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Establishing New Prizes, Awards, and Lectures
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The American Philosophical Association welcomes proposals for new prizes, awards, and named lectures.

Organizations and individuals interesting in creating a prize should contact the executive director of the APA to discuss the requirements for establishing new prizes.

For more information on establishing new prizes, see the APA's Gift Acceptance Policy.

Donors are asked to consider the following in proposing a new prize administered by the APA:

Name and purpose of the prize

What is the official name of the prize? Please provide a 1-5 sentence description of the prize.

Specify the nature of the prize

It might be useful to review a few of the existing prizes to see some possibilities.

  • Lectures: Please keep in mind that sessions at the APA’s divisional meetings are limited. Named lectures are generally included in the regular program; only under rare circumstances and with the agreement of the APA’s board of officers will a plenary lecture prize be approved.
  • Awards
  • Fellowships
  • Meeting travel funds
  • Other

Eligibility criteria

  • Who is eligible (minimally, please include "APA member”).
  • Donors are asked to avoid establishing idiosyncratic or overly narrow criteria that are difficult to administer.

Selection process

  • Is the prize selected by the Committee on Lectures, Publications, and Research (LPR), another APA committee, or a subcommittee composed by the LPR chair? The LPR is composed of representatives from all three divisions. 
  • Is the prize open to self-nomination, nomination by an APA member other than the author, or committee nomination?
  • What should candidates submit? Specify the prize submission materials if there is an application process.
  • Work with the LPR chair to establish an appropriate deadline. Please note that lectures do pose some limitations given the division meeting deadlines and the necessary "lead time” to allow presenters to prepare. Lectures are usually decided a full calendar year before the lecture itself. Prizes that are not associated with a lecture may have a deadline of the same calendar year so that the prize winner may be announced in the Eastern Division program and presented the award at the prize reception. Prizes are normally presented at the Eastern Division meeting’s prize reception.
  • Please consult with the chair of the LPR for further thoughts and questions about the selection process.

Type of award

  • Monetary prize amount (minimum $1,000 for all new prizes)
  • Travel funding in addition to prize amount?
  • Plaque?
  • Reception?

Regularity or schedule of the prize

How often will it be given? Donors are asked to consult with the APA's administrative coordinator for guidance on nomination deadlines and processes.

Proposal for advertising the prize

Are there any specifications about advertising the prize? If the prize is to be advertised beyond standard venues (emails to members, APA website announcement, social media posts), the prize endowment or funder must cover these costs.

Website description of the prize

A summary of the above. This may be worked out by the LPR chair with your approval.

Financial support

Not made public, but negotiated with the LPR chair and the national office.

  • Prizes supported by an endowment
  • Prizes supported by regular contributions
    • organizations
    • publishers
    • other
  • Co-sponsorship (with the APA or between outside organizations)

Note: The APA charges an administrative fee of 20% of the prize amount each time the prize is awarded. This fee helps to offset staff time, the prize reception, and other administrative costs associated with awarding the prize.

Future financial considerations

For example, should the prize amount be evaluated from time to time to keep up with inflation? What should be done with earnings on the endowment in excess of what is needed to administer and award the prize?

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