danks, David (Carnegie Mellon University)  G8C Sat PM
Darwall, Stephen (Yale University)  11D Sat PM
Dasgupta, Shamik (Princeton University)  9D Sat AM
Daskal, Steven J. (Northern Illinois University)  10I Sat PM
Daukas, Nancy (Guilford College)  9G Sat AM
Davidson, Matthew (California State University–San Bernardino)  6E Fri AM
Davies, Stephen (University of Auckland)  G5A Thu PM
Davis, Jessica (San Diego State University)  7I Fri PM
De Brigard, Felipe (University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill)  G8C Sat PM
De Clark, Kory (University of Southern California)  MII-2B Wed AM
de Melo-Martin, Inmaculada (Cornell University)  3D Thu AM
De Rosa, Raffaella (Rutgers University–Newark)  2A Wed PM
De Sousa, Ronald (University of Toronto)  7C Fri PM
Dea, Shannon (University of Waterloo)  1I Wed PM, 5M Thu PM
Dean, Richard (California State University–Los Angeles)  11K Sat PM
Deery, Oisin (University of British Columbia)  11E Sat PM
Deigh, John (University of Texas–Austin)  G6A Fri PM
DeMoss, David (Pacific University)  6I Fri AM
Denike, Margaret (Dalhousie University)  7N Fri PM
Denis, Lara (Agnes Scott College)  G4D Thu PM
deRosset, Louis H. (University of Vermont)  4I Thu PM
Devereux, Daniel (University of Virginia)  3B Thu AM
Devlin, William (Bridgewater State University)  9L Sat AM
Diaz-Leon, Esa (University of Manitoba)  7L Fri PM
Diaz-Waian, Marisa (San Diego State University)  10H Sat PM
Dillon, Robin S. (Lehigh University)  G1B Wed PM
Dimetriou, Dan (University of Minnesota–Morris)  8H Fri PM
Dobbs-Weinstein, Idit (Vanderbilt University)  G2F Wed PM, G6F Fri PM
Dockstader, Darin (College of Southern Nevada)  G5B Thu PM
Domski, Mary (University of New Mexico)  8A Fri PM
Domsky, Darren (Texas A&M University–Galveston)  G6C Fri PM
Donougho, Martin (University of South Carolina)  G6I Fri PM
Doppelt, Gerald (University of California–San Diego)  9L Sat AM
Dorsey, Dale (University of Kansas)  10I Sat PM
Dorsey, Jonathan (University of California–Davis)  9K Sat AM
Dougherty, Thomas (Stanford University)  1I Wed PM
Dougherty, Trent (Baylor University)  6E Fri AM
Downes, Steve (University of Utah)  1A Wed PM
Downing, Lisa (Ohio State University)  8A Fri PM
Doyle, Tom (University of Minnesota–Twin Cities)  G6L Fri PM
Dretske, Fred (Duke University)  4A Thu PM
Du, Shihong (Southwest University)  G6H Fri PM
Dupre, John (University of Exeter)  3D Thu AM
Dussel, Enrique (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México)  9M Sat AM, 10J Sat PM
Easton, Patricia (Claremont Graduate University)  10L Sat PM
Easwaran, Kenneth (University of Southern California)  11J Sat PM
Eaton, Anne (University of Illinois–Chicago)  11C Sat PM
Ebbs, Gary (Indiana University–Bloomington)  G6K Fri PM, 9A Sat AM
Egan, Andy (Rutgers University)  3C Thu AM
Eisenberg, Avigail (University of Victoria)  G7B Sat PM
Eldridge, Richard (Swarthmore College)  7F Fri PM
Emmerman, Karen S. (University of Washington)  G6C Fri PM
Engelen, Eva-Maria (Universität Konstanz)  7E Fri PM
Englehardt, Elaine E. (Utah Valley University)  MII-1A Wed AM
Engstrom, Stephen (University of Pittsburgh)  1B Wed PM, G4D Thu PM
Erickson, Stephen (Pomona College)  G6D Fri PM
Essl, Brigitte (Private Practice)  G2E Wed PM
Evans, Stephen (Baylor University)  G3D Thu PM
Ezra, Ovadia (Tel Aviv University)  G4B Thu PM
Fagan, Melinda (Rice University)  7M Fri PM
Fain, Lucas (Harvard University)  G8A Sat PM
Fairlamb, Horance (University of Houston–Victoria)  G9C Sat PM
Fairweather, Abrol (University of San Francisco)  4E Thu PM
Falcon, Andrea (Concordia University)  4D Thu PM
Falgout, David (University of Hawaii–Manoa)  G6H Fri PM
Fallis, Don (University of Arizona)  5H Thu PM
Falvey, Kevin (University of California–Santa Barbara)  2H Wed PM
Farennikova, Anya (University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill)  3I Thu AM
Feld, Alina N. (Hofstra University)  G2E Wed PM
Ferejohn, Michael (Duke University)  7I Fri PM
Ferrero, Luca (University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee)  10F Sat PM
Ferrin, Asia (University of Washington)  6E Fri AM
Fiala, Andrew (California State University–Fresno)  G4B Thu PM
Figdor, Carrie (University of Iowa)  4E Thu PM
Fike, Larry (Independent Scholar)  6I Fri AM
Finocchiaro, Maurice (University of Nevada–Las Vegas)  G5B Thu PM
Fischer, John Martin (University of California–Riverside)  4C Thu PM
Fish, Bill (Massey University)  9I Sat AM
Fisher, Robert (Brunel University)  MII-6 Thurs AM
Fisher, John Andrew (University of Colorado–Boulder)  G5A Thu PM
Fisher, Robert (Brunel University)  4L Thu PM
Fletcher, Natalie (University of Ottawa)  MII-1B Wed AM
Flowers, Johnathan (Southern Illinois University–Carbondale)  G8H Sat PM
Folescu, Marina (University of Southern California)  6J Fri AM
Forbes, Kathryn (California State University–Fresno)  9F Sat AM
Ford, Jason (University of Minnesota–Duluth)  7L Fri PM
Fox, Richard N. (Interior Designers Institute)  G3E Thu PM
Francis, Leslie Pickering (University of Utah)  3K Thu AM, 6L Fri AM
Franklin, Christopher Evan (Biola University)  2D Wed PM
Frasz, Geoffrey (College of Southern Nevada)  G5C Thu PM
Frazer, Michael (Harvard University)  6B Fri AM
Friedman, Jane (Oxford University)  4E Thu PM
Friedman, Marilyn (Vanderbilt University and Charles Sturt University)  G1B Wed PM
Friedman, Michael (Stanford University)  9E Sat AM
Fritzman, J. M. (Lewis & Clark College)  G2H Wed PM, G4I Thu PM, 6J Fri AM
Frodeman, Robert (University of North Texas)  4K Thu PM
Fuller, Tim (Ohio State University)  7L Fri PM
Furrow, Dwight (San Diego Mesa College)  11E Sat PM
Føllesdal, Dagfinn (Stanford University)  G6B Fri PM
Gao, Shan (University of North Texas)  G6C Fri PM, G8B Sat PM
Gardiner, Stephen M. (University of Washington)  7A Fri PM
Gardner, Susan (Capilano University)  MII-2B Wed AM
Garry, Ann (California State University–Los Angeles)  1I Wed PM
Garthoff, Jon (Northwestern University)  11D Sat PM
Gartner, Corinne (Princeton University)  1F Wed PM
Gatzia, Dimitria (University of Akron)  9K Sat AM
Gauthier, Jeff (University of Portland)  G3C Thu PM
Geisz, Steven (University of Tampa)  G4A Thu PM, G8B Sat PM
Gelinas, Luke (University of Toronto)  6K Fri AM
Genone, James (Stanford University)  3I Thu AM
Georgalis, Nicholas (East Carolina University)  6G Fri AM
Georgi, Geoff (University of Southern California)  1J Wed PM
Gert, Bernard (Dartmouth College and University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill)  G6A Fri PM
Gibson, James (University of California–Irvine)  11G Sat PM
Giddings, Janet (San Jose State University)  5E Thu PM
Gilbert, Margaret (University of California–Irvine)  6M Fri AM
Gilmore, Cody (University of California–Davis)  G8E Sat PM
Gines, Kathryn T. (Pennsylvania State University)  G8I Sat PM
Glanzberg, Michael (University of California–Davis)  G6K Fri PM
Glaser, Jen (Mandel Leadership Institute and Columbia University)  4L Thu PM
Glezakos, Stavroula (Wake Forest University)  6C Fri AM
Glezer, Tal (Stanford University)  G6E Fri PM
Godfrey-Smith, Peter (Harvard University)  1A Wed PM
Goerger, Michael (University of California–Riverside)  1G Wed PM
Goering, Sara (University of Washington)  MII-3 Wed PM
Golash, Deirdre (American University)  10I Sat PM
Goldman, Alan (College of William and Mary)  6J Fri AM
Goldstein, Laurence (University of Kent)  G2G Wed PM
Goodin, Patrick (Howard University)  G2I Wed PM
Goodnick, Elizabeth (University of Washington)  11G Sat PM
Goodrich, Greg (Arizona State University)  G9C Sat PM
Goodwin, Geoffrey (University of Pennsylvania)  G4H Thu PM
Gordon, Jill (Colby College)  10K Sat PM
Gosselin, Abigail (Regis University)  7L Fri PM
Gotthelf, Allan (University of Pittsburgh)  7H Fri PM, G7A Sat PM
Graham, Peter (University of California–Riverside)  11G Sat PM
Grassbaugh Forry, Joan (Vanderbilt University)  G2B Wed PM
Grasswick, Heidi (Middlebury College)  9G Sat AM
Gratton, Peter (University of San Diego)  7I Fri PM
Graziani, Romain (École Normale Supérieure)  9B Sat AM
Green, Adam (St. Louis University)  G3D Thu PM
Green, Jerry (University of Texas–Austin)  1F Wed PM, G2C Wed PM
Green, Lena (University of the Western Cape)  MII-2A Wed AM
Greenberg, Mark (University of California–Los Angeles)  9N Sat AM
Greene, Mark (University of Delaware)  7M Fri PM
Greetis, Andrew (San Diego State University)  G2F Wed PM, 9H Sat AM
Gregory, Maughn (Montclair State University)  MII-3 Wed PM
Gressis, Robert (California State University–Northridge)  7K Fri PM
Griesmaier, Franz-Peter (University of Wyoming)  9L Sat AM
Grzankowski, Alex (University of Texas–Austin)  1J Wed PM
Guardiola-Rivera, Oscar (Birkbeck College London)  9M Sat AM, 10J Sat PM
Guerrero, Alexander (New York University)  9N Sat AM
Guevara, Daniel (University of California–Santa Cruz)  1J Wed PM
Gurley, S. West (Sam Houston State University)  5G Thu PM
Gursozlu, Fuat (State University of New York–Binghamton)  G4B Thu PM
Guyer, Paul (University of Pennsylvania)  7J Fri PM
Hagedorn, Eric (University of Notre Dame)  6G Fri AM
Hagel, Nina (University of California–Berkeley)  G8F Sat PM
Haist, Gordon (University of South Carolina–Beaufort)  G2J Wed PM
Halbach, Volker (Oxford University)  6N Fri AM
Halwani, Raja (School of the Art Institute of Chicago)  G9B Sat PM
Hankins, Keith (University of Arizona)  6D Fri AM
Hanley, Richard (University of Delaware)  6J Fri AM, G9A Sat PM
Hanna, Robert (University of Colorado–Boulder)  2B Wed PM
Haramia, Chelsea (University of Colorado–Boulder)  6I Fri AM
Harbin, Ami (Dalhousie University)  G8A Sat PM
Harman, Elizabeth (Princeton University)  11I Sat PM
Harp, Randall (University of Vermont)  3J Thu AM
Harper, Aaron (University of Illinois–Urbana-Champaign)  2G Wed PM
Harries, Karsten (Yale University)  7F Fri PM
Harris, Eirik (Yonsei University)  G3B Thu PM, G8D Sat PM
Hartenburg, Gary (University of California–Irvine)  1F Wed PM
Hartley, Christie (Georgia State University)  2F Wed PM
Harvey, Jennifer (Drake University)  6A Fri AM
Hasan, Rafeeq (University of Chicago)  10B Sat PM
Haug, Matthew (College of William and Mary)  G5E Thu PM
Havstad, Joyce (University of California–San Diego)  8I Fri PM
Hay, Carol (University of Massachusetts–Lowell)  2F Wed PM, G1A Wed PM
Hay, Ryan (University of Southern California)  5H Thu PM
Hayaki, Reina (University of Nebraska–Lincoln)  7D Fri PM
Hazen, Allen (University of Alberta)  6N Fri AM
Healow, Christopher (University of California–Davis)  9K Sat AM
Heathwood, Chris (University of Colorado–Boulder)  7K Fri PM
Hebbeler, James (St. Joseph’s University)  G6E Fri PM
Hebert, Ryan (Washington State University)  4E Thu PM
Hein, Jeffrey (San Diego State University)  10I Sat PM
Held, Virginia (City University of New York–Graduate School)  6B Fri AM
Heller, Rachel (Independent Scholar)  G2F Wed PM
Henderson, David K (University of Nebraska–Lincoln)  G4J Thu PM
Hendricks, Christina (University of British Columbia)  11E Sat PM, G8A Sat PM
Hermes, Charles (University of Texas–Arlington)  5B Thu PM
Herschbach, Mitchell (University of California–San Diego)  5I Thu PM
Hestir, Blake (Texas Christian University)  G4G Thu PM
Hicks, Michael R. (Brooklyn College)  5F Thu PM
Hilbert, David (University of Illinois–Chicago)  9A Sat AM
Hildebrand, Tyler (University of Colorado–Boulder)  11H Sat PM
Hill, Christopher (Brown University)  4A Thu PM
Hill, Thomas (University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill)  1B Wed PM
Hiller, Avram (Portland State University)  5C Thu PM, G6C Fri PM
Hilpinen, Risto (University of Miami)  G3A Thu PM
Himma, Kenneth (Seattle Pacific University)  G1D Wed PM
Hinton, Lynne (Buranda State School)  MII-6 Thurs AM
Hinton, Lynne (Queensland University of Technology)  4L Thu PM
Hirschbein, Ron (Walden University)  G4B Thu PM
Hitchcock, Christopher (California Institute of Technology)  11J Sat PM
Hoffmann, Glen (Ryerson University)  11H Sat PM
Hogan, Brendan (New York University)  G3C Thu PM
Hogan, Desmond (Princeton University)  2B Wed PM
Holbrook, J. Britt (University of North Texas)  4K Thu PM
Holden, Thomas (University of California–Santa Barbara)  G2A Wed PM, 3G Thu AM
Holder, Cindy (University of Victoria)  G7B Sat PM
Holland, Kristopher (Indiana University)  MII-1B Wed AM
Hollowell, Joshua (University of California–Riverside)  6I Fri AM
Hood, Pamela (San Francisco State University)  5M Thu PM
Horgan, Terry (University of Arizona)  9D Sat AM
Hosein, Adam (University of Colorado–Boulder)  10I Sat PM
Howard, Jason J. (Viterbo University)  G6I Fri PM
Howell, Robert (Southern Methodist University)  9K Sat AM
Hsu, Andrew (University of California–Los Angeles)  10G Sat PM
Hubbs, Graham (University of Idaho)  8E Fri PM
Hufendiek, Rebekka (Humboldt-Universität Berlin)  G8H Sat PM
Huff, Benjamin (Randolph-Macon College)  G3B Thu PM
Hughes, Alex (Illinois Wesleyan University)  10F Sat PM
Hughes, Robert C. (National Institutes of Health)  6D Fri AM
Hulbert, Steve (Claremont Graduate University)  G6N Fri PM
Humphreys, Paul (University of Virginia)  7M Fri PM, G6M Fri PM
Hunt, David (Whittier College)  5J Thu PM
Hunter, Bruce (University of Alberta)  6F Fri AM
Husi, Stan (Rice University)  10F Sat PM
Hussain, Nadeem J. Z. (Stanford University)  8C Fri PM
Ichikawa, Jonathan (University of St. Andrews)  1K Wed PM
Immerman, Daniel (University of Notre Dame)  2E Wed PM
Intemann, Kristen (Montana State University)  3D Thu AM
Irwin, Kristen (Biola University)  6E Fri AM
Ivy, David (University of Texas–Austin)  4C Thu PM
Jackman, Henry (York University)  G6K Fri PM
Jackson, Alexander (Boise State University)  1J Wed PM
Jackson, Thomas (University of Hawaii–Manoa)  MII-1A Wed AM
Jaffro, Laurent (Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne)  7G Fri PM
Jaggar, Alison (University of Colorado–Boulder)  8B Fri PM
Jagnow, René (University of Georgia)  4H Thu PM
Janiak, Andrew (Duke University)  8A Fri PM
Jankovic, Marija (Indiana University–Bloomington)  6G Fri AM
Jankowiak, Tim (University of California–San Diego)  7J Fri PM
Janssen, Gregory (University of Nevada–Las Vegas)  10E Sat PM
Jaworska, Agnieszka (University of California–Riverside)  8F Fri PM
Jenkins, Michelle (Whitman College)  10H Sat PM
Jensen, Rasmus Thybo (Københavns Universitet)  1K Wed PM
Jeshion, Robin (University of California–Riverside)  6C Fri AM
Jiang, Xinyan (University of Redlands)  3H Thu AM
Johnson, Daniel M. (Baylor University)  3G Thu AM
Johnson, Jeff (St. Catherine University)  G2G Wed PM
Johnson, Stephan (City College of San Francisco)  3I Thu AM
Jolley, Nicholas (University of California–Irvine)  10L Sat PM
Jones, Robert (California State University–Chico)  11K Sat PM
Jones, Russell (Harvard University)  3B Thu AM
Joy, Lynn S. (University of Notre Dame)  8A Fri PM
Jäger, Gerhard (Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen)  1A Wed PM
Kaag, John (University of Massachusetts–Lowell)  G1A Wed PM
Kabasenche, William P. (Washington State University)  5E Thu PM
Kamber, Richard (The College of New Jersey)  6J Fri AM
Kane, Robert (University of Texas–Austin)  7B Fri PM
Kaplan, Mark (Indiana University–Bloomington)  3F Thu AM
Kaufman, Dan (University of Colorado–Boulder)  4C Thu PM, 10L Sat PM
Kautzer, Chad (University of Colorado–Denver)  G2H Wed PM
Kazmi, Ali (University of Calgary)  6H Fri AM
Keeley, Brian L. (Pitzer College)  10D Sat PM
Keeling, Evan (University of Virginia)  7I Fri PM
Kegley, Jacquelyn Ann K. (California State University–Bakersfield)  5I Thu PM
Keller, Pierre (University of California–Riverside)  7J Fri PM
Keyser, Vadim (University of California–Davis)  8I Fri PM
Khawaja, Irfan (Felician College)  G7A Sat PM
Khazaee, Malek (California State University–Long Beach)  G6D Fri PM, 10H Sat PM
Kim, Joongol (Western Illinois University)  6H Fri AM
Kim, Seahwa (Ewha Womans University)  7D Fri PM
Kind, Amy (Claremont McKenna College)  1E Wed PM
King, Matt (Virginia Tech)  11E Sat PM
Kipnis, Kenneth (University of Hawaii–Manoa)  3K Thu AM
Klein, Colin (University of Illinois–Chicago)  G5E Thu PM, 8H Fri PM
Kleinschmidt, Shieva (University of Southern California)  10E Sat PM
Kobes, Bernard W. (Arizona State University)  9I Sat AM
Kohan, Walter Omar (Universidade do Estato do Rio de Janeiro)  MII-6 Thurs AM
Kohan, Walter Omar (Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro)  4L Thu PM
Korolev, Alexandre V. (University of British Columbia)  4G Thu PM
Kortbein, Joshua (Independent Scholar)  G2G Wed PM
Koslicki, Kathrin (University of Colorado–Boulder)  9D Sat AM
Koukal, David (University of Detroit Mercy)  9H Sat AM
Kourany, Janet (University of Notre Dame)  9F Sat AM
Kraemer, Eric R. (University of Wisconsin–La Crosse)  11G Sat PM
Kraft, Rory (York College of Pennsylvania)  MII-2A Wed AM
Krasner, Daniel (Metropolitan State College of Denver)  10E Sat PM
Krein, Kevin (University of Alaska–Southeast)  G2B Wed PM
Krizan, Mary (California State University–Fullerton)  8G Fri PM, G6O Fri PM
Kumar, Victor (University of Arizona)  8H Fri PM
Kung, Peter (Pomona College)  6F Fri AM
Kurth, Charlie (University of California–San Diego)  3H Thu AM
Kvanvig, Jonathan (Baylor University)  8D Fri PM
Kwak, John (University of Southern California)  6G Fri AM
Lacewing, Michael (University of London)  4F Thu PM
Lagerlund, Henrik (University of Western Ontario)  5J Thu PM
Lake, Danielle (Michigan State University)  G6L Fri PM
Land, Thomas (University of Chicago)  7J Fri PM
Landen, Laura (Providence College)  7I Fri PM
Landrum, Ty (University of Virginia)  9H Sat AM
Lang, Charles (University of California–Davis)  6G Fri AM
Langley, Raymond (Manhattanville College)  G6D Fri PM
Lapointe, Sandra (Kansas State University)  G9D Sat PM
Lavers, Greg (Concordia University)  G9D Sat PM
Laverty, Megan (Teachers’ College)  MII-4 Wed PM
Lawrence, David (University of North Dakota)  G2J Wed PM
Lawson, Bill E. (University of Memphis)  6A Fri AM
Lay, Christopher (University of California–Irvine)  G6J Fri PM
Lee, Emily S. (California State University–Fullerton)  G8I Sat PM
Lee, Hsin-wen (University of Southern California)  2C Wed PM
Lee, Joseph (University of California–Santa Barbara)  1F Wed PM
Lee, Seung-Kee (Drew University)  7J Fri PM
Lefkowitz, David (University of Richmond)  9N Sat AM
Legg, Catherine (University of Waikato)  4G Thu PM
Lehan-Streisel, Vanessa (York University)  7L Fri PM
Lehrer, Keith (University of Arizona)  10C Sat PM
Leighton, Kimberly (American University)  7N Fri PM
Lemetti, Juhana (University of Helsinki)  G2C Wed PM
Lenhart, Stephen (Northern Arizona University)  5H Thu PM
Lennertz, Benjamin (University of Southern California)  2E Wed PM
Leonard, Matt (University of California–Davis)  9J Sat AM
LePore, Ernest (Rutgers University)  6C Fri AM
Levey, Ann (University of Calgary)  1J Wed PM
Levin, Abigail (Niagara University)  2F Wed PM
Levin, Janet (University of Southern California)  4A Thu PM
Li, Elizabeth Woo (Peking University)  G4A Thu PM
Liao, S. Matthew (New York University)  3F Thu AM
Liberman, Alida (University of Southern California)  3J Thu AM
Lim, Daniel (University of Cambridge)  1H Wed PM
Lipsitz, George (University of California–Santa Barbara)  1L Wed PM
Lister, Matthew (University of Pennsylvania)  10I Sat PM
Litland, Jon Erling (Harvard University)  6H Fri AM
Liu, JeeLoo (California State University–Fullerton)  3H Thu AM, G4A Thu PM, G8B Sat PM
Liu, Xiaofei (University of Missouri)  6I Fri AM
Livingston, Paul (University of New Mexico)  G7E Sat PM
Locke, Dustin (Claremont McKenna College)  1K Wed PM
Loeb, Paul (University of Puget Sound)  2G Wed PM
Loew, Christian (University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill)  1H Wed PM
Lombrozo, Tania (University of California–Berkeley)  G8C Sat PM
Long, Roderick (Auburn University)  2C Wed PM
Long, Todd R. (California Polytechnic State University)  10E Sat PM
Lopes, Christine (Independent Scholar)  8G Fri PM
Lopes, Dominic McIver (University of British Columbia)  6J Fri AM
Love, Alan C. (University of Minnesota–Twin Cities)  9L Sat AM
Lu, Pin-Fei (Independent Scholar)  10I Sat PM
Lucey, Kenneth (University of Nevada–Reno)  11H Sat PM
Luft, Eric v. d. (SUNY Upstate Medical University)  G6I Fri PM
Lukey, Ben (University of Hawaii–Manoa)  MII-1A Wed AM
Luper, Steven (Trinity University)  6F Fri AM
Lynch, Joseph J. (California Polytechnic State University)  G8H Sat PM
Lynch, Michael (University of Connecticut)  9G Sat AM
Mabrito, Robert A. (North Carolina State University)  4F Thu PM
Machery, Edouard (University of Pittsburgh)  G8C Sat PM
MacIntosh, Duncan (Dalhousie University)  G4F Thu PM
Mackey, Linda (Texas State University–San Marcos)  G2J Wed PM
Macleod, Colin (University of Victoria)  9C Sat AM
Macpherson, Fiona (University of Glasgow)  1E Wed PM
Maddy, Penelope (University of California–Irvine)  9E Sat AM
Madva, Alex (Columbia University)  1K Wed PM
Magnus, David (Stanford University)  3K Thu AM
Mahon, James (Washington and Lee University)  5H Thu PM
Maibom, Heidi (Carleton University)  7E Fri PM
Makaiau, Amber (University of Hawaii–Manoa)  MII-1A Wed AM
Maker, William (Clemson University)  G4I Thu PM
Malmgren, Anna-Sara (University of Texas–Austin)  5C Thu PM
Manley, David (University of Michigan–Ann Arbor)  1D Wed PM
Manson, Neil A. (University of Mississippi)  4G Thu PM
Mar, Gary (State University of New York–Stony Brook)  1L Wed PM
Marasoiu, Andrei (University of Bucharest)  G2C Wed PM
Marcano, Donna-Dale L. (Trinity College Connecticut)  G8I Sat PM
Marcellesi, Alexandre (University of California–San Diego)  1K Wed PM
Marino, Patricia (University of Waterloo)  G8G Sat PM
Markovits, Julia (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)  11D Sat PM
Martin, Adrienne (University of Pennsylvania)  3J Thu AM
Martin, Kraig (Baylor University)  6F Fri AM
Martin, Rex (University of Kansas)  1F Wed PM
Martinich, Al (University of Texas–Austin)  G6A Fri PM
Marusic, Jennifer S. (Brandeis University)  3G Thu AM
Marušić, Berislav (Brandeis University)  2H Wed PM
Mascarenhas, Vijay (Metropolitan State College of Denver)  6H Fri AM
Matey, Jennifer J. (Florida International University)  3I Thu AM
Matheson, Jonathan D. (University of North Florida)  3F Thu AM
Mathiesen, Kay (University of Arizona)  G6J Fri PM
Matravers, Derek (Open University)  7E Fri PM
Matthen, Mohan (University of Toronto)  8I Fri PM
Mattherne, Samantha (University of California–Riverside)  1G Wed PM
Matthews, Gareth (University of Massachusetts–Amherst)  4D Thu PM
Matthews, Gareth B. (University of Massachusetts–Amherst)  MII-4 Wed PM
May, Joshua (University of California–Santa Barbara)  11E Sat PM
May, Larry (Vanderbilt University)  2K Wed PM, G6A Fri PM
May, Robert (University of California–Davis)  4M Thu PM, 5D Thu PM
McAdoo, Paige (Independent Scholar)  G6F Fri PM
McAfee, Noëlle (Emory University)  4K Thu PM
McBrayer, Justin P. (Fort Lewis College)  6E Fri AM
McCann, Edwin (University of Southern California)  4C Thu PM
McCann, Hugh (Texas A&M University)  1C Wed PM
McCord Adams, Marilyn (University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill)  10M Sat PM
McCracken, Janet (Lake Forest College)  10K Sat PM
McCullough, Laurence B. (Baylor College of Medicine)  3K Thu AM
McCumber, John (University of California–Los Angeles)  G2H Wed PM, 7F Fri PM
McFadden, Meredith (University of California–Riverside)  5E Thu PM
McIntyre, Robert (University of California–Santa Barbara)  G2A Wed PM
McIntyre, Ronald (California State University–Northridge)  G6J Fri PM
McKenna, Michael (University of Arizona)  7B Fri PM
McKitrick, Jennifer (University of Nebraska–Lincoln)  5B Thu PM
McLaughlin, Douglas (California State University–Northridge)  G2B Wed PM
McLeod, Alexus (University of Dayton)  G8D Sat PM
McLuckie, Alan (Stanford University)  9H Sat AM
McPartland, Keith (Williams College)  3B Thu AM
Mele, Alfred (Florida State University)  2D Wed PM
Melnyk, Andrew (University of Missouri)  G6M Fri PM
Mendelovici, Angela (University of Western Ontario)  3I Thu AM
Mendelsohn, Richard (City University of New York–Graduate Center)  5D Thu PM
Mendieta, Eduardo (State University of New York–Stony Brook)  9M Sat AM, 10J Sat PM
Mendola, Joseph (University of Nebraska–Lincoln)  9A Sat AM
Mendoza, Jose Jorge (University of Oregon)  G5D Thu PM, G6G Fri PM, G7C Sat PM
Menon, Tarun (University of California–San Diego)  4I Thu PM
Merchant, Sanjay (Grand Canyon University)  4G Thu PM
Merino-Rajme, Carla (Princeton University)  8E Fri PM
Meyer, Ulrich (Colgate University)  2I Wed PM
Meyers, C. D. (University of Southern Mississippi)  7K Fri PM
Michaelson, Eliot (University of California–Los Angeles)  9J Sat AM
Mikelman, Jay (Boston University)  G2C Wed PM
Miller, Chad (University of Hawaii–Manoa)  MII-1A Wed AM
Miller, Christian (Wake Forest University)  5A Thu PM
Miller, Richard W. (Cornell University)  7A Fri PM
Mills, Claudia (University of Colorado–Boulder)  MII-5 Thurs AM
Miner, Robert (Baylor University)  9H Sat AM
Misak, Cheryl (University of Toronto)  G3A Thu PM
Mitchell, Mandy (University of California–Riverside)  2G Wed PM
Mitchell-Yellin, Benjamin (University of California–Riverside)  3J Thu AM
Miyamoto, Nobuko (Ford Foundation)  1L Wed PM
Moellendorf, Darrel (San Diego State University)  7M Fri PM
Mohr Lone, Jana (University of Washington)  MII-4 Wed PM, 4L Thu PM
Mok, Justin (University of Toronto)  G8D Sat PM
Moller, Dan (University of Maryland–College Park)  6E Fri AM
Molyneux, Bernard (University of California–Davis)  4I Thu PM
Monahan, Michael J. (Marquette University)  G8H Sat PM
Monton, Bradley (University of Colorado–Boulder)  8D Fri PM, G8E Sat PM
Moore, Margaret (University of Leeds)  5I Thu PM
Moore, Michael (University of Illinois–Urbana-Champaign)  3A Thu AM
Morgan, Daniel (University of Pittsburgh)  4B Thu PM
Morgan, William (University of Southern California)  G2B Wed PM
Morison, Benjamin (Princeton University)  4D Thu PM
Morris, Courtney (University of California–Riverside)  7J Fri PM
Mortensen, Kaija (University of California–Santa Cruz)  11H Sat PM
Morton, Adam (University of Alberta)  3E Thu AM
Morton, Jennifer (City University of New York–City College)  11I Sat PM
Mou, Bo (San Jose State University)  4J Thu PM
Mourenza, Alexis (University of California–Santa Cruz)  11G Sat PM
Mower, Deborah (Youngstown State University)  G3B Thu PM
Mrsny, Sara (Stanford University)  8F Fri PM
Muchnik, Pablo (Emerson College)  G4D Thu PM
Mulnix, Jennifer Wilson (University of Massachusetts–Dartmouth)  G8A Sat PM
Murphey, Max (University of California–Riverside)  1G Wed PM
Murphy, Ann (Fordham University)  G6O Fri PM
Nagel, Jennifer (University of Toronto)  MI-2 Wed PM
Nanay, Bence (University of Antwerp and University of Cambridge)  1E Wed PM
Nascimento, Amós (University of Washington)  9M Sat AM, 10J Sat PM
Nason, Shannon (Loyola Marymount University)  G4C Thu PM
Nelkin, Dana (University of California–San Diego)  5E Thu PM
Nelson, Alan (University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill)  2A Wed PM, 10L Sat PM
Nelson, Mark (Westmont College)  G1D Wed PM, 7K Fri PM
Nelson, Michael D. (University of California–Riverside)  11I Sat PM
Neta, Ram (University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill)  5C Thu PM, MI-1 Wed AM
Neuhouser, Fred (Barnard College)  10B Sat PM
Newman, Lex (University of Utah)  3G Thu AM
Newton, Alexandra (University of Pittsburgh)  G6E Fri PM
Ney, Alyssa (University of Rochester)  1H Wed PM, G6M Fri PM
Nichols, Shaun (University of Arizona)  MI-1 Wed AM, G4H Thu PM
Nikolopoulou, Kalliopi (University at Buffalo)  G1E Wed PM
Nolen, Matt (Arizona State University)  G9C Sat PM
Nolt, John (University of Tennessee)  G5C Thu PM
Norcross, Alastair (University of Colorado–Boulder)  9C Sat AM
Norlock, Kathryn J. (Trent University)  G1B Wed PM
Nowack, Ethan (University of California–Berkeley)  5F Thu PM
Nunan, Richard (College of Charleston)  G3E Thu PM
O’Connor, Scott (Cornell University)  7I Fri PM
O’Leary, Scott (Fordham University)  8F Fri PM
O’Regan, J. Kevin (Centre Nationale de la Recherche Scientifique)  10D Sat PM
Oaklander, L. Nathan (University of Michigan–Flint)  G8E Sat PM
Odenbaugh, Jay (Lewis & Clark College)  8E Fri PM
Okihiro, Gary Y. (Columbia University)  1L Wed PM
Olfert, Christiana (Tufts University)  1F Wed PM
Oliver, Amy (American University)  10J Sat PM
Olson, Alan M. (Boston University)  G6D Fri PM
Olsthoorn, Johan (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven)  G2C Wed PM
Orlandi, Nicoletta (Rice University)  4E Thu PM
Orosco, José-Antonio (Oregon State University)  G6G Fri PM
Oved, Iris (University of Arizona)  10C Sat PM
Oxley, Julinna (Coastal Carolina University)  MII-1B Wed AM, 7E Fri PM
Pace, Michael (Chapman University)  3F Thu AM
Pallikkathayil, Japa (New York University)  10G Sat PM
Palmer, Clare (Texas A&M University)  7A Fri PM, G6C Fri PM
Palmer, David (University of Tennessee)  6I Fri AM
Parker, Emily (Santa Clara University)  4F Thu PM
Parker, Wendy (Ohio University)  3D Thu AM
Parsons, Terence (University of California–Los Angeles)  3L Thu AM, 5D Thu PM
Pasternack, Lawrence (Oklahoma State University)  G1C Wed PM, G6E Fri PM
Paul, Herman (Universiteit Leiden)  G8F Sat PM
Paul, Sarah (University of Wisconsin–Madison)  11I Sat PM
Payne, W. Russ (Bellevue College)  11H Sat PM
Peacocke, Christopher (Columbia University)  10A Sat PM
Pearce, Kenneth L. (University of Southern California)  3G Thu AM
Pearson, Thomas (University of Texas–Pan American)  G1C Wed PM, 5H Thu PM
Pedersen, Nikolaj Jang (University of California–Los Angeles)  4E Thu PM
Pelser, Adam (Baylor University)  8F Fri PM
Pendergraft, Garrett (University of California–Riverside)  3J Thu AM
Peng, Chengyi (Andrew) (City University of Hong Kong)  G8D Sat PM
Pereboom, Derk (Cornell University)  7B Fri PM, 10M Sat PM
Perez, Gilberto (Sarah Lawrence College)  4B Thu PM
Perkins, Franklin (DePaul University)  G6B Fri PM
Perpich, Diane (Clemson University)  G8I Sat PM
Perszyk, Ken (Victoria University of Wellington)  1C Wed PM
Phelps, David (Indiana University)  MII-1B Wed AM
Pike, Matthew (University of Colorado–Boulder)  G8H Sat PM
Pincione, Guido (University of Arizona)  6D Fri AM
Pinillos, Angel (Arizona State University)  MI-2 Wed PM, 9J Sat AM
Pippin, Robert (University of Chicago)  4B Thu PM
Pitt, David (California State University–Los Angeles)  1H Wed PM
Poellner, Peter (Warwick University)  G4E Thu PM
Polger, Thomas W. (University of Cincinnati)  G5E Thu PM
Polzik, Dasha (University of Chicago)  10B Sat PM
Poore, Gregory S. (Baylor University)  5E Thu PM
Portuondo, Gladys L. (Independent Scholar)  G2E Wed PM
Potochnik, Angela (University of Cincinnati)  G5E Thu PM
Powell, John W. (Humboldt State University)  G2G Wed PM
Powell, Lewis (University of Southern California)  4F Thu PM
Powers, Thomas M. (University of Delaware)  7M Fri PM
Pratt, Aaron L. (University of Oregon)  G1A Wed PM
Preti, Alan (Rosemont College)  G2J Wed PM
Prettyman, Adrienne (University of Toronto)  7L Fri PM, 9I Sat AM
Priest, Maura (University of California–Irvine)  1F Wed PM
Prince, Brian (Rice University)  10H Sat PM
Prinz, Jesse (City University of New York–Graduate Center)  7C Fri PM
Pritchard, Michael (Western Michigan University)  MII-4 Wed PM
Proops, Ian (University of Texas–Austin)  2B Wed PM
Puett, Michael (Harvard University)  9B Sat AM
Pust, Joel (University of Delaware)  1H Wed PM
Qualin, Sara (University of Wyoming)  6F Fri AM
Quinn, Carol (Metropolitan State College of Denver)  G9B Sat PM
Quiring, John (Victor Valley College)  G6N Fri PM
Rabin, Gabriel (University of California–Los Angeles)  7L Fri PM
Radulescu, Alex (University of California–Los Angeles)  3F Thu AM
Raibley, Jason (California State University–Long Beach)  6E Fri AM
Ramirez, Erick (University of California–San Diego)  G6L Fri PM
Ramsey, Grant A. (University of Notre Dame)  8I Fri PM
Raphals, Lisa (National University of Singapore)  9B Sat AM
Rauhut, Nils (Coastal Carolina University)  10L Sat PM, G8A Sat PM
Raven, Michael J. (University of Victoria)  5F Thu PM
Reath, Andrews (University of California–Riverside)  1B Wed PM
Reck, Erich (University of California–Riverside)  4M Thu PM, 5D Thu PM
Reginster, Bernard (Brown University)  G4E Thu PM
Reimer, Marga (University of Arizona)  9J Sat AM
Rennard, Ray (University of the Pacific)  8E Fri PM
Renteln, Alison Dundes (University of Southern California)  G7B Sat PM
Repp, Charles (University of Toronto)  5I Thu PM
Rescorla, Michael A. (University of California–Santa Barbara)  10A Sat PM
Rettler, Bradley (University of Notre Dame)  4G Thu PM
Reyes, Herminia (San Diego State University)  9J Sat AM
Reynolds, Andrea (Ventura College)  G3E Thu PM
Rhodes, Rosamond (Mount Sinai School of Medicine and City University of New York–Graduate Center)  G2C Wed PM
Richard, Mark (Harvard University)  9A Sat AM
Richardson, Sarah (Harvard University)  3D Thu AM
Rieder, Travis N. (Georgetown University)  7K Fri PM
Risse, Mathias (Harvard University)  7A Fri PM
Robinson, Michael (Grand Valley State University)  6I Fri AM
Rodriguez, Tanya (City University of New York–City College)  3H Thu AM
Roe, Sarah (University of California–Davis)  8I Fri PM
Rogers, Brian (University of California–Irvine)  8J Fri PM
Rondel, David (Trent University)  6D Fri AM
Rooney, Phyllis (Oakland University)  11C Sat PM
Rose, David (Carnegie Mellon University)  G8C Sat PM
Ross, Glenn (Franklin and Marshall College)  3G Thu AM
Ross, Peter (California State Polytechnic University–Pomona)  3I Thu AM
Rossberg, Marcus (University of Connecticut)  4M Thu PM
Roth, Paul (University of California–Santa Cruz)  G4J Thu PM
Roush, Sherri (University of California–Berkeley)  3E Thu AM
Rozemond, Marleen (University of Toronto)  4C Thu PM
Rueger, Alex (University of Alberta)  10G Sat PM
Rupert, Robert (University of Colorado–Boulder)  4I Thu PM
Rush, Fred (University of Notre Dame)  7F Fri PM
Rushing, Sara (Montana State University)  G3B Thu PM
Russell, Camisha (Pennsylvania State University)  G8I Sat PM
Russell, Dan (Wichita State University)  5A Thu PM
Russell, Francey (Vanderbilt University)  G2G Wed PM
Russell, Gillian (Washington University in St. Louis)  1D Wed PM
Ryan, Cheyney (University of Oregon)  4B Thu PM
Ryan, Patrick (University of California–Riverside)  10F Sat PM
Rysiew, Patrick (University of Victoria)  6C Fri AM
Saemi, Amir (University of California–Santa Barbara)  2H Wed PM
Saint, Michelle (Rollins College)  6J Fri AM
Saka, Paul (University of Texas–Pan American)  9J Sat AM
Salamon, Gayle (Princeton University)  G6O Fri PM
Salmieri, Gregory (University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill)  7H Fri PM
Sample, Ruth (University of New Hampshire)  2C Wed PM
Sanchez, Carlos Alberto (San Jose State University)  9M Sat AM
Sanders, Kirk R. (University of Illinois–Urbana-Champaign)  G4G Thu PM
Sarkissian, Hagop (City University of New York–Baruch College)  G4H Thu PM
Sattig, Thomas (Washington University in St. Louis)  G8E Sat PM
Saucedo, Raul (Yale University and Australian National University)  6H Fri AM
Scala, Mark (West Texas A&M University)  3I Thu AM
Scalet, Steven (State University of New York–Binghamton)  6D Fri AM
Scarfe, Adam (University of Winnipeg)  G6N Fri PM
Schaff, Kory (Occidental College)  10G Sat PM, G8G Sat PM
Schaffer, Jonathan (Australian National University)  MI-2 Wed PM, 9D Sat AM
Schapiro, Tamar (Stanford University)  1B Wed PM
Scharle, Margaret (Reed College)  7I Fri PM
Scheines, Richard (Carnegie Mellon University)  11J Sat PM
Schellenberg, Susanna (Australian National University)  1D Wed PM
Schiller, Aaron (University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee)  4H Thu PM
Schlicht, Tobias (Ruhr-Universität Bochum)  9I Sat AM
Schmid, Stephen (University of Wisconsin–Rock County)  G2B Wed PM
Schmidtz, David (University of Arizona)  11B Sat PM
Schmitt, Nathan Pai (University of Oregon)  1I Wed PM
Schmitter, Amy (University of Alberta)  2A Wed PM
Schnee, Ian (University of Puget Sound)  5F Thu PM
Schneider, Henrique (Fernfachhochschule Schweiz)  G4A Thu PM, G6H Fri PM, G8D Sat PM
Schroeder, Timothy (Ohio State University)  8C Fri PM
Schroer, Jeanine Weekes (Arkansas State University)  9F Sat AM
Schueler, Fred (University of Delaware)  2H Wed PM
Schummer, Jordan (San Diego State University)  G2D Wed PM
Schwab, Martin (University of California–Irvine)  5G Thu PM
Schwartz, Daniel (University of California–San Diego)  1G Wed PM
Schwartzman, Lisa H. (Michigan State University)  8B Fri PM
Schwitzgebel, Eric (University of California–Riverside)  1K Wed PM
Scriven, Michael (Claremont Graduate University)  G5B Thu PM
Seeley, William P. (Bates College)  6J Fri AM
Sehon, Scott (Bowdoin College)  6I Fri AM
Seok, Bongrae (Alvernia University)  G8B Sat PM
Shahar, Dan (University of Arizona)  6D Fri AM
Shapiro, David (Cascadia Community College)  MII-5 Thurs AM
Sharma, Ravi (Clark University)  8G Fri PM
Sharpe, Kevin W. (St. Cloud State University)  10E Sat PM
Shaw, James R. (University of Pittsburgh)  9J Sat AM
Shelton, Mark (Central Michigan University)  11K Sat PM
Sher, George (Rice University)  7H Fri PM
Sher, Gila (University California–San Diego)  6N Fri AM
Sherman, Brett (University of Rochester)  4E Thu PM
Shi, Xianduan (Judy) (Westminster College of Salt Lake City)  G4A Thu PM
Shieber, Joseph (Lafayette College)  8D Fri PM
Shin, Joe (Arizona State University)  G1C Wed PM
Shoemaker, David (Tulane University of New Orleans)  8H Fri PM
Shukla, Rajesh C. (Saint Paul University)  G6D Fri PM
Siewert, Charles (Rice University)  4H Thu PM
Silva, Grant (Illinois Institute of Technology)  G6G Fri PM
Silvermint, Daniel (University of Arizona)  6D Fri AM
Silvers, Anita (San Francisco State University)  5M Thu PM
Simmons, Keith (University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill)  9K Sat AM
Simpson, John (University of Alberta)  MII-1B Wed AM
Simus, Jason (University of North Texas)  G6C Fri PM
Sinnott-Armstrong, Walter (Duke University)  MI-2 Wed PM
Sirkel, Riin (University of Alberta)  G4G Thu PM
Skokowski, Paul (Stanford University)  3I Thu AM
Skyrms, Brian (University of California–Irvine)  1A Wed PM
Slagter, Janet (California State University–Fresno)  9F Sat AM
Slater, Matthew H. (Bucknell University)  8E Fri PM
Slote, Michael (University of Miami)  6B Fri AM
Smith, Andrew F. (Drexel University)  G3C Thu PM
Smith, Clancy (Duquesne University)  G8H Sat PM
Smith, David Woodruff (University of California–Irvine)  G6J Fri PM
Smith, Holly M. (Rutgers University)  2J Wed PM
Smith, Kurt (Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania)  1G Wed PM
Smith, Nicholas D. (Lewis & Clark College)  3B Thu AM, 11G Sat PM
Smith, Nicole A (Bowling Green State University)  1I Wed PM
Smith, Olav Bryant (Butte College)  G6N Fri PM
Smith, Renée (Coastal Carolina University)  MII-1B Wed AM
Snedegar, Justin (University of Southern California)  7K Fri PM
Snow, Nancy E. (Marquette University)  G2J Wed PM, 5A Thu PM, 6L Fri AM
Soester, Jessica (Southern Illinois University–Carbondale)  G6L Fri PM
Song, Edward H.K. (Louisiana State University)  6D Fri AM
Sorensen, Roy (Washington University in St. Louis)  2I Wed PM
Souffrant, Eddy (University of North Carolina–Charlotte)  G7C Sat PM
Spackman, John (Middlebury College)  9I Sat AM
Spade, Dean (Seattle University)  G6O Fri PM
Speak, Daniel (Loyola Marymount University)  G1D Wed PM, 8F Fri PM
Spencer, Joshua (Syracuse University)  G9A Sat PM
Spencer, Quayshawn (University of San Francisco)  1I Wed PM
Spener, Maja (Oxford University)  9I Sat AM
Sreedhar, Susanne (Boston University)  2F Wed PM
Stabler, Ed (University of California–Los Angeles)  3L Thu AM
Staffel, Julia (University of Southern California)  5H Thu PM
Staley, Kent W. (St. Louis University)  3E Thu AM
Stang, Nick (University of Miami)  7J Fri PM
Stangl, Rebecca Lynn (University of Virginia)  10I Sat PM
Stannard, Michael (Reedley College)  6K Fri AM
Starkey, Charles (Clemson University)  3I Thu AM
Starrett, Shari (California State University–Fullerton)  2G Wed PM
Stecker, Robert A. (Central Michigan University)  G5A Thu PM
Stegenga, Jacob (University of California–San Diego)  4I Thu PM
Stein, Jordan (University of California–Irvine)  8J Fri PM
Steinberg, Diane (Cleveland State University)  G2F Wed PM
Steinbuch, Thomas (Independent Scholar)  2G Wed PM
Stenberg, Joseph (University of Colorado–Boulder)  1F Wed PM
Stephens, William (Creighton University)  2K Wed PM
Sterba, James P. (University of Notre Dame)  G4F Thu PM
Stern, Robert (University of Sheffield)  7F Fri PM
Stich, Stephen (Rutgers University)  MI-1 Wed AM
Stoner, Ian (University of Minnesota–Twin Cities)  6K Fri AM
Strawser, Michael (University of Central Florida)  G4C Thu PM
Streed, Adam (University of California–San Diego)  6E Fri AM
Struble, Luca (University of California–Los Angeles)  6H Fri AM
Stueber, Karsten (College of the Holy Cross)  6B Fri AM
Sturgeon, Scott (Oxford University)  10C Sat PM
Suhler, Christopher (University of California–San Diego)  G8E Sat PM
Suikkanen, Jussi (University of Birmingham)  2J Wed PM
Sun, Weimin (California State University–Northridge)  G4A Thu PM, G8B Sat PM
Sundell, Tim (University of Kentucky)  3F Thu AM
Superson, Anita (University of Kentucky)  G4F Thu PM
Sussman, David (University of Illinois–Urbana-Champaign)  G4D Thu PM
Sveinsdottir, Asta (San Francisco State University)  8B Fri PM
Swanton, Christine (University of Auckland)  7H Fri PM
Sweet, Kristi (Texas A&M University)  10G Sat PM
Swenson, Adam (California State University–Northridge)  1J Wed PM
Sytsma, Justin (East Tennessee State University)  5I Thu PM
Talbot, Brian T. (University of Colorado–Boulder)  5I Thu PM
Talisse, Robert (Vanderbilt University)  9C Sat AM
Tan, Peter (Mount St. Mary’s College)  G5B Thu PM
Tannenbaum, Julie (Pomona College)  11D Sat PM
Taylor, James (Westmont College)  5J Thu PM
Taylor, Kenneth (Stanford University)  1D Wed PM
Teays, Wanda (Mount St. Mary’s College)  5E Thu PM, G5B Thu PM
Tennberg, Chris (Kauai Community College)  10H Sat PM
Tepley, Joshua L. (University of Notre Dame)  5G Thu PM
Terjesen, Andrew (Rhodes College)  G2C Wed PM, G8A Sat PM
Tetreault, Michael J. (San Diego State University)  G2D Wed PM
Thielke, Peter (Pomona College)  10G Sat PM
Thomasson, Amie L. (University of Miami)  G6J Fri PM, G7E Sat PM
Thompson, Luke (Monash University)  G9D Sat PM
Thomson, Paul (Columbia Secondary School)  MII-2B Wed AM
Thrasher, John (University of Arizona)  9C Sat AM
Tiboris, Michael (University of California–San Diego)  8F Fri PM
Tiehen, Justin (University of Puget Sound)  1H Wed PM
Tillman, Chris (University of Manitoba)  11H Sat PM
Timalsina, Sthaneshwar (San Diego State University)  G2J Wed PM
Timpe, Kevin L. (Northwest Nazarene University)  2D Wed PM
Tipton, Jason (St. John’s College)  G2I Wed PM
Titelbaum, Michael (University of Wisconsin–Madison)  6F Fri AM
Tobin, Theresa (Marquette University)  8B Fri PM
Tognazzini, Neal (College of William and Mary)  2D Wed PM
Tollefsen, Deborah (University of Memphis)  MII-3 Wed PM
Tolley, Clinton (University of California–San Diego)  7J Fri PM
Tomhave, Alan (Youngstown State University)  G3B Thu PM
Tooley, Michael (University of Colorado–Boulder)  Fri PM, G8E Sat PM
Traiger, Saul (Occidental College)  G2A Wed PM
Tremblay, Frederic (University at Buffalo)  G6N Fri PM
Tresan, Jonathan A. (University of Florida)  7C Fri PM
Trestman, Michael (University of Utah)  4H Thu PM
Trogdon, Kelly G. (Lingnan University)  8E Fri PM
Trout, Lara (University of Portland)  G5D Thu PM
Tucker, Ericka (California State Polytechnic University–Pomona)  G2F Wed PM, G6F Fri PM, 9H Sat AM
Tulipana, Paul (Georgia State University)  10G Sat PM
Turgeon, Wendy (St. Joseph’s College–New York)  MII-3 Wed PM, 4L Thu PM
Turner, Derek (Connecticut College)  G5C Thu PM
Twomey, Rosemary (City University of New York–Graduate School)  10H Sat PM
Tye, Michael (University of Texas–Austin)  3C Thu AM
Ulatowski, Joseph (University of Nevada–Las Vegas)  4H Thu PM
Uleman, Jennifer K. (Purchase College, State University of New York)  11K Sat PM
Ullian, Joseph (Washington University in St. Louis)  9L Sat AM
Van Camp, Julie C. (California State University–Long Beach)  G3E Thu PM
Van Cleve, James (University of Southern California)  7G Fri PM
van Wietmarschen, Han (Stanford University)  9H Sat AM
Vanhaute, Liesbet (Universiteit Antwerpen)  G6I Fri PM
Varden, Helga (University of Illinois–Urbana-Champaign)  10G Sat PM
Veek, Aaron (University of Southern California)  5B Thu PM
Vessel, Jean-Paul (New Mexico State University)  2J Wed PM
Vihvelin, Kadri (University of Southern California)  5B Thu PM
Vinci, Thomas (Dalhousie University)  2A Wed PM
Vineberg, Susan (Wayne State University)  4E Thu PM
Vision, Gerald (Temple University)  1H Wed PM
von Fintel, Kai (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)  2E Wed PM, 3L Thu AM
von Platz, Jeppe (University of Pennsylvania)  6K Fri AM
Voronina, Lydia (Independent Scholar)  G2E Wed PM
Walker, Caren (University of California–Berkeley)  MII-2B Wed AM
Walker, Margaret (Arizona State University)  8B Fri PM
Walker, Matthew (Rutgers University)  11F Sat PM
Wallace, Megan (University of Kentucky)  9J Sat AM
Waller, Sara (Montana State University)  3J Thu AM
Wallis, Charles (California State University–Long Beach)  4H Thu PM
Walsh, Sean Drysdale (University of Minnesota–Duluth)  2J Wed PM
Walters, Gregory (Saint Paul University)  G6D Fri PM
Wang, Qingjie (Chinese University of Hong Kong)  G4A Thu PM
Wang, Robin (Loyola Marymount University)  3H Thu AM, G8B Sat PM
Wartenberg, Thomas (Mount Holyoke College)  MII-3 Wed PM
Watkins, Brian (Duke University)  11F Sat PM
Watkins, Mary (Pacifica Graduate Institute)  1L Wed PM
Watson, Lori (University of San Diego)  2F Wed PM, G7B Sat PM
Wautischer, Helmut (Sonoma State University)  G2E Wed PM, 9L Sat AM
Wawrytko, Sandra A. (San Diego State University)  G2D Wed PM, 4J Thu PM, G6B Fri PM
Weber, Tamar (University of California–Los Angeles)  4I Thu PM
Weinberg, Jonathan (Indiana University–Bloomington)  MI-1 Wed AM, G8C Sat PM
Weiner, Joan (Indiana University–Bloomington)  3E Thu AM
Weirich, Paul (University of Missouri)  1K Wed PM, 6L Fri AM
Weiss, Gail (George Washington University)  G6O Fri PM
Wellman, Christopher Heath (Washington University in St. Louis)  6M Fri AM
Wenning, Mario (University of Macau and Universität Frankfurt)  4J Thu PM
Wetzel, Linda (Georgetown University)  7D Fri PM
Wheeler, Gregory (New University of Lisbon)  11J Sat PM
Wheeler, Mark (San Diego State University)  G4G Thu PM, 11E Sat PM
Whitcomb, Dennis (Western Washington University)  8D Fri PM
White, Stephen (University of California–Los Angeles)  3H Thu AM
Whittaker, Debbie (California State University–Long Beach)  MII-5 Thurs AM
Wible, Andy (Muskegon Community College)  G9B Sat PM
Wilburn, Joshua (University of Victoria)  10H Sat PM
Wilburn, Ron (University of Nevada–Las Vegas)  4G Thu PM
Wilcox, Shelley (San Francisco State University)  6M Fri AM, G6G Fri PM
Wilford, Paul (Tulane University of New Orleans)  G2I Wed PM
Williams, Andrew (Warwick University and ICREA/Universitat Pompeu Fabra)  11B Sat PM
Williams, Christopher (University of Nevada–Reno)  G5A Thu PM, 7G Fri PM
Williams, David (University of Wisconsin–Stevens Point)  10B Sat PM
Williams, Paul (University of Texas–Austin)  G2J Wed PM
Willman, Marshall (New York Institute of Technology–Nanjing)  4J Thu PM
Wilson, George (University of Southern California)  4B Thu PM
Wilson, Mark (University of Pittsburgh)  9E Sat AM
Wilson, Rob (University of Alberta)  MII-6 Thurs AM
Wilson, Yolonda (Duke University)  1I Wed PM
Winfield, Richard Dien (University of Georgia)  G4I Thu PM
Winfree, Jason (California State University–Stanislaus)  G1E Wed PM
Wion, Matt (Marquette University)  G6F Fri PM
Wishon, Donovan (Stanford University)  6G Fri AM
Wittusen, Cato (Universitetet i Stavanger)  G2G Wed PM
Woien, Sandra (Arizona State University)  3K Thu AM
Wolfson, Ben (Stanford University)  4F Thu PM
Wonderly, Monique (University of California–Riverside)  3H Thu AM
Woods, Jack (Princeton University)  G2G Wed PM
Woods, Mark (University of San Diego)  7A Fri PM, G6C Fri PM
Wrathall, Mark (University of California–Riverside)  5G Thu PM
Wray, K. Brad (State University of New York–Oswego)  9L Sat AM
Wrenn, Chase B. (University of Alabama–Tuscaloosa)  5L Thu PM
Wright, Cory (California State University–Long Beach)  5F Thu PM
Wright, Crispin (New York University and University of Aberdeen)  11A Sat PM
Wright, Jen Cole (College of Charleston)  MI-1 Wed AM, G4H Thu PM
Wright, Kathleen (Haverford College)  7F Fri PM
Wunderlich, Mark E. (Union College)  4E Thu PM
Wylie, Alison (University of Washington)  Fri PM, 10K Sat PM
Wüthrich, Christian (University of California–San Diego)  2I Wed PM
Xiao, Yang (Kenyon College)  6B Fri AM
Yaffe, Gideon (University of Southern California)  3A Thu AM, 9N Sat AM
Yagisawa, Takashi (California State University–Northridge)  7D Fri PM
Yamada, Masahiro (Claremont Graduate University)  6F Fri AM
Yegnashankaran, Kritika (Bard College)  10F Sat PM
Yeomans, Christopher (Purdue University)  6K Fri AM
Yi, Byeong-Uk (University of Toronto)  1H Wed PM
Young, Charles (Claremont Graduate University)  1G Wed PM
Yount, David J. (Mesa Community College)  1G Wed PM
Yuan, Lijun (Texas State University–San Marcos)  2F Wed PM
Zack, Naomi (University of Oregon)  G6G Fri PM, G7C Sat PM
Zambrana, Rocío (University of Oregon)  G6I Fri PM
Zammito, John H. (Rice University)  G4J Thu PM
Zangeneh, Hakhamanesh (California State University–Stanislaus)  G1E Wed PM
Zapata, Fernando (State University of New York–Binghamton)  G7C Sat PM
Zelenak, Eugen (Catholic University in Ružomberok)  4I Thu PM
Zhang, Ellen (Hong Kong Baptist University)  G4A Thu PM
Zieminska, Renata (Uniwersytet Szczeciński)  G7D Sat PM
Zimmerman, Aaron (University of California–Santa Barbara)  11A Sat PM
Zinn, Carmen (University of California–Santa Barbara)  10I Sat PM
Zuckert, Rachel (Northwestern University)  7G Fri PM
Zwolinski, Matt (University of San Diego)  2C Wed PM
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