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2010 Pacific Division Program Participants
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Mini-conference sessions begin with "M”; group sessions begin with "G.” All others are main sessions.

Abdulhakim, Derrick (San Francisco State University)  IV-F Thu PM
Abed, Mohammed (California State University–Los Angeles)  V-L Thu PM
Adams, Fred (University of Delaware)  IX-A Sat AM
Adams, Marcus (University of Pittsburgh)  GVIII-B Thu PM
Agam-Segal, Reshef (Auburn University)  GVIII-A Thu PM
Alcoff, Linda Martín (City University of New York–Hunter College)  VII-L Fri PM
Alfino, Mark (Gonzaga University)  III-J Thu AM
Allais, Lucy (University of the Witwatersrand)  XI-H Sat PM
Allen, Colin (Indiana University–Bloomington)  GXI-B Fri PM
Allhoff, Fritz (Western Michigan University)  IX-G Sat AM
Allison, Henry E. (University of California–San Diego and Boston University)  GIII-A Wed PM
Alter, Torin (University of Alabama–Tuscaloosa)  VIII-I Fri PM
Alward, Peter (University of Lethbridge)  IV-F Thu PM
Alwishah, Ahmed (Pitzer College)  X-H Sat PM
Amano, Randall (University of California–Berkeley)  X-C Sat PM
Amaya, Santiago (Washington University in St. Louis)  II-F Wed PM
Ameriks, Karl (University of Notre Dame)  VIII-C Fri PM
Amini, Majid (Virginia State University)  GIX-C Thu PM
Anderson, Owen (Arizona State University)  GVI-C Wed PM, GIX-C Thu PM
Anderson, R. Lanier (Stanford University)  GV-E Wed PM, X-C Sat PM
Anderson, Scott A. (University of British Columbia)  VI-E Fri AM
Anderson, Travis T. (Brigham Young University)  GXI-J Fri PM, GXII-C Sat PM
Andrews, Kristen (York University)  VII-J Fri PM
Angelides, Alexei (Stanford University)  IX-H Sat AM
Anton, Anatole (San Francisco State University)  GVII-B Thu PM
Antony, Louise (University of Massachusetts–Amherst)  II-F Wed PM
Arenson, Kelly (University of Memphis)  I-I Wed PM
Ariew, Roger (University of South Florida)  VIII-B Fri PM
Armendt, Brad (Arizona State University)  I-D Wed PM
Armstrong, Susan (Humboldt State University)  GVII-E Thu PM
Arvan, Marcus (University of Tampa)  IX-J Sat AM
Asher, Nicholas (Centre Nationale de la Recherche Scientifique)  III-C Thu AM
Ashwell, Lauren (Bates College)  V-H Thu PM
Audi, Paul R. (University of Nebraska–Omaha)  I-F Wed PM
Audi, Robert (University of Notre Dame)  GXIII-E Sat PM
Avnur, Yuval (Scripps College)  IX-H Sat AM
Azzouni, Jody (Tufts University)  GV-I Wed PM
Baber, H. E. (University of San Diego)  III-J Thu AM
Babich, Babette (Fordham University)  XI-E Sat PM
Bader, Ralf (University of St Andrews)  V-H Thu PM
Badhwar, Neera (University of Oklahoma)  I-J Wed PM
Baehr, Amy (Hofstra University)  VII-H Fri PM
Bagnoli, Carla (University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee)  IX-G Sat AM
Bai, Tongdong (Xavier University)  GXI-A Fri PM
Baia, Alex (University of Texas–Austin)  VI-I Fri AM
Ball, Derek (University of St. Andrews)  VIII-I Fri PM
Ballarin, Roberta (University of British Columbia)  XI-I Sat PM
Banerjee, Amrita (University of Oregon)  GXIV-A Sat PM
Barbone, Steve (San Diego State University)  GV-F Wed PM, GVII-F Thu PM, VIII-J Fri PM, GXI-G Fri PM
Baril, Anne (University of Arizona)  I-E Wed PM
Barnes, Eric (Southern Methodist University)  I-J Wed PM
Barnes, Joseph (University of California–Berkeley)  IX-H Sat AM
Barnett, David B. (University of Colorado, Boulder)  VIII-H Fri PM
Barney, Rachel (University of Toronto)  X-E Sat PM
Barnhill, Anne (Johns Hopkins University)  V-D Thu PM
Basl, John (University of Wisconsin–Madison)  GV-D Wed PM
Battaly, Heather (California State University–Fullerton)  VI-G Fri AM
Batterman, Robert (University of Western Ontario)  GV-I Wed PM
Batty, Clare (University of Kentucky)  IX-E Sat AM
Baumann, Peter (Swarthmore College)  GVIII-A Thu PM
Baumgaertner, Bert (University of California–Davis)  VIII-H Fri PM
Bayne, Tim (Oxford University)  VIII-D Fri PM
Baz, Avner (Tufts University)  GXIII-D Sat PM
Bealer, George (Yale University)  VII-E Fri PM
Becker, Lawrence C. (Hollins University)  IV-C Thu PM
Beggs, Svetlana (University of California–Riverside)  VI-J Fri AM
Bellon, Christina M. (California State University–Sacramento)  GV-K Wed PM, VII-H Fri PM, GXI-D Fri PM
Benham, Bryan (University of Utah)  GXI-J Fri PM
Bennett, Karen (Cornell University)  IV-A Thu PM
Benton, Matthew (Rutgers University)  VI-H Fri AM
Berendzen, J. C. (Loyola University New Orleans)  V-F Thu PM
Berkey, Brian (University of California–Berkeley)  X-G Sat PM
Berkhout, Suze (University of British Columbia)  VIII-G Fri PM
Bernecker, Sven (University of California–Irvine)  IX-A Sat AM
Bernstein, Sara (University of Arizona)  VI-F Fri AM
Berofsky, Bernard (Columbia University)  VII-D Fri PM
Bertman, Martin (Hobbes Studies)  GIV-B Wed PM, GVIII-B Thu PM, GXIII-B Sat PM
Bevir, Mark (University of California–Berkeley)  GXI-M Fri PM, GXIII-I Sat PM
Bezzubova, Elena (University of California–Irvine)  GXI-E Fri PM
Biletzki, Anat (Tel Aviv University)  V-L Thu PM
Bin Abdul Aziz, Johannis (University of California–Berkeley)  GVIII-H Thu PM
Birondo, Noell (Claremont McKenna College)  IX-G Sat AM
Biss, Mavis (University of Wisconsin–Madison)  GV-C Wed PM
Björnsson, Gunnar (Linköpings Universitet)  V-J Thu PM
Black, Tim (California State University–Northridge)  IV-G Thu PM
Blackman, Reid (Colgate University)  II-E Wed PM
Bobro, Marc (Santa Barbara City College)  VIII-K Fri PM
Bordner, Seth (University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill)  V-I Thu PM
Bowin, John (University of California–Santa Cruz)  GVIII-E Thu PM
Bowman, Brady (Pennsylvania State University)  GV-H Wed PM
Bowman, Margaret (University of Utah)  IX-I Sat AM
Bradley, Ben (Syracuse University)  III-A Thu AM
Bradner, Alexandra (Denison University)  IV-I Thu PM
Brake, Elizabeth (University of Calgary)  III-G Thu AM, GXII-A Sat PM
Brand, Peg (Indiana University-Purdue University–Indianapolis)  V-B Thu PM
Brand-Ballard, Jeffrey (George Washington University)  IX-G Sat AM
Bratman, Michael E. (Stanford University)  Fri PM
Brennan, Samantha (University of Western Ontario)  II-B Wed PM
Brewer, Talbot (University of Virginia)  IX-D Sat AM
Briggs, Dan (University of New Mexico)  XI-E Sat PM
Bringhurst, Piper (University of Arizona)  VII-J Fri PM
Briscoe, Robert (Ohio University)  II-H Wed PM
Brison, Susan (Dartmouth College)  GXII-A Sat PM
Bristow, William (University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee)  GXIII-G Sat PM
Brock, Gillian (University of Auckland)  GVII-C Thu PM, GXI-I Fri PM
Brogaard, Berit (University of Missouri–St. Louis)  II-H Wed PM
Bromberger, Sylvain (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)  X-D Sat PM
Bromwich, Danielle (National Institutes of Health)  IX-I Sat AM
Brophy, Scott (Hobart and William Smith Colleges)  I-H Wed PM
Brown, John (University of Maryland–College Park)  GVI-A Wed PM
Brown, Marvin (University of San Francisco)  GXIV-C Sat PM
Brown, Michael Philip (Michigan State University)  GVII-B Thu PM
Brown, Stephen (Briar Cliff College)  GXI-J Fri PM
Bruce, James (John Brown University)  GXIII-E Sat PM
Brueckner, Anthony (University of California–Santa Barbara)  IX-H Sat AM
Bruno, Teresa (University of Kansas)  GI-A, Tue AM
Bruno, Michael (Lewis and Clark College)  VII-I Fri PM
Buchak, Lara (University of California–Berkeley)  V-D Thu PM
Bueno, Otávio (University of Miami)  I-H Wed PM, GV-I Wed PM, GXIII-H Sat PM
Buenting, Joel (University of Alberta)  GXIII-H Sat PM
Bunch, Aaron (Washington State University)  III-G Thu AM, GXIII-G Sat PM
Bundy, Alex (University of California–Santa Barbara)  XI-F Sat PM
Burak, Ken (Northampton Community College)  VIII-K Fri PM
Burgess, John (Princeton University)  VII-A Fri PM
Burian, Richard (Virginia Tech)  VIII-B Fri PM
Burke, Victoria I. (University of Toronto)  GV-H Wed PM
Burkhart, Brian Yazzie (Indiana University–Bloomington)  III-K Thu AM
Burroughs, Michael (University of Memphis)  V-K Thu PM
Bussanich, John (University of New Mexico)  XI-D Sat PM
Butler, Travis (Iowa State University)  X-F Sat PM
Bäck, Alan (Kutztown University of Pennsylvania)  GVIII-I Thu PM
Caie, Michael (University of California–Berkeley)  XI-A Sat PM
Calhoun, Cheshire (Arizona State University)  GXIV-D Sat PM
Campana, Daniel (University of La Verne)  VI-E Fri AM
Campbell, Joseph Keim (Washington State University)  VII-D Fri PM, GXIV-B Sat PM
Camus, Rina Marie F. (National Chengchi University)  GV-A Wed PM
Cannon, Douglas (University of Puget Sound)  VI-I Fri AM
Caplan, Ben (Ohio State University)  X-H Sat PM
Carey, Rosalind (City University of New York–Lehman College)  GVIII-A Thu PM
Carmichael, Chad (University of Illinois–Urbana-Champaign)  X-I Sat PM
Carrascoso, Carlo (University of Redlands)  GXIV-C Sat PM
Carriero, John (University of California–Los Angeles)  X-A Sat PM
Carter, Alan (University of Glasgow)  V-E Thu PM
Cath, Yuri (University of St. Andrews)  V-C Thu PM
Cederblom, Jerry (University of Nebraska–Omaha)  GIX-A Thu PM
Chakrabarti, Chandana (Davis and Elkins College)  GVIII-J Thu PM
Chakrabarti, Kisor Kumar (Davis and Elkins College)  GVIII-J Thu PM
Chakravartty, Anjan (University of Toronto)  VI-I Fri AM
Chang, Tzu-Li (National Zhengzhi University)  GV-A Wed PM
Cheng, Chung-Ying (University of Hawaii–Manoa)  GVIII-C Thu PM, GXI-C Fri PM
Cheng-Guajardo, Luis (Stanford University)  III-F Thu AM
Chignell, Andrew (Cornell University)  X-C Sat PM
Chislenko, Eugene (University of California–Berkeley)  IX-I Sat AM
Chiu, Wai Wai (University of New South Wales)  GXI-C Fri PM
Cho, Joanne Miyang (William Paterson University)  GXIII-C Sat PM
Choi, Naomi (University of California–Berkeley)  GVIII-H Thu PM
Cholbi, Michael (California State Polytechnic University–Pomona)  III-G Thu AM
Chrisman, Matthew (University of Edinburgh)  IV-B Thu PM
Christion, Tim (University of North Texas)  GV-D Wed PM
Chu, Antonio (Metropolitan State College of Denver)  III-H Thu AM
Chuang, Christina (University of California–Irvine)  IX-F Sat AM
Churchland, Patricia (University of California–San Diego)  X-K Sat PM
Clark, Austen (University of Connecticut)  IX-E Sat AM
Clark, Philip (University of Toronto)  X-B Sat PM
Clarke, Randolph (Florida State University)  VII-D Fri PM
Claxton, Susanne (Green Mountain College)  XI-D Sat PM
Clough, Sharyn (Oregon State University)  XI-J Sat PM
Coates, Allen (East Tennessee State University)  IX-H Sat AM
Coates, Justin (University of California–Riverside)  I-F Wed PM
Code, Alan (Rutgers University)  VII-C Fri PM
Coeckelbergh, Mark (Universiteit Twente)  GXI-B Fri PM
Cogley, Zac (Ohio State University)  X-G Sat PM
Cohen, Andrew Jason (Georgia State University)  IX-D Sat AM
Cohen, Mark (University of California–Los Angeles)  X-K Sat PM
Cohen, S. Marc (University of Washington)  VII-C Fri PM
Cokelet, Bradford (University of Miami)  IX-I Sat AM
Colaner, Nathan (University of Kansas)  IX-J Sat AM
Collins, John (East Carolina University)  IV-F Thu PM
Comesaña, Juan (University of Arizona)  IX-B Sat AM
Copenhaver, Rebecca (Lewis and Clark College)  V-I Thu PM
Coplan, Amy (California State University–Fullerton)  IX-G Sat AM
Copp, David (University of California–Davis)  IX-C Sat AM
Corkum, Philip (University of Alberta)  X-F Sat PM
Cottrell, Joshua (Westview High School)  V-K Thu PM
Couch, Mark B. (Seton Hall University)  GVIII-G Thu PM
Coventry, Angela (Portland State University)  XI-G Sat PM
Coyle, Daniel (Birmingham–Southern College and Our Lady of the Lake University)  GXIII-F Sat PM
Craig, Benjamin (Southern Illinois University–Carbondale)  GV-J Wed PM
Crasnow, Sharon (Riverside Community College)  VI-F Fri AM
Crawford, Lindsay (University of California–Berkeley)  XI-G Sat PM
Cudd, Ann (University of Kansas)  II-B Wed PM
Culverhouse, Zenon (Mount St. Mary’s College)  GIX-A Thu PM
Cumming, Sam (University of California–Los Angeles)  II-D Wed PM
Cuneo, Terence (University of Vermont)  IV-B Thu PM
Cuomo, Chris (University of Georgia)  GXI-D Fri PM
Curley, Edwin (University of Michigan–Ann Arbor)  GXIII-E Sat PM
Cushman, Edward (Lewis and Clark College)  XI-F Sat PM
Dainton, Barry (University of Liverpool)  VI-B Fri AM
Dammin, Tristram (University of New Mexico)  XI-E Sat PM
Dancy, Jonathan (University of Texas–Austin and University of Reading)  IX-C Sat AM
Darmalingum, Matthew (Stanford University)  I-I Wed PM
Dauer, Jeff (University of Missouri–St. Louis)  GXII-D Sat PM
Davies, Stephen (University of Auckland)  II-C Wed PM
Davis, Ann (Pomona College)  IV-E Thu PM
Davis, Jessica (San Diego State University)  GVII-F Thu PM
De Brigard, Felipe (University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill)  I-G Wed PM
De Marco, Tobyn (Bergen Community College)  II-C Wed PM
de Melo-Martin, Inmaculada (Cornell University)  X-K Sat PM
De Sousa, Ronald (University of Toronto)  XI-B Sat PM
Dean, Jeff (Wiley-Blackwell)  II-C Wed PM
Dean, Richard (California State University–Los Angeles)  GXIII-G Sat PM
Debes, Remy (University of Memphis)  VI-E Fri AM
DeClark, Kory (University of Southern California)  GIX-D Thu PM
Deery, Oisin (University of British Columbia)  I-J Wed PM
Dell’Olio, Andrew (Hope College)  GXIII-B Sat PM
Delmas, Candice (Boston University)  X-F Sat PM
DeMoss, David (Pacific University)  X-F Sat PM
Denison, Jaime (University of New Mexico)  XI-E Sat PM
Depew, David (University of Iowa)  VIII-B Fri PM
Des Chene, Dennis (Washington University in St. Louis)  X-A Sat PM
Devitt, Michael (City University of New York–Graduate Center)  V-C Thu PM
Dharamsi, Karim (Mount Royal University)  GXIII-I Sat PM
Doggett, Tyler (University of Vermont)  VII-J Fri PM
Dombrowski, Daniel A. (Seattle University)  GVII-E Thu PM
Donougho, Martin (University of South Carolina)  GV-H Wed PM
Doppelt, Gerald D. (University of California–San Diego)  VII-G Fri PM
Dorsey, Dale (University of Kansas)  VII-K Fri PM
Doshi, Ravi (Southern Illinois University–Carbondale)  GV-J Wed PM
Dowell, Janice (University of Nebraska–Lincoln)  V-J Thu PM
Downes, Steve (University of Utah)  III-I Thu AM
Draper, Paul (Purdue University)  II-J Wed PM
Driver, Julia (Washington University in St. Louis)  V-E Thu PM
Dull, Carl (Southern Illinois University–Carbondale)  GV-J Wed PM
Dzimiri, Timothy (National University of Sciences and Technology)  GX-A Fri PM
Earlenbaugh, Josh (University of California–Davis)  IV-E Thu PM
Easton, Patricia (Claremont Graduate University)  XI-G Sat PM
Easwaran, Kenny (Australian National University)  III-I Thu AM
Ebbs, Gary (Indiana University–Bloomington)  III-E Thu AM
Egan, Andy (Rutgers University)  V-J Thu PM
Eklund, Matti (Cornell University)  V-G Thu PM
Ekstrom, Laura W. (College of William and Mary)  I-J Wed PM
Elgin, Catherine (Harvard University)  I-D Wed PM
Elliot, Robert (University of the Sunshine Coast)  V-E Thu PM
Elpidorou, Andreas (Boston University)  I-G Wed PM
Enck, Gavin (University of Tennessee)  GXIII-H Sat PM
Engstrom, Stephen (University of Pittsburgh)  GXIII-G Sat PM
Erickson, Stephen (Pomona College)  GXI-E Fri PM
Esch, Emily (College of St. Benedict and St. John’s University)  IV-I Thu PM, X-H Sat PM
Ezra, Ovadia (Tel Aviv University)  GV-C Wed PM, V-L Thu PM
Falkenstein, Lorne (University of Western Ontario)  GIII-A Wed PM
Fallis, Don (University of Arizona)  VI-H Fri AM
Fantl, Jeremy (University of Calgary)  IX-H Sat AM
Farzam-Kia, Arash (Queen’s University)  X-G Sat PM
Fauvel, Lysane F. A. (State University of New York–Stony Brook)  GVII-F Thu PM
Feder, Ellen (American University)  VII-L Fri PM, GXI-N Fri PM
Ferejohn, Michael (Duke University)  X-E Sat PM
Ferrari, John (University of California–Berkeley)  IX-J Sat AM
Ferrucci, Anthony (San Francisco State University)  I-I Wed PM
Fiala, Andrew (California State University–Fresno)  GV-C Wed PM
Figdor, Carrie (University of Iowa)  GVIII-G Thu PM
Figueroa, Robert Melchior (University of North Texas)  III-K Thu AM
Filice, Carlo (State University of New York–Geneseo)  III-F Thu AM
Fischer, John Martin (University of California–Riverside)  III-A Thu AM
Fischer, Markus (California State University–Fullerton)  GXI-A Fri PM, GXIII-B Sat PM
Flanagan, Owen (Duke University)  VI-D Fri AM, GXI-A Fri PM
Flora, Ian (University of Michigan–Ann Arbor)  X-F Sat PM
Forschler, Scott E. (Independent Scholar)  III-G Thu AM
Francis, Leslie Pickering (University of Utah)  II-K Wed PM, IV-C Thu PM
Franklin, Christopher Evan (University of California–Riverside)  III-F Thu AM
Frasz, Geoffrey (College of Southern Nevada)  GV-D Wed PM, XI-C Sat PM
Frei, Tamra (Michigan State University)  IX-G Sat AM
Freiman, Christopher (University of Arizona)  III-D Thu AM
Friedman, Michael (Stanford University)  III-E Thu AM
Fritzman, J. M. (Lewis and Clark College)  GV-H Wed PM, VI-J Fri AM
Fusco, Melissa (University of California–Berkeley)  IV-F Thu PM
Gale, George (University of Missouri–Kansas City)  VIII-B Fri PM
Galvin, Richard (Texas Christian University)  IX-J Sat AM
Gammage, Jennifer (University of New Mexico)  VIII-F Fri PM
Gangadean, Surrendra (Paradise Valley Community College)  GVI-C Wed PM
Garchar, Kimberly (Kent State University)  GXIV-A Sat PM
Garcia, Ernesto V. (University of Massachusetts–Amherst)  VIII-C Fri PM
Garcia-Ramirez, Eduardo (University of Michigan–Ann Arbor)  GI-A, Tue AM
Gardiner, Stephen M. (University of Washington)  XI-C Sat PM
Gardner, Susan (Capilano University)  V-K Thu PM
Garry, Ann (California State University–Los Angeles)  VII-H Fri PM
Garver, Eugene (College of St. Benedict and St. John’s University)  GV-F Wed PM
Gauthier, Jeff (University of Portland)  V-F Thu PM, GXII-A Sat PM
Genone, James (Stanford University)  II-H Wed PM
Gertler, Brie (University of Virginia)  III-B Thu AM
Ghate, Onkar (Ayn Rand Institute)  GXIII-A Sat PM
Gibbard, Allan (University of Michigan–Ann Arbor)  IV-B Thu PM
Giberman, Daniel (Stanford University)  X-I Sat PM
Gilmore, Cody (University of California–Davis)  X-I Sat PM
Glasgow, Joshua (Victoria University of Wellington)  VII-K Fri PM
Glennan, Stuart (Butler University)  GXI-L Fri PM
Glenney, Brian (University of Southern California)  II-G Wed PM
Glod, William (Institute for Humane Studies)  VI-E Fri AM, GXIII-A Sat PM
Glover, Kelly (University of California–Berkeley)  VIII-H Fri PM
Godfrey-Smith, Peter (Harvard University)  VIII-A Fri PM
Golash, Deirdre (American University)  VI-E Fri AM
Goldberg, Nathaniel (Washington and Lee University)  IV-G Thu PM
Goldberg, Sanford (Northwestern University)  IX-A Sat AM
Goldberg, Zachary J. (Arizona State University)  I-J Wed PM
Goldman, Alvin (Rutgers University)  VII-B Fri PM, XI-K Sat PM
Gomberg, Paul (Chicago State University)  VII-H Fri PM
Gonzalez, Francisco (University of Ottawa)  XI-D Sat PM
Goswick, Dana Lynne (University of California–Davis)  VI-F Fri AM
Gotthelf, Allan (University of Pittsburgh)  GXIII-A Sat PM
Graham, Peter (University of California–Riverside)  VII-B Fri PM, XI-K Sat PM
Grassbaugh Forry, Joan (Vanderbilt University)  GIV-A Wed PM
Greco, John (St. Louis University)  VI-G Fri AM
Green, Jerry (Texas Tech University)  IX-J Sat AM
Green, Judith (Fordham University)  GIX-E Thu PM
Green, Michael (Pomona College)  VI-D Fri AM, GXI-A Fri PM
Greene, Amanda (Stanford University)  V-C Thu PM
Greene, Richard (Weber State University)  GXIII-H Sat PM
Greenough, Patrick (University of St. Andrews and University of Sydney)  GVIII-F Thu PM
Grenberg, Jeanine (St. Olaf College)  V-A Thu PM, GXIII-G Sat PM
Gressis, Robert (California State University–Northridge)  III-F Thu AM
Grier, Michelle (University of San Diego)  XI-H Sat PM
Griesemer, James (University of California–Davis)  VIII-A Fri PM
Griffin, Michael (University of British Columbia)  II-I Wed PM
Griswold, Charles (Boston University)  I-D Wed PM
Groff, Peter S. (Bucknell University)  GIV-C Wed PM
Grzankowski, Alex (University of Texas–Austin)  I-G Wed PM
Guenova, Ludmila (Harvard University)  II-G Wed PM
Guevara, Daniel (University of California–Santa Cruz)  IV-E Thu PM
Gunn, Giles (University of California–Santa Barbara)  GXI-K Fri PM
Gurley, S. West (Sam Houston State University)  V-F Thu PM
Gustafson, Andrew (Creighton University)  GXIV-C Sat PM
Haar Farris, Matthew S. (Graduate Theological Union)  XI-E Sat PM
Haber, Matt (University of Utah)  VIII-A Fri PM
Hacker-Wright, John (University of Guelph)  II-F Wed PM
Hahn, Martin (Simon Fraser University)  VIII-I Fri PM
Halwani, Raja (School of the Art Institute of Chicago)  GXIV-D Sat PM
Hanley, Richard (University of Delaware)  GIX-B Thu PM
Hanna, Robert (University of Colorado–Boulder)  III-D Thu AM
Hardy, Lee (Calvin College)  GVI-C Wed PM
Hare, Caspar (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)  V-D Thu PM
Harman, Elizabeth (Princeton University)  V-D Thu PM
Harman, Gilbert (Princeton University)  VI-A Fri AM
Harnish, Robert M. (University of Arizona)  V-B Thu PM
Harold, James (Mount Holyoke College)  IX-F Sat AM
Harris, Eirik (Santa Clara University)  VI-D Fri AM, GXI-A Fri PM
Hartley, Christie (Georgia State University)  IV-C Thu PM
Hartsock, Michael Dean (University of Missouri)  VI-F Fri AM
Hasan, Ali (University of Iowa)  IX-H Sat AM
Hassoun, Nicole (Carnegie Mellon University)  II-B Wed PM
Hawthorne, John (Oxford University)  X-D Sat PM
Hay, Carol (University of Massachusetts–Lowell)  VII-H Fri PM
Hazzard, Katherine (Independent Scholar)  GXII-C Sat PM
Hebbeler, James (St. Joseph’s University)  XI-H Sat PM
Hedger, Joe (Arizona State University)  IV-F Thu PM
Hellie, Benj (University of Toronto)  I-F Wed PM
Henderson, David K (University of Nebraska–Lincoln)  GXIII-I Sat PM
Hendricks, Scott (Clark University)  VII-B Fri PM
Henning, Brian G. (Gonzaga University)  GVII-E Thu PM
Hentrup, Miles (University of Oregon)  GXII-B Sat PM
Herschbach, Mitchell (University of California–San Diego)  I-G Wed PM
Hestir, Blake (Texas Christian University)  III-H Thu AM
Hiddleston, Eric (Wayne State University)  X-I Sat PM
Higginbotham, James (University of Southern California)  III-E Thu AM
Hill, Christopher (Brown University)  I-A Wed PM
Hiller, Avram (Portland State University)  GV-D Wed PM, VII-F Fri PM
Hintikka, Jaakko (Boston University)  VIII-E Fri PM
Hirschbein, Ron (California State University–Chico)  GV-C Wed PM
Hobbs, Jerry (University of Southern California)  III-C Thu AM
Hoekstra, Kinch (University of California–Berkeley)  VI-D Fri AM
Hogan, Brendan (New York University)  GIX-E Thu PM
Holberg, Erica (University of Chicago)  V-A Thu PM
Hollebeke, Mark Van (Pacific Lutheran University)  GIX-E Thu PM
Holley, David M. (University of Southern Mississippi)  GVI-C Wed PM
Holman, Emmett L. (George Mason University)  VII-I Fri PM
Homiak, Marcia (Occidental College)  II-F Wed PM
Horgan, Terry (University of Arizona)  GIX-B Thu PM, VII-B Fri PM
Horky, Phillip (Stanford University)  X-F Sat PM
Hourdequin, Marion (Colorado College)  IX-F Sat AM
Hovda, Paul (Reed College)  X-I Sat PM
Howell, Robert (Southern Methodist University)  II-H Wed PM
Hoy, Jocelyn (University of California–Santa Cruz)  VIII-B Fri PM
Hsu, Andrew (University of California–Los Angeles)  X-B Sat PM
Hudspeth, Christopher (United States Coast Guard Academy)  VII-F Fri PM
Hughes Dominick, Yancy (Seattle University)  IX-J Sat AM
Hughes, Paul (University of Michigan–Dearborn)  III-F Thu AM
Hunt, David (Whittier College)  I-F Wed PM, GIX-C Thu PM
Hunt, Lester (University of Wisconsin–Madison)  GXIII-A Sat PM
Hunter, David (Ryerson University)  IX-A Sat AM
Hurlburt, Russell T. (University of Nevada–Las Vegas)  I-A Wed PM
Hurtig, Kent (University of Stirling)  VII-J Fri PM
Hussain, Nadeem J. Z. (Stanford University)  II-E Wed PM
Hutchison, Bill (University of New Mexico)  VIII-F Fri PM
Hwang, Joseph W. (California State University–Chico)  XI-G Sat PM
Ihara, Craig K. (California State University–Fullerton)  GVIII-I Thu PM
Im, Manyul (Fairfield University)  GVIII-C Thu PM
Innis, Tyler (University of New Mexico)  VIII-F Fri PM
Irwin, Kristen (Biola University)  GVI-C Wed PM, GXIII-E Sat PM
Ivanhoe, Philip J. (City University of Hong Kong)  GV-A Wed PM, VI-D Fri AM, GXI-A Fri PM
Iwasawa, Tomoko (Reitaku University)  GXIII-C Sat PM
Jackman, Henry (York University)  GVIII-F Thu PM
Jacobs, Jonathan D. (St. Louis University)  GV-L Wed PM
Jacobson, Anne (University of Houston)  I-G Wed PM
Jacquette, Dale (Universität Bern)  VIII-E Fri PM
Jamieson, Dale (New York University)  XI-C Sat PM
Janssen, Gregory (University of Nevada–Las Vegas)  IV-A Thu PM
Jeannot, Tom (Gonzaga University)  GVI-B Wed PM, GIX-F Thu PM
Jeffrey, Justin (University of Idaho)  VII-K Fri PM
Jeshion, Robin (University of California–Riverside)  VII-A Fri PM
Johansen, Marc (University of Arizona)  I-F Wed PM
Johnson, David Won (Pennsylvania State University)  GV-B Wed PM
Johnson, Erik (University of California–Davis)  V-G Thu PM
Johnson, Jeff (St. Catherine University)  GV-G Wed PM, GXIII-D Sat PM
Johnson, Stephan (City College of San Francisco)  VI-H Fri AM
Jollimore, Troy (California State University–Chico)  XI-B Sat PM
Jones, Russell (University of Oklahoma)  I-I Wed PM
Jones, Sarah (Northern Michigan University)  IV-G Thu PM
Jotterand, Fabrice (University of Texas–Southwestern)  X-K Sat PM
Joy, Lynn S. (University of Notre Dame)  X-A Sat PM
Justin, Gale (California State University–Sacramento)  X-F Sat PM
Kaag, John (University of Massachusetts–Lowell)  GXIV-A Sat PM
Kahn, Leonard (United States Air Force Academy)  VII-F Fri PM, GXI-J Fri PM, GXII-C Sat PM
Kahn, Samuel (Stanford University)  VIII-C Fri PM
Kalar, Brent (University of New Mexico)  X-C Sat PM
Kaldis, Byron (University of California–Berkeley)  II-I Wed PM
Kamber, Richard (The College of New Jersey)  IV-I Thu PM
Kangas, David (Santa Clara University)  GXIII-K Sat PM
Kaplan, David (University of California–Los Angeles)  X-D Sat PM
Kaplan, David M. (Washington University in St. Louis)  GVIII-G Thu PM
Kaplan, Jonathan (Oregon State University)  VII-H Fri PM
Kappel, Klemens (Københavns Universitet)  IV-B Thu PM
Karofsky, Amy (Hofstra University)  VI-F Fri AM
Katsafanas, Paul (University of New Mexico)  II-E Wed PM
Kawall, Jason (Colgate University)  I-E Wed PM
Keady, Brian (University of Denver)  III-H Thu AM
Keating, Riley (Westview High School)  V-K Thu PM
Keeley, Brian L. (Pitzer College)  VII-I Fri PM
Kehler, Andrew (University of California–San Diego)  III-C Thu AM
Keller, Pierre (University of California–Riverside)  X-C Sat PM
Kennedy, Matthew J. (University of Nottingham)  VII-F Fri PM
Keuhn, Manfred (Boston University)  GIII-A Wed PM
Kim, David (University of San Francisco)  GV-K Wed PM
Kind, Amy (Claremont McKenna College)  III-B Thu AM
King, Jeffrey C. (Rutgers University)  II-D Wed PM
King, Matthew (York University)  II-I Wed PM
King, Nathan (University of Notre Dame)  XI-F Sat PM
Kirby, Jeremy (Albion College)  IV-G Thu PM
Kirchner, Daniel (Centre College)  GV-H Wed PM
Kirkbright, Suzanne (University of London)  GXI-E Fri PM
Klein, Alexander (California State University–Long Beach)  I-G Wed PM
Klein, Julie (Villanova University)  VIII-J Fri PM, GXI-G Fri PM
Kleingeld, Pauline (Universiteit Leiden)  GVIII-D Thu PM
Kobes, Bernard W. (Arizona State University)  VII-I Fri PM
Koch, Michael (State University of New York–Oneonta)  GXII-C Sat PM
Koikkalainen, Petri (University of Lapland)  GVIII-H Thu PM
Kolodny, Niko (University of California–Berkeley)  VI-A Fri AM
Koopman, Colin (University of Oregon)  GXI-K Fri PM
Kopec, Matthew C. (University of Wisconsin–Madison)  XI-F Sat PM
Korman, Daniel Z. (University of Illinois–Urbana-Champaign)  VIII-H Fri PM
Kortbein, Joshua (Luther College)  GV-G Wed PM
Koslicki, Kathrin (University of Colorado–Boulder)  IV-A Thu PM
Kowalsky, Nathan (University of Alberta)  GV-D Wed PM
Krasner, Daniel (Metropolitan State College of Denver)  IV-F Thu PM
Kretz, Lisa (Dalhousie University)  GXI-D Fri PM
Kriegel, Uriah (University of Arizona)  III-B Thu AM
Kuechle, Graciela (Universität Witten/Herdecke)  III-I Thu AM
Kulp, Christopher (Santa Clara University)  II-J Wed PM
Kumar, Victor (University of Arizona)  VI-G Fri AM
Kung, Peter (Pomona College)  VII-F Fri PM
Kuperus, Gerard (University of San Francisco)  GV-B Wed PM
Kvanvig, Jonathan (Baylor University)  I-D Wed PM
Lachs, John (Vanderbilt University)  VI-K Fri AM
Lai, Karyn (University of New South Wales)  GXI-C Fri PM
Lamb, Robert (University of Exeter)  GVIII-H Thu PM
Lapointe, Sandra (Kansas State University)  GXIII-J Sat PM
Lawlor, Krista (Stanford University)  VII-E Fri PM
Lawrence, David (University of North Dakota)  GVIII-J Thu PM
LeBar, Mark (Ohio University)  IX-G Sat AM
Lee, Geoffrey (University of California–Berkeley)  IX-E Sat AM
Lee, Joseph (University of California–Santa Barbara)  VII-K Fri PM
Lee, Kyoo (City University of New York–John Jay College and Graduate Center)  IV-H Thu PM
Lefkowitz, David (University of Richmond)  VII-G Fri PM
Lehrer, Keith (University of Arizona)  V-B Thu PM
Lepock, Christopher (University of Toronto)  VI-H Fri AM
LePore, Ernest (Rutgers University)  X-D Sat PM
Levin, Janet (University of Southern California)  III-E Thu AM
Levine, Joseph (University of Massachusetts–Amherst)  III-B Thu AM, V-L Thu PM
Lewin, Micah (Stanford University)  VI-G Fri AM
Lewis, Frank (University of Southern California)  VII-C Fri PM
Lewis, Karen (Rutgers University)  V-G Thu PM
Liao, S. Matthew (Oxford University)  VII-J Fri PM
Light, Andrew (George Mason University)  VII-L Fri PM
Linden, Harry van der (Butler University)  GVII-B Thu PM
Littlejohn, Clayton (University of Texas–San Antonio)  IV-G Thu PM
Liu, JeeLoo (California State University–Fullerton)  GV-A Wed PM
Liu, Wei (Chinese University of Hong Kong)  GXI-A Fri PM
Liu, Xiaofei (University of Missouri-Columbia)  VI-E Fri AM
Livingston, Paul (University of New Mexico)  GV-G Wed PM
Lloyd, Sharon A. (University of Southern California)  GIV-B Wed PM, VI-D Fri AM
Locke, Dustin (Claremont McKenna College)  V-H Thu PM
Loew, Christian (University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill)  VI-F Fri AM
Lolordo, Antonia (University of Virginia)  II-G Wed PM
Lone, Jana Mohr (University of Washington)  V-K Thu PM
Longuenesse, Beatrice (New York University)  VI-B Fri AM
Look, Brandon (University of Kentucky)  GV-F Wed PM
Lopez, Theresa (University of Arizona)  IX-I Sat AM
LoPresti, Matthew (Hawaii Pacific University)  GIV-C Wed PM
Lott, Tommy (San Jose State University)  IV-H Thu PM
Love, Alan C. (University of Minnesota)  I-H Wed PM
Lucey, Kenneth (University of Nevada–Reno)  IV-G Thu PM
Ludescher, Jessica (Seattle University)  GXIV-C Sat PM
Ludwig, Kirk (University of Florida)  IV-E Thu PM
Lynch, Joseph J. (California Polytechnic State University)  GVIII-I Thu PM
Lyons, Jack (University of Arkansas–Fayetteville)  VII-B Fri PM
MacFarlane, John (University of California–Berkeley)  XI-A Sat PM
Mackenzie, Matt (Colorado State University)  GVIII-J Thu PM
Macpherson, Fiona (University of Glasgow)  IX-E Sat AM
Maguire, Barry (Princeton University)  VII-I Fri PM
Maier, John (Australian National University)  III-F Thu AM
Makin, Mark (Yale Divinity School)  VII-F Fri PM
Malink, Marko (Humboldt-Universität Berlin)  VII-C Fri PM
Malle, Bertram F. (Brown University)  VI-C Fri AM
Mallon, Ron (University of Utah)  VI-C Fri AM
Mann, Joel E. (St. Norbert College)  GV-E Wed PM, GVIII-E Thu PM
Mar, Gary (State University of New York–Stony Brook)  IV-H Thu PM
Margenot, Andrew (Connecticut College)  I-H Wed PM
Marino, Patricia (University of Waterloo)  VI-G Fri AM, GXI-N Fri PM
Markosian, Ned (Western Washington University)  IV-A Thu PM, GXIV-B Sat PM
Marshall, Mason (Pepperdine University)  II-I Wed PM
Martel, James (San Francisco State University)  GVIII-B Thu PM
Martin, Adrienne (University of Pennsylvania)  VII-F Fri PM
Martin, Bill (DePaul University)  GVI-B Wed PM, GIX-F Thu PM
Martin, Christopher (University of Wisconsin–Green Bay)  GXI-G Fri PM
Martin, Raymond (Union College)  VI-B Fri AM
Martin, Rex (University of Kansas)  VIII-G Fri PM
Martinez, Joel (Lewis and Clark College)  X-G Sat PM
Martinich, Al (University of Texas–Austin)  GIV-B Wed PM, VI-D Fri AM
Marusic, Jennifer S. (Brandeis University)  XI-G Sat PM
Matravers, Derek (Open University)  XI-B Sat PM
Matthews, Gareth (University of Massachusetts–Amherst)  VII-C Fri PM
May, Joshua (University of California–Santa Barbara)  IV-I Thu PM, VI-J Fri AM
May, Robert (University of California–Davis)  III-C Thu AM
Mayer, Lorraine (Brandon University)  IX-K Sat AM
Mayes, Gregory R. (California State University–Sacramento)  III-J Thu AM
Mayhew, Robert (Seton Hall University)  GXIII-A Sat PM
McAfee, Noelle (George Mason University)  GIX-E Thu PM, VI-K Fri AM
McCulley, Sarah (Ohio University)  GXII-D Sat PM
McCumber, John (University of California–Los Angeles)  GV-H Wed PM
McElhoes, David (University of Maryland–College Park)  VI-I Fri AM
McGonigal, Andrew (University of Leeds and Cornell University)  IV-A Thu PM
McGregor, Joan (Arizona State University)  VI-E Fri AM
McLaughlin, Brian (Rutgers University)  VIII-D Fri PM
McLaughlin, Douglas (California State University–Northridge)  GIV-A Wed PM
McLeod, Alexus (University of Dayton)  GVIII-C Thu PM, GXIII-B Sat PM
McMahon, Jennifer (University of Adelaide)  GX-A Fri PM, X-C Sat PM
McNamara, Coleen (University of California–Riverside)  X-G Sat PM
McPartland, Keith (Williams College)  X-I Sat PM
McPherran, Mark (Simon Fraser University)  IX-J Sat AM
McPherson, Tristram (University of Minnesota–Duluth)  IX-C Sat AM
McRae, Emily (University of Wisconsin–Madison)  GIV-C Wed PM
Meagher, Sharon M. (University of Scranton)  VI-K Fri AM
Melamed, Yitzhak (Johns Hopkins University)  VIII-J Fri PM
Mele, Alfred (Florida State University)  VII-D Fri PM
Memetea, Sonia (University of British Columbia)  III-C Thu AM
Mena, Ricardo (Rutgers University)  GII-A Tue PM
Mendieta, Eduardo (State University of New York–Stony Brook)  GV-K Wed PM, IV-H Thu PM, VI-K Fri AM
Mendoza, Jose Jorge (University of Oregon)  GVII-B Thu PM, GXII-B Sat PM
Merino, Carla (Princeton University)  GI-A, Tue AM
Meyer, Ulrich (Colgate University)  VI-I Fri AM
Miller, Christian (Wake Forest University)  IX-I Sat AM
Miller, Fred D. Jr. (Bowling Green State University)  GXIII-A Sat PM
Miller, Richard W. (Cornell University)  GXI-I Fri PM
Millstein, Roberta L. (University of California–Davis)  I-H Wed PM
Milne, Peter W (Santa Clara University)  VII-G Fri PM
Miner, Robert (Baylor University)  X-G Sat PM
Minnich, Elizabeth (Association of American Colleges and Universities)  VI-K Fri AM
Mion, Giovanni (Southern Methodist University)  IV-E Thu PM
Mitchell-Yellin, Benjamin (University of California–Riverside)  VI-J Fri AM
Mladenovic, Bojana (Williams College)  VIII-E Fri PM
Modrak, Deborah (University of Rochester)  X-E Sat PM
Moellendorf, Darrel (San Diego State University)  GXI-I Fri PM
Moeller, Hans-Georg (University College, Cork)  GVII-A Thu PM
Mohr, Richard (University of Illinois–Urbana-Champaign)  X-F Sat PM
Mole, Christopher (University of British Columbia)  IV-D Thu PM
Monaghan, Patrick (University of Iowa)  XI-I Sat PM
Montague, Michelle (University of Bristol)  VIII-I Fri PM, GXI-H Fri PM
Montemayor, Carlos (San Francisco State University)  GII-A Tue PM
Montero, Barbara (City University of New York–Graduate Center)  I-G Wed PM
Moor, James H. (Dartmouth College)  GXI-B Fri PM
Moran, Dermot (University College, Dublin)  VIII-E Fri PM
Moran, Kate (Brandeis University)  X-G Sat PM
Morefield, Jeanne (Whitman College)  VII-G Fri PM
Morrissey, Clair (University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill)  VII-G Fri PM
Morrisson, Iain (University of Houston)  V-A Thu PM
Mower, Gordy (Brigham Young University)  GXIII-B Sat PM
Mozersky, Joshua (Queen’s University)  GXIV-B Sat PM
Muchnik, Pablo (Siena College)  GVIII-D Thu PM
Mueller, Anselm Winfried (Keimyung University)  X-B Sat PM
Munoz-Darde, Veronique (University College London and University of California–Berkeley)  VII-J Fri PM
Murphy, Jason Burke (St. Louis University)  GV-B Wed PM
Murray, Dylan W. (Georgia State University)  IX-G Sat AM
Murray, Michael (Franklin and Marshall College)  GXIII-E Sat PM
Myers, John (University of South Florida)  II-I Wed PM
Nadelhoffer, Thomas (Dickinson College)  VII-E Fri PM
Nahmias, Eddy (Georgia State University)  IV-I Thu PM, VIII-D Fri PM
Nanay, Bence (Syracuse University and University of British Columbia)  V-B Thu PM, VII-I Fri PM
Naticchia, Chris (California State University–San Bernardino)  GXIII-B Sat PM
Nelson, Alan (University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill)  X-A Sat PM
Neta, Ram (University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill)  IX-B Sat AM
Newlands, Samuel (University of Notre Dame)  VIII-J Fri PM
Newman, Lex (University of Utah)  V-I Thu PM
Newton, Alexandra (University of Pittsburgh)  XI-H Sat PM
Nichols, Ryan (California State University–Fullerton)  VI-C Fri AM
Niedbalski, Ali (University of California–Berkeley)  IV-E Thu PM
Nolan, Daniel (University of Nottingham)  I-C Wed PM
Norcross, Alastair (University of Colorado–Boulder)  VII-H Fri PM
North, Jill (Yale University)  I-H Wed PM
Norton-Smith, Thomas (Kent State University)  III-K Thu AM, IX-K Sat AM
Nunan, Richard (College of Charleston)  VI-J Fri AM, GXIV-D Sat PM
Nye, Howard (University of Alberta)  VII-J Fri PM
O’Callaghan, Casey (Rice University)  IX-E Sat AM
O’Connor, Scott (Cornell University)  X-F Sat PM
O’Connor, Timothy (Indiana University–Bloomington)  GV-L Wed PM, III-F Thu AM
O’Hagan, Emer (University of Saskatchewan)  II-F Wed PM
O’Toole, James (University of Denver)  GXIV-C Sat PM
Obdrzalek, Suzanne (Claremont McKenna College)  X-E Sat PM
Odenbaugh, Jay (Lewis and Clark College)  VIII-A Fri PM
Oele, Marjolein (University of San Francisco)  II-A Wed PM, GV-B Wed PM
Olson, Alan M. (Boston University)  GXI-E Fri PM, GXIII-C Sat PM
Olson, Jonas (Stockholms Universitet)  VII-K Fri PM
Orozco, Joshue (Whitworth University)  VI-G Fri AM
Ortiz-Millán, Gustavo (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México)  GI-A, Tue AM
Oshana, Marina (University of California–Davis)  VI-E Fri AM
Oved, Valerie (Loyola Marymount University)  GXIII-F Sat PM
Ozar, David (Loyola University Chicago)  GXI-N Fri PM
Pace, Michael (Chapman University)  GV-L Wed PM
Paletta, Douglas (University of Pennsylvania)  VII-H Fri PM
Pallikkathayil, Japa (New York University)  VIII-G Fri PM
Palmieri, Diana (University of Western Ontario)  VII-F Fri PM
Papish, Laura (Northwestern University)  III-G Thu AM
Pappas, Nickolas (City College of New York and City University of New York–Graduate Center)  GV-E Wed PM
Parent, Ted (Virginia Tech)  I-G Wed PM
Park, John (Duke University)  VII-K Fri PM
Parker, Emily (Santa Clara University)  VII-J Fri PM
Parra-Dorantes, Roberto (University of Arizona)  GII-A Tue PM
Parsons, Charles (Harvard University)  VII-A Fri PM, GXI-F Fri PM
Parsons, Glenn (Ryerson University)  GVI-A Wed PM
Patrone, Tatiana (Ithaca College)  GV-H Wed PM
Paul, L. A. (University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill)  I-C Wed PM
Paul, Sarah (Bowdoin College)  IV-E Thu PM
Pearson, Lewis (Baylor University)  III-H Thu AM
Peck, William (Reed College)  X-G Sat PM
Pelser, Adam (Baylor University)  VI-H Fri AM
Pendergraft, Garrett (University of California–Riverside)  I-F Wed PM, III-J Thu AM
Pendlebury, Michael (North Carolina State University)  III-D Thu AM
Pereboom, Derk (Cornell University)  III-A Thu AM
Perina, Mickaella (University of Massachusetts–Boston)  GV-K Wed PM
Perrine, Tim (Calvin College)  II-J Wed PM
Perry, John (University of California-Riverside and Stanford University)  VI-B Fri AM, VIII-L Fri PM
Phelan, Mark (Yale University)  V-G Thu PM
Piccinini, Gualtiero (University of Missouri–St. Louis)  I-A Wed PM, II-K Wed PM, GVIII-G Thu PM, GXI-L Fri PM
Picciuto, Vincent (University of Maryland–College Park)  VII-I Fri PM
Pike, Matthew (University of Colorado–Boulder)  GVIII-I Thu PM
Pinillos, Angel (Arizona State University)  II-D Wed PM
Piotrowska, Monika (University of Utah)  X-H Sat PM
Pitt, David (California State University–Los Angeles)  VII-I Fri PM, GXI-H Fri PM
Pittman, John (City University of New York–John Jay College)  IV-H Thu PM
Plunze, Christian (Goethe-Universität Frankfurt)  V-B Thu PM
Pomeroy, Anne F. (Richard Stockton College of New Jersey)  GIX-F Thu PM
Potochnik, Angela (Oklahoma State University)  I-H Wed PM
Powell, John W. (Humboldt State University)  GV-G Wed PM
Powell, Lewis (University of Southern California)  IV-E Thu PM
Powers, Thomas M. (University of Delaware)  GXI-B Fri PM
Pratt, Scott L. (University of Oregon)  GIX-E Thu PM, GXIV-A Sat PM
Prince, Brian (Rice University)  I-I Wed PM
Prior, William (Santa Clara University)  I-I Wed PM
Pryor, Ben (University of Toledo)  GXIII-K Sat PM
Pust, Joel (University of Delaware)  VI-H Fri AM
Pynn, Geoff (Northern Illinois University)  III-I Thu AM
Rabinoff, Daniel (University of Manitoba)  V-H Thu PM
Rabinow, Paul (University of California–Berkeley)  GXI-K Fri PM
Raees, Aisha (Southern Illinois University–Carbondale)  GV-J Wed PM
Raibley, Jason (California State University–Long Beach)  V-J Thu PM
Ralkowski, Mark (University of New Mexico)  XI-D Sat PM
Ramirez, Jesus (Ohlone College)  I-B Wed PM
Ranasinghe, Nalin (Assumption College)  I-I Wed PM
Raphals, Lisa (University of California–Riverside)  II-A Wed PM
Rauhut, Nils (Coastal Carolina University)  III-H Thu AM
Ray, Greg (University of Florida)  IV-F Thu PM
Rayo, Agustin (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)  GI-A, Tue AM
Reath, Andrews (University of California–Riverside)  III-G Thu AM
Rechter, Ofra (Tel Aviv University)  GXI-F Fri PM
Reck, Erich (University of California–Riverside)  VII-A Fri PM
Reeder, Pat (Ohio State University)  X-H Sat PM
Rennard, Ray (University of the Pacific)  I-G Wed PM
Rescorla, Michael A. (University of California–Santa Barbara)  XI-A Sat PM
Rett, Jessica (University of California–Los Angeles)  II-D Wed PM
Reynolds, Carson (University of Tokyo)  GXI-B Fri PM
Reynolds, Steven (Arizona State University)  VI-H Fri AM
Rhoades, Tara (University of Delaware)  GIX-D Thu PM
Rhodes, Rosamond (Mount Sinai School of Medicine and City University of New York–Graduate Center)  GIV-B Wed PM
Rice, Rebekah L. H. (Seattle Pacific University)  GV-L Wed PM, III-F Thu AM
Richard, Mark (Tufts University)  XI-A Sat PM
Ricketts, Thomas (University of Pittsburgh)  III-E Thu AM
Ridge, Michael (University of Edinburgh)  IV-B Thu PM
Rieppel, Michael (University of California–Berkeley)  X-H Sat PM
Rios, Diego (Universität Witten/Herdecke)  III-I Thu AM
Risser, James (Seattle University)  GXIII-K Sat PM
Ritchie, Jennifer Lundin (University of British Columbia)  GVII-A Thu PM
Rivera, Omar (University of Wisconsin–La Crosse)  I-B Wed PM
Rizierri, Aaron (City University of New York–LaGuardia)  GIX-C Thu PM
Roberts, John (Florida State University)  V-I Thu PM
Robertson, Simon (University of Southampton)  II-E Wed PM
Robinson, Jenefer (University of Cincinnati)  XI-B Sat PM
Robinson, Tad (Muhlenberg College)  GXI-G Fri PM
Rodriguez, Aaron (University of Oregon)  GV-J Wed PM
Rohloff, Waldemar (University of Missouri–St. Louis)  GXIII-J Sat PM
Rollins, Mark (Washington University in St. Louis)  II-C Wed PM
Rorty, Mary V. (Stanford University)  VIII-B Fri PM
Rosenberger, Robert (Georgia Institute of Technology)  X-K Sat PM
Rosenkoetter, Timothy (Dartmouth College)  GXIII-J Sat PM
Rosenlee, Li-Hsiang Lisa (University of Hawaii–West Oahu)  GXI-C Fri PM
Ross, Andrew Peter (Queen’s University)  X-G Sat PM
Ross, Glenn (Franklin and Marshall College)  II-J Wed PM
Ross, Nathan (Oklahoma City University)  XI-E Sat PM
Ross, Peter (California State Polytechnic University–Pomona)  II-H Wed PM
Rottschaefer, William A. (Lewis and Clark College)  GVII-C Thu PM
Rousse, B. Scot (Northwestern University)  VIII-F Fri PM
Rowbottom, Darrell P. (University of Oxford)  III-I Thu AM
Rozeboom, Grant J. (Stanford University)  GIX-D Thu PM
Rudd, Anthony (St. Olaf College)  I-E Wed PM
Rudebusch, George (Northern Arizona University)  II-A Wed PM
Rupert, Robert (University of Colorado–Boulder)  III-I Thu AM
Ryan, Cheyney (University of Oregon)  GVII-B Thu PM
Ryder, Dan (University of British Columbia–Okanagan)  I-J Wed PM
Sabo, Dylan (Auburn University)  IV-G Thu PM
Saillant, Said (Rutgers University)  GXII-D Sat PM
Saka, Paul (University of Texas–Pan American)  IV-F Thu PM
Salmieri, Gregory (University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill)  GXIII-A Sat PM
Sanchez, Carlos (San Jose State University)  I-B Wed PM
Sandis, Constantine (Oxford Brookes University)  VII-K Fri PM, GXI-M Fri PM
Sandler, Ronald (Northeastern University)  XI-C Sat PM
Sandmeyer, Bob (University of Kentucky)  GV-D Wed PM
Santoni, Ronald E. (Denison University)  GVI-B Wed PM
Sarkissian, Hagop (City University of New York–Baruch College)  VII-K Fri PM
Saucedo, Raul (Yale University and Australian National University)  GII-A Tue PM
Saucedo, Raul (Yale University and Australian National University)  V-H Thu PM
Savitt, Steven (University of British Columbia)  VI-I Fri AM
Scanlon, Thomas (Harvard University)  VI-A Fri AM
Schaff, Kory (Occidental College)  III-G Thu AM
Schapiro, Tamar (Stanford University)  I-J Wed PM
Scharp, Kevin (Ohio State University)  GVIII-F Thu PM
Schechter, Joshua (Brown University)  IV-E Thu PM
Schechtman, Marya (University of Illinois–Chicago)  IX-A Sat AM
Schellenberg, Ingra (University of Washington)  XI-J Sat PM
Schmitt, Johannes (University of Southern California)  III-I Thu AM
Schnee, Ian (University of California–Berkeley)  IX-H Sat AM
Schneider, Henrique (Universität Wien)  GXI-A Fri PM, GXIII-B Sat PM
Schochet, Gordon (Rutgers University)  GVIII-B Thu PM
Schroeder, Mark (University of Southern California)  IX-C Sat AM
Schubert, Richard (Cosumnes River College)  GVIII-I Thu PM
Schueler, Fred (University of Delaware)  VI-G Fri AM
Schwartz, Daniel (University of California–San Diego)  III-H Thu AM
Schweickart, David (Loyola University Chicago)  GXII-B Sat PM
Schwitzgebel, Eric (University of California–Riverside)  I-A Wed PM, GVII-A Thu PM
Scoccia, Danny (New Mexico State University)  VI-E Fri AM
Scott-Kakures, Dion (Scripps College)  II-F Wed PM
Scriven, Michael (Claremont Graduate University)  GIX-A Thu PM
Sebo, Jeff (New York University)  V-E Thu PM, GXI-D Fri PM
Seemann, Axel (Bentley University)  GXIII-I Sat PM
Sehon, Scott (Bowdoin College)  III-F Thu AM
Seok, Bongrae (Alvernia University)  GXIII-F Sat PM
Shafer-Landau, Russ (University of Wisconsin–Madison)  IX-C Sat AM
Sharma, Ravi (Clark University)  I-I Wed PM
Shaw, Dan (Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania)  GVII-D Thu PM, GX-A Fri PM
Shaw, J. Clerk (University of Tennessee)  III-H Thu AM
Shearin, Wilson H. (Stanford University)  GV-E Wed PM
Shelby, Candice (University of Colorado–Denver)  VI-H Fri AM
Shell, Susan (Boston College)  GVIII-D Thu PM
Shepski, Lee (University of Tennessee)  IX-G Sat AM
Sheth, Falguni A. (Hampshire College)  GV-K Wed PM
Shi, Xianduan (University of Utah)  X-I Sat PM
Sider, Theodore (New York University)  XI-I Sat PM
Sievert, Don (University of Missouri)  IV-G Thu PM
Siewert, Charles (University of California–Riverside)  I-A Wed PM, GXI-H Fri PM
Signoracci, Gino (University of New Mexico)  V-F Thu PM
Sillari, Giacomo (University of Pennsylvania)  III-I Thu AM
Silvermint, Daniel (University of Arizona)  VIII-G Fri PM
Silvers, Anita (San Francisco State University)  IV-C Thu PM
Simchen, Ori (University of British Columbia)  X-D Sat PM
Singh, Satish Kumar (Banaras Hindu University)  VI-I Fri AM
Skarsaune, Knut (New York University)  VI-G Fri AM
Skiles, Alexander (University of Notre Dame)  X-H Sat PM
Skow, Bradford (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)  VI-I Fri AM
Slingerland, Edward (University of British Columbia)  GXIII-F Sat PM
Smith, Clancy (Duquesne University)  GV-J Wed PM
Smith, David Woodruff (University of California–Irvine)  GXI-H Fri PM
Smith, Holly M. (Rutgers University)  III-D Thu AM
Smith, Kurt (Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania)  XI-G Sat PM
Smith, Matthew Noah (Yale University)  VI-J Fri AM
Smith, Nicholas D. (Lewis and Clark College)  X-E Sat PM
Smith, Renee (Coastal Carolina University)  III-J Thu AM
Smith, Vernon (University of New Mexico)  VIII-F Fri PM
Smithies, Declan (Ohio State University)  IV-D Thu PM
Snow, Nancy E. (Marquette University)  IX-I Sat AM
Soester, Jessica (Southern Illinois University–Carbondale)  GV-J Wed PM
Soosan, Helena (State University of New York–Stony Brook)  IV-H Thu PM
Sosa, Ernest (Rutgers University)  IX-B Sat AM
Soteriou, Matthew (Warwick University)  VIII-D Fri PM
Sowaal, Alice (San Francisco State University)  GVII-F Thu PM
Speak, Daniel (Loyola Marymount University)  GV-L Wed PM
Spelman, Jonathan (University of Missouri–St. Louis)  GXII-D Sat PM
Spencer, David Ian (University of California–Davis)  VIII-H Fri PM
Sreedhar, Susanne (Boston University)  GIV-B Wed PM, VI-D Fri AM
Sreenivasan, Gopal (Duke University)  IX-I Sat AM
Stang, Nick (University of Miami)  GXIII-J Sat PM
Stangl, Rebecca Lynn (University of Virginia)  VII-K Fri PM
Stanley, Jason (Rutgers University)  V-C Thu PM
Stark, Cynthia (University of Utah)  II-B Wed PM
Stark, Werner (Philipps-Universität Marburg)  GVIII-D Thu PM
Stazicker, James (University of California–Berkeley)  II-H Wed PM
Steinhofer, Jerry Joseph (Brown University)  I-E Wed PM
Stokes, Dustin (University of Toronto)  II-C Wed PM
Stone, Brad Elliott (Loyola Marymount University)  GXI-K Fri PM
Stone, Peter (Stanford University)  GVIII-A Thu PM
Strawson, Galen (University of Reading)  VI-B Fri AM, GXI-H Fri PM
Strevens, Michael (New York University)  I-D Wed PM, GXI-L Fri PM
Strong, Alejandro (Southern Illinois University–Carbondale)  I-B Wed PM
Stueber, Karsten (College of the Holy Cross)  GXI-M Fri PM
Sullins, John P. (Sonoma State University)  GXI-B Fri PM
Sullivan, William (Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching)  VII-L Fri PM
Summers, Jesse (University of California–Los Angeles)  GIX-D Thu PM, VI-J Fri AM
Sun, Weimin (California State University–Northridge)  GV-A Wed PM
Sutherland, Daniel (University of Illinois–Chicago)  GXI-F Fri PM
Svoboda, Toby (Pennsylvania State University)  GXI-D Fri PM
Swanton, Christine (University of Auckland)  IX-F Sat AM, GXIII-A Sat PM
Sweet, Kristi (Texas A&M University)  X-C Sat PM
Swenson, Joseph (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)  VIII-F Fri PM
Swenson, Philip (University of California–Riverside)  VI-J Fri AM
Sytsma, Sharon (Northern Illinois University)  GXI-N Fri PM
Szaif, Jan (University of California–Davis)  IX-F Sat AM
Säätelä, Simo (Universitetet i Bergen)  GV-G Wed PM
Tabery, James (University of Utah)  GXI-L Fri PM
Talbot, Brian (University of Colorado–Boulder)  VII-E Fri PM
Tannenbaum, Julie (Pomona College)  I-J Wed PM
Taschek, William (Ohio State University)  V-G Thu PM
Taylor, Elanor (University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill)  X-I Sat PM
Taylor, Jacqueline (University of San Francisco)  GIII-A Wed PM
Taylor, Kenneth (Stanford University)  VIII-L Fri PM
Taylor-O’Neil, Thaddeus (State University of New York–Stony Brook)  GV-B Wed PM
Teays, Wanda (Mount St. Mary’s College)  GIX-A Thu PM
Teeman Blase, Tiffany (University of California–Los Angeles)  VI-J Fri AM
Tennberg, Chris (University of California–Santa Barbara)  IX-J Sat AM
Terjesen, Andrew (Rhodes College)  IX-F Sat AM
Thiem, Annika (Villanova University)  GXIV-D Sat PM
Thomas, Christine (Dartmouth College)  X-E Sat PM
Thomas, Tommy (Brandon University)  IX-K Sat AM
Thompson, Eric (University of Tennessee)  IV-G Thu PM, GXIII-H Sat PM
Thompson, Michael (University of Pittsburgh)  X-B Sat PM
Thomson, Judith Jarvis (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)  VI-A Fri AM
Thorp, John (University of Western Ontario)  GVIII-E Thu PM
Thune, Michael G. (Joliet Junior College)  XI-F Sat PM
Tien, David (National University of Singapore)  GV-A Wed PM
Tieszen, Richard (San Jose State University)  VII-A Fri PM
Tillman, Chris (University of Manitoba)  X-H Sat PM
Timaisina, Sthaneshwar (San Diego State University)  GVIII-J Thu PM
Timmermann, Jens (University of St. Andrews)  VIII-C Fri PM
Timmons, Mark (University of Arizona)  I-A Wed PM
Timpe, Kevin L. (Northwest Nazarene University)  I-F Wed PM, IV-I Thu PM
Tiwald, Justin (San Francisco State University)  VI-D Fri AM
Tolley, Clinton (University of California–San Diego)  II-G Wed PM, GXIII-J Sat PM
Tooley, Michael (University of Colorado–Boulder)  Fri PM, GXIV-B Sat PM
Trestman, Michael (University of California–Davis)  I-E Wed PM
Trigg, Dylan (University of Sussex)  GV-D Wed PM, GVII-D Thu PM
Trout, J. D. (Loyola University Chicago)  III-I Thu AM
Tuana, Nancy (Pennsylvania State University)  IV-C Thu PM, VII-L Fri PM
Turner, Dale (California State Polytechnic University–Pomona)  GIX-A Thu PM
Turner, Derek (Connecticut College)  I-H Wed PM
Turner, Jason (University of Leeds)  I-C Wed PM
Turner, Stephen (University of South Florida)  GXI-M Fri PM
Tye, Michael (University of Texas–Austin)  IV-D Thu PM
Uleman, Jennifer K. (Purchase College, State University of New York)  III-G Thu AM
Vaca, Moisés (University College London)  GI-A, Tue AM
Vaidya, Anand (San Jose State University)  VI-C Fri AM
Vallega, Alejandro (California State University–Stanislaus)  I-B Wed PM
Vallega-Neu, Daniela (California State University–Stanislaus)  GXIII-K Sat PM
Van Camp, Julie C. (California State University–Long Beach)  GVII-D Thu PM, VII-H Fri PM
Van Cleve, James (University of Southern California)  IX-B Sat AM
van der Vossen, Bas (Independent Scholar)  VII-G Fri PM
Van Gulick, Robert (Syracuse University)  III-B Thu AM
Vander Laan, David (Westmont College)  I-F Wed PM
Vanderschraaf, Peter (University of California–Merced)  GVIII-B Thu PM
Varden, Helga (University of Illinois–Urbana-Champaign)  VIII-G Fri PM
Vargas, Manuel (University of San Francisco)  III-A Thu AM
Varzi, Achille (Columbia University)  I-C Wed PM
Velasco, Joel (Stanford University)  I-H Wed PM
Velleman, David (New York University)  III-A Thu AM
Verheggen, Claudine (York University)  V-G Thu PM
Vernon, Richard (University of Western Ontario)  VII-G Fri PM
Vihvelin, Kadri (University of Southern California)  VII-D Fri PM
Vilhauer, Benjamin (William Paterson University)  I-F Wed PM
Villaver, Ranie (University of New South Wales)  GXI-C Fri PM
Vineberg, Susan (Wayne State University)  IV-B Thu PM
Vizard, Polly (London School of Economics)  GVII-C Thu PM
Vogler, Candace (University of Chicago)  X-B Sat PM
Voronina, Lydia (Independent Scholar)  GXIII-C Sat PM
Vu, Nhat Long (University of Connecticut)  GVIII-C Thu PM
Wahl, Russell (Idaho State University)  GVIII-A Thu PM
Walker, Stephen C. (University of Chicago)  GVIII-C Thu PM
Wallace, Megan (Oberlin College)  VIII-H Fri PM
Wallace, R. Jay (University of California–Berkeley)  VI-A Fri AM
Wallach, Wendell (Yale University)  GXI-B Fri PM
Wallis, Charles (California State University–Long Beach)  VI-H Fri AM
Walsh, Sean Drysdale (University of Minnesota–Duluth)  X-H Sat PM
Walters, Gregory (Saint Paul University)  GXI-E Fri PM
Walton, Mélanie (Duquesne University)  X-H Sat PM
Wang, Ellie Hua (Indiana University–Bloomington)  IX-I Sat AM
Wang, Robin (Loyola Marymount University)  GV-A Wed PM, GVII-A Thu PM
Warren, Daniel (University of California–Berkeley)  GXI-F Fri PM
Warren, Tonya (San Diego State University)  GVIII-I Thu PM
Waskan, Jonathan A. (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)  VI-F Fri AM
Wasserman, Ryan (Western Washington University)  I-C Wed PM
Watkins, Margaret (St. Vincent College)  VII-K Fri PM
Watson, Lori (University of San Diego)  VII-G Fri PM
Wautischer, Helmut (Sonoma State University)  I-E Wed PM, GXIII-C Sat PM
Wawrytko, Sandra A. (San Diego State University)  GXI-C Fri PM
Weigel, Chris (Utah Valley University)  IV-I Thu PM
Weinberg, Jonathan M. (Indiana University–Bloomington)  VII-E Fri PM
Weinberg, Justin (University of South Carolina)  VIII-G Fri PM
Weinberg, Shelley (University of Illinois)  II-G Wed PM
Weisberg, Jonathan (University of Toronto)  I-E Wed PM
Weiskopf, Daniel (Georgia State University)  GVIII-G Thu PM
Weiwei, Zhang (Tsinghua University)  X-J Sat PM
Welchman, Jennifer (University of Alberta)  GXI-D Fri PM
Werner, Dan (State University of New York–New Paltz)  IX-J Sat AM
West, Robin L. (Georgetown University)  GXII-A Sat PM
Wetzel, Linda (Georgetown University)  VI-I Fri AM
Wheeler, Gregory (New University of Lisbon)  I-E Wed PM
Wheeler, Mark (San Diego State University)  GVIII-E Thu PM, X-E Sat PM
White, Roger (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)  XI-F Sat PM
White, Thomas (Loyola Marymount University)  VII-J Fri PM
Whitt, Laurelyn (Brandon University)  IX-K Sat AM
Whitt, Matt (Vanderbilt University)  VII-G Fri PM
Whyte, Kyle Powys (Michigan State University)  III-K Thu AM, IX-K Sat AM
Wielenberg, Erik J. (DePauw University)  VI-G Fri AM
Wiener, Chad E. (Portland State University)  III-H Thu AM
Wilby, Jason (University of New Mexico)  V-F Thu PM
Wilcox, Shelley (San Francisco State University)  GXI-I Fri PM
Willard, Dallas (University of Southern California)  GXI-H Fri PM
Willett, Cynthia (Emory University)  XI-J Sat PM
Willett, Julie (Texas Tech University)  XI-J Sat PM
Williams, Christopher (University of Nevada–Reno)  I-J Wed PM, GVI-A Wed PM
Williams, Forrest (University of Colorado–Boulder)  GV-F Wed PM
Williamson, Phillip (University of New Mexico)  V-F Thu PM
Wilson, Holly (University of Louisiana–Monroe)  V-A Thu PM
Wilson, Jessica (University of Toronto)  X-I Sat PM
Winfree, Jason (California State University–Stanislaus)  GXIII-K Sat PM
Winters, Edward (Independent Scholar)  GX-A Fri PM
Wishon, Donovan (Stanford University)  VI-F Fri AM
Wisnewski, J. Jeremy (Hartwick College)  III-G Thu AM
Witmer, D. Gene (University of Florida)  VII-I Fri PM
Wolff, Johanna (Stanford University)  I-H Wed PM
Wolff, Jonathan (University College London)  IV-C Thu PM, GVII-C Thu PM
Wong, Eddie (Independent Scholar)  IV-H Thu PM
Wong, Wai-hung (California State University–Chico)  VII-F Fri PM
Wood, Allen (Stanford University)  IX-D Sat AM
Wood, David (Vanderbilt University)  GXI-D Fri PM
Woodcock, Scott (University of Victoria)  GXI-J Fri PM
Woods, Jack (Princeton University)  GV-G Wed PM
Woodward, James (California Institute of Technology)  VI-F Fri AM
Wright, Cory (California State University–Long Beach)  GVIII-G Thu PM, GXI-L Fri PM
Wright, Crispin (New York University and University of Aberdeen)  IX-B Sat AM
Wright, Jen Cole (College of Charleston)  VI-C Fri AM
Wright, Sarah A. (University of Georgia)  I-E Wed PM
Wrisley, George (George Washington University)  GV-G Wed PM
Wu, Wayne (Ohio State University)  IV-D Thu PM
Wubnig, Judy (University of Waterloo)  II-I Wed PM
Wuerth, Julian (Vanderbilt University)  II-G Wed PM
Wunderlich, Mark E. (Union College)  IX-H Sat AM
Wyatt, Nicole (University of Calgary)  IV-F Thu PM
Wykstra, Stephen (Calvin College)  II-J Wed PM
Xiao, Yang (Kenyon College)  II-A Wed PM
Yaqub, Aladdin (Lehigh University)  X-H Sat PM
Yi, Byeong-Uk (University of Toronto)  XI-I Sat PM
Yi, Jiang (Beijing Academy of Social Sciences)  X-J Sat PM
Young, Charles (Claremont Graduate University)  III-H Thu AM
Yount, David J. (Mesa Community College)  I-I Wed PM
Yu, Jiyuan (University at Buffalo)  II-A Wed PM
Yuan, Lijun (Texas State University–San Marcos)  X-J Sat PM
Zack, Naomi (University of Oregon)  GXII-B Sat PM
Zalta, Edward N. (Stanford University)  V-H Thu PM
Zebrowski, Robin (Beloit College)  GXI-B Fri PM
Zhang, Ellen (Hong Kong Baptist University)  GVII-A Thu PM
Zia, Helen (Independent Scholar)  IV-H Thu PM
Zika, Fay (Athens School of Fine Arts)  GVII-D Thu PM
Zimmerman, Dean (Rutgers University)  GXIV-B Sat PM
Zuckert, Catherine (University of Notre Dame)  XI-D Sat PM
Zwolinski, Matt (University of San Diego)  IX-D Sat AM
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