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Committee and At-Large Board Nominations
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Each fall, the APA issues a call for nominations for our committees, at-large members of the board of officers, and graduate student council. There are currently twenty APA committees; six standing committees are established in the association's national bylaws, and the remaining fourteen are special committees established by the board of officers. There are three at-large seats on the board, and twelve seats on the graduate student council.

Note: The committees on Philosophy and Computers, Philosophy and Medicine, and Philosophy and Law are being sunsetted at the end of the 2019–2020 year, so we are not accepting nominations for these committees.

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Nominations open on September 15. The deadline to submit nominations is October 31.

Vacancies for terms starting July 1, 2020

The vacancies for which nominations are being accepted are as follows:

Board of Officers At-Large Member (1)
Graduate Student Council Member (4) 
Committees Member Associate Chair
Academic Career Opportunities and Placement 3
Asian & Asian-American Philosophers & Philosophies 2
Defense of the Professional Rights of Philosophers
Hispanics 3
Inclusiveness in the Profession 1
International Cooperation 3
Lectures, Publications, and Research 5
LGBTQ People in the Profession 2 1
Native American and Indigenous Philosophers  2
Non-Academic Careers 2 1
Philosophy in Two-Year Colleges 3
Pre-College Instruction in Philosophy 2 1
Public Philosophy 3
Status and Future of the Profession 2 1*
Status of Black Philosophers 3
Status of Women 3
Teaching of Philosophy 2 1*

Board and committee member vacancies are for three-year terms beginning July 1, 2020. Associate chair vacancies are for four-year terms beginning on July 1, 2020, with the first year as associate chair and the remaining three years (beginning July 1, 2021) as committee chair. Associate chair vacancies marked with an asterisk (*) indicate committees whose chairs serve on the board of officers. Graduate student council vacancies are for two-year terms beginning July 1, 2020.

Nomination Information

  • The chairs of the APA’s six standing committees—vacancies marked with an asterisk (*) above—serve on the APA’s board of officers. Please consider this additional responsibility when making or accepting nominations for chairs or associate chairs of standing committees. In addition, only full (regular and emeritus) members are eligible to serve as standing committee chairs.

  • Both nominators and nominees must be APA members. Join or renew your membership.

  • Self-nominations are welcome.

  • All members, including student , K-12 teacher, colleague, and international members, are eligible for committee service. Only full (regular and emeritus) members are eligible for at-large board seats.

  • Nominations will only be accepted through the committee nominations system on the APA website. Do not submit nominations via email, phone, or postal mail.

  • Members may nominate or be nominated as many times as they wish. However, a member will normally be appointed to at most one committee.

  • Nominations for chair and associate chair vacancies on a particular committee are also considered nominations for member vacancies on that committee. That is, if a nominee for chair or associate chair is not selected, her or his nomination will be considered for any membership vacancies on that same committee.

  • Committee nominations are accepted beginning on September 15. The deadline for nominations is October 31.

  • The deadline for accepting nominations (including CV submissions) is November 10. Any nominations not accepted by this date will not be considered. Nominations for which no CV has been submitted will not be considered.

  • We strongly recommend nominees submit a brief (100-200 word) statement of interest when accepting a nomination. Nominators are also encouraged to include comments in support of their nominee when making a nomination.

See additional information for board and committee nominees.

Committee nomination and appointment process

APA members may nominate any APA member for a committee appointment. Self-nominations are also welcome. All APA members, including student, K-12 teacher, colleague, and international members, are eligible for committee nomination. Nominations will only be accepted through the committee nominations system on the APA website.

After a nomination is submitted, the proposed nominee will receive an email notification containing information on how to accept or decline the nomination. To accept the nomination, the nominee must upload her or his CV via the committee nominations system on the APA website. A brief statement of interest (100-200 words) is requested but not required.

Self-nominations are automatically considered accepted, but a CV must be uploaded to complete the nomination. A brief statement of interest (100-200 words) is requested but not required.

All accepted nominations and associated materials are reviewed by the committee on committees, composed of four members of the APA’s board of officers: the three divisional representatives and the executive director. The committee on committees selects a slate of recommended committee appointments to present to the full board. The appointees are placed on the slate based on considerations including relevant experience and qualifications, interest as indicated by the nominee statements, recommendations from nominators and current committee members, and a number of types of committee diversity (such as gender, race/ethnicity, age, division, geography, specialization, and career stage).

At the winter meeting of the APA board of officers, the board reviews the slate, makes any changes it sees fit, and officially appoints selected nominees to committee service.

Following the board meeting, all nominees are notified of the status of their nominations. Prior to beginning committee service, newly appointed committee members will receive orientation materials from the APA national office.

Note: While the number of vacancies announced in a given year accords with the number of positions vacated, the board reserves the right to add members to committees, to subtract members by failing to replace members whose term expires, or to appoint members for special terms of less than three years or of more than three but no more than four years if such modification will serve the interests of the association. The board also holds the authority to establish new special committees or disband existing special committees in accordance with the bylaws of the association.

APA Committee Leadership Selection Procedure

Standard Selection Process

The APA leadership nominations process allows self-nominations, nominations from any member, and nominations specifically from committees. Nominations from committees should be submitted by the chair of the committee (or the chair’s designate) and indicate in the nominator statement (a) that the nomination is on behalf of the committee, and (b) the committee’s reasons for supporting the nominee.

All committees are invited to nominate new members for their committees, and to solicit nominations from their networks and constituencies. In particular, committees are strongly encouraged to submit at least three nominations for an associate chair vacancy.

All committee nominations must be submitted through the APA leadership nominations system, which ensures that candidates are APA members, that they have accepted their nominations, and that they have submitted materials in support of their nominations: a brief CV (required) and nominee statement (optional but strongly encouraged).

After the nominations period closes, APA staff provides all associate chair nominations materials to the relevant committees. The committees are invited to submit a ranked list of three finalists to the Committee on Committees. If there are three or fewer nominees for a particular chair or associate chair vacancy, the list of finalists for that position should rank all nominees. A deadline for submitting a list of finalists will be specified.

If a committee provides a list of finalists for associate chair, the Committee on Committees will choose one of those finalists to be recommended for appointment by the board. The board will either approve the Committee on Committee’s recommendation for associate chair or appoint another of the relevant committee’s selected finalists.

If a committee does not provide a list of three finalists by the specified deadline, the Committee on Committees will select the candidate to be recommended to the board.

Mid-Term Selection Process

If a committee chair or associate chair resigns or is removed from service during her or his term, it is the responsibility of the chair of the board to appoint a replacement. Depending on the urgency of identifying a replacement chair or associate chair, the chair of the board may opt to use the standard selection process outlined above or an abbreviated process determined by the chair of the board. Whatever process the chair of the board determines is appropriate, it should include an opportunity for input from the current members of the committee.

Board member-at-large election process

APA members may nominate any full APA member for an at-large board seat. Self-nominations are also welcome. Only full (regular and emeritus) members are eligible for at-large board seats; associate members (student, K-12 teacher, colleague, and international) are ineligible. Nominations will only be accepted through the committee nominations system on the APA website.

All accepted nominations and associated materials are reviewed by a nominating committee made up of the three divisional representatives.The nominating committee puts forward at least three candidates for each vacancy, and the national office notifies all nominees of the nominating committee's decision.

The selected candidates are then submitted to the members of the association for an electronic ballot using a single-transferable voting method. During voting, candidate statements are made available on the APA website. Voting remains open for 30 days, and the candidates are notified and results announced within 30 days following the close of voting.


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