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Jean Hampton Prize
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The Jean Hampton Prize is awarded to a philosopher at a junior career stage whose paper is accepted for the Pacific Division meeting. The paper must be in some area of philosophy in which Professor Hampton worked, including social and political philosophy, foundations of ethics, normative ethics, the philosophy of law, rational choice theory, feminist theory, Hobbes to Hume, Kant, realism, and pragmatism. Specifically excluded are: philosophy of mathematics, philosophy of science, aesthetics, continental philosophy, and ancient metaphysics.


Amount: $500

Frequency: Every 2 years, in odd years

Next Award: 2019


All papers submitted for the Pacific Division program in the areas of philosophy in which Professor Hampton worked are automatically considered in the prize review process. All rules and deadlines for submitting papers to the program committee apply to the Jean Hampton Prize competition. Authors of papers will not be identified during the phases of the process that involve assessment of the submitted papers.


The paper is selected from those submitted to the Pacific Division program committee, by a subcommittee including three members of the Pacific Division program committee and two members from the University of Arizona philosophy department.

Previous Winners


Joseph Frigault (Boston University), “Fair Play, White Privilege, and Black Reparations”


Victor Kumar "The Empirical Vindication of Moral Luck"


Jeffrey Helmreich "The Metaphysics of Reconciliation: How Forgiveness Relieves Moral Debt” 


Ty Landrum "The Education of Amour-Propre”


Michael Nelson "Rationalism within Reason”


Eric Roark "Is Michael Otsuka's Conception of Robust Self-Ownership Too Robust for a Left-Libertarian"


Sharon A. Street "A Darwinian Dilemma for Realist Theories of Value"


Daniel C. Russell "Locke on Land and Labor"


Ralph Wedgwood "Another Answer to the Knave"


Kate Abramson "Hume on Cultural Conflicts"

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