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Diversity Institute Resources
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Background Information

Undergraduate summer diversity institutes in philosophy are programs that aim to address the lack of diversity in academic philosophy in regards to race and ethnicity, gender, socio-economic status, and LGBTQ+ status. In 2004, the Rutgers Summer Institute for Diversity in Philosophy (SIDP) was the only program of its kind. In 2006, Philosophy in an Inclusive Key Summer Institute at Penn State (PIKSI-Rock) became the second diversity institute in philosophy. Now there are over eight independent institutes that occur every year.

The APA supports diversity institutes by promoting applications, gathering data and resources, and offering a variety of grants. Much of this support is due to a generous diversity grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

Resources for Undergraduate Students

The APA collects and updates application information for diversity institutes and other summer undergraduate programs in philosophy. Students who are interested in attending one of these programs should visit the page on Undergraduate Diversity Institutes in Philosophy and Undergraduate Workshops in Philosophy for information about eligibility and applications. Applications are generally due between January and April. 

In 2018, the APA conducted a survey of alumni of diversity institutes. The APA Report on Diversity Institute Alumni Outcomes is available for those who wish to learn more about the student experience at diversity institutes and the outcomes of alumni of diversity institutes.

Resources for Alumni of Diversity Institutes

The APA offers a limited number of travel grants for alumni of diversity institutes through our Diversity Institute Alumni FundIndividuals who are interested in applying for a travel grant should visit the Diversity Institute Alumni Fund page for more information about eligibility. 

The APA hosts an annual networking luncheon for alumni of diversity institutes at one of the divisional meetings every year. Click here to learn about the Diversity Institute Networking Luncheon that will occur at the Pacific Division meeting of the APA in April, 2020. 

Resources for Diversity Institute Supporters

The APA's Guide to Best Practices in Establishing and Running a Summer Diversity Institute is a resource written by the Diversity Institute Advisory Panel to support philosophy departments and organizations in the creation of new institutes.

The APA and the Diversity Institute Advisory Panel also prepared Recommendations on Funding for Diversity Institutes.

Mentors are crucial to the success of young philosophers, whether they attend diversity institutes or not. Mentors in philosophy may find that they lack the necessary skills and resources to support their students, especially those who come from underrepresented identities in philosophy. For this reason, the APA has developed a unique workshop program called "Mentoring the Mentors." This workshop aims to train and support mentors of students who are considering a career in academic philosophy. Now, any philosophy department or organization can host their own version of the workshop using the "Mentoring the Mentors" Workshop Toolkit.

For more general information, please see the APA page on Resources on Diversity and Inclusiveness.

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