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Statement on Academic Freedom and Questionable Employment Practices
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Jobs for Philosophers will mark any institution which falls under any of the following categories:

(a) It is on the AAUP list of censured institutions. The full list of censured institutions is published on the AAUP website. On occasion, AAUP censure is imposed on a governing board. Rather than simply indicating where the violation occurred, the APA will flag all institutions under the board’s governance.

(b) It has been certified by the board of officers, upon the recommendation of the committee for the defense of professional rights of philosophers, as having prima facie violated the academic rights of a philosopher. (Although the committee does not conduct formal, on-site investigations, it seeks to take testimony from all parties concerned). The full list of APA-censured institutions is available on the APA website. The APA recommends that before accepting a position, philosophers should consult with prospective colleagues and the AAUP Washington office concerning the present state of academic freedom at the institution in question.

(c) It has been reported as having engaged in questionable employment practices by the committee for the defense of professional rights of philosophers to the executive director, but the board of officers has not yet met to consider formally censuring the institution. The executive director may choose to flag any position advertised by the institution in question with these words: "A complaint has been filed against this institution and is being investigated by the APA."

Revised 1991 (Proceedings and Addresses of the American Philosophical Association 64:5, p. 12)
Revised 2004 (
Proceedings and Addresses of the American Philosophical Association 78:5, p. 122)


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