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The APA Delivers for You
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The APA Delivers for You, the official APA email marketing service, allows you to reach APA members via email. Here is how it works:

  1. Fill out the order form below.
  2. We will evaluate and, if appropriate, approve your material.
  3. We will send out an email to our members with your message .
  4. Recipients will respond directly to you.

Message Specifications

You can send us HTML you've created, or you can send us components and we can assemble the email for you. If sending components, you can include the following:

  • A graphic banner exactly 650 px wide and up to 200 px tall. This can be a GIF, JPG, or PNG.
  • Up to 300 words of copy (in MS Word or plain text format).
  • Up to 3 images to appear in the body of the email (additional images can be included for a fee). The APA reserves the right to resize images if necessary to fit within the body of the email.


Messages should be of verifiable relevance to philosophers. The APA will decide whether or not each message is appropriate and reserves the right to refuse this service for any reason. All advertisements must conform to the APA policy on advertising and sponsorships.


You may request a date at least two weeks from the day you submit your form for an email to be sent, and we will do our best to send your email on this date. The APA reserves the right to adjust the date to accommodate other APA communications. We will alert you if this is the case. The form below provides parameters such as "no earlier than" and "no later than" in order to best meet your needs.


All US members (appx. 8,000)
Canadian members (appx. 500)
Members outside of the United States* (appx. 800) $150
Partial (per 1,000 names, or up to 1,000 names)


About Email Marketing

If you do not have experience with email marketing, feel free to ask us questions. The APA Delivers for You is not a consulting service, but we can help you with what to expect and provide design feedback or suggestions. We cannot guarantee a particular rate of response to emails, but a typical email response (click-through) rate is between 18% and 25%. This applies to all email marketing, not just emails sent to APA members. You should make it as easy as possible for customers to respond to your email by including a link they can follow for more information or to make a purchase. Without a link, recipients are unlikely to take action in response to your email.

*Note: APA Delivers blasts do not include EU/EEA members who have not opted into email advertising.

Contact Erin Shepherd with any questions about APA Delivers.


The APA Delivers for You — Purchase Form

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