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Statement on Placement Practices
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The following statement was prepared by the committee on the status and future of the profession (Richard Schacht, chair) and approved by the board of officers at its 1994 meeting.This statement also regularly appears in Proceedings and Addresses of the American Philosophical Association and Jobs for Philosophers.

The APA discourages the nomination by graduate departments of job seekers for positions in philosophy, and the submission of their dossiers in response to announcements of positions, without their knowledge or interest. This may seriously mislead those who are conducting searches, and may have unfortunate consequences both for them and for genuinely interested applicants.

Graduate departments using a nomination procedure or submitting dossiers on behalf of job seekers should either attest explicitly that they wish to be considered for the positions in question, or (preferably) ensure that the job seekers themselves submit personal letters of application for these positions.

Departments conducting searches are encouraged to recommend or require explicitly (in their position announcements) that each candidate, to be assured of full consideration, should submit a personal letter of application for and interest in the announced position.

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