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Graduate Student Council
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General Information

For more information on the GSC, see our Graduate Student Council page.

For more information on the GSC's activities, review the meeting minutes.

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About the Graduate Student Council (GSC)

The Graduate Student Council (GSC), created in 2017, serves as a liaison between the graduate students in the discipline of philosophy and the APA, with the aim of reporting to the board of officers on issues of interest, concern, and relevance to philosophy graduate students. The GSC advises the board on how to best serve and support graduate students and may take up projects of its own, either by decision of the GSC or by assignment of the board of officers.

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GSC Membership

The GSC is made up of twelve philosophy graduate students. Eight of the twelve members of the GSC are appointed by a selection committee. Four of the twelve members of the GSC are elected by student associate members of the APA.

For the current membership of the GSC, see the Graduate Student Council page.

Terms of Office

All members of the GSC serve two-year terms. Terms begin each year on July 1. GSC members’ terms are staggered: half of the GSC members (four appointed members and two elected members) serve terms beginning in even years and the other half serve terms beginning in odd years.

Term Limits

Any individual may serve a maximum of two terms on the GSC. Partial terms of one year or less will not count toward this two-term limit; partial terms of more than one year will count toward the two-term limit.


To be eligible to serve on the GSC, one must be an APA student associate member and a graduate student actively enrolled in a MA or PhD program in philosophy (or a cognate field eligible for APA membership) at the time of election or appointment. GSC members must maintain their APA memberships throughout their terms on the GSC. Once elected or appointed, GSC members may serve out their terms even if their student status changes.


When selecting GSC appointees and candidates to stand for election to the at-large GSC membership positions, the selection committee and the GSC will pay special attention to ensuring diversity and representation in the composition of the GSC, including gender and gender identity, race/ethnicity, LGBT status, disability status, geography, area of specialization, type of institution, and type of degree program (MA and PhD).

Efforts will be made to ensure that the members of the GSC adequately represent the diversity of the graduate student body in the profession with respect to, for instance, gender, race, and institutional profile.

Note: A maximum of two people per institution—a maximum of one appointed member and a maximum of one elected member—may serve on the GSC at any one time.


Any student associate member of the APA (including undergraduate and high school students) may nominate any graduate student actively enrolled in a MA or PhD program in philosophy (or a cognate field). Self-nomination is welcome and encouraged. Nominees who are not current APA members will be given the opportunity to become members in order to be considered for GSC membership. Nominees will be required to submit a brief CV, a letter from their institution certifying their student status, and a statement of interest.

Each year, nominations for appointed seats are open in September and October; nominations for elected seats are open in January and February.

Questions may be directed to

GSC Operations

The GSC has two officers: a chair and a secretary. Both officers are elected by the members of the GSC from among its members at the beginning of each membership year (July 1 to June 30).

The GSC chair and secretary are invited to participate as (non-voting) guests in all meetings of the APA’s board of officers, including the annual in-person meeting, with travel costs paid by the APA. (As with any invited guest, the board may require the GSC chair to leave for portions of a board meeting for confidentiality reasons.)

The GSC meets at least twice per year via web conference. The GSC secretary is responsible for taking minutes of all GSC meetings and providing them to the APA for publication.

The chair and secretary are responsible for preparing an annual report to the board of officers on the GSC’s activities and goals.

Contact the GSC at

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