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Membership Information
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APA members talk around a table at an APA meeting reception

Joining the APA connects you with thousands of philosophers in North America and across the world and entitles you to many member benefits.

Become a member today!

The APA currently offers five membership options:

Join online now!

Although joining online is the easiest and fastest way to become an APA member, you may also download a membership application to submit by mail or fax. 

Please note that all new APA membership applications are reviewed and approved by membership staff. As such, there may be some delay between completing an online membership application and acceptance. Any missing information, such as member type selection, lack of payment, or missing personal or professional information may also delay your membership approval. 

Looking for a great gift for the philosopher in your life? Give the gift of APA membership!

Regular Membership

Regular membership is open to all those professionally interested in the scholarly study of philosophy. Regular members affiliate with one of the APA's three divisions—EasternCentral, or Pacific—and have voting rights in APA elections.

Graduate students (doctoral or master’s) are eligible for regular membership at a reduced dues rate of $35 per year. To receive this rate, graduate students must be actively enrolled at an accredited college or university to study philosophy or cognate fields. The reduced graduate student dues rate is not available to anyone who holds a doctoral degree in philosophy or a cognate field, regardless of student status.


Regular membership dues are set on a sliding scale by total individual (not household) income. In contrast to the fee scales of many other associations, the APA's is not regressive: it is set at a flat 0.225% of the income amount at the bottom of each bracket, rounded to the nearest $5.

See the APA dues scale.

Emeritus Status

Regular members who have been APA members in good standing for at least twenty consecutive or twenty-five non-consecutive years and are no longer working full-time may elect to assume emeritus status. Emeritus members do not owe dues but are encouraged to continue supporting the APA through financial contributions. Submit an emeritus status request.

Division Changes

If you would like to change your divisional affiliation, please submit a division change request.

Associate Membership

International Membership

International membership shall be open and limited to residents of nations other than the United States and Canada who are qualified to be regular members of the association, but who do not wish to hold full membership in the association.

International members may visit the US or Canada for a period of up to two years and retain their international associate status.


Annual income less than $30,000 US: $45 US per year
Annual income $30,000 US to $59,999: $70 US per year
Annual income $60,000 US or more: $135 US per year

Undergraduate, High School, and International Student Membership

Student membership shall be open and limited to those actively enrolled at an accredited college, university, or secondary school and who study philosophy or cognate fields.


Undergraduate students (bachelor’s or associate’s): $25 per year
High school or secondary school students: $15 per year
Students of any level residing outside the US or Canada: $35 per year

K-12 Teacher Membership

Teacher membership shall be open and limited to persons employed or seeking employment as teachers in primary or secondary schools, who teach or are preparing to teach philosophy in a primary or secondary school, provided they do not also teach philosophy at the college or university level.

Teacher members can also opt for joint membership of both the APA and PLATO (Philosophy Learning and Teaching Organization). Launched by the APA's committee on pre-college instruction in philosophy, PLATO is a national support and resource-sharing organization for teachers, parents, philosophers, and others involved in teaching philosophy to pre-college students.

Teacher members are not affiliated with a division and thus do not have voting privileges.


APA membership only: $45 per year
Bundled APA/PLATO membership: $100 per year

Colleague Membership

Colleague membership is open to those with academic appointments who are ineligible for regular membership, as well as those holding degrees in philosophy or cognate fields whose primary occupation is outside academia.


Annual income under $30,000: $45 per year
Annual income $30,000 to $59,999: $70 per year
Annual income $60,000 or more: $135 per year 

Individual Affiliate

Those who are interested in learning more about the American Philosophical Association, and are not currently APA members may take advantage of our Individual Affiliate category.

Individual Affiliates will receive periodic emails regarding upcoming APA events, initiatives, and announcements.

Individual Affiliates are considered non-members, and do not have any member privileges such as voting rights, meeting registration discounts, or access to members-only content.

There are no dues associated with Individual Affiliate membership.

Associate Membership Eligibility Verification

Prospective associate members may be required, at the sole discretion of the executive director, to provide documentation of eligibility (e.g., proof of student status, proof of address, a letter on employer’s official letterhead stating title and position) in order to obtain associate membership.

Join online now or download a membership application to submit by mail or fax!

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