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Announcing the spring 2018 APA newsletters

Friday, May 11, 2018   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Erin Shepherd
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The spring 2018 APA newsletters are now available. Below, you’ll find the table of contents for each issue along with a link to that particular newsletter. The complete volume is available as a single download as well.

The APA newsletters contain a wide variety of scholarly material, discussion on relevant and timely topics, book reviews, and much more. We encourage you to check them out and share them with your colleagues and students.

If you are interested in contributing to a future issue, please contact the appropriate editor(s).

APA Newsletters, Spring 2018 (Volume 17, Number 2)

Newsletter on Asian and Asian-American Philosophers and Philosophies

From the Guest Editor, Manyul Im
Submission Guidelines and Information

“’Three Sacrificial Rituals’ (sanji) and the Practicability of Ruist (Confucian) Philosophy,” Bin Song
“Traditional Chinese Body Practice and Philosophical Activity,” Steven Geisz
“East Asian Martial Arts as Philosophical Practice,” Alexus McLeod

Newsletter on Feminism and Philosophy

From the Editors, Serena Parekh and Julinna Oxley
About the Newsletter on Feminism and Philosophy
Submission Guidelines
News from the CSW
“Policing Families: The Many-Headed Hydra of Surveillance,” Mechthild Nagel
“Doubly Other: Black Women’s Social Death and Re-enslavement in America’s Genocidal Prison Nation,” Susan Peppers-Bates
“On Minor Publications, Thematic Divisions, and Biases in Philosophy: Insights from the Book Review Sections,” Anna Leuschner and Anna Lindemann
Book Reviews
José Jorge Mendoza: The Moral and Political Philosophy of Immigration, reviewed by Amy Reed-Sandoval
Shannon Dea: Beyond the Binary: Thinking about Sex and Gender, reviewed by Sally Markowitz
Martha Holstein: Women in Late Life: Critical Perspectives on Gender and Age, reviewed by Louise Collins

Newsletter on Hispanic/Latino Issues in Philosophy

From the Guest Editors, Matthew Lister and José Jorge Mendoza
Submission Guidelines
Call for Submissions: The 2018 Essay Prize on Latin American Thought

“Surviving Social Disintegration: Jorge Portilla on the Phenomenology of Zozobra,” Francisco Gallegos
“The Contradiction of Crimmigration,” José Jorge Mendoza
“Under the Umbrella of Administrative Law: Immigration Detention and the Challenges of Producing Just Immigration Law, ” Stephanie J. Silverman
“Private Contractors, Foreign Troops, and Offshore Detention Centers: The Ethics of Externalizing Immigration Controls,” Alex Sager
“‘Dreamers’ and Others: Immigration Protests, Enforcement, and Civil Disobedience,” Matthew Lister
Contributor Bios

Newsletter on Native American and Indigenous Philosophy

From the Managing Editor, Agnes B. Curry
Submission Guidelines

“Listening to Our Future: On Pre-College Outreach and Enrichment for Native Youth,” Andrea Sullivan-Clarke
“A Brief History of a New Course at Rutgers University: Philosophy 366—African, Latin American, and Native American Philosophy,” Alexander Guerrero
Book Review
Delphine Red Shirt: George Sword’s Warrior Narratives: Compositional Processes in Lakota Oral Tradition, reviewed by Rachel Phillips

Newsletter on Philosophy and the Black Experience

From the Editors, Stephen C. Ferguson II and Dwayne Tunstall
Submission Guidelines and Information

“Howard Thurman as Philosopher,” Anthony Sean Neal
The Man-Not and the Dilemmas of Intersectionality,” Olúfemi Táíwò
Book Review
Tommy J. Curry: The Man-Not: Racce, Class, Genre, and the Dilemmas of Black Manhood, reviewed by Ronald B. Neal

Newsletter on Philosophy and Computers

From the Editor, Peter Boltuc
From the Chair, Marcello Guarini
“On the Autonomy and Threat of ‘Killer Robots’,” Jean-Gabriel Ganascia, Catherine Tessier, and Thomas M. Powers
“New Developments in the LIDA Model,” Stan Franklin, Steve Strain, Sean Kugele, Tamas Madl, Nisrine Ait Khayi, and Kevin Ryan
“Distraction and Prioritization: Combining Models to Create Reactive Robots,” Jonathan R. Milton
“Using Quantum Erasers to Test Animal/Robot Consciousness,” Sky Darmos
“The Explanation of Consciousness with Implications to AI,” Pentti O. A. Haikonen
“Digital Consciousness and Platonic Computation: Unification of Consciousness, Mind, and Matter by Metacomputics,” Simon.X.Duan
“Toward a Philosophy of the Internet,” László Ropolyi
“Organized Complexity: Is Big History a Big Computation?” Jean-Paul Delahaye and Clément Vidal
Call for Papers

Newsletter on Philosophy in Two-Year Colleges

From the Editor, Thomas Urban
“Taylorism, Heidegger, and the Modern Academy,” Ian Duckles
“How Hard Should an Introduction to Philosophy Class Be?” Andy Wible
Call for Papers

Newsletter on Teaching Philosophy

From the Editors, Tziporah Kasachkoff and Eugene Kelly
Submission Guidelines
“Teaching Affirmative Action,” Steven M. Cahn
“The Case for Discussion-Intensive Pedagogy,” John Capps
“The Hidden Graduate Curriculum,” Steven M. Cahn
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