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The APA and Education in America

Monday, December 23, 2019   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Erin Shepherd
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Support philosophy. Support the APA.

Robert AudiThe APA supports philosophy and philosophers in ways no other organization does or can, and the profession needs support now more than at any time I can remember. The APA’s member services go far beyond the activities philosophers know best—three major international conventions a year where philosophical work is presented, discussed, and often advanced. APA services include support for students and for faculty without permanent positions, defense of the rights of philosophers here and abroad, and representation of the profession to other scholarly organizations and many segments of the education establishment in America.

I’ll mention here just two of the less widely known APA activities that your donation can support. One is the APA's public philosophy initiatives—a significant dimension of educating the public about philosophy—which support such things as op-ed contributions and public events; the other is work toward pre-college philosophy—and here our committee on that potential growth area much needs increased support. Far too few schools in America offer courses in philosophy. With your help, the APA can work to establish more such courses taught by professional philosophers—which would be a great benefit to American education and, in my view, to American democracy.

We can all support philosophy by contributing to public understanding—and enjoyment—of some of its myriad dimensions. Here the APA has resources to advise us and—in ways that can be multiplied with your help—support constructive activities. One example is Philosophy Talk, co-founded and co-presented by the late Ken Taylor, and there are other programs in which philosophers reach non-academic audiences. Many of us can bring philosophy to a wider range of listeners, readers, and discussion partners than we have, and, with your donation, the APA can help in this. This is one area of its activities I intend to continue supporting.

Philosophy is an essential element in the education and culture of a healthy democracy; it is vitally important for the quality of civic discourse; and the APA is surely the best institutional source of support that the profession of philosophy has. I hope you will join me in supporting it.

With gratitude,

Robert Audi
Chair, APA Development Committee


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