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Board Statement on Harassment, Bullying, and Intimidation of Philosophers
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The following statement was approved by the board of officers on June 2, 2017.

The APA strongly supports the reasoned discussion of complex and controversial social issues, whether in the context of scholarly journals or in more public forums. Incidents of harassment, bullying, and intimidation are a reminder of the social, personal, and professional risks of doing this work—risks that are intensified when the philosopher occupies a minority social identity, untenured position, or other vulnerable status.

In February 2016, in a statement responding to a case of a philosopher being harassed and threatened for expression of philosophical views, we wrote the following:

Philosophers are gadflies, at least some of the time, and we must support those who take intellectual, ethical, and social risks in their work, including their public presentations. Bullying and harassment that target a person’s race, gender, class, sexual orientation, or other status are especially abhorrent. We unequivocally condemn such behavior and stand in solidarity with our members who are subjected to this deplorable and discriminatory abuse.…

The APA condemns the activities of those who seek to silence philosophers through bullying, abusive speech, intimidation, or threats of violence. We also call upon our membership to speak out against such attacks, whether from within the academy or from the public sphere.

Today, we reaffirm these statements and our steadfast commitment to academic freedom and respectful scholarly engagement. 

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