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Statement on keynote address at meeting of Society for Christian Philosophers
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A statement regarding a recent keynote address at the Midwest meetings of the Society for Christian Philosophers

Issued September 30, 2016

The APA Committee on the Status of LGBTQ Philosophers in the Profession laments that a keynote speaker at the Midwest meetings of the Society for Christian Philosophers, Professor Richard Swinburne, argued that homosexuals are disabled and have an incurable condition. While the argument betrayed ignorance of both empirical research and humanistic scholarship on homosexuality as well as disability, the fact that this argument was put forward as a keynote address by a prominent philosopher at meetings of a respected philosophical society that regularly holds meetings at the annual meetings of the APA, contributes to the stigmatization and alienation of LGBTQ philosophers and philosophers with disabilities. 

The Committee also applauds the President of the Society for Christian Philosophers, Professor Michael Rea, for issuing a public statement making clear that Professor Swinburne’s views are not that of the SCP and expressing regret for the hurt caused, and Professor Christina Van Dyke, executive Director of SCP, for reiterating that SCP is not committed to any doctrinal views and expressing the desire that the Society be one where any Christian not only is welcome, but feels welcome.
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