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Press Policies for APA Meetings
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Registration and Attendance

Members of the press attending the meetings for the purposes of reporting on meeting sessions and events must notify the meeting staff of their participation, preferably in advance by message to, or at the registration desk at the meeting. Members of the press must submit credentials or a letter of assignment prior to being registered to attend the meeting.

Members of the press will be provided special badges identifying them as members of the press. These badges must be worn at all times when attending meeting sessions and events.

Members of the press must also identify themselves as such whenever speaking with presenters or attendees. This includes when participating in the question-and-answer portion of a meeting session or when interacting with attendees informally, as at a reception. Members of the press may not quote or otherwise report on what a meeting attendee or presenter has said without that person’s express permission.

Audio and Video Recording

Audio and video recording of meeting sessions and events, whether for broadcast or archiving, are only permitted with advance written permission from the association. Whenever possible, requests for permission to record should be made at least one month in advance of the meeting and requests made later than one week in advance of the meeting will not be granted. Requests to record must include confirmation that no equipment will be used that interferes with the session (e.g., bright lighting).

Requests for permission to record should be sent by email to

If permission is granted for audio or video recording of a meeting session, a notice that the session will be recorded will be posted at the entrance to the room where the session will take place and will be included in the meeting program (online and, if the request to record is granted before the program goes to press, in hard copy).

All uses of recordings of APA meeting sessions and events must acknowledge the APA and the division hosting the meeting at which the recording was made.

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