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APA Grant Funds: Previously Funded Projects
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Each year, the APA's small grant fund, supported by the Eastern Division, makes up to $25,000 in grants (normally $5,000 or less) to projects benefiting the philosophical community. Learn more about the APA small grant fund and how to apply.

Also, each year, the APA board of officers makes available up to $20,000 to fund projects aiming to increase the presence and participation of women, racial and ethnic minorities, LGBTQ people, people with disabilities, people of low socioeconomic status, and other underrepresented groups in philosophy. Learn more about diversity and inclusiveness funding and how to apply.

Below is a list of past projects funded through the APA Grant Funds, including, where available, the proposals and reports submitted as well as links to further information.


Small Grants

AAPT Workshop on Inclusive Pedagogy 2019: $5,000

Demographic Factors in Intended Major and Completed Major: A Comparison of Philosophy and Other Disciplines: $2,850

MSU Denver's Fourth Annual Undergraduate Women's Philosophy Conference: $4,500

PGSO Conference 2019: Non-Western Perspectives: $2,700

Pittsburgh Summer Program for Underrepresented Groups in Philosophy of Science: $5,000

Rethinking Formal Methods Training in Philosophy: $5,000

Diversity and Inclusiveness

Corrupt the Youth Summer Philosophy Program Pilot: $17,937.80


Small Grants

2018 Iowa Lyceum: $500

AAPT Teaching and Learning Summer Seminar: $5,000

Beyond Borders: Bringing Latinx Undergraduates Into Philosophy: $5,000

Philosophy at HBCUs Conference on Race and Resistance: $5,000

Seminar on Teaching and Learning Philosophy for High School Teachers: $4,500

Trans Philosophy Project: $5,000

Diversity and Inclusiveness

Summer Program for Women in Philosophy: $10,000

Supporting Diversity and Inclusiveness in the National High School Ethics Bowl: $10,000


Small Grants

Ethics and Aesthetics of Stand-Up Comedy: $5,000

Gender in the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy: $3,000

Mexican Indigenous Knowledge, Chican@ Identity, and Philosophy for Children: $900

Non-Academic Placement Data and Analysis: $5,000

Prejudice: An Interdisciplinary Workshop: $3,000

Undergraduate Women in Philosophy Conference: $5,000

Workshop for Early Career Women in Medieval and Renaissance Philosophy: $3,000

Diversity and Inclusiveness

Ethics and Society at Rice University: $10,000

Inclusive Summer High School Institute for Philosophy (ISHIP) at the Prindle Institute for Ethics: $10,000


Small Grants

AAPT Teaching and Learning Summer Seminar: $5,000

Academic Placement Data and Analysis: $4,887

Decolonial Feminist Politics: A Decolonial Thought Workshop: $1,500

Fostering Publication for Early Career Women in Metaphysics: $1,000

Philosophy YouTube Pilot Series: $4,300

Seminar on Teaching and Learning in Philosophy for High School Teachers: $4,500

UPDirectory: $3,000 over three years

Workshop on Philosophy of Race and Racism: $1,000

Diversity and Inclusiveness

Promoting Philosophy for Children at the Mexico-U.S. Border: $8,000

Summer Program for Diversity in Logic for Undergraduates: $12,000


Small Grants

Academic Placement Data and Analysis: $4,000

Junior Metaphysics Workshop: $4,000

Online Bibliography of Environmental Thought (OBET): $3,000

Philosophy Opportunities and Conversations for Underserved Students (PhOCUS): $4,000

Society for Women in Philosophy (SWIP): $5,000

Wireless Philosophy (Wi-Phi): $5,000

Diversity and Inclusiveness

Mentoring Workshop for Early-Career Women in Philosophy$10,000

UCSD Summer Program for Women in Philosophy$10,000


Busted!! A Pictorial History of Women Philosophers in 4 DVD Volumes: $4,175

California Roundtable on Philosophy and Race: $2,500

A National Survey of Introductory Ethics Courses: $2,500

PLATO Seminar for High School Teachers: $3,000

Poverty and Justice: Two Public Symposia Concerning Shelter and Food Security for the Poor (SOPHIA): $2,500


CUNY Undergraduate Philosophy Conference: $2,000

Engaged Philosophy: Civic Engagement in Philosophy Classes (Application Title: Community Connections): $3,500

Femphil Podcast: $4,000

The Latino/a Philosopher: $3,500

Questions: Philosophy for Young People: $500

Second PLATO Institute: $1,500

Second Public Philosophy Conference: $3,500

Two-Year College Conference: $1,000

The Value of Higher Education in Today’s Economic Climate (SOPHIA): $1,000

Workshop for Early-Career Women at Research Heavy Universities: $3,500


Canadian Colloquium on Ancient Philosophy: $2,000

Frederick Douglass Philosophy Conference: $3,000

Mini-Conference for Mid-Atlantic High School Students: $2,000

NYSWIP SWIPshop: $2,000

Phenomenology Archive Project: $2,000

Preparing Future Philosophers through Conference Participation: $2,500

"Philosophy Talk” on the Road: $2,500

Questions: Philosophy for Young People: $500

UNC Chapel Hill Philosophy in the Community Outreach Program: $3,500

What’s the Big Idea?: $5,000


Democracy and Civic Participation: $4,000

Ethics Writing Workshop: $1,000

Mentoring Workshop for Junior Women in Philosophy: $5,000

New Orleans Philosophy Debate Tournament: $800

philoSOPHIA: A Journal of Contemporary Feminism: $2,500

Public Philosophy Network: $5,000

Science, Knowledge, and Democracy Conference: $1,700

Studying the Gender Gap: $3,000

Wittgenstein Drama Project: $2,000


Helping Philosophers to Engage Empirically: $5,000

Ida B. Wells Forum: $7,000

International Conference on Confucianism and Virtue Ethics: $3,000

Philosophy in an Uneven World: $600

Philosophical Horizons: $4,500

Questions: Philosophy for Young People: $500


End of Life Ethics, the Environment, and the Arts (SOPHIA): $2,400

The Ethics of Climate Change: $5,000

Feminist Philosophers: In Their Own Words: $3,600

Inter-American Philosophic Review: $4,000

Primary School Philosophy of Nature Curriculum: $3,230

Rethinking the Profession through Asian/American Philosophy: $3,420

Questions: Philosophy for Young People: $500

UNC Chapel Hill Philosophy in the Community Outreach Program: $2,850


Philosophy in an Inclusive Key Summer Institute: $7,000

Diversity Essays Project: $3,600

Collegium of Black Women Philosophers Conference: $5,625

Questions: Philosophy for Young People: $500

Philosophy for Children Archive: $8,275

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