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2020 Eastern Division Meeting: Accepted Papers To Be Presented
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Session Title First Name Last Name Affiliation
5D Systems of Memory and the Self Thomas Ames University of Missouri-St. Louis
11J A Strike Against a Striking Principle Dan Baras The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
11N Who Do You Speak For? And How?: Anonymity and Identity in Online Abuse Michael Barnes Dept. of Philosophy, Georgetown University
12D Nietzsche's Natural History Michael Begun Fordham University
15N Debugging Two-Dimensionalism About Narrow Content David Bourget University of Western Ontario
5B Does Berkeley Need a Concept of Transcendental Space Richard Brook bloomsburg university
6E Facticity in Fichte’s Berlin Wissenschaftslehre G. Anthony Bruno Royal Holloway University of London
12L Metaphysics and Explanatory Paradigms John Bunke University of Toronto
17E Optimal, Practical and Insightful: Why Ideal Theory Needs to Pick Two Jeff Carroll University of Virginia
15R Variation in evidence and Simpson's paradox Corey Dethier The University of Notre Dame
17C Machine learning, theory choice, and non-epistemic values Ravit Dotan UC Berkeley
15R On the Variable Choice and Multiple Partitions Problems Adam Edwards University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
11L The Philosopher of Emptiness and the God-Intoxicated Man: Nagarjuna in Dialogue with Spinoza Zeyad El Nabolsy Cornell University
16M The Presuppositions of Being and Time: Heidegger’s Interpretation of Aristotle in the Summer Course of 1924 Lucas Fain Boston University
12D Higher Types, Not Great Men: Nietzsche’s Critique of Carlyle Leonard Feldblyum Brown University
17A Radical Moral Encroachment and Reasons of the Wrong Kind James Fritz The Ohio State University
12G Darwin, Disenchantment, and the Great Chain of Being Kristina Gehrman University of Tennessee, Knoxville
2M Differential Normative Statuses and the Institution of Responsibility Peter Gildenhuys lafayette college
2I Confronting Mental Illness Stigma: Hermeneutical Heroism in the Face of Mental Illness Bias Abigail Gosselin Regis University
12L A Puzzle for Creationism about Fictional Objects Dana Goswick university of melbourne
7D True by Default Aaron Griffith College of William & Mary
7C Aristotle on Perceptual Discrimination: Perception as Substance and as Point Rory Hanlon University of Chicago
16N Group Mental States as Extended Mental States Keith Harris University of Missouri
12F Advancing Imagination: Perceptual Illusions in Film Sydney Harvey University of Calgary
5E The Priority of the Good and the Contingency of the Right Max Hayward Bowling Green State University
2L Higher-Order Evidence in Groups: A Defense of a Summative Account of Group Justification Blake Hereth University of Washington
5E Towards Enhancing Moral Agency through Subjective Moral Debiasing Mark Herman Bowling Green State University
7D Why Can't Truth Be Valuable? Jim Hutchinson Indiana University - Bloomington
12C Standards-Based Permissivism and the Problem of Irrelevant Influences on Belief Liang Zhou Koh University of Toronto
12C A Case for Case-Based Epistemology: Clinical Bioethics and Miracle Cures Sara Kolmes Georgetown University
12F A Constraint On Rich Visual Experience Casey Landers University of Miami
12I "Ought" and Intensionality Junhyo Lee University of Southern California
15P Sane Sensing: Art and Affective Disorder in Merleau-Ponty Madeleine Levac University of California, Berkeley
5E Obligation and the Ethics of Non-Hindrance Alida Liberman Southern Methodist University
15L Why Hegel's Philosophy of Nature? Daniel Lindquist Indiana University, Bloomington
15M The Fabric of Akrasia—A New Reading of Plato’s Protagoras351b-358e Wenjin Liu Princeton University
17C Nativism and empiricism in artificial intelligence Robert Long New York University
10M Phenomenology & Cognitive Science: Husserl's Computational Theory of Mind Jesse Lopes Boston University
12L A Can of Precisificational Worms Josiah Lopez-Wild University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
11L The Emancipatory Continuity of Buddhist Emotion Olga Louchakova-Schwartz Hult International Business Sc
10N Neighborhoods and States: Why Collective Self-determination is Not Always Valuable Torsten Menge Northwestern University in Qatar
12G Neo-Aristotelian Naturalism as Ethical Naturalism Parisa Moosavi University of Toronto
12C What’s so Special About Reasoning? Rationality, Belief Updating, and Internalism Wade Munroe Indiana University
17C Cultural Affordances in AI Perception Zachariah Neemeh The University of Memphis
10O Conservatism reconsidered David O'Brien University of Wisconsin, Madison
1L Racism as Vice and Civility as Social Norm Keunchang Oh Purdue University
15P The Perceived Fit between Music and Movement: A Multisensory Approach to Understanding Innocent Dance Appreciation Tyler Olsson university of California Santa cruz
5B Émilie du Châtelet and the Illusions of Space and Body Walter Ott University of Virginia
17A Self-Deception and Epistemic Injustice Alexander Paparella West Chester university
1K Avoid Avoiding the Wishful Thinking Problem Adam Patterson Syracuse University
5B John Toland's Extreme Epistemic Egoism Kenneth Pearce Trinity College Dublin
3E The Transparency Procedure and the Opacity of Desires Blakely Phillips Indiana University - Bloomington
1J Alienation or Regress: A Dilemma for Inferentialism about Agential Knowledge Juan Piñeros Glasscock Yale University
12D What’s Heraclitus to him, or he to Heraclitus? On Nietzsche’s Beloved Personal Archetype Heraclitus Joshua Rayman University of South Florida
12G "A Craving for Higher Things": John Stuart Mill’s Secular Religion Vance Ricks Guilford College Department of Philosophy
3F The Epicurean Classification of Desires Revisited Jan Maximilian Robitzsch Sungkyunkwan University
5D Agency and the Self: Insights from Schizophrenia Research Alexandra Romanyshyn Saint Louis University
5A A New Approach to Ontological Economy Noel Saenz University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
10N The Paradox of State Sovereignty: A Call for Revision Eric Scarffe Boston University Department of Philosophy
Poster "What are Modal Propositions About? A Medieval Alternative to Possible-Worlds Semantics" Boaz Schuman University of Toronto
17D When Silence is Golden: Rethinking the Virtue-Continence Distinction Nick Schuster Department of Philosophy, Washington University in St. Louis
10H Group Weakness Kenneth Silver University of Southern California
15M Communion, Division, and Dialectic in the Sophist Colin Smith The University of Kentucky
15L Hegel On the Principle of (Non-)Contradiction Joris Spigt Institute of Philosophy, KU Leuven, BELGIUM
5A No Foundations without Unity: A Defense of Grounding Infinitism Jan Swiderski Syracuse University
1J Maximizing Expected Choiceworthiness: A Guide for Bounded Agents Christian Tarsney University of Oxford
3E The Epistemology of Looks Mason Westfall University of Toronto



Session Title First Name Last Name Affiliation
1D The Hermeneutics of Progress Zachary Biondi University of California, Los Angeles
16F Having a Concept Has a Cost Michael Deigan Yale University
10J Does Definition Admit of Substitution? Samuel Elgin University of California, San Diego
16G Conventions and Counterlogicals: Here there be C-Monsters Kelly Gaus Massachusetts Institute of Technology
16K Guilt, Responsibility, and the Environmental Crisis Roger Gottlieb Worcester Polytechnic Institute
1G Need and Necessity in Kant's Doctrine of Right Rafeeq Hasan Amherst College
11M Identity and Society: What Makes You Who You Are Joanna Lawson Yale University
2J Knowing Pain is Bad Andrew Lee New York University
15I Epistemic Injustices And Political Responsibilities: Using Taylor To Aid Medina’s Project Dennis McEnnerney Colorado College
11F Knowing Without a Doubt Andrew Moon Philosophy Department, Virginia Commonwealth University
16H The Hole Argument Against Everything Joshua Norton Department of Logic and Philosophy of Science, UC Irvine
1H Solving the ideal-worlds problem Caleb Perl CU Boulder
16I Here, We Are: A Native American Relational Social Ontology Alex Steers-McCrum The Graduate Center, CUNY
15J Are Normative Truths Deliberatively Indispensable? Andrew Stewart University of Southern California (USC)
2H Kant’s Two Conceptions of the Highest Good: Secular and Theological Saniye Vatansever Bilkent University
2K Consent, Feminist Critique, and Responsibility to a Sexual Partner Caleb Ward Stony Brook University
15G Centering the Principal Principle Isaac Wilhelm Philosophy/Rutgers University



Title First Name Last Name Affiliation
The Capacity of Reflection, Normativity, and Moral Action Dong An Texas A&M University
Oligarchic Structures and Democratic Networks H.G. Callaway Professor H.G.Callaway
Alienation, Ideal Advisor Views, and Our Good Chetan Cetty University of Pennsylvania
Medicine’s Transparency Problem: What We Can Learn By Paying Attention to Attention Deficit Disorder Vivian Feldblyum University of Pittsburgh
Understanding Physicalism Ting Fung Ho The University of Texas at Austin
Transhumanism and the Iliad geraldine ng University of Reading; Philosophy Lab
Limited Phenomenal Infallibility and Cognitive Phenomenology Christopher Stratman University of Nebraska--Lincoln
Relocating Vagueness Joshua Turkewitz Florida State University
On the Location of Kant’s Refutation of Idealism Lewis Wang University of Oxford


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