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Information for Board and Committee Nominees
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Serving on the APA's board of officers and committees are excellent opportunities for leadership in the profession and the association. Before serving in these important leadership roles, nominees should understand the selection process and what privileges and responsibilities come with leadership in the APA.

General Information on Nominations

Nominations are accepted through the APA's online nomination system only. Nominations submitted by phone, email, fax, or postal mail will not be considered.

Both the nominator and nominee must be APA members. Committee and board members are required to keep their APA membership current throughout their terms of service.

Nominations open on September 15 and close on October 31. Nominees have until November 10 to accept or decline nominations and submit CVs.

Both nominators and nominees are strongly encouraged to submit brief statements (100-200 words) to accompany their nominations. These statements must also be submitted through the online nomination system.

Information for Committee Nominees

The APA has twenty committees, including six committees specified in the bylaws and fourteen created by the board of officers. The size and structure of each committee varies, but all have at least six members and a chair.

Nominations accepted in the fall are for terms beginning the following July 1. All committee members serve three-year terms, with the exception of associate chairs. Associate chairs serve a one-year term during the last year of the outgoing chair's term; at the conclusion of the outgoing chair's term, the associate chair immediately ascends to the position of chair for a three-year term.

Chairs of the six standing committees serve on the board of officers. Nominators and nominees should be aware of this additional responsibility and commitment when submitting or responding to nominations for these positions.

Guidelines for Committee Members

Committee service is both an honor and a responsibility. Committee nominees should review the APA's committee member guidelines prior to accepting or declining nominations to be sure they understand what will be expected of them and can commit to those responsibilities.

Committee Member Guidelines (PDF)

Committee Appointment Process

All accepted nominations and associated materials are reviewed by the committee on committees, composed of four members of the APA’s board of officers: the three divisional representatives and the executive director. The committee considers a number of factors when reviewing nominations, including qualification, interest, and various types of diversity. The committee on committees presents a slate of recommended committee appointments at the winter board of officers meeting (normally held in February), at which time the board of officers reviews the slate, makes any changes it sees fit, and officially appoints selected nominees to committee service.

APA Committee Leadership Selection Procedure

Following the winter board meeting, all nominees will be notified of the status of their nominations. Prior to beginning committee service, newly appointed committee members will receive orientation materials from the APA national office.

About Committee Service

APA committees fulfill a wide variety of national purposes of the APA and, in that capacity, are responsive to the needs of APA members. The work of the committee members includes the development, planning, and supervision of a broad range of APA projects, such as prizes, awards, newsletters, sessions at divisional meetings, web resources, surveys, input to the APA board of officers, and, in general, activities that help philosophers perform their professional duties as teachers and researchers. All committees also have the right to recommend to the board the adoption of statements and the initiation of programs which would assist in achieving the aims of the committee and the association.

Information for Board Nominees

While most members of the board of officers are either elected by the divisions or appointed to their positions, the three members-at-large are directly elected by the full membership of the APA. After the positions were established by an amendment to the bylaws, the first three members-at-large were elected in fall 2013 for terms beginning July 1, 2014. The terms of the members-at-large are staggered so that only one new member is elected each year.

Nominations for board members-at-large are accepted through the APA's online nominations system on the same schedule and through the same process as committee nominations. However, the selection process is different from committee appointments. Like committee members, board members-at-large serve three-year terms.

Board Member Expectations

Board membership is both an honor and a responsibility. The board of officers is the primary and central governing body of the association; it sets the direction for the association's activities and determines priorities, and has both administrative and financial responsibility for the association.

Board nominees should understand the commitments and responsibilities required prior to accepting or declining nominations. Questions about board membership, including requests for the board member handbook, should be directed by email to Amy Ferrer, executive director.

Board Member-at-Large Election Process

All accepted nominations and associated materials are reviewed by a nominating committee made up of the three divisional representatives. The nominating committee puts forward at least three candidates for each vacancy, and the national office notifies all nominees of the nominating committee's decision.

The selected candidates are then submitted to the members of the association for an electronic ballot using a single-transferable voting method. During voting, candidate statements are made available on the APA website. Voting remains open for 30 days, and the candidates are notified and results announced within 30 days following the close of voting.

About Board Service

Board members have fiduciary responsibility for the APA and must put the best interests of the APA ahead of their own interests or those of their personal and professional associates. Further, board members should act to advance the mission of the APA, keeping in mind that this mission is served by the national office, the divisions, and the committees acting in concert.

Members of the board of officers are expected to attend quarterly board meetings. The winter, spring, and summer meetings are held via web conference (usually lasting 2-3 hours), and the fall meeting is held in person over a weekend. Members of the board may also be asked to serve on special task forces and ad hoc committees related to particular projects or priorities of the association.

Board members have the opportunity to bring issues and proposals to the board for consideration, helping to set the APA's future priorities and directions.

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