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2018 Pacific Division Meeting: Papers To Be Presented
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Note: After the meeting is over, paper files are no longer available.


FirstName LastName Affiliation Linked title
Jessica Adkins Saint Louis University Postmodern Jazz and the Ontology of Improvisation: should Jon Benjamin really have learned to play the piano?
Craig Agule Rutgers-Camden Forgiving and Forgetting
Rami Ali Lebanese American University Agency, Dissimulation, and Social Perception
Roman Altshuler Kutztown University of Pennsylvania Temporalized Constitutivism and Free Agency
Thomas Ames University of Missouri-St. Louis Towards a Three-factor Approach to Monothematic Delusion
Jonathan Bain New York University Non-Locality in Intrinsic Topologically Ordered Systems
Jordan Baker University of Tennessee Non-Causalism as Metaphysical Dependence
Zachary Barnett Brown University Belief Dependence: How Do the Numbers Count?
Brian Barnett St. John Fisher College An Epistemic Assessment of the Modal Ontological Argument
Jacob Berger Idaho State University Is Visual Masking Evidence for Unconscious Perception?
Adam Blincoe Longwood University Aristotelian Eudaimonism Is Not Motivationally Egoistic or Self-Effacing
David Boylan Massachusetts Institute of Technology Strengthening Principles and Counterfactual Semantics
Adam Bradley University of California- Berkeley Pain, Multimodality, and Bodily Awareness
Devon Brickhouse-Bryson Lynchburg College Reflective Equilibrium, Judgments of Coherence, and Judgments of Beauty
Elizabeth Cantalamessa University of Miami Disability Studies, Conceptual Ethics, and Metalinguistic Negotiation
Spencer Case University of Colorado Boulder Are Political Minorities in Academia Victims of Epistemic Injustice?
Bowen Chan University of Toronto Scepticism, Custom, and Hume: Philosophy’s Place in Common Life
Juan Colomina University of Texas at Austin Boolos’ Hardest Logic Puzzle Ever in its Purest Form
Sherri Conklin University of California- Santa Barbara Doubting the Deeds Account of Justification
Cory Davia University of California- San Diego Ambiguity, Rule Interpretation, and the Spirit of the Game
Nicolas Delon University of Chicago Urban animals as captives
Steven Dezort Texas A&M University Locke on Substance, Substances, and Superadded Powers
Jenna Donohue University of California- Los Angeles When is it Unreasonable to be Unsurprised?
Corin Fox University of Virginia Quasi-nihilism: an epistemic, non-epistemicist response to the sorites paradox
Andrew Franklin-Hall University of Toronto Binding the Self: The Ethics of Ulysses Contracts
James Fritz Ohio State University What Pessimism About Moral Deference Means for Disagreement
Melissa Fusco Columbia University Counterfactuals, Centering, and the Gibbard-Harper Collapse Lemma
Juan Garcia Ohio State University Leibniz on Contingency and Individual Concepts
Geoff Georgi West Virginia University Quantifiers, Demonstratives, and Compositionality
Heather Gert University of North Carolina at Greensboro Valid Consent and the Altruistic Misconception
Schultheis Ginger Massachusetts Institute of Technology Strengthening Principles and Counterfactual Semantics
David Glick Ithaca College Pluralist Structural Realism: The Best of Both Worlds?
Aaron Griffith College of William and Mary Realizing Race
James Harold Mount Holyoke College The Value of Fidelity in Adaptation
Keith Harris University of Missouri Distributed Group Knowledge and Epistemic Luck
Rebecca Harrison University of California- Riverside Beyond Spatial Orientation: Merleau-Ponty’s Account of Perspective
Peter Hawke Universiteit van Amsterdam Assertability Semantics for Conditionals, Quantification and Modality
Lisa Hecht Stockholms Universitet Provocateurs and their Rights to Self-defence
Samia Hesni Massachusetts Institute of Technology Deviant Assertion: when relying on accommodation is preferable
Zoe Hitzig Harvard University The Perils of P-Hacking and the Promise of Pre-Analysis Plans
Joshi Hrishikesh University of Michigan  Are Political Minorities in Academia Victims of Epistemic Injustice?
Daniel Immerman Cycorp Pluralist Accounts of Knowledge and the Threshold Problem
Nurbay Irmak Bogaziçi University The Problem of Creation and Abstract Artifacts
Kristen Irwin Loyola University Chicago The Role of Moral Knowledge in Pierre Bayle's Skepticism
Amir Javier-Castellanos Syracuse University Two 3D Cohabitants Are One Too Many Thinkers
Ethan Jerzak University of California- Berkeley Paradoxical Desires
Kyle Johannsen Trent University Species of Pluralism in Political Philosophy
Carter Johnson Arizona State University Reasons for Love: Against the Substitution Argument
Brian Kim Oklahoma State University Only knowers live well
Chris King Miami University of Ohio Is Normative Consent a Theory of Authority
James Kintz Saint Louis University Revisiting the Substance-Artifact Distinction: Or, Why Aristotle Went Organic Before It Was Cool
Cameron Kirk-Giannini Rutgers University Slurs are Directives
Ting Cho Lau University of Notre Dame Tough Choices, Reasons, and Practical Reasoning
Richard Lauer St. Lawrence University Scientific Social Ontology? Objecting to Kincaid on the Existence of Social Classes
Andrew Law University of California- Riverside From the Fixity of the Past to the Fixity of the Independent
Junhyo Lee University of Southern California On the Uniformity of Proper Names
Jeonggyu Lee University of California- Santa Barbara Against Predicativism of Names
John Lemos Coe College Should Event-causal Libertarians Prefer Mele's Daring Libertarianism to Kane's View?
Alyssa Lowery Vanderbilt University The Shadow of Domination: Revising Pettit's Conception of Freedom
Joshua Luczak Leibniz Universtität Hannover How Many Aims Are We Aiming At?
Dana Matthiessen University of Pittsburgh Shaping Patterns into Structures: Protein Science and the Mobility of Data
Joshua May The University of Alabama at Birmingham Does Peer Disagreement Warrant Moral Skepticism?
Emma McClure University of Toronto What's Aggressive about Microaggressions?
William McCurdy Idaho State University The Necessity of Genuine Triadic Relations
Lavender McKittrick-Sweitzer Ohio State University Identifying Exploitation and Providing Care: Unifying the Capabilities Approach and Feminist Contractarianism
Jennifer McWeeny Worcester Polytechnic Institute The Panpsychism Question in Merleau-Ponty's Ontology
Benjamin Miller University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Political Incompetence and Defenses of Democracy
Andreas Mueller Goethe-Universitat Frankfurt What May I (Epistemically) Hope For?
Jessie Munton New York University What's Wrong with Accurate Statistical Generalizations?
Daniel Murphy State University of New York College at Cortland A Problem for Fundamental Atomic Facts
Myrto Mylopoulos Carleton University Is Visual Masking Evidence for Unconscious Perception?
Robert Northcott Birkbeck College London Prediction in Science: How Big Data Does – and Doesn’t – Help
Joshua Norton American University of Beirut No Time for the Hamiltonian Constraint
Kamuran Osmanoglu University of Kansas The Biological Reality of Race does not underwrite the Social Reality of Race
James Otis University of Rochester Physicalism and Fundamental Mentality: Saying No to the No Fundamental Mentality Constraint
John Park Oakland University Why Moral Judgment is Not a Natural Kind
Jonathan Payton University of Toronto Mere Manifestations of Agency?
Antonia Peacocke University of California- Berkeley What Poetry Teaches
Louise Pedersen University of Utah The Race Debate and the Work of Intuitions.
Kathryn Pendoley The Graduate Center- CUNY Fitting Emotions and a New Form of Epistemic Injustice
Jared Peterson University of Wisconsin-Parkside Introspection & the Attitudes
Dasha Pruss University of Pittsburgh A Defense of Historical Data in Climate Science
Walter Reid Syracuse University Pessimism Redux
Catherine Rioux University of Toronto A Higher-Order Approach to Diachronic Continence
James Dominic Rooney Saint Louis University When is the Self-Evident Evident? Thomas Reid and the Evidence of First Principles
Eric Rowse University of Missouri Democratic Egalitarianism and the Indifference Objection
Daniel Rubio Rutgers University Ideological Innocence
Nicholas Sars Tulane University of New Orleans Why the Strawsonian Reactive Attitudes Do Not Constitute An Expressive Theory of Moral Responsibility
Matthew Scarfone McGill University Moorean Arguments: Uses and Abuses
Benjamin Schwan University of Wisconsin-Madison The Ability Ought Implies
Janum Sethi University of Michigan Two Feelings in the Beautiful: Kant on the Structure of Judgments of Beauty
Phil Shadd Redeemer University College (Redeemer, Ontario, Canada) Institutional Refusal to Assist in Dying: The Positive Case
Kenneth Silver University of Southern California Vagueness and Exclusion
David Smith University of New England How Ideologies Get Their Functions
Nicholas Smyth Simon Fraser University Gender and Theory-Acceptance in Ethics
Avery Snelson University of California- Riverside Nietzsche on the Origin of Obligation
Roy Sorensen Washington University in St. Louis Confessing to Superfluous Premises
Jesse Spafford The Graduate Center- CUNY Legitimacy, Consent, and Initial Appropriation
Jacob Stegenga University of Cambridge The Perils of P-Hacking and the Promise of Pre-Analysis Plans
Shane Steinert-Threlkeld Universiteit van Amsterdam Assertability Semantics for Conditionals, Quantification and Modality
Alexander Stern Universitat Frankfurt “The Familiar Face of a Word”: Wittgenstein and Benjamin on the Experience of Meaning
Beckett Sterner Arizona State University The evolutionary independence of species in light of population genomics
Pablo Stinga Iowa State University Boolos’ Hardest Logic Puzzle Ever in its Purest Form
Gregory Stoutenburg York College of Pennsylvania Knowledge Attributions, Practicability, and Norms of Assertion
Jacob Stump University of Toronto On Socrates' Project of Philosophical Conversion
Michael Szlachta University of Toronto An Intellectualist Conception of Human Freedom
Levi Tenen Indiana University Bloomington Princess Diana’s Dress, Mink Coats, and Nature: Reasons for Valuing as Ends
Travis Timmerman Seton Hall University Save (some of) the Children.
Emine Tuna Brown University Out of Mind, Out of Sight
Sungwoo Um Duke University Against Duty to Love
Benjamin Wald University of Toronto Thin Constitutivism: A Realist Explanation of Moral Motivation
Jessica Williams University of South Florida Kant and the Science of Empirical Schemata
Jessica Wright University of Toronto Cognitive Control and Implicit Attitudes
Tomasz Wysocki University of Pittsburgh Causes, cycles, equilibria
Michel-Antoine Xhignesse University of British Columbia Three Problems for Art-Ontological Descriptivism



Derek Anderson Boston University Linguistic Hijacking
Keming Chen Rutgers University The Intrinsic Structure of the Quantum World: Progress in Field's Nominalistic Program
Ryan Cummings Not specified Frankfurt, free will, and the problem of self-control
Max Hayward Columbia University Immoral Realism
Brennan McDavid University of Melbourne "Meddling in the work of another"
Adina Roskies Dartmouth College Frankfurt, free will, and the problem of self-control
Paolo Santorio University of Leeds Conditional Excluded Middle in Informational Semantics
Krisanna Scheiter Union College Honor, Worth, and Justified Revenge in Aristotle
Alex Silk University of Birmingham Semantics with Assignment Variables



Kelle Dhein Arizona State University The Role of Intentional Information Concepts in Animal Behavior Research
Marian Gilton University of California- Irvine Modeling Chisholm's Logic of Obligation, Requirement, and Defeat
Meredith McFadden Lawrence University A Nietzschean Solution to Korsgaard's Problem of Action
John Partridge Wheaton College Massachusetts The Mansplainer: Epistemic Peacock, Knowledge Fraud, Credibility Thief
Ahmed Siddiqi University of Houston A Seat at the Lab Bench for Non-Epistemic Values: A Critique of the Ideal of Value-Free Science
Jared Smith University of California- Riverside Love in the Time of Alzheimer’s: Cognitive Degeneration, Internality, and Love
Daniel Story University of California- Santa Barbara Interpersonalism as a Model of Human Agency
Ava Thomas Wright University of Georgia The Duty of Veracity
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