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Censured Institutions
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APA Censured Institutions

The following institutions are under censure by the APA. Also listed in each case is the date of the board meeting at which censure was imposed and a link to the minutes of that board meeting.

APA censures institutions for violation of tenure and other professional rights. Potential censure cases are reviewed by the committee on the defense of professional rights, which recommends censure to the board of officers if warranted. The board then makes the final decision as to whether to censure an institution. 

Postings from institutions under APA censure are marked as such on the PhilJobs: Jobs for Philosophers website.

Letters of Concern

From time to time, the board of officers sends letters of concern to institutions alleged to have violated professional rights. Such letters may be issued during the process of considering censure or in place of censure. Currently active letters of concern are provided below.

There are no currently active letters of concern.

AAUP Censured Administrations

A complete list of administrations currently under censure by the American Association of University Professors (AAUP) can be found on the AAUP website.

Investigations by the American Association of University Professors of the administrations censured show that, as evidenced by a past violation, they are not observing the generally recognized principles of academic freedom and tenure endorsed by this association, the Association of American Colleges and Universities, and more than 180 other professional and educational organizations, as contained in the 1940 Statement of Principles on Academic Freedom and Tenure.

Postings from institutions under AAUP censure are marked with a dagger (†) on the PhilJobs: Jobs for Philosophers website.

Title IX Violations

Schools that have been found to be in violation of Title IX of the United States Education Amendment of 1972 (sexual discrimination/harassment) can be found at the U.S. Department of Education Office of Civil Rights website.

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