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Statement on Bullying and Harassment
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This statement was prepared as part of the APA's Code of Conduct and approved by the board of officers in 2016.

As members of the community of scholars as well as employees whose conduct affects co-workers, students, and members of the public, professional philosophers should avoid engaging in bullying and harassment directed towards students, co-workers, and others in the profession. Such conduct is harmfuldisrespectful, and unprofessional, and frequently undermines our ability to perform our jobs or studies at our full capacity, and thereby is contrary to the point of scholarly practice.

Bullying and (non-sexual) harassment includes any degrading, hostile, or offensive conduct or comment by a person towards another that the person knew or reasonably ought to have known would cause the target to be humiliated, intimidated, or otherwise gratuitously harmed. Typical examples of bullying and harassment include verbal aggression and yelling; spreading malicious rumors; calling someone conventionally derogatory names or using derogatory stereotypes to describe them; humiliating initiation practices (“hazing”); “cyber-bullying” through email, text messages, or social media; stalking; subjecting an individual to repeated, unsolicited criticism, except when this is clearly limited to a matter of scholarly dispute; subjecting a person to public ridicule; sabotaging a person's work; scapegoating (e.g., blaming a disabled person for the need to make accommodations); and other hostile conduct that diminishes the capacity of its target to function effectively as a teacher, worker, or scholar. This injunction is not intended to discourage expressing differences of opinion; offering constructive feedback, guidance, or advice regarding scholarship or work; or reasonable actions taken in the capacity of instructor or manager for the sake of pedagogy, scholarship, or the management of co-workers or other employees.

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