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Affiliated groups: submit information for Pacific 2019 meeting
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Dear APA Affiliated Group Meeting Organizer,

I write on behalf of the Executive Committee of the APA Pacific Division to invite your affiliated group to participate in the program of our next annual meeting, which will take place at the Westin Bayshore, in Vancouver Canada, from April 17 to April 20, 2019. Our Program Committee Chair, Cindy Holder, and her committee are planning a replete and exciting divisional program, and we look forward to your group's participation.

Groups may request one three-hour session, one two-hour session, or two two-hour sessions. Requests are honored on a first-come, first-served basis. If two sessions are requested, both must be two hours in length.  

Group sessions are scheduled for the following times: W/Th/Sat 6-8, 6-9, 8-10, F 7-9, 7-10.

Please indicate any preference for scheduling, keeping in mind that group meetings in the Pacific  Division take place only during the evening, and keeping in mind that while we do our best to accommodate scheduling requests, not all requests can be accommodated. Please indicate which session is your top priority for scheduling, if you propose two. You may also indicate a topic for each session(s).

Since we use an electronic database to generate the program, we cannot schedule your program without *full* program information. Session information will not be accepted until it is complete in every particular. 

It must include the following for each chair, speaker, and commentator on your program:


affiliation (and state/province or country of affiliation)


paper title (where appropriate) in Title Case

Please send program information in the body of an email (*not* as an attachment) to and

The deadline for your program is October 14. Early submissions will get scheduling priority, all else being equal.

Speakers in sessions organized by affiliated groups may request data projectors by writing to you — the affiliated group contact — prior to the January 31st deadline. Affiliated group contacts will receive email instructions after January 1, asking you to contact speakers who would like to request AV. Affiliated group contacts will be able to request AV through a form on the meeting page on the APA website, beginning January 1. The deadline for requesting AV is January 31st. Requests for AV will be accepted via the form on the meeting page on the APA website only. The APA national office provides AV equipment for the use of the three divisions on a cost recovery basis. Given the cost-recovery framework, you will be charged for equipment. Charges are $150 per projector per session. Because affiliated groups are charged for equipment, all requests for AV must come through you, the affiliated group contact, and not directly from participants. 

One final note: when inviting your session participants, please be sure to remind them that every person who appears on the program, including the affiliated group program, must register for the meeting. Affiliated groups play a vital role in the Pacific Division meeting, bringing high quality and diverse philosophical work to the program. And affiliated groups get something back from the Pacific Division as well: free meeting space in major cities with competitive hotel rates and access to a variety of philosophical sessions. 

Last year nearly 340 participants contributed to the affiliated group program, with 85 sessions representing 60 groups. Unfortunately, some participants in affiliated group sessions did not register, as has been the case in recent years. We’re hoping you can help us by directing participants in affiliated group sessions, well in advance, to register. Our goal is to avoid moving to a system in which affiliated groups themselves are invoiced for the registration fees of participants in their sessions who do not register. Your help in guiding participants to register can help us meet this goal.

We look forward to seeing you next spring. Thank you for your part in creating a high quality and diverse program.

Please note that this meeting is being held in Vancouver, Canada. The DHS strongly encourages all US citizens to apply for a US passport well in advance of anticipated travel. Information for travellers to Canada will be available on the conference web site.

Best wishes,

Rebecca Copenhaver


American Philosophical Association, Pacific Division

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