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John Dewey Lectures
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John Dewey postage stampJohn Dewey was an American philosopher, psychologist, and educational reformer whose ideas have been influential in education and social reform.

The John Dewey Lectures, in memory of John Dewey, were established in 2006 by the John Dewey Foundation and the APA. They are three annual lectures, one at each divisional meeting of the APA (Eastern, Central, and Pacific), given by a prominent and senior (typically retired) philosopher associated with that Division, who is invited to reflect broadly and in an autobiographical spirit on philosophy in America as seen from the perspective of a personal intellectual journey.

The APA publishes the Dewey Lectures each year in the Proceedings and Addresses of the American Philosophical Association.


Each Dewey Lecturer receives a monetary award in addition to the honor of being selected. Beginning with the 2015–2016 lectures, each Dewey Lecturer will receive a prize of $1,000.



  • Christine Korsgaard (Eastern)


  • Philip Kitcher (Eastern)


  • Gisela Striker: The Academic Practice of Philosophy (... in Two Countries) (Eastern)
  • Richard Kraut (Central)
  • Janet Levin (Pacific)


  • Cora DiamondReflections of a Dinosaur (Eastern)
  • Alison JaggarAcademic Philosophy: What Is It? What Do We Want It To Be? (Central)
  • Michael FriedmanPhilosophy, Science, and History: A Personal Perspective (Pacific)


  • Virginia Held: Philosophy, Feminism, and Care (Eastern)
  • Robert Audi: Five Decades of Philosophy (Central)
  • Gary Watson: On Reflection (Pacific)


  • William Lycan: On Evidence in Philosophy (Eastern)
  • Margaret Atherton: My History: Becoming an Historian of Philosophy (Central)
  • Alison Wylie: Philosophy from the Ground Up (Pacific)


  • Edward S. Casey: A Life in Philosophy in Several Stages (Eastern)
  • Charles Mills: The Red and the Black (Central)
  • Linda Zagzebski: The Joys and Sorrows of a Philosophical Life (Pacific)


  • Thomas McCarthyPhilosophy in the Stream of Life (Eastern 2014)
  • Peter RailtonInnocent Abroad: Rupture, Liberation, and Solidarity (Central 2015)
  • Nancy CartwrightThe Philosophy of Social Technology: Get on Board (Pacific 2015)


  • Amelie RortyA Philosophic Travelogue (Eastern 2013)
  • Elizabeth AndersonJourneys of a Feminist Pragmatist (Central 2014)
  • Helen E. LonginoInterdependence: Social and Epistemological (Pacific 2014)


  • Judith Jarvis ThomsonHow It Was (Eastern 2012)
  • Elisabeth A. LloydPhilosophical Adventures (Central 2013)
  • Hubert L. DreyfusStanding Up to Analytic Philosophy and Artificial Intelligence at MIT in the Sixties (Pacific 2013)


  • Lucius T. Outlaw, Jr.: Reconstructions in Academic Philosophy (Eastern 2011)
  • Ruth Garrett MillikanAccidents (Central 2012)
  • Julia AnnasThe Philosopher’s Path (Pacific 2012)


  • Harry FrankfurtReflections of My Career in Philosophy (Eastern 2010)
  • Bernard BoxillThe Value of Memory (Central 2011)
  • Marilyn McCord AdamsGod and Evil Among the Philosophers (Pacific 2011)


  • Ruth Barcan MarcusA Philosopher’s Calling (Eastern 2009)
  • Alasdair MacIntyreOn Not Knowing Where You Are Going (Central 2010)
  • John PerryWretched Subterfuge: A Defense of Freedom and Natural Causation (Pacific 2010)


  • J.B. SchneewindSixty Years of Philosophy in a Life (Eastern 2008)
  • Michael TooleyA Philosophical Journey (Central 2009)
  • Barbara HermanMorality and Moral Theory (Pacific 2009)


  • Hilary Putnam12 Philosophers – And Their Influence on Me (Eastern 2007)
  • Claudia CardUnnatural Lotteries and Diversity in Philosophy (Central 2008)
  • Barry StroudThe Pursuit of Philosophy (Pacific 2008)


  • Richard J. Bernstein: The Romance of Philosophy (Eastern 2006)
  • Nicholas Wolterstorff: A Life in Philosophy (Central 2007)
  • Keith Lehrer: Loop Theory: Knowledge, Art, and Autonomy (Pacific 2007)

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Dewey Lectures

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The John Dewey Lectures, generously sponsored by the John Dewey Foundation, have been presented annually at each American Philosophical Association meeting since 2006. Each John Dewey Lecture is given by a prominent and senior (typically retired) American philosopher who is invited to reflect, broadly and in an autobiographical spirit, on philosophy in America.
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