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Member Demographics
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Reports on demographic statistics provided by APA members for fiscal years’ 2015, 2016 and 2017 are now available. These statistics include data on gender, race/ethnicity, LGBT status, disability status, type of employment, and tenure status. The collection of all demographic data is voluntary; current members may provide or update their information at any time during a given fiscal year. (Data is not shown on behalf of lapsed members.) Members are encouraged to provide their data through email reminders, prompts on the website, and completion incentives.

The association began demographic data collection of this type in FY2014. Over the three years in which the data has been collected and reported, the categories with the highest response rates from members continue to be race/ethnicity and employment status; a median response rate of 49.6 percent and 93.3 percent respectively. The data is a voluntary sample and, therefore, is not representative of the entire APA membership. However, with three years of data now available, we believe that this report gives a broad picture of the APA membership and the philosophy profession.

Beginning with FY2016, we are also providing a separate report on APA members broken down by geographic region. For the US, the report uses census regions; for Canada, the report uses the four-region model. 

We are very pleased to be able to provide this kind of information to and about our membership. We welcome feedback and suggestions for improvements to our collection and reporting of demographic data. Suggestions may be emailed to

Download the reports:

APA Member Demographics, 2016–201(PDF)

APA Membership by Geographical Region, 2019 (PDF)

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