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2019 Central Division Meeting: Accepted Papers To Be Presented
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First Last Institution Title
Torin Alter The University of Alabama Russellian monism and mental causation
Austin Andrews Washington University, St. Louis Acquiring a Concept of Visual Experience
Peter Antich The University of Kentucky Merleau-Ponty on Attention and Implicit Content
Michael Augustin University of California, Santa Barbara Aristotle on the Impossibility of the Void
Matthew Babb Washington University in Saint Louis Imperative Sentences Express Nonmodal Propositions
Michael Barkasi Independent Scholar The Role of Visual Representations in Seeing
Peter Barry Saginaw Valley State University Can you Dox a Nazi?
Mark Bauer University of Colorado Denver Semantic Essentialism and Populations
Michael Begun Fordham University Nietzsche and the Principle of Non-Contradiction
Nir Ben-Moshe University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign &“An Adam Smithian Account of Moral Reasons&”
David Black Rutgers University Fake News, Bad Science, and Liberal Neutrality
Cherie Braden University of Colorado, Boulder If Conventionally Implicates
Mark Brown University of Wisconsin Colleges The Brain Death and Embryo Life Symmetry Argument
Eric Brown Tulane University In Defense of Universal Standing to Blame
Teresa Bruno-Nino Syracuse University Objectivism without Alienation
Sam Carter Rutgers University A Suppositional Theory of Conditionals
Clinton Castro Florida International University What's Wrong with Machine Bias
Cristin Chall University of South Carolina String Theory, Methodology, and Normativity
Joseph Chapa University of Oxford A New Moral Equality of Combatants
Matthew Congdon Vanderbilt University 'Knower' as an Ethical Concept
Phil Corkum University of Alberta Context and Causal Selection
Eva Dadlez University of Central Oklahoma The Outer Limits: Film and Fiction as Low-Stakes Thought Experiment
Sophia Dandelet UC Berkeley Trusting is not believing against the evidence.
Thiago de Melo Syracuse University Within the Predicate: Non-symmetric Relations and Comparative Naturalness
Megan Dean Dept. of Philosophy, Georgetown University Food Ethics and Eating as a Self-Shaping Activity
Samuel Director University of Colorado, Boulder Dementia and Consent to Sexual Relations
T. Dixon Ashoka University Relative Positionalism Revisited (Colloquium)
Jenna Donohue UCLA What Makes Manipulation Distinctively Wrong?
Robert English University of Illinois at Chicago Grief, Desire, and Loss
David Friedell University of British Columbia Why Can't I Change Bruckner's Eighth Symphony?
James Fritz The Ohio State University Can Moral Disapproval Be Done Well?
Todd Ganson Oberlin College Causally Idle Objects of Perception
Itzel Garcia Department of Philosophy, University of California, Irvine Make Patriotism Defined Again
Paul Garofalo University of Southern California Liberty and Obligation in Hobbes: Against a Causal Theory
Jonathan Gingerich University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) Fragility and Spontaneity: Bioethical Implications of Spontaneous Freedom
Trystan Goetze University of Sheffield Epistemic Culpability
Paul Goldberg Boston University, Department of Philosophy Would Natural Science Flourish in a Hobbesian Commonwealth?
Audra Goodnight Villanova University Disability and Flourishing: A Second-Person Perspective
Quitterie Gounot Cornell University Sage School of Philosophy Why Should I Care About Who I Want to Become? Addressing the Proleptic Model’s Challenge to Reasons Internalism
Jasmine Gunkel University of Southern California (USC) Pleasures of the Flesh: An Inconsistency in Our Thoughts About the Ethical Use of Animal Bodies
Tyler Hanck University of Illinois at Chicago Locke on God’s Immateriality
Jared Henderson University of Connecticut Absoluteness and Alethic Pluralism
Ryan Hubbard Gulf Coast State College Defending Formal Contractualism
Elizabeth Jackson University of Notre Dame How Belief-Credence Dualism Explains Away Pragmatic Encroachment
Julian Jonker The Wharton School Discrimination at a Distance. Vicarious Wrongs and the Comparative Test for Discrimination
Douglas Keaton Flagler College Giving and Taking Advice
Justin Khoo MIT Linguistics & Philosophy Coordinating Ifs
casey landers University of Miami Recognition, Experience, and Association
Cristian Larroulet Philippi What could Scientific Pluralism be?
Jeonggyu Lee University of California, Santa Barbara Tracking down the Conditions for Singular Thought
Seungil Lee UIUC The Bundle Theory, The Identity of Indiscernibles, and Symmetric Difference Makers
Rebeccah Leiby Boston University Hannah Arendt and the Politics of Compassion
Anthony Leyh Emory University A Symphony of Citizens: A New Strategy of Civic Friendship in Plato's Laws
Whitney Lilly Northwestern Group Sincerity
Joungbin Lim Troy University What the Remnant Person Problem Really Implies
Chang Liu The University of Western Ontario Slurs as Illocutionary Force Indicators
Jorge Lizarzaburu Emory University The Zapatista Revolution: Recognition, Redistribution, and the Limits of Identity Politics
William Looney Syracuse University Problems for Predictive Information
Bradley Loveall Georgia State University Democracy, Epistocracy, and Moral Realism: A Reply To Brennan
Paul Macdonald United States Air Force Academy Schellenberg's Noseeum Assumption about Nonresistant Nonbelief
Alistair Macleod Queen's University The Conditionality of Promissory Obligations [or When Is There No Obligation to Keep a Promise?]
Alistair Macleod Queen's University The Conditionality of Promissory Obligations [or When Is There No Obligation to Keep a Promise?]
Ryan McCoy Georgia State University Reexamining the Role of the Epigraph in Nietzsche’s GM III
Michael McNulty University of Minnesota, Twin Cities Beyond the Metaphysical Foundations of Natural Science: Kant’s Empirical Physics and the General Remark to the Dynamics
Samuel Meister Brown University Aristotle on Mathematical Objects as Intelligible Composites
Erin Mercurio Ohio State University A Modified Objective List Theory of Well-Being
Thomas Metcalf Spring Hill College The Axiological-Trajectory Theodicy
Daniel Molter Department of philosophy, University of Utah Bivalent Selection and Graded Darwinian Individuality
Dwayne Moore University of Saskatchewan Mental Causation, Autonomy and Action Theory
Samuel Murray University of Notre Dame Two Problems with Arguments for Animal Consciousness
Kylie Musolf University of New Mexico Bitcoin: A Marxian Economic Analysis
Anthony Nguyen University of Southern California (USC) The Radical Account of Bare Plural Generics
Joshua O'Rourke Princeton University Property Dualism, Substance Dualism, and the Mental Problem of the Many
Meghan Page Loyola University Maryland Methodological Synthesis in the Paterson-Clarke Technique
Walker Page Saint Louis University Virtue Epistemology, Causal Deviance, and Manifestation: Competence to Succeed, not Competence to Know
John Park california state university sacramento Experiments on Moral Twin Earth
Jonathan Payton University of Toronto All Actions are Attempts
Savannah Pearlman Indiana University - Bloomington An Epistemic Injustice Critique of Austin's Ordinary Language Epistemology
Jared Peterson Suny Oswego Role Functionalism and Phenomenal Eliminativism
Josue Pineiro University of Georgia Epistemic Injustice: Audiential Injustice and Oppression
Juan Piñeros Glasscock Yale University Acquittal from Knowledge Laundering
Yunus Prasetya Baylor University, Philosophy Department Scientific Representation, Metrology, and the Explanatory Gap Argument: A Response to Scheele
Brandon Rdzak Purdue University Who’s Afraid of Modal Collapse?: A Defense of Spinoza’s Necessitarianism
Samuel Reis-Dennis Johns Hopkins University I Love Women: A Theoretical Challenge for Implicit Bias Research
Kevin Richardson North Carolina State University, Department of Philosophy & Religious Studies Do the Laws of Semantics Lie?
John Robison University of Massachusetts Amherst Epistemic Respect and Credibility Excess
Tristan Rogers University of Arizona A Social Practice View of "Natural" Rights
Rasmus Rosenberg Larsen University of Toronto On the Content of Aesthetic Theories
Eric Rowse University of Missouri Does Scheffler’s Relational Egalitarianism Defeat the Distributive Objection?
Rachel Rudolph University of California, Berkeley On the relevance of moral language to the metaphysics of morals
Fernando Rudy Hiller National Autonomous University of Mexico Toward a social theory of moral responsibility
Jacob Rump Creighton University Experience, Judgment, and the Limits of Language: Sense and Significance in Husserl’s Transcendental Logic
David Sackris Arapahoe Community College On the Content of Aesthetic Theories
Sebastian Schmidt Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nuremberg On the normativity of epistemic rationality
Kate Schmidt Washington University in St. Louis Credibility and Recognition: Two Failures of Respect in Epistemic Injustice
Kristin Seemuth Whaley Graceland University Material Problems for Immaterialism
Matthew Shea St. Louis University Disability and Human Flourishing
Adam Shmidt Boston University Deliberation, Justification, and Practical Reasons for Belief
Nader Shoaibi University of Illinois at Chicago Normativity of Logic and the Aim of Belief
Matthew Slater Bucknell University Realism and Understanding: The Challenge from Pluralism
Kit Slover Emory University The Three Faces of dx: Deleuze's Eliminative Critique of Cognitive Judgment
Colin Smith The University of Kentucky Reconsidering the Routes of Inquiry and the Errors of Mortals in Parmenides' Poem
Jake Spinella Georgia State University A Century of Misunderstanding? William James' Emotion Theory
Jeremy Steeger Philosophy Department, University of Notre Dame What Are the Subjective Probabilities in Quantum Theories?
Jesse Summers Duke University The Obligation to Know Thyself
Katherine Sweet Saint Louis University A Dilemma for the Thomistic Theist: On Grace and Divine Hiddenness
Mark Tanzer Heidegger on Animals as Deficient Modes.
Travis Timmerman Seton Hall University A Case for Removing Confederate Monuments
Christopher Tomaszewski Baylor University Aquinas on Death as Substantial Corruption
Van Tu University of Michigan-Ann Arbor Restoring Aristotle’s Evaluative Theory of Deliberation
Chris Tweedt Christopher Newport University An Analogical Argument Against Price Gouging
Julia Uhr University of Colorado, Boulder The Individual's Right to Free Speech on Social Media
Peter Vranas University of Wisconsin-Madison A new argument for ought-implies-can
Jeffrey Watson Arizona State University Overdetermination Isn't the Problem
Aaron Wells University of Notre Dame Explanation in Du Châtelet’s Institutions de Physique
Evan Westra University of Toronto Knowledge of character: Reliable trait attribution and the situationist challenge
Michael Wiitala Cleveland State University Intelligence as a Cause in the Phaedo
Isaac Wilhelm Rutgers University Explanation Priority Monism
Jeffrey Wilson Loyola Marymount University Representation, Motivation, and Feeling in Kant's Account of the Archetype
Scott Wolcott State University of New York- Albany A Control-Modal Hybrid Account of Luck
Aaron Wolf Colgate University On Saying Something Normative by Ruling Out
Vida Yao Rice University, Department of Philosophy I Love Women: A Theoretical Challenge for Implicit Bias Research
Dan Zeman University of Vienna Self-Identificatory Uses of Slurs and Their Semantics
Zina Ward University of Pittsburgh Normative and Motivating Values in the Argument from Inductive Risk


Gregory Antill Claremont McKenna College Agency, Akrasia, and the Normative Environment
Beth Barker University of Missouri-Columbia Epistemic Injustice and Intellectualist Know-how
Brian Hanley University of Calgary What Caused the Bhopal Disaster? The Philosophical Importance of Pragmatic Details
Rene Jagnow University of Georgia A Phenomenal Contrast Argument in Favor of Twofold Pictorial Experience
Mario Juarez-Garcia Department of Philosophy, University of Arizona When Laws Corrupt: Montesquieu’s Alternative Methodology for Understanding Corruption
Robbie Kubala Department of Philosophy, Columbia University Partiality as a Non-Ideal Practice
John Lawless Davidson College The Managerial State: Preventive Policing and the Rule of Law
Roy Lee Philosophy Department, Stanford University The Function Argument of the Eudemian Ethics
Jake Monaghan University at Buffalo, SUNY Rethinking Political Consent
Eric Scarffe Boston University Moving Toward a Dignity-Based Approach to International Law
Keren Shatalov Illinois Institute of Technology Hypokeimenon vs. Substance in Aristotle's Categories
Andrew Stewart University of Southern California (USC) Anger, Revenge, and Tort Law
Joel Van Fossen Boston University “Birth Follows the Belly”: A Reinterpretation of Natural Maternal Dominion in Hobbes
Christopher Willard-Kyle Rutgers University Against the Doctrine of Infallibility


Dan Zeman University of Vienna Self-Identificatory Uses of Slurs and Their Semantics
Zina Ward University of Pittsburgh Normative and Motivating Values in the Argument from Inductive Risk
nikolaos maggos University of Iowa White Domination, Anti-Black Racism, and Recognition-Wrongs
Paul Tubig University of Washington, Seattle Autonomy and the Medical Brain Drain


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