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"Because philosophy needs a champion."

Tuesday, November 21, 2017   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Erin Shepherd
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The American Philosophical Association is dedicated to serving the philosophy community and providing resources and support for members like you. As 2017 draws to an end, I’m writing to ask you to make a donation to the APA so that we can continue to fight for you and for philosophy as a whole in the new year.

By contributing to the APA, you’ll be joining your colleagues in supporting an organization that supports you—colleagues including Andrew Cullison, director of the Prindle Institute for Ethics at DePauw University.

I give to the APA, in short, because philosophy needs a champion. Over the last five years, I have seen the APA transform into a powerful force to advance the interests of philosophy and those who practice it. Before serving on the board, I thought the APA was simply a service for us to get jobs and give papers. It wasn’t until I got involved in working with the APA that I realized how much it was doing in addition to that, and the transformation I witnessed over the next three years was remarkable. The APA has significantly expanded the ways in which it serves the profession on all fronts, and I am particularly proud of the ways in which it has devoted more resources recently to honoring and recognizing public engagement and teaching. Philosophers who prioritize teaching or public engagement in their professional lives have an advocate and a supporter in the APA. I am now confident that whatever it is about philosophy that you are most passionate about—research, teaching, or public engagement—the APA is there to support you and your work. It’s also there to defend the value of what you do to any skeptics out there.

– Andrew Cullison, DePauw University

Every donation makes a real difference in helping the APA to support philosophy and philosophers.

Plus, those who make a donation of $500 or more by the end of 2017 will receive, as a thank-you gift, a copy of Portraits of American Philosophy (Rowman & Littlefield, 2013). This book is a collection of Dewey Lectures—autobiographical reflections on philosophy in America—by leading philosophers including Judith Jarvis Thomson, Harry Frankfurt, Marilyn McCord Adams, and Claudia Card.

Help us help you. Make a tax-deductible donation today.

With gratitude,

Amy E. Ferrer
Executive Director

The American Philosophical Association
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