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Mailing list rental terms and conditions
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The following terms and conditions will be applicable to list rental:
  1. The list renter agrees that it will not resell, disclose, transfer, duplicate, reproduce, or retain in any form all or any part of the list or permit any third party, agent, employee, contractor or their respective agents and employees to do so. The exception is list brokers, who, instead of using the list one time themselves, may transfer the list one time to a single client who thereby agrees to these terms and conditions.
  2. Each list supplied to list renters shall be limited to one-time usage, after which the list renter will discard the list.
  3. In the event the list renter uses the list contrary to the provisions of this agreement, the list renter shall be held responsible for all costs/expenses incurred by the APA in enforcing this agreement including, but not limited to additional charges for multiple usages.
  4. The list renter acknowledges that, at all times, the list remains the sole property of the APA.
  5. The list renter acknowledges that the list contains names and addresses to monitor improper and unauthorized usage.
  6. The list renter agrees not to use the list for personal or telephone solicitation.
  7. The list renter will provide a sample of the mail piece that will be sent to the list for APA approval.
  8. The APA, in its sole discretion, reserves the right to refuse any request to rent the list.
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