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Routledge, Taylor & Francis Prize
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This prize, funded by the Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, was established in 2013 to recognize the scholarly work of adjunct professors. The prize is awarded for the two best, published articles in philosophy written by adjunct professors. 


The winning entries are selected by a committee appointed by the APA.


Annual. The deadline for nominations is April 30 of each year.

Award Amount

Two prizes in the amount of $1,000 each will be awarded. Co-authors of a winning submission, or authors of winning submissions judged to be equal in merit, will share equally in the prize. The prize winners' names will be announced via press release, social media, on our website and blog, and in the APA Proceedings and Addresses. The awards are presented during the prize reception at one of the APA divisional meetings.


Only peer-reviewed journal articles are eligible for this prize. APA members who have no permanent academic affiliation are eligible to be nominated in this competition. Eligibility is restricted to those who hold limited-term research or teaching positions at an institution of higher education at the time of nomination. The author must hold a Ph.D. in philosophy or its equivalent at the time of nomination, and must be a current member of the APA. Post-docs are eligible; current graduate students and professors emeriti are not eligible. Previous winners of this prize are not eligible.

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Authors of nominated articles must be members of the APA. Articles must be nominated by two APA members other than the author. Articles must be published in the calendar year prior to the award year (i.e., the prize for 2020 will consider articles with a 2019 publication date). The APA will contact nominated authors for assurances of eligibility and to request the articles to be considered as a PDF attachment, together with the contributors’ page of the journal issue in which the article appears, a current CV, and a statement of employment status.  

Only members may submit nominations; please sign in to access the nomination form.

To submit a nomination, fill out the nomination form.



William D'Alessandro, “Viewing-as explanations and ontic dependence

Tyke Nunez, “Logical Mistakes, Logical Aliens, and the Laws of Kant's Pure General Logic


David Frank, “Ethics of the Scientist qua Policy Advisor: Inductive Risk, Uncertainty, and Catastrophe in Climate Economics

Karen Zwier, “Interventionist Causation in Thermodynamics


Michael Milona, “Taking the Perceptual Analogy Seriously

Ian Stoner, “Ways to Be Worse Off


Shane Duarte, "Leibniz and Prime Matter"

Benjamin Lennertz, "Quantificational Credences"


Ben Bramble, "Whole-Life Welfarism"

Martin Thibodeau, "Hegel on Intention, Action and Tragedy: Reflections on a Recent Debate"


Joshua GlasgowThe Shape of a Life and the Value of Loss and Gain

Emily KatzAristotle's Critique of Platonist Mathematical Objects: Two Test Cases from Metaphysics M.2

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