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PIKSI Ambassador Program

NOTE: The PIKSI Ambassador Program is being discontinued. All potential visits must be completed before the end of 2017.


What is the PIKSI Ambassador Program? 

The Philosophy in an Inclusive Key Summer Institute (PIKSI) Ambassador Program is a new initiative made possible by a grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation to expand and support undergraduate diversity institutes in philosophy. 

The PIKSI Ambassador Program focuses primarily on outreach to underrepresented groups currently studying philosophy at the undergraduate level or considering study in philosophy. 

The APA solicits institutions to host PIKSI alumni on campus to speak to philosophy majors, undeclared students interested in the major, or philosophy clubs about the summer institute experience.  Ambassadors are living proof that attending a diversity institute can be a pathway to an advanced degree in philosophy, and a career in the field.   

How does the Ambassador Program work? 

The APA advertises the Ambassador Program to undergraduate departments of philosophy each fall in a nationwide mailing, and promotes the program on its website, to its members, and at meetings. 

Ambassadors are nominated each year by PIKSI leadership. Ambassadors come from different parts of the country and from different types of academic institutions.

The APA will help the requesting school coordinate the PIKSI Ambassador's visit and fund half of the cost of travel and lodging.  The hosting academic institution will be responsible for the other half of the sponsorship.   

The APA will help guide the Ambassadors and the hosting institutions to ensure a successful visit. 

What will students gain from a visit with a PIKSI Ambassador? 

Ambassadors can speak frankly and enthusiastically to students about the program in a way a description on a webpage or a flyer cannot.  PIKSI Ambassadors can relay the program’s mission in a personal way and tailor the discussion to what the students want to know.  The Ambassador can also engage with students in a question and answer session that can shift expectations about students' futures in philosophy and lay foundations for their interest in advanced studies in the field.

*The Ambassador Program runs during academic year.  Because Ambassadors are also students, a flexible approach to scheduling a campus visit is appreciated.  

Want more information?

If you have questions about bringing an Ambassador to your campus, please contact Arielle Hill-Moses, APA Program Assistant, at

Want a PIKSI Ambassador to visit your campus? 

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