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APA Proceedings and Addresses now online

Thursday, November 9, 2017   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Erin Shepherd
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The 2017 volume of the Proceedings and Addresses of the American Philosophical Association is now online! This year's volume includes the following presidential addresses and prize lectures in addition to memorial minutes, awards, and a listing of recent donors:

Presidential Addresses

  • Eva F. Kittay, "The Moral Significance of Being Human" (2017 Eastern Division)
  • Kenneth Taylor, "Charting the Landscape of Reason" (2017 Pacific Division)
  • Valerie Tiberius, "The Well-Being of Philosophy" (2017 Central Division)

Dewey Lectures

  • Margaret Atherton, "My History: Becoming an Historian of Philosophy" (2017 Central Division)
  • William G. Lycan, "On Evidence in Philosophy" (2017 Eastern Division)
  • Alison Wylie, "From the Ground Up: Philosophy and Archaeology" (2017 Pacific Division)

Romanell Lecture

  • Jennifer Hornsby, "Agency, Time, and Naturalism" (2017 Central Division)

Beginning this year, we will also be publishing the Sanders and Kant Lectures, including lectures from previous years. In this volume of the Proceedings, we've published the inaugural lectures in each of these series, as well as the most recent lectures:

Sanders Lectures

  • Terry Horgan, "Injecting the Phenomenology of Agency Into the Free Will Debate" (2014 Pacific Division)
  • Louise Antony, "An Externalism Even an Internalist Can Love" (2017 Pacific Division)

Walter DeGruyter Stiftung Kant Lectures

  • Henry E. Allison, "Revisiting Judgments of Perception" (2014 Pacific Division)
  • BĂ©atrice Longuenesse, "Kant and Freud on Morality" (2017 Eastern Division)

The print volume will be mailed on November 18 to APA members who were subscribed to receive it as of October 20. All current APA members who are signed into the website will be able to view the Proceedings online by going to Publications > Proceedings and Addresses.

You may change your subscription preferences for future issues by updating your member profile. If you wish to receive future print volumes in the mail, the box labeled "Proceedings and Addresses (Postal Mail)" must be checked. If you'd prefer to go paperless, make sure the box is unchecked.

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