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AV Information Center
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AV information center with projector and screen

This page provides information on audiovisual (AV) support at APA meetings. Please review this information in advance of your session.

Visit our Meeting FAQ and Guide for Meeting Participants for more information on AV requests.

New in 2020: AV Copays

Providing AV support is one of the largest costs of any APA divisional meeting, costing at least $150 per session and sometimes significantly more. To help address the rising costs of AV support and keep registration rates as low as possible, beginning in 2020, participants in divisional program sessions at the Central and Pacific Division meetings will be responsible for a $10 copay when requesting AV support for their sessions.

We encourage those who do not wish to pay the AV copay to consider alternatives to slide presentations.
In particular, we offer participants the option to submit a handout or slide deck for inclusion in the APA meeting mobile app for smartphones. Session participants will be emailed before the meeting with instructions.

If you have any questions regarding handouts, please email our Deputy Director at

AV Requests

Who Can Request AV?

Session Type Requester
Divisional Program Session

Any Participant

Beginning in 2020, participants in the Central and Pacific Division meetings will be responsible for a $10 copay when requesting  AV. 

This copay helps to offset the high cost of providing AV support, which is at least $150 per session. The APA covers all remaining AV costs for divisional program sessions.

APA Committee Session Committee Chair
Affiliated Group Session

Group Representative

Beginning with the 2020 APA divisional meetings, affiliated groups must pay the $150 per session AV fee in advance. 


Annual AV Request Deadlines

All AV requests must be made on or before the deadline listed below (and on your division’s meeting page). AV requests made after the deadline will not be honored.

  • Eastern: October 31
  • Central: December 19
  • Pacific: January 31

If you do not request AV by the deadline and wish to have it in your session, you will need to contact the meeting venue directly to arrange for AV support, and you will be personally responsible for all associated costs and fees.

AV Refunds

For individual participants in divisional program sessions: If your session is canceled or you will no longer be able to attend the meeting, you are eligible for a refund of the $10 AV copay. Refunds are available until the deadline listed below.*

For affiliated groups: If your group cancels its session, the group is eligible for a refund of the $150 per session AV fee. Refunds are available only until the deadline listed below.

Division  Date
Eastern October 31
Central December 20
Pacific January 31


We are unable to provide refunds for registration fees or AV copays after these dates. 

*There are no individual participant AV copays for the 2020 Eastern Division meeting.

Does My Session Have AV?

You may view a list of sessions with audiovisual equipment here: Sessions with Audiovisual Equipment

Sessions with AV are posted a few weeks prior to the meeting.

If you're not sure whether your session has AV, contact the person listed below.

Session Type Contact
Divisional Program Session

Divisional Secretary-Treasurer

  • Eastern: Jeff Dunn,
  • Central: Elyse Purcell,
  • Pacific: Becko Copenhaver,
APA Committee Session Committee Chair
Affiliated Group Session Primary Group contact


AV Fees

Session Type Fee for APA-provided AV package  Additional Information 
Divisional Program Session
Eastern N/A The Eastern division covers basic AV costs for all sessions organized by the divisional program committee.
 Central and Pacific  $10 copay The copay helps offset the high costs of AV support, which is at least $150 per session. The APA covers all remaining AV costs for divisional program sessions.
APA Committee Session $150 per session AV fees will be deducted from the APA committee funding pool. All AV requests for committee sessions must be pre-approved by the executive director.
Affiliated Group Session $150 per session Affiliated groups must pay the $150 per session AV fee in advance.

Note that affiliated groups requesting AV different from or in addition to the APA-provided AV package (e.g., internet access) will be responsible for all AV fees charged by the meeting venue's AV provider, which are normally significantly higher than $150 per session.

AV requests are not confirmed until payment is processed. If payment is not received by the request deadline, AV support will not be provided.

What's Included in an APA AV Package?

  • 1 Epson EX3220 projector
  • 1 Epson 3000 free-standing collapsible screen 
    6 ft. tall; adjustable to standard 4:3, widescreen 16:9, or widescreen 16:10 ratio
  • Quick Start Information Sheet
  • Portable table for the projector
  • 1 HDMI Cable
  • 1 VGA Cable
  • 1 DVI to VGA Adapter
  • 1 Thunderbolt to VGA Adapter
  • 1 USB-C (Thunderbolt 3) Adapter

The AV equipment is set up by APA staff before sessions. If you need assistance connecting your device to the projector, refer to the Quick Start Information Sheet, which has instructions as well as contact information to call or text an APA staff member for assistance. Please provide your session's location when calling or texting. 

Adapters 101 text with a thunderbolt to VGA adapter

About AV Adapters

Please refer to the images and information in this section before your session.

Back of projector with VGA and HDMI ports highlighted
APA projectors feature VGA and HDMI display ports.

What is an Adapter?

An adapter is a device that allows your computer to connect when it does not have an HDMI or VGA port. For example, if you have an Apple computer with a thunderbolt audio/visual port, you will need an adapter to connect it to the HDMI or VGA port on the projector. 

What Adapters Does the APA Provide?

In addition to VGA and HDMI cables to connect devices directly to the projector, the APA provides three of the most common kinds of adapters: DVI-to-VGA, Thunderbolt-to-VGA, and USB-C(Thunderbolt 3)-to-VGA. As there are many different computers and tablets of all shapes and sizes, it is not possible for the APA to provide adapters for every device. If you are unsure whether your device will work with one of the provided cables or adapters, you should bring your own.

Refer to your computer’s manual or the manufacturer’s website to determine what kind of adapter you will need.

The APA has a limited supply of adapters not included with the rental that can be signed out before your session at the registration desk. If you sign out an adapter, please return it to the registration desk as soon as possible after your session; if the registration desk closes before your session is over, please return it first thing the next morning.

Windows PCs

Most PCs come with an HDMI or VGA port, and no special adapter is required. You should verify prior to your session that your PC has an HDMI or VGA port, or that one of the adapters included in the AV package (see above) will work with your PC.

Apple Devices

Many Apple devices do not come with HDMI or VGA ports, and different Apple devices require different adapters. If you plan to use an Apple device in your session, we strongly recommend that you bring your own HDMI or VGA adapter.

Most Common Apple Adapters

 Thunderbolt to VGA:        USB-C to VGA: 
 Photograph of a thunderbolt to VGA adapter  Photograph of USB-C to VGA adapter

Apple Adapter Guide

The following is a general guide to the kinds of adapters used by common Apple devices.

Device Adapter 
 Older MacBooks  Thunderbolt/Mini DisplayPort to VGA
 MacBook Air  Thunderbolt/Mini DisplayPort to VGA
 MacBook  USB-C (Thunderbolt 3) to VGA
 MacBook Pro  USB-C (Thunderbolt 3) to VGA
 iPads & iPhones  Lightning to VGA

Android and Other Devices

The ports provided on Android and other devices vary widely. If you plan to use an Android or other device in your session, we strongly recommend that you bring your own HDMI or VGA adapter.

AV for Accessibility Accommodations

The APA covers costs of AV needed to allow those with disabilities to participate fully in APA meetings. Those needing accessibility accommodations should contact the APA meeting staff at or the appropriate divisional secretary-treasurer:

  • Eastern: Jeff Dunn,
  • Central: Elyse Purcell,
  • Pacific: Becko Copenhaver,

Internet Access

Unfortunately, due to the extremely high costs of providing internet access in meeting hotels (often in the tens of thousands of dollars), we are not always able to provide internet access for meeting attendees. We are sometimes able to negotiate with hotels to obtain basic wifi access, at least for those attendees staying in the meeting hotel. However, the costs for providing high-speed internet access, such as that required for streaming video, is not normally feasible. Please plan accordingly.

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