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The fall 2017 APA newsletters are available

Friday, November 3, 2017   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Erin Shepherd
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We are pleased to announce that the fall 2017 APA Newsletters are now available. The table of contents for each current issue appears below with a link to that particular newsletter. The complete volume is available for download as well.

The newsletters contain a wide variety of scholarly material, discussion on relevant and timely topics, book reviews, and much more. We encourage you to check them out and share them with your colleagues and students.

If you are interested in contributing to a future issue, please contact the appropriate editor(s).


APA Newsletters, Fall 2017 (Volume 17, Number 1)

Newsletter on Asian and Asian-American Philosophers and Philosophies

From the Editors, Ethan Mills and Prasanta S. Bandyopadhyay
Submission Guidelines and Information

“An Exemplary Indian Intellectual: Bimal Krishna Matilal,” Jonardon Ganeri
“Philosophy, Indian and Western: Some  Thoughts from Bimal Matilal,” Chakravarthi Ram-Prasad
“Bimal Krishna Matilal’s Style of Doing Philosophy,” Richard Hayes
“Three Dogmas of Matilal: Direct Realism, Lingophilia, and Dharma Ethics,” Purushottama Bilimoria
“A Cautionary Note on Matilal’s Way of Doing Indian Philosophy,” Nirmalya Narayan Chakraborty
“Whither the Matilal Strategy?,” Ethan Mills
“Nyāya Ethical Theory,” Kisor K. Chakrabarti
“Bimal Krishna Matilal and the Enduring Significance of the Constructive Engagement Between Contemporary Analytic and Classical Indian Philosophy,” Anand Jayprakash Vaidya
“Expanding Matilal’s Project through First-Person Research,” Neil Sims


Newsletter on Feminism and Philosophy

From the Editor, Serena Parekh
About the Newsletter on Feminism and Philosophy
News from the CSW
“To Do Metaphysics as a Feminist: Reflections on Feminist Methodology in Light of the Hypatia Affair,” Ásta
Book Reviews
Erin C. Tarver and Shannon Sullivan: Feminist Interpretations of William James, reviewed by Seth Vannatta
Laurie J. Shrage and Robert Scott Stewart: Philosophizing about Sex, reviewed by F. Vera-Gray
Cheshire Calhoun: Moral Aims, reviewed by Lisa Tessman
Shay Welch: Existential Eroticism. A Feminist Approach to Understanding Women’s Oppression-Perpetuating Choices, reviewed by Mara Marin
Mariana Ortega: In-Between: Latina Feminist Phenomenology, Multiplicity, and the Self, reviewed by Katrina England
Lauren Swayne Barthold: A Hermeneutic Approach to Gender and Other Social Identities, reviewed by Tina Fernandes Botts
Johanna Oksala: Feminist Experiences, reviewed by Chris Jingchao Ma
Kelly Oliver: Hunting Girls: Sexual Violence from the Hunger Games to Campus Rape, reviewed by Summer Renault-Steele
Diana Tietjens Meyers: Poverty, Agency, and Human Rights, reviewed by Lynda Lange
Martha Nussbaum: Anger and Forgiveness: Resentment, Generosity, Justice, reviewed by Mechthild Nagel


Newsletter on Hispanic/Latino Issues in Philosophy

From the Editor, Carlos Alberto Sánchez
Submission Guidelines
Conference Reports
“The Second Annual Latinx Philosophy Conference,”Alexander Guerrero
“The 2017 Society for Mexican American Philosophy Conference,” Rocio Alvarez

“What the ‘Nina’ Film Controversy Shows about African Heritage in the Americas,” Susana Nuccetelli
“Postcolonial Theory: Much Ado about Nothing/Noting?,” Ivan Marquez
“Latinidad, Multiplicity, and the Time of Identification, ” Jesús Luzardo
Contributor Bios


Newsletter on Indigenous Philosophy

From the Editor, Agnes B. Curry
From the Chair, Anne Waters
Submission Guidelines
“Prayer for First Day Teaching American Indian Lit,” John Powell
“When Listening Isn’t Enough: Settler Denial and Epistemic Injustice,” Anna Cook
“Tips for Teaching Native American Philosophy,” Andrea Sullivan-Clarke
“Syllabus for Philosophy 336 Metaphysics: Native American Philosophy,” Alejandro Santana


Newsletter on LGBTQ Issues in Philosophy

From the Editor, Kory Schaff
“Targeting Trans,” Loren Cannon
“Resisting the Inadequate Resistance to House Bill 2 at a Private University in North Carolina,” Claire Lockard
“Potty Humors: Melancholic and Choleric Presidents, Sclerotic Voters, and the Federal Courts on Title IX in School Bathrooms,” Richard Nunan
Call for Papers


Newsletter on Philosophy and Computers

From the Editor, Peter Boltuc
From the Chair, Marcello Guarini
Call for Papers
“Semantics as Syntax,” William J. Rapaport
“From Biological to Synthetic Neurorobotics Approaches to Understanding the Structure Essential to Consciousness (Part 3),” Jeffrey White and Jun Tani
“Cognitive Engines Contemplating Themselves,” Stephen Thaler and Kristen Zbikowski
“Existence Is Relative,” Riccardo Manzotti


Newsletter on Philosophy and the Black Experience

From the Editors, Stephen C. Ferguson II and Dwayne Tunstall
Submission Guidelines and Information

“2016 Presidential Election: The Capitalist State and the Political Economy of Democracy,” John H. McClendon III
Book Reviews
Justin E. H. Smith: Nature, Human Nature, and Human Difference, reviewed by Stephen C. Ferguson II
Tommy J. Curry, ed.: The Philosophical Treatise of William H. Ferris: Selected Readings from The African Abroad or, His Evolution in Western Civilization, reviewed by Myron Moses Jackson


Newsletter on Philosophy in Two-Year Colleges

From the Editor, Thomas Urban
“Blueberry Madness,” Kristen Zbikowski
“Students Who Don’t Give a Damn,” Marc Bobro
“Specifications Grading: A Useful Two-Year College Alternative, ” William Behun
“A Summer Institute for Community College Philosophy Professors,” Richard Legum
Call for Papers


Newsletter on Teaching Philosophy

From the Editors, Tziporah Kasachkoff and Eugene Kelly
Submission Guidelines
“Philosophy and Its History: Six Pedagogical Reflections,” Andy German
“Philosophy That Is Ancient. Teaching Ancient Philosophy in Context,” Nickolas Pappas
“Teaching the Existence of God,” Steven M. Cahn
“Considering the Classroom as a Safe Space,” David Sackris
Reply to a Review
“On Happiness and Goodness,” Christine Vitrano
Letter to the Editors
Books Received

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